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Chat log from R20 of 2017: Richmond vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Richmond vs Hawthorn, R20 of 2017

SilverLion: please get reported martin
ballbag: wife bachar houli not doing much. muslim thug. i mean muslim
stew42: Alright, nice knowing you Ballbag. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out
Disco DB: @SilverLion +1
Pokerface: that should be a banning. disgraceful ballbag
ballbag: why? KKK and islam are both religions. ones just not banned in the west yet
PowerBug: because this isn’t the place to make such comments, even if they are true
stew42: @ballbag, it’s a footy chat room you tosspot. Flower off with your hateful crap
ballbag: houli in the negatives? who did he hit?
Pokerface: Darius why is ballbag still here?
ballbag: @stew whos hating? Houli said he is muslim first, australian second. I just called him muslim thug. get over it!
Auldy: get out with that filth ballbag
Disco DB: Eyes on the game, lads.
All Reds: d***head
heppelitis: any way you can read back over the entire chat here?
JButcher: Pull your head in ballbag
mardyb: so um tiges v hawks…
ballbag: @jbutcher or what? cut it off? now who would do that? stop bullying
LuvIt74: You should just ignore Ballbag he clearly lacked attention as a child
poolboybob: Get the pill Mitchell
ballbag: im just here for the footy and C martin
Disco DB: Tigers kicking short into their 50, no Jack could be a blessing in disguise.
LuvIt74: Richmond are looking good this year
LuvIt74: Ffs Titch see that red oval shaped ball, touch it
ballbag: only way is for titch to hulk today
Bulky: F off Andrew Hudson. Still thinks WC can make up 8 points with 8 seconds left. What a spanker.
Bulky: Woops. Wrong game. My mistake.
Pokerface: who is Andrew Hudson?
mardyb: anthony hudson?
PowerBug: You mean Anthony
Bulky: Fox Footy commentator.
Disco DB: @LuvIt74 ball is yellow maaaate!
Bulky: That’s him.
Fatbar5tad: No wonder he can’t find it disco!
PowerBug: Best commentator out there
Beast_Mode: shut up BT you flog, it’s not the same
poolboybob: Maybe that’s why Titch isn’t doing so well, looking for the red ball
Wends: Afternoon all, need C Dusty to kill it & titch to spud it in RDT; titch to kill it in SC. Head spinning already 😐
Wends: Oh and Dusty to spud it in SC…
original: Roughy into burton for shirking that contest? Powell pepper wouldn’t have hehe
SilverLion: I have Titch C and oppo has Martin C. Kind of want Titch to play well 🙂
Beast_Mode: how is nank on 21? lol
All Reds: I have titch and dusty, but went fyfe
Ladbrokes_: Hitout to advantage most likely
BestCoast: @poolboy you watch WCE game missed it just got back home
ballbag: @wends sorry but i need dusty in SC and titch in RDT. have a drink or two
heppelitis: So is there anyway of reading chat in whole games…wanted to check something in WC ST game? not here
original: @beatcoast I watched the game. Gee it was frustrating
BestCoast: @original we would of done the super spud hate winning the close ones
poolboybob: Yes the Eagles did what they usually do, got completely run over in the fourth quarter
original: @bestcoast just couldn’t take your chances. Fumbles here, dropped marks there. Defs could have won
Wends: @Pauline, don’t mind if I do 😉
poolboybob: Maybe they should getting fit before next season starts
original: Felt like wce bottom few players were just much worse than what was req (dw Carlton has more lol)
Wends: @heppel – afternoon, and go to chat log in monty’s game blog box
original: @poolboy copped goals in red time of every quarter too. Wanted wce to get up
Roksta: Fingers crossed dusty punches someone
Wends: More chance of Langford going for the big Kath n Kel pash again @Roksta
ballbag: @wends enjoy. and no need to explain.
BestCoast: @Original half our team are quintessential B-Graders at best need the broom at seasons end
heppelitis: Thx Wends….good stuff
original: @roksta yesssss
BestCoast: @original love my Eagles but the Blues list in better order than ours i can assure you that
biggerz: So I am alive in eliminator, my opponent has only had 4 players not reach their projected…Ive had 4 reach it. Sigh.
