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Chat log from R21 of 2017: Western Bulldogs vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Western Sydney, R21 of 2017

th3rio: how are we all? anyone vc’ing tonight?
cusch1: Kelly or Bont as Vice Captain?
th3rio: Bont, going on kellys past at etihad and against dogs. I have both but going to go Danger VC Gawn C
BestCoast: Grettings all
BestCoast: Danger VC Titch C
cusch1: last 3 rounds acg. Bont 110, Kelly 112. could go either way
cusch1: over 5 rounds, bont 109, kelly 111. again no difference
th3rio: very close @cusch, i think bont is a tiny bit better if you take into consideration v giants and at etihad.
th3rio: you got any other options? Danger VC into any1 else?
boo!: cmon shaw, 203sc
cusch1: WOrking all day tomorrow and wont be able to change
jaypeee: need help on the VC macrae or the boat
BestCoast: @boo have heater as Emergency have a feeling that he might produce for the first time in 15 outings
jaypeee: bont*
boo!: lol bestcoast, i confident he wont make 203, but 190 is on the cards
BestCoast: @boo i am am certain 203 will not happen a lazy 130+ will do
original: On a plane, have to turn phone off, pray for Shaw and ward for me fellas. Thanks in advance, yours truly
CamT: Bontempelli @Full Forward with Heath Shaw on him :O
boo!: fark if you have heater and the bont like me
TehRooaarr: Where’s jj???
the spud: praying for your players works! the pope has the best fantasy teams because of it
Gotigres: My apologies to eveybody with the Bont. I replaced Jelwood with him. Destined for a quiet game from the Bont.
jaypeee: same here boo! yikes
boo!: surely the GOD has simpson captain
TehRooaarr: Is johannisen still out?
BestCoast: @boo GOD has VC on Simpson and thirty others
boo!: haha bestcoast, at least he aint nowhere to be seen
Gotigres: Shaw has been relegated to my emergency behind Lloyd, Ryan and Newman.
Burnsy03: he was a late out last week not back yet
zadolinnyj: Lads
pcaman2003: Hi All! Glad I have this week off SC with players rested.or injure
Apachecats: JJ was not lited as an out as he didn’tplay last week.the fat e is not in the team this week was missed by a few of our
th3rio: that 4 point win in the end @pca?
Apachecats: *media stars.
MONEY TALK: alright macrae u screwed me last week stay low this week plz
ballbag: dawson simpson super choice that
original: How’s the umpiring so far..? Not watchin
boo!: dollhouse to parsons rage trade
heppelitis: not sure @original but Carlro99 says the blues are getting screwed by them so far
Sloan4Pres: keep going Patton!! 🙂
frenzy: never again toby greene
Apachecats: Macrae will have a shocker , I used my 2nd last trade on him ,sorry everyone
zadolinnyj: The general
heppelitis: *Carlton99
MONEY TALK: ty @apachecats
DrSeuss: Macrae, Dollhouse, Ward and Kelly. Top start fellas
pcaman2003: th3rio. only 1 point in the finish
TehRooaarr: Thanks @Burnsy03
th3rio: thats crazy @pca lol
th3rio: lift please greene, i was better off with james stewart at this rate
MONEY TALK: cmon greene make up for ur little rest
Ladbrokes_: Coniglio getting a lot of the ball but not making good decisions, putting his teammates under pressure
th3rio: @cusch who did you VC in the end?
cusch1: Gods gift to mankind, the Bont
MONEY TALK: VC on bont
SilverLion: MacBontHaus and looping Shaw with Scharenberg. Not sure what to make of this round really, already in my prelims
ballbag: @cusch or allahs gift for houli
th3rio: haha lad, id be stoked if Greene could hang on to a mark
jocka: Dogs should be all over ‘old man johnson’ and give him some stick
jocka: he is easily riled and put off his game
ballbag: you stay right down there greene and shaw. suits me to a tea
jocka: terrible decision btw
pcaman2003: Kelly,Greene,Shaw and Macrae unusually quiet
DrSeuss: Simpson killing it but only the 1 possession.
th3rio: greene still in holiday mode
Apachecats: Worst 1st 1/4 this year for Macrae
9inch: 5 outs for me this week after a great year escaping all the crap. Stuffed now.
