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Chat log from R21 of 2017: Geelong vs Richmond

Chat log for Geelong vs Richmond, R21 of 2017

SilverLion: CMon catters, get Martin reported pleaseeee
th3rio: Why would you want that, Silver?
SilverLion: Want the brownlow field completely open 😛
original: wow danger gotta shoot there man
circle52: Rance you are allowed to touch the ball.
SilverLion: circle dw he’ll still get 100 SC. He’s CDs poster boy.
ballbag: nice DE houli… you too rance
original: umpires a joke letting mackie getting away with that
Thedude24: If that’s not deliberate then nothing is really..
Thedude24: Silver he scores a lot better in sc because sc rewards spoils and af doesn’t
original: how elite would menegola be if he could kick
ballbag: @original i dont know. how elite would he be?
original: i dont have the answers man lol
All Reds: ya reckon
original: @ballbag how is harry taylor toweling up rance?
SilverLion: “Best full back in the comp” Pshhhh
original: liam jones scoffing too
original: also unsure bout the umpiring so far
kano: Cats getting the standard armchair ride
teachrtony: Cmon Nank, prove the haters wrong.
Umpirespet: Thalia is better than Rance and Jones but isn’t Victorian so doesn’t get talked about
SilverLion: Best fullback in the comp strikes again
Rilian: Witches hat or mare icon for Rance? 😉
original: lol what are richmond doing? are thy being outcoached by a scott? so many dumb handballs
GOD: Chopsticks another turn over
Umpirespet: If Richmond can’t beat a depleted Geelong can they be prems?
kano: This is a fucking disgrace
original: umpires helping a bit imo
ballbag: pffft richmond WONT win a final… only a fool thinks they could
faisca7: why cant they ballbag? give us your expert opinion
All Reds: cause 2009
Lewysport: Composure in big moments is 1 faisca!
Beast_Mode: lol the umps giving that catters a great home ground advantage!
All Reds: you’d think they could win a hypothetical elim v the bombers
ballbag: @faisca LOL you gave me a chuckle 🙂 Nice one!
faisca7: composure is an individual thing, not a team thing
faisca7: great reasoning ballbag, im genuinely curious.
Nuffman: Still waiting for your answer ballbag…
jocka: If this is the way Richmond play under pressure, there is no way they will win a final
Nuffman: @All Reds: coming from an Essendon supporter. I’d almost agree with you. depends on which teams come out on the day
ballbag: well then why dont you look at their history… and now look at their current team. do you really need an answer?
Nuffman: in that logic, I can’t see Carlton make it out of bottom 4 for another decade…
JockMcPie: Richmond just don’t have the quality yet to go deep into finals, they’re clearly running out of steam
ballbag: @nuff have you got spoof for brains? waiting on your answer
jocka: Nuffy, ya gotta face facts…
Nuffman: @ballbag LOL you gave me a goo chuckle 🙂 Nice One!
All Reds: haha never heard that one ballbag, all g if i use that down the local?
Thedude24: Lol the umpiring is beyond ridiculous. Richmond can’t win if the umps keep this up
ballbag: @all reds its never been used before but you can give it a birl if ya want
faisca7: ‘”look at their history”.. great reason as to why this top 4 team cant win a final..
Thedude24: If Richmond are serious contenders, they win this game. Umps will make it hard but they still gotta win
All Reds: i absolutely will ballbag
faisca7: They definitely need to be more competitive at least. No more repeats of the st kilda game
jocka: danger warming up
Eaglesuk: Is that Free Kick count correct – Flowering Disgraceful if it is
frenzy: nerves Jock, finals approaching
Pokerface: they won’t be top 4 come seasons end. They’ve had the easiest draw of the league.
cusch1: Anyone watching the game; Is that free kick count warranted?
pies4spoon: @cusch1 nope, its classic Geelong in Geelong type umpiring
jocka: cusch1 YES Lots of dropping the ball cold
MattyZ: Richmond got caught holding the ball every second possession earlier this quarter
Thedude24: Cats getting sucked off by the umps as they always do at that ground
Sloaneyyyy: to top things off, i benched Brandon Ellis for Luke Ryan… fmdt
Eaglesuk: C’mon Dusty you dodgy mofo
pcaman2003: Gee, Nank has really gone downhill lately.
SilverLion: Still think Rance will get 100
Gebs: how can you say easy draw in a year like this one
Sloaneyyyy: go Tigers, beat those umpires
cusch1: Take Lloyd at 82 or gamble on Greenwood tonight?
HappyDEZ: Danger an easy VC loop a 1/2 hour ago. 50/50 now. 130 or I am sticking with Titch.
Raspel31: Thinking exactly the same Happy-leaning to Titch.
pcaman2003: The fat lady is warming up.
SilverLion: Harwick not interested in winning, played Martin 90% forward all day
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers, pretenders as usual
SilverLion: Plays their best clearance player at FF all day. Pure arrogance really.
mardyb: taking danger VC
Raspel31: Yep-130 too good to risk.
lock98: C.Guthrie star for mine
Rilian: X Factor for Harry Taylor (or Stewart)
HappyDEZ: Yep. Hopefully gets to 150 now.
pcaman2003: And there goes the Fat Lady in full voice.
frenzy: Sept shakes
poolboybob: Blue moon for Kolodjashnij
frenzy: champ data boys taking the p1ss
Yelse: geelong one man team… dangerman
Pokerface: star parsons
StuL: Great effort !! Still a big chance at top 2.
Gebs: @stul top two >?? whats so important about that

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