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Chat log from R21 of 2017: Brisbane vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Brisbane vs Gold Coast, R21 of 2017

Sloaneyyyy: if Brisbane lose this, they might as well fold the whole club
Umpirespet: Why if they win Norf get no.1 pick
Umpirespet: Hey Ben how’s the Power looking mate?
whafc: where is clay beams
Pokerface: wasn’t tom bell carlton’s next big thing? how does he not get a game in this rabble?
MattyZ: Carlton let him walk for a reason Pokerface
Seiya: @Pokerface out for the season with an ankle injury mate
AngryRyno: Tom Bell not the same player up in Queensland, showed a lot before the move
Pokerface: @seiya thanks. although he was dropped well before that
Pokerface: @matty you are carlton fan? i’ve got carlton mates who raved about him
MattyZ: He doesn’t want to work hard enough to be the inside mid he should be and doesnt have the raw skill as a half forward
Pokerface: ok, thanks. interesting.
Seiya: Always going to be a role player at best
Ben_Gogos: Got to laugh at commentators having a stab at Martin. He has improved markedly in a horrendous team.
MattyZ: Which martin Benny?
cusch1: SuperMartin cape for Jack
poolboybob: Keep going Stef Martin, need you to have a blinder
Ben_Gogos: Jack @MattyZ
circle52: Pathetic by lions. Worse than the umpiring
TheOnyas: onya hally
MattyZ: @benny as if commentators are seriously having a go at him he’s great
Ben_Gogos: @MattyZ indeed, I was surprised. There are so many others on the list you could have a whack at if required.
poolboybob: More hitouts to advantage, Stef, less hitouts to nobody.
Pokerface: think they were talking about his leadership qualities ben
amigaman: Clay Beams not listed as playing ???
Pokerface: a player short on the brisbane side here..
amigaman: Both sides actually
Pokerface: now a player short on both
circle52: Pathetic umpiring
AngryRyno: weekly dose of whinging ringo, check
All Reds: benny hill time
MattyZ: So how long until you give the cannon the witches hat this week benny? 😛
circle52: Htb seems to have different intepratations for both sides ryno
SilverLion: Love how lemmens ran through the mark right in fron of the ump in the 2nd and it wasnt 50…
SilverLion: …agree with Ringo here, umpiring has been trash.
yablettt: ran big stef all season and ill tell you what ill run him next year
poolboybob: Next year the rucks should be Gawn and Nic Nat
Donz: rocky going ham!
luke394: Rocky finally gonna hit a score when my years over 🙂
ronl: Gawn and Nic Nat too injury prone, probably go with Stef and Paddy again
pcaman2003: @luke394. That’s SC for you. Bummer hey?
Sixty656: C’mon Dorko, not this week FFS…
TheOnyas: onya stefy
luke394: been a horrid year pcaman2003 sorta feels nice not having the stress lol
frenzy: brissy handing blues another wooden spoon
StuL: Still don’t trust Rocky, Beams and Gawn not to fall apart the minute after getting them though.
StuL: Cape qtr for rocky, which means he’s still been rubbish up until this qtr.
Ladbrokes_: 140+ what do you reckon Stef
standog: Brought in Stef and Rocky (c) this week, looking alright
Lewysport: Only if he’s playing darts Ladbrokes!
Lewysport: If Allison can beat Zorko I’ll be a happy coach!
HappyDEZ: If GAJ leaves I might pick up the TOUK next year provided he has FWD status.
yablettt: yabby yablet needs to come home
Ben_Gogos: Muppet alert! Jack Martin chips the pass from the kick in to Mathieson. The ball is duly sent over his head!
boo!: had 1 trade left, duckweed to sporko, thinking be an easy 150sc..thank u tworko
AngryRyno: junk up Zork you useless spud
Sixty656: Zorko you a$$h4t do something? What a potato.
frenzy: ghost for Cuz
happytimes: Haha suckers, Spent my last trade on beams
9inch: Was sort of happy my opp had Rockliff not Zorko. Typical flowering SC crap
Ben_Gogos: Muppet alert! Alex Sexton had the opportunity to run into an open goal yet missed the chance from 15 out.
StuL: If only the Lions could play GC at home every week. Most of these players will suck again after tonight.
Sixty656: Ruined my week, fuck you porko. Never again you over priced hack.
StuL: GC may as well give up. Getting spanked by the hapless lion kittens.
runt: Zorko!!
PowerBug: Zork you’ve ended on something respectable, you are a lucky man 😛
runt: 2 meter Peter sounds the same as Peter peckerhead
boo!: wow sporko..78 very respectable???? not

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