wadaramus: Geez, Greene was well worth holding on to, traded him back on too after starting the year with him 🙁
Apachecats: Only good thing my opponents have heater and kelly.
boo!: every week i didn’t trade shaw thinking he’d come good, thanks buddy for your 7sc
th3rio: potential was there to score @wadaramus, he dropped everything though
Sloaneyyyy: Come on Kelly, lift your game son
MONEY TALK: 100 efficiency for bont nice nice
cusch1: Who said Shaw for 200? Going to struggle to make 20 at this rate
LMartos: give Kelly the handball you dogs
cusch1: Dont get too excited for the goal BT ya flog
MONEY TALK: lol he did the dybala mask celebration
cusch1: If Bont did that, these commentatiors would need a change of pants
boo!: @cusch it was me, thats why i ranked 60k
cusch1: These doggies supporters booing everything….its been well umpired
DrSeuss: Kelly around the ball, team mates just ignoring him at times it seems.
poolboybob: Nice job shaw ya tosser
MONEY TALK: ik he is like there top scorer but Patton aint even on fire anymore
boo!: bugger fantasy afl, i be better at fantasy chess
LMartos: what a week to bring in Kelly with my last trade!!
armalitemk: Why are we pretending we are going to miss bob murphy? Beats me #freekickdogs
pcaman2003: Kelly can still come good yet.
th3rio: i cant see kelly anywhere 🙁
LMartos: has been off for about 6 minutes
Haydo: oh there he is th3rio, on the bench 🙁
cusch1: Heath Shaw will shawly retire
runt: The 3rd draw for the GWS is well on the cards
pcaman2003: Kelly TOG has been dropping back. Hopefully he’s okay
Burnsy03: gws wont allow him to go on
LMartos: 3 tackles in a minute for Kelly, will take that
StuL: This year seems to have been special for bringing in guys who then go rubbish. So not traded this week.
th3rio: thanks lads
runt: Kelly making up for lost time
th3rio: yay greene
runt: Dogs hit the lead!!
LMartos: I’m alright with Macrae scoring 60 considering his score last week
DrSeuss: Ward you want to get involved??
MONEY TALK: there’s my little hard nut push now
pcaman2003: Macrae. What’s going on?
Apachecats: PCA man “kelly can still come good yet” well done on that.
runt: You open up a box and there is a turd sitting next to a chocolate eclair. Thats what Stringer brings to the table.
spudaroos: Lewis Young getting found out.
hinsch: I have Greene Wallis and Macrae likes like SC seaon over thanks everybody for your comments
th3rio: greene 3 quick touches go son
Apachecats: Greene and Macrae will be OK @hinsch ,Wallis having a stinker.
runt: Cloke conjured that goal from the smoke and shadows behind the windows
th3rio: Pleased with greene considering his shit first qtr
LMartos: not sure how Macrae doesn’t have 3 clangers at least but I don’t mind
cusch1: Bont lost 15 points at the end of that quarter
MONEY TALK: nice push greene
snake_p: lol runt
pcaman2003: Dollhouse very disappointing since byes. Only 1 ton since.
Roksta: Lol spudaroos young is the youngest player in the comp
Beast_Mode: because he’s playing mostly inside 50
th3rio: shaw scaled up 7 points? generous
Beast_Mode: no he didn’t he got a kick and mark right at the end of the half
th3rio: cheers beast
DirtyDawn: Evening all
Haydo: kelly picking up
LMartos: people on facebook getting triggered at Kelly’s score
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: They call Lewis Young by his muppet name, Dr Sleeves.
th3rio: omg greene…
poolboybob: Greene is such an idiot
zadolinnyj: Greene = moron
MONEY TALK: holy crap, two of my players
Breezey: Nothing wrong with that from Greene
Haydo: more weeks for green lol
LMartos: people will think that’s purposeful, that’s a normal thing
Beast_Mode: yeah he’s gone for that, not a a marking action
Roksta: What a rat. Your a tool breezey
LMartos: it’s not like he kicked Dahlhaus, just put his foot there to prevent getting tackled
9inch: Basically a fend off with sprigs. Don’t argue.
poolboybob: Feel bad for Young. Not ready to be a key defender at this level yet.
SilverLion: Don’t we all love Thug Greene…
jocka: You can’t lash out with a boot when shepherding a space
Costanza: Greene protecting himself play on
zadolinnyj: Can do in a mark contest. was not a marking contest.
cusch1: I think he is fine tbh…not his fault Dahlhaus is 5 foot tall
9inch: Dirty MF
Breezey: Greene has no case to answer. No doubt.
LMartos: I’ve done what’s Greene’s done before, not a action with malicious intent
jocka: If someone comes in to tackle you, you CAN NOT fend them off with a boot.
SilverLion: He knew what he was doing
wadaramus: WHere in the rule book does it allow the umpire to pay a free kick for it though?
poolboybob: If a dummy like Carey thinks he’s fine then he will probably get at least a week.
th3rio: he put the boot up but there was no forceful contact, should be fine.
Donz: I love Toby Greene! Bloke is a freak. Eff the haters
pcaman2003: I don’t like Greene,but think it was a mark within the rules.
zadolinnyj: Can’t do that in netball so I assume nowadays you cant in football
mardyb: not a chance greene gets weeks
jocka: @wadaramus KICKING is against the rules last time I checked
happytimes: If you fend off with your arm it’s a free kick
Donz: Toby is a gun. All this thug talk is nonsense.. if he keeps his hands to himself this bloke could win a Brownlow from
Donz: A fwd pocket
th3rio: @pca it wasnt a mark, he was recieving a handball i think
Beast_Mode: lol, i remember the majority of muppet in ff thought danger would get off too
zadolinnyj: Bont gone quiet
Breezey: And if he cops he’s m to n the head with the knee it’s not a free kick
StuL: Greene will be gone. Time to open a new frontier on the ‘duty of care’ crap. It’s been a couple of weeks.
pcaman2003: Meanwhile,those worried about Kelly before,need not fear.
Donz: Jocka put a sock in it pal… You have to have rocks in your head to think what he did was against the rules
mr gor: Greene is a dog cunt not surprised he pulled that classic bitch move. Absolute dog cunt
happytimes: he put his leg straight out not protect himself by raising his knee
MONEY TALK: if greene is gone there goes my fwd line again
poolboybob: Give Stevie J the burger. Looks like he would fail a skin folds test
Pokerface: stop giving away frees conigs
GOD: Dahlhaus ran into Greene’s foot! how dumb are some of you!
wadaramus: Kicking what jocka? He put his leg up?Players do it all the time, so what rule did the umpire interpret to penalise him?
9inch: 4 weeks for Greene guaranteed.
Donz: Dog cow? Mr gor. Are you smoking crack?
MONEY TALK: already have lynch dead on the bench
zadolinnyj: Dahlhaus will get 2 weeks for head butting greene’s foot
jocka: Donz Kicking people in the head is within the rules now? Grow up
SilverLion: Donz he didn’t even deserve AA last year. Average player (Merrett, Neale etc.). So Ordinary because of his stupidity.
th3rio: kelly and bont whered you go, i miss you so
jocka: wadaramus You CAN NOT use your foot in someone’s face as a fend off. You can’t even use an open hand. Think before reply
SilverLion: Soz meant Merrett, Neale etc should’ve had AA tenfold before Greene
DrSeuss: Come on Ward and Kelly – strong finish from you both please
mr gor: @donz its the censor numpty. Cow = c u n t
Donz: Silver lion. You don’t know talent when you see it… you are excused you barrack for the lions. Back in your box pal
zadolinnyj: Month Greene missing a possession. Definitely got a kick in that contest with Dahlhaus
Yelse: greene is gone just saw the replay.. once he hits his face he extends and puts more force into the kick
Breezey: He put his foot up because he was airborne. Didn’t kick anybody. Dahl ran into his boot. No idea Jockstick
mr gor: Lols again. C ynt = cow
Donz: Jocka. Put a sock in it. You are embarrassing yourself
zadolinnyj: *Monty
thommoae: Greene had eyes for the ball the whole time. Case closed.
Donz: Still mr gor. You are a tool
jocka: Donz The comeback of a troll who realises he has lost this argument. Grow up.
