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Chat log from R20 of 2017: Fremantle vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Fremantle vs Gold Coast, R20 of 2017

yablettt: lets go yabby yabletttt!
original: Boys. Should I take heaters 79 or roll dice with Luke ryan
lukat: Luke Ryan without a doubt imo
TehRooaarr: Lift grant
DrSeuss: Ablett up forward – great…
9inch: Another 130 Ryan cheers.
DrSeuss: Where is Neale? Lots of time on the bench again this week?
TehRooaarr: Is Ryan ok?
AngryRyno: Ryan is on the ground so I’m gonna say yes
TehRooaarr: Thanks
DrSeuss: Looks like the 2 weeks off have really helped GAJ
LMartos: Fyfe’s marking has been great in the last month
AngryRyno: double check that last blog entry @Ben
valkorum: @lmartos fyfes overhead marking has been great his whole career
LMartos: I know but when he was out of form he wasn’t clunking big marks
mickelo: Starting to think I should’ve pulled the trigger on my Ainsworth to Neale trade.
The39Steps: Interesting comparo Fyfe v Dusty. Fyfe struggled with contract uncertainty. Bounced back after signing. Dusty unaffected
valkorum: ummm fyfes form has nothing to do with his contract, would be his broken leg from last year
DrSeuss: Come on Gaz
JButcher: What is up with Hall’s TOG?
sfmmp23: Neale and Fyfe. Love it.
Raspel31: On an impossible day without Danger maybe you deserved the cap Mr Neale.
Pokerface: erm, cos he’s out injured and gone for the match butch
TehRooaarr: Lynch you ****
LMartos: piss off Eleni, should’ve allowed that Ryan intercept mark
Thedude24: Fuck off Neale
LMartos: Ryan hurt again
LMartos: he’s alright though
9inch: Agree power off Neal. