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Chat log from R20 of 2017: Adelaide vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Adelaide vs Port Adelaide, R20 of 2017

AT_123: cmon Sloane. 150+
stew42: Mrouch, bring it home buddy! On 85 already!
Wends: Welcome to the Geoffrey Harharwoods, Paddy Ryder. No pressure, just brought u in for finals 🙂
Ladbrokes_: Matt crouch lol
Drak: That must of been one hell of a kick from sloane
Wends: You’re half way there @AT_123 :0
original: Hahaha wish those early scores were accurate
Drak: Look Anus Morefrees is back in the side
ballbag: bring it home ryder… yeeeee harrrr
original: Gee talk about umpire home field advantage
pcaman2003: @Ballbag. Don’t need your help now. Made the prelim by 1 pt. Cheers 🙂
SilverLion: Please stay down Ryder.
Wends: Lol original
Wends: if jacobs keeps this up, he may get me come from behind wins in my sc finals
Sloaneyyyy: go Tex – need a massive one from you today
stew42: In other news, Jelwood needing the same surgery Coniglio had which kept him out for 10 weeks. Time to axe him
Beast_Mode: keep it going greenwood
Sloaneyyyy: really stew…. that sux
stew42: Yup, Geelong are saying three weeks out, but that’s enough for Fantasy/SC
Raspel31: Yup. that sux.
Raspel31: Jelwood out for rest of home and away but back for finals-tho that doesnt help us
9inch: Lol first week of finals and Im looing at Zerrett Grundy and Jelwood out. Ffs
Sloaneyyyy: Jelwood upgrade to Josh Kelly if I have the cash
Wends: lol raspel just posted same thing in other game. Not lol for my RDT team tho.
Raspel31: Have all 3 too 9inch-think Grundy may get off.
Wends: Will Zerrett get a fine tho?
9inch: I thought Zerrett with a chance not Grundy.
Lewysport: Agree wends, zerrett a clean skin.
StuL: I knew once I got Ryder he would suck.
Lewysport: Thanks stew, thought it was you!lol
Raspel31: Hope so Wends and Lewy.
JRedden: boak on track for the tackles record
Sloaneyyyy: don’t know why Port don’t put R.Gray head to head with Sloane, they waste him in the forward lines
daniel87: love when your playing against blatant favourtisby the umpires can even tackle a. rows player without giving away free
m0nty: Gray’s last three touches have been turnovers
JRedden: boak 10 tackles already, hes the only player doing something for port
LuvIt74: bloody hell Sloane is on fire, is boak tagging him or not?
mr gor: Im pretty sure port has autism
Raspel31: Stul-Ryder doing you no favours. Did you cut his salary?
LuvIt74: sorry im not watching
jfitty: Spud Monfries
m0nty: Let us take a moment to recall that Adelaide were seven goals down to Collingwood last week.
StuL: Sloane looks like hes got the tag monkey off his back.
stew42: Confession: I read Seedsman out as Greenwood out. Fielded Partington over him. You got to laugh.
original: Ebert. 37 points one quarter, 1 point the next ffs
Donz: laugh stew? or just through the laptop at the wall?
Donz: throw* rather
jaxx: needed greenwood under 96 to win elimination final ffs
stew42: Ah well, at least he’s still in my team haha
bongidongi: desperately need robbie gray + 67 points to beat sloane
heppelitis: 12 tackles in a half is huge…set the record son
Donz: not going to happen bonghead
Donz: nice win by the saints today… donzzz in the 8
feralmong: week off in my paid league. greenwood is icing now. 5 trades left. perfect.
Donz: heppelitis what is the record?
Lewysport: I think you’ll be smoking tonight bongidongi.😎
Donz: HEP D the disease for opposition teams was huge yesterday!
heppelitis: not sure but about 19 i feel
bongidongi: so far, sloane up by 30… so will be a nervous half
lukat: Laird ton and greenwood 130 might get me over the line with 3 premos out
original: @lukat what premos. Danger is one, the others?
JDolling69: Greenwood how about you get a touch, 12 tackles taking the piss
jaxx: jpk and blakely for me
original: Lukas imma guess jpk and Greene
heppelitis: Libba Ziebell and Jude Bolton all on 19
Lewysport: Anyone think Sloane and greenwood can beat Ryder by 141? in s/c. Ryder bound to improve
pcaman2003: Port lucky to be this close.24 shots to 5.