AT_123: Took the C of dusty last minute and went with Sloane, risky, but looking OK so far.
pcaman2003: Had my ehart attack last game,now on here.After scaling,mad the prelim by only 1 point
mardyb: keep butchering it dusty. loving it
LuvIt74: Eagles are really struggling to win in Vic
th3rio: good stuff @pca, i thought that tackle may have fucked you
stew42: Need BEllis or Dusty to stay down to beat Calvin in the Podcasters League. Onya BEllis you spud! 😀
Raspel31: Wenr Titch as differential over Martin -go Titch.
pcaman2003: C’mon Hawks,be unsocial.
pcaman2003: Thanks th3rio. Too damn close for my liking.
BestCoast: @LuvIt Weagles struggling every where at every ground
Wends: Nice little arvo cab sav with cheese n olives helping calm the RDT:SC ratio Titch/dusty conundrum…
original: “It was an accident” lol honestly umpire
SilverLion: Nank is getting points for hit outs which are clearly being sharked.
Raspel31: Shiraz for me Wends.
LuvIt74: @AT123 not if Sloane gets tagged it wont coz he will be lucky to score 70
Wends: Noice raspel 🙂 this weekend has been taxing on the nerves!
Lewysport: Cmon Dusty squeeze it to 50 by half time.
MattyZ: they actually called a kicking in danger free kick what is happening
Wends: @biggerz – that is massive if you made it this far in eliminator! Are you def out of contention now tho??
biggerz: Wends, yeah I’d say so. Need a minor miracle. Last 16.
Donz: 2nd one today MattyZ
biggerz: Wends. The only favorable thing was he traded wells in this week. The rest has been a disaster.
pcaman2003: Gee Hawks! Stinking it up a bit.
Sloaneyyyy: gonna lose because I have Ryan on the bench, and B.Ellis on the field picking daisies off the ground
ballbag: pull ya sc finger out dustbin!!
SilverLion: Good stuff Titch
Wends: That’s a bummer biggerz, but that’s huge to make it this far.
Donz: FML looks like I chose the wrong C between Dusty and Titch…
Lewysport: Don’t write off Ellis sloaneyyy, can run hot!
original: Dusty just got +10. Would have preferred -10
Donz: oh thought scumbag would have been banned by now… definitely think a 2 week spell is coming your way
ballbag: where you at houli?
SilverLion: Butcher’s Knife for Houli. Get rid of that Prestia tag, its not a tag. Prestia is on Mitchell sometimes and he just…
SilverLion: …holds him because hes nervous and expects Titch to get it.
SilverLion: Definitely not a direct tag like Hutchings on Steven tho.
Lewysport: Wrong Ellis l think sloaneyyy.
Wends: Seemed to be working in 1st qu @silverlion, but they let him go free range in q2?
ballbag: Laird is confirmed OUT and Hewett is IN in my sc team
Wends: Went w Fyfe’s 140 vc, thought Titch wld be tagged hard, so wld have gone dusty over him anyway in sc.
SilverLion: @Wends Titch had 8 in the first, 13 in the second. Its just how Prestia plays when hes matched up against Titch…
Donz: scumbag with fake news
SilverLion: …he isn’t on him all the time, and thus I wouldn’t consider it a tag at all.
Wends: Ballbag – u gave me heart failure – thought u meant he was out this arvo!
9inch: Great my cover for Laird is Glass
Wends: Then I read yr post properly 😐
Wends: @Silver don’t understand why they’re not going hard tag the whole game. It’s not like he’s not influencing play?
ballbag: sorry wends, but i needed to bring in Ryan
Wends: Hmm, lairdy may do an adams this wk, but with 126 you can prob relax…
ballbag: houli owners will need to pray for a good score from here
Pokerface: give it a rest ballbag
Donz: scumbag is a flog
stew42: Tigers defence, wow. Only two goals kicked in a half by the Hawks
stew42: Lowest return at the G since 1931
SilverLion: Slow quarter Titch, cmon mate pick up the pace
pcaman2003: Not a good look Hawks. C’mon!
