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Chat log from R20 of 2017: St Kilda vs West Coast

Chat log for St Kilda vs West Coast, R20 of 2017

SilverLion: Boring game SC wise this one
m0nty: Yeo in defence could be bad for fantasy.
SilverLion: Thats where he played at the start of the year, when his fantasy scoring was at his best. Wouldn’t be too concerned.
th3rio: come on roberton and yeo. Yeo racks it up with his intercept marks
th3rio: Was going to go stewart to billings this week, spewing i didnt pull the trigger 🙁
All Reds: roberton and yeo for me too
th3rio: If i could see Yeo doing something i’d be rather pleased @allreds
th3rio: spoke to soon lol
poolboybob: Masten potato
PowerBug: Nathan Brown scoring too quickly!!
MONEY TALK: my fanfooty always opens to the last time we versed west coast
MONEY TALK: ive already lost one of leagues so just going to enjoy the game
th3rio: guys thoughts on dusty captain?
poolboybob: Billings is great at kicking behinds
AT_123: I’d be all about it @th3rio but my opponent has him as C so im gonna chance my arm on Sloane
th3rio: nice @AT, i went doch VC and oppt went Fyfe, so im all out of options, if he gets tagged im fucked.
seanfc99: C on dusty or mitchell still tossing up
MONEY TALK: *try and enjoy this game
th3rio: thats a hard one @sean
MONEY TALK: holding the ball ump ?
Pokerface: mitchell. the weather will turn real bad – suits titch
PowerBug: @AT hoping to jinx Sloane by going with him C?
Lewysport: Same boat Sean have gone dusty with🤞
MONEY TALK: last time we played umpiring was crap plz not again
Lewysport: If AT can jinx him back to early season form ld be a happy coach!
MONEY TALK: good stuff steele
MONEY TALK: dw boys i brought in sloane last week he will have a shower game
AT_123: No one should tag Sloane, so he should go bang! That was my thought process.
pcaman2003: Flower off Steele and stay low.
th3rio: oppt has steele and hes projected so low already half there. Killling me
Lewysport: Reckon the rain will clear before game poker.
Pokerface: its going to hail and blizzard lewy! will be horrible this afternoon
PowerBug: We don’t normally tag and it’s harder to tag in the rain, so yeah I expect a solid Sloane score too
J.Worrall: Where is Brown’s potato?
th3rio: @Poker, you talking about the showdown re rain and hail?
th3rio: good steele give more frees away
PowerBug: Roberton to Newnes is a very nice thing to hear on the radio 8)
AT_123: @powerbug, having said that i hope he has a stinker and port get up!
pcaman2003: Gives a free away and doesn’t lose pts. WTF CD
Pokerface: @th3rio no rich v haw and captaincy dusty v titch
th3rio: oh dang, I hope its not too bad, im in Adelaide and it will be the same conditions
th3rio: Dusty did okay in the rain v Giants, but conditions werent nearly as bad as what they will be 🙁
pcaman2003: Weather radar showing no rain for a fair while
th3rio: come yeo / robbo, get in there!
Lewysport: Where are they playing poker, falls creek? Lol
Pokerface: haha – just going by all these news reports/alerts
Beast_Mode: forcast no rain predicted at the MCG
Lewysport: Weathermen are like Buddy Franklin, never right!
duckky: Is it too much to hope that Dusty is a late withdrawal with Brownlowitis?
Pokerface: lol lewy
J.Worrall: You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows
Pokerface: that’s enoug steele. you’ve had your fun
Pokerface: @pcaman hop on the 512km loop. looks a couple of hours away but definitely there
th3rio: why is riewoldt getting booed? lol
th3rio: or are they yelling roo?
PowerBug: Because Eagles fans are…..
PowerBug: Not the nicest
PowerBug: NRoo for some reason gets booed most weeks
th3rio: Poor guy
th3rio: roof nearly blew off my house in SA so crows v port will be interesting
pcaman2003: Steele 93%TOG unusual for him?
pcaman2003: Go home Steele.Stop killing me.
th3rio: normally around 60-70 @pca, hes fucking killing me. Same as yeo dropping marks
SilverLion: Didn’t even see Yeo that quarter
frenzy: its ROOOOOO not Booo , pwr bug
PowerBug: I hope it is Rooooo 🙂
pcaman2003: @th3rio. Was 138 ahead and opponent needed Steele to score 139. Getting too close .
th3rio: if he goes over 100 im fucked. Surely he won’t…
th3rio: oops i meant close to 140, surely he wont go too far over 100
pcaman2003: Start praying! 🙂
th3rio: just lit a candle for him and ross to stop
pcaman2003: Lol!
pcaman2003: @pokerface. Latest radar on dwellx3 shows rain several hours away still and may miss Melbourne.
