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Chat log from R21 of 2017: Sydney vs Fremantle

Chat log for Sydney vs Fremantle, R21 of 2017

th3rio: struggling to decide whether to field ryan over tuohy / lloyd
teachrtony: Same dilemma, went Tuohy over Ryan in the end.
SilverLion: Nice start Lloyd, continuing your good form.
duckky: Weny Ryan over Lloyd. But looholed Lloyd with Harbrow (both stinking it lately)
th3rio: Tuohy was good last week, i couldnt comitt and now i wish i fucked lloyd to the pine
duckky: Dang my tpying goot bad
teachrtony: my logic too, He plays Simmind Stadium well and with the Cats midfield decimated am hoping Tuohy gets time in the middle
LMartos: I loopholed Lloyd in my midfield, probably with Wines, played Ryan
teachrtony: Onya Buddy
DrSeuss: Neale do something??
th3rio: at this rate ryan might stay on my bench. Good call @teach, he had good mid time last wk
th3rio: lol i wasnt convinced with scooter on field so i went zerrett to neale, biggest regrets right now
frenzy: tippetts last game for the swans? before crossing to the tigers
pcaman2003: Afternoon! Now, Buddy starts scoring. Shocker last week. Hope he fires up for my prelim next week.
AngryRyno: stop it with the clangers, Nic
Yelse: seriously lloyd do something
HappyDEZ: C’mon Lachie get involved!
circle52: Typical of my SC season – Forgot to take C of Fyfe and move to Adams with Danger VC so lift Fyfe.
LMartos: c’mon Ryan no flog kicks please
SilverLion: lol newman haha
All Reds: getting ugly
pcaman2003: Buddy already past last weeks score.Save it for next week champ.
original: lol keep going buddy. real happy about newman
poolboybob: Please tag Hannebery
pcaman2003: For those in SC today let me know. I’ll put a hex on your opponents.
original: fyfe score pretty good for all disposals being handballs
All Reds: contested
ballbag: wheres my 150 points ryan? pull ya finger out
armalitemk: Taberner must be the stupidest bloke on the team did you see where he walked back to a good 8 metres off line!
LMartos: Lift Ryan, anything above 60 is alright
DrSeuss: WTF is up with Neale? Is he getting tagged?
Growlers: Is neale being tagged or just having a shocker?
StuL: Wish I fielded Darcy and not Nank.
ballbag: @circle dont see you whinging now about your accidental C choice of fyfe
original: fyfe on 60? plz
All Reds: 16 disp 11 cont 4 marks
Lewysport: If Tom Lynch’s knee didn’t give out l would have traded buddy!😎
Yelse: lloyd pleaseeeeeeeeeee do something
GOD: GOD has the C on L. Franklin today!
original: 3 clangers/1 FA, clearly having a huge impact on the game given the scoreline lol
MONEY TALK: god u had the c on kelly yesterday
GJayBee: Ryan, seriously, do this, do do do ittttttt
Umpirespet: VC on the Bud today move over Tmitch
MONEY TALK: 3 bloody weeks ive had the vc on buddy, because he plays same time as danger i didn’t then this i mean keep going but
LMartos: why does Ryan have to be a pod in my cash league :(((
teachrtony: Sans looking really scary for September.
teachrtony: swans *
MONEY TALK: is it a cape for buddy ?
Umpirespet: We will find out how good they are next week Tony
GOD: Should have hit the T button
Gebs: in dont think so umpires pet wait for finals
teachrtony: Yean, at home will be a great game. Can see us playing them first final too.
Umpirespet: Maybe Gebs
MONEY TALK: would of been nice if i had darcy as cover for witts
ballbag: wheres my 150 points ryan?? im not asking again sucker
DrSeuss: Anyone watching? What’s going on with Neale? Tagged or nowhere near it?
original: surely all freo players start getting docked sc points given scoreline
poolboybob: Pumpkin for Ryan
Pokerface: blue moon buddy.
StuL: Newman getting carried off.
Gotigres: Newman injured
M0rgs: Glad i tuned in for this
DragonLass: thanks a flowering lot Tippett for taking out Newman
LuvIt74: Freo have a decent young ruck to take the reins
Umpirespet: I have Selwood,witherdon,Newman,lynch all injured and 1 trade left oh well
DrSeuss: What are you doing Neale? Great weekend to take off!!
Gotigres: Ok Buddy, i need you to score 180 to make up for Newman
Beast_Mode: what happened to newmans red cross? is he back on?
AngryRyno: Newman back on
Beast_Mode: oh i see now
Gotigres: Newman finished for the day. Iced up.
DragonLass: no newman is iced up
JockMcPie: The one game I field Ryan over Shaw…
AngryRyno: FoxFooty twitter has Newman on the field
All Reds: did the same jock, spewin
pcaman2003: Glad I’m not playing this week. Some of the young guys are a nightmare
duckky: Ryan 6 ouches 4 clangers and still 17 SC … bonus
Sloaneyyyy: W T F… Neale – I had my pick of mids, and I chose you….
HappyDEZ: Took a risk & fielded Neale over Deluca.
LMartos: my 2 premos covering for Ryan’s pathetic score
wadaramus: Should have taken Heaters 75 🙁
Raspel31: Hmm, Zerrett, Jelwood, Grundy, Witherden Newman-the list goes on
AngryRyno: get to 120 Hanners
duckky: Ryan junk time
pcaman2003: Sounds like a few drowning sorrows tonight.
Gotigres: Wall for Ryan
duckky: Look at Ryan go – 18 to 32 SC in a blink

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