Yelse: tigers seem to play better without rewoilt
stew42: Dusty, why do you do this to me?!
feralmong: go capt dusty
Wends: Dusty, you beautiful tattoo-ed man.
Haydo: Versing herestoyoursmrs he tried the captain loophole but forgot to put gawn emergency on gawn lol, will probably e
Haydo: Win bcuz of that lol
AngryRyno: Caddy is a hungry footballer
stew42: Crap, of all the times for BEllis to start stepping up…
Beast_Mode: surely prestia bluemoon, first ton of the season
Beast_Mode: least houli isn’t a cheat
Lewysport: Sounds like your havn a bad day stew42, need dusty to go 120+.
pcaman2003: Has anyone else mad the Prelims yet? If so,congrats!
stew42: Got Mrouch and 7 points vs Dusty and Ellis. Should be right, but geez it’s closer than it should be!
Wends: Ankle surgery for Jelwood, likely out for rest of SC season…
pcaman2003: Just announced. Jelwood out for the next few games.
pcaman2003: Good luck stew42
Sloaneyyyy: Miles with career highs =)
stew42: Cheers pca
jfitty: Where’s Titch’s Hulk icon?
pcaman2003: Back to the drawing board Clarko.
SilverLion: 30 disposals not enough for a hulk?
JRedden: junk it up titch
Donz: what is your source Wends?
stew42: Twitter has gone beserk Donz, it’s true
Raspel31: Geelong announced Donz-surgery today-out for a few.
Fatbar5tad: Going pear shaped for my mob.
Donz: geezz,, with one trade left & only 11k in the bank looks like I’m going to have to find a mid priced between 470 – 490k
Raspel31: Got Jelwood-just gotta hope Zerrett and Grundy not out.
Donz: stuff your mob Fatbar… what about my sc team?
Donz: at least rockliff and sloane not stinking it up this weekend
pcaman2003: Same here. 1 trade left and 103k. Can’t afford more losses now.
Fatbar5tad: LOL. I have him as well. Lucky I’ve got a week off and a couple of trades left.
Donz: ive got zerrett also… not a fan of grundy so I got mummy and smartin
LuvIt74: Who’s BOG today how many votes will Martin get this week?
heppelitis: dusty going nuts
Donz: pacman you got 100k to play with though. you can get almost anyone you want!
Donz: I think Titch even in a losing team LuvIt.. But i’d say it will be Caddy 3 Martin 2 Titch 1
Raspel31: Well, that made a big differential capping Titch over Dusty.
pcaman2003: @Donz. True,but then that’s it.No more trades after that.
Donz: argghh Titch with the junk time goal… I was hoping Dusty would outscore him
Wends: Thx dusty, job done, have a rest now. Can put my feet up in RDT next rd.
Raspel31: And then Titch kicks a goal.
AngryRyno: no votes for Titch today, a couple for Dusty
SilverLion: Titch you absolute legend
LuvIt74: Only made 1 trade Darcy out and Gawn IN glad I done it.
LuvIt74: Well think my bet on Martin and Titch pre season paid of nicely.
Apachecats: itch 3 votes for mine.
Wends: Is that it for Hawthorn’s finals run now?
Donz: I agree Apache, Did it all day but because in a losing team he wont poll as well
All Reds: caddy?
AngryRyno: if you think titch gets 3 today in a losing side you’re dreaming
All Reds: caddy went alright
Donz: Titchell should get the Charlie purely based on consistent performances and genuine fair play
LuvIt74: yep
Donz: I dont think Martin deserves Charlie but he will probably get it
Fatbar5tad: Purple Yellow and Black
LuvIt74: @Donz are u saying Dusty’s play this season hasn’t been fair?
Beast_Mode: 3 caddy, 2 dusty, 1 tichell
LuvIt74: I think Dusty has been every bit as consistent as Titch.
Apachecats: Brownlow winners often come from sides low on the ladder.

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