lock98: has anyone ever received the Ram icon?
SilverLion: i know right lock haha been wondering that myself for a while now
heppelitis: @lock98…..Jed Lamb might as he matures…lol
PowerBug: Dylan Roberton must’ve gone home at Qtr time.
StuL: This is crazy. Man of Steele.
pcaman2003: Stop tackling Steele.Slow down.
th3rio: fuck yeo please start taking those intercept marks
original: As a neutral gee the umpiring has been shocking
Lewysport: Roberton on a tagging role l think?
th3rio: roberton champ half time is over !
th3rio: i wish it was steele that got poked in the eye
ballbag: roberton is useless. on the bench for ryan anyways
th3rio: he started well @ballbag, not sure why hes being a spud now
lukat: Kennedy surely another 7 goals in him?
poolboybob: Steele on the bench 🙁
pcaman2003: Steele would have to have his biggest game of the year now. Flog!Looks like I’m playing next week.
th3rio: feeling you @pca ..ross decides to do something now the knob
Lewysport: Been a hell of a lot of posters this week!
poolboybob: Eagles are a tyre fire in fourth quarters, Saints should win
Lewysport: Steele goin backwards pcaman! Still a chance.
SilverLion: Greenwood in hurricane conditions or Nank at the G?
bongidongi: jacky billings with 5 goal assists – ridiculous
pcaman2003: @Lewysport. Not going backwards fast enough for me.:)
ballbag: wasnt kstevens on 67 at HT the useless fuck?
9inch: First time in while I played someone with steele too. Killing me.
lukat: Surely Greenwood.
pcaman2003: Titch or Martin for Captain people?
TheOnyas: onya sheedy
9inch: Having Zerrett and Grundy I need next week off
ballbag: @pcaman give me your password and i’ll coach your team if you cant
Lewysport: same dilemma pcaman, opp has both too, he went tich so l went dusty.🤞
pcaman2003: @Ballbag. If you’re in the top 1% like me,You can help me.
AT_123: anyone considering sloane as C?
th3rio: i went dusty too, heres hoping
Lewysport: Steele still goin backwards pcaman.
th3rio: AT i wouldnt , have you seen outside? its going to be a sloppy game
pcaman2003: Fingers are crossed on Steele staying down
th3rio: crappy adelaide conditions + a possible tag, i wouldnt risk it @AT
Lewysport: Still got to give points to someone th3rio!
th3rio: lol @pca not down anymore 🙁
sfmmp23: Come on Yeo and Roberton, ton up.
ballbag: if youre in the top 1% then stop asking who to C LOL
pcaman2003: th3rio. That candle of yours not working.:) Try harder
th3rio: it just went out
Lewysport: Game over pcaman.😩
pcaman2003: Saw that coming! Playing next week now.Crap!
poolboybob: Star for Steele
th3rio: ross and steele going up, roberton and yeo going down. What a disaster.
th3rio: and dusty still on 0. Who cursed me?
pcaman2003: @poolboy. Don’t they have a large dagger instead?
stew42: @th3rio, you’re a muppet haha, it was like one minute in!
stew42: @th3rio, you’re a muppet haha, it was one minute in!
original: Cmon eagles
Lewysport: Dusty goin a point a minute.
th3rio: relax keyboard warrior, it was a joke
Lewysport: Trying to keep the bombers out of the 8 @original?lol
original: West coast been shockin his qtr
poolboybob: if an eagles match is close going into the 4th quarter, bet your house on the other team.
ballbag: thank you stevens. not so happy with you yeo
Lewysport: Especially in Melbourne poolboy!
original: Gee players get away with a lot of throws
Lewysport: Is Kennedy a viable trade for buddy?
Pokerface: m0nty youve lost control of the other chat room.
Fatbar5tad: Massive choke. Eagles every chance.
stew42: Hell no @Lewy, when it takes 5 goals for Kennedy to get close to a ton, it’s not a good sign!
pcaman2003: I need Steele not to score more than 138. Possible?
original: Huge choke wow
original: West coast bottom players are shocking
ballbag: @pokerface get a life you nanny state slave
Lewysport: Still in there pcaman
th3rio: lets hope its a west coast clearance @pca ahha
Donz: what a great game of footy!! Go the Sainters! Donzzz in the 8!!
th3rio: he tackled @pca 🙁
Breezey: Flat track bullies at their best. WCE
Lewysport: True stew but consistency? Maybe keep the trades for injury and suspensions!
pcaman2003: WTF! Steele tackle with 15 sec left.I just hope after scaling he stays under 139
original: If the game had have been in Perth the eagles would have got looked after like stk did and won
th3rio: haha saw that @pca !!
th3rio: wish i went stewart to billings to cover greene, stewie didnt even make his BE ffs

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