AngryRyno: Greenwood tackle watch, 7 more required for record
Grazz: Eddie you are amazing
Apachecats: If Ryder gets to 100 (probable) the other 2 need 241 between them .@Lewy.Also possible but difficult.
pcaman2003: @Lewysport . Sloane and Greenwood on target
feralmong: Lewy greenwood can beat ryder. u need sloane to go 140+
pcaman2003: Greenwood and Steele,tackle machines.
Pokerface: wouldn’t say its probable ryder gets to 100. they are junk points now
Pokerface: points already on the board will get inflated
luke394: Need like 155 from Sloane to win league final
Apachecats: Agree its less probable now @PF but that was posted 10 minutes ago.
Pokerface: oh sorry i just got back – although this whole half is junk
Pokerface: there were only about 5 posts since!
Lewysport: Cheers people, just hit the front, now if greenwood can stay off the benchwood l should be good!
Pokerface: good luck lewy!
m0nty: who do we think gets the medal?
Breezey: Crouch or Crouch
Apachecats: Thats a bit tricky at the moment monty ,no stand outs.
Lewysport: Thanks poker, only game without double chance.
Apachecats: Reckon you’re safe Lewy ,well done!
m0nty: I have liked Sauce’s game the most, myself.
Grumpman: Come on Ryder i need you to bet Laird by 10 points to win my final…..!
Disco DB: I thought Keath bowled well.
TheOnyas: onya sloaney
JDolling69: Superman quarter from Robbie, star
lukat: Who do you boys have winning the flag this season?
Disco DB: Crows for flag.
Sloaneyyyy: hmm, need Tex and R.Gray to kick 3 goals each this quarter to win my match…. pretty unlikely I think
Breezey: Would it be silly to say Crows vs Tigers 🐯
Sloaneyyyy: Crows/Swans GF looking likely i think
thommoae: Giants … if they can keep injuries under control and stop hitting people.
Disco DB: GWS and Swans the next best in it. GWS need to get some form fast thou.
lukat: Not liking the look of geelong?
thommoae: GWS shut Melbourne out completely yesterday – which not many have done in recent times
thommoae: Cats – too much left to too few [Read: Danger]
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Pittard’s hair is the worst in the AFL, he looks like a half-built muppet.
Sloaneyyyy: tex and r.gray vs 75 pts… need a couple of superman quarters
Sixty656: Jelwood in for surgery will miss rounds 21-23
luke394: Keep going Sloaney
fonzie: nightmare for port
pcaman2003: @Kermit. Going with the Bruce Doull style
runt: Port not giving a very good account of themselves
feralmong: The legend maketh the hair. Not the hair maketh the legend. Lesson for Pittard.
runt: Port thinking, when will it stop stop stop
BestCoast: @Runt that is understating if crows were more accurate it could of been far worse
Sloaneyyyy: missed a Tex handball
feralmong: hard to think of a reason to upgrade greenwood. But M Crouch is one of them.
biggerz: Need 34 from m crouch and Ryder in 8 mins
feralmong: 10th ton in a row.
Sloaneyyyy: gray has disappeared when i needed him most…
BestCoast: Boak should be charged with robbery after signing big contract he had delivered shower all
frenzy: cows that good or puffs that shower
bongidongi: robbie gray lift son. you need to not get beat by sloane by more than 55 points
BestCoast: @frenzy Port are imposters like we are
frenzy: ta
lukat: I swear Port and WCE only play sundays
BestCoast: Crows players smashing big SC scores
pcaman2003: SPP 8 clangers with 6 possies. Oh dear!
BestCoast: @lukat not anymore we don’t play any day
frenzy: I must be the only one one the planet with sloaney C
feralmong: needed spp to score under 30 in one of my leagues to win. lol. and more lol.
Apachecats: You’d be safe if was under 20 @feral
RoughRed: Paddy must not go over 99 SC.
feralmong: hehe i wrote that league off start of this game. back in it.
Sloaneyyyy: biggest ever showdown margin
m0nty: At least Port won the all-important scoring accuracy stat.
BestCoast: @frenzy GOD also has C on Sloaney
frenzy: anus morefrees got a game, Lol
Apachecats: He would need a goal @RR ,you’re safe
RoughRed: Living the dream …. win , win, win 🙂
feralmong: kiss % goodbye port.
pcaman2003: Good luck for finals next week people.
StuL: God had the C on Gawn.

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