Donz: Thanks thommoae. Common sense prevails
wadaramus: It wasn’t Greenes fault that Dahl put his face into his boot jocka, fair dinkum mate players lift their leg regularly
Breezey: And another thing. Good night Dogs
happytimes: What the fuck was his leg doing at head level studs out at a handball contest
GJayBee: I missed it boys, tell me straight, is Green out of my SC team next week?
Donz: Opens your eyes jocka. Toby Greene is a freak. Get over it
jocka: Yeah, wadaramus, it was someone else’s fault that he used his boot to fend off. I told you to think before replying….
Haydo: i reckon he should get a week bcuz it was intentional and he already has so many offences but he wont cuz theafllikesgws
StuL: Thomm We’ve learnt from the whole tackling rubbish that intentions don’t matter. Still, GWS/Cows GF.
mardyb: no gjb
jocka: Yeah Donz, being a freak allows you to lash out and kick somebody…. You flog.
Breezey: No GJayBee
Donz: Jocka. There is no argument. If you think what Greene did was dirty you are a flog.
poolboybob: Shiel is a douche
pcaman2003: Move right along kiddies. Back to the game hey!
happytimes: I think he will get a couple of weeks
Donz: Crawl back under the rock you came from
jocka: Donz OK, you aren’t even trying now. I shall ignore the rest of your dribble.
GJayBee: Breezey, cheers, go pies!
Beast_Mode: greene is a gun, but a top notch flog
StuL: Greene will get a week.
wadaramus: Hey jocka, no dramas making your point but shove your insult up your arse.
zadolinnyj: Anyone who thinks they no what the match review panel is going to do is a genius. Fight all u want, could be 15 weeks
GJayBee: I am scared. SC is basically my emotional reality. I need Green in. More than I need people to like me.
zadolinnyj: *know
Haydo: lol zad
Donz: Cheers wadaramus
StuL: WTF is wrong with Libba? Still celebrating the flag?
GJayBee: Zadolinnyj, you are right, but lately they give a week if they are confused.
pcaman2003: Huge qtr from Kelly!
Breezey: Was that a cape worthy qtr from Kelly
zadolinnyj: Correct @beast mode
circle52: Agree with zado here – It is not what we think it is how the MRP review it and that will be a lottery going on this year
Donz: Donz 1 – jocka 0
zadolinnyj: Correct GJayBee.
pcaman2003: @Stuhl. Just not his year at all.
boo!: whoa kelly good comeback
circle52: Yep Breezy cape for Kelly that quarter.
jocka: wadaramus – man up or rack off
Grumpman: Mitch Wallis you are a weak dog, how the hell you get a game is beyond me….!
Breezey: Vote 1 Donz
wadaramus: Right on Donz 🙂
mardyb: the MRP is a joke. i think we can all agree on that
jocka: seems Donz is taking scores of the biggest tool here. And an easy winner he was.
GJayBee: Stul, I heard from a reporter that said the OX called her winging that Libba and the Package are on Coke
Beast_Mode: go big Kelly, got the VC on you
Donz: Take your hand off it jocka
zadolinnyj: Taking up cricket for Australia wasn’t he @StuL
GJayBee: The Ox was pissed that when he said there was probs at Dog’s and got humiliated for it in the media he was really right
wadaramus: Gee whiz jocka, you’re a complete toolbag aren’t you? Most on here express their views without insulting others.
jocka: You already won, Donz, don’t need to rub it in.
Costanza: boys, boys, here have a pretzel
StuL: I’ve heard stuff I couldn’t write here but yes, probably right.
Donz: Cheers breezey
zadolinnyj: These pretzels are making me thirsty @Constanza
Breezey: Pendles tweet thinks it was alright.
StuL: Has anyone ever been suspended for contact going for a mark? This will open another layer of bs.
happytimes: Pies and bombers supporters teaming up together, where is my shotgun
mardyb: was thinking the same stul
jocka: StuL Wasn’t a mark
Pokerface: pendles also thinks buckley deserves a multi-year extension, so don’t read much into his opinion
Burnsy03: stul wasnt a marking contest
wadaramus: It’s making me thirsty Costanza!
mardyb: what if u take mark of the uear but you smash your knee into a guys head a ko him? weeks?
SilverLion: If Grundy gets two for a tackle that hurts that was an accident, I don’t see how Greene gets anything less.
zadolinnyj: Lol poker
Grumpman: Wallis=Turd sandwich.
cusch1: #FreeKickBulldogs
Breezey: Pendles knows my friend.
happytimes: Thinking the same silver
MONEY TALK: @silver i wouldn’t say that was a accident and they were both completely different things
mickelo: #thegameisstuffed
StuL: OK. I’m not actually watching just caught a reply.
SilverLion: Yeah but the MRP is all about protecting the head right?
Burnsy03: was a handball over the top stul
Grumpman: #MitchWallisSucksDonkeyDoddle…!
StuL: Libba and Wallis have both been getting white line fever or something.
Burkey1: any chance Wallis will touch the footy this qtr?
Burnsy03: no chance
StuL: The dogs really are Leicester. Performed above their true ability in a blue moon season.
Pokerface: icicle wallis
Ladbrokes_: Thing is, they were really average in the home and away season last year @StuL
Grumpman: My 73 year old nana in her mobilty scooter would get a touch before Wallis..!
pcaman2003: Macrae and Dolly are crap tonight.
Ladbrokes_: And I think if they faced Geelong at any point in the finals they would’ve been rolled over. Sydney were just bottlejobs
Breezey: Toby loving the bronxies
MONEY TALK: about time macrae plays shit against me
Roksta: Damn the giants are back
cusch1: High tackle, called a throw??????
Breezey: Libba should get the icicle before Wallis.
Grumpman: Get of the ground Wallis you flog, anyone with hair like that should have there ass checks super glued together.
GOD: GOD has the C on J. Kelly tonight!
Pokerface: libba does this every week
wadaramus: Tipped the Giants, but would have been happy for the dogs to get up, go Crows!
th3rio: saw that @cusch, worst call.
Pokerface: nice work GOD!
StuL: Can Gawn last till (SC) GF day without injury? I doubt it.
MONEY TALK: god has every high scoring player every week u must be ranked number 1
wadaramus: Hmmm, GOD appears to be full of it 🙂
StuL: God is dead. He died when the angels fell and turned out to not exist.
Haydo: god you must have more than 22 players and all of them are captains
pcaman2003: False GOD! The real one would not be with Carrrrllton.
Sloaneyyyy: Haven’t been watching the game. Will Greene get some time?
Burnsy03: will be interesting
BestCoast: GOD get of mummies computer and go to bed
StuL: Greene shouldn’t get time but considering the current stupid world, I would say he does.
wadaramus: Who knows Sloaney??? GOD, surel on Friday night you’d be using the VC??!!
Pokerface: stu you just said you havent even seen it
StuL: Wrong. I said I had seen it but as a reply. So I didn’t have the context if it was a mark or in play.
GJayBee: Stul, I value your opinion and accept a week on early plea
BOMBRBLITZ: Great Junk there Heater
poolboybob: Mate for Young
GOD: GOD thanks you all for the kind words and support.
Pokerface: how do you see it as a reply? have you actually watched it or not?
MONEY TALK: gee is bont still on
wadaramus: Thanks for gracing us with a response GOD.
StuL: Flower off Poker. I know you’re just looking for a fight. Do you know what a replay is?
AngryRyno: GOD is the biggest spud ever witnessed
Pokerface: stu you said reply. Twice. i assumed you meant a reply on this chat.
ronl: Greene is stupid and he’s arrogant. First-class d-head.
Burnsy03: he knows what a replay is but nobody had a clue what u meant by reply
StuL: I saw the boot in the face, yes. But not live, capiche!?
Burnsy03: whiny geelong fan 😉
MONEY TALK: ill take bont gaining points for getting no touches
Haydo: they’ll be whiney after tomorrow burnsey 😉
StuL: Retarded hawks fans it seems.
BestCoast: Dogs got Smoked
wadaramus: Wallis you complete HACK.
frenzy: that’d be a touch up doggies
poolboybob: Giants team song is terrible
zadolinnyj: Night lads
Burnsy03: keep guessing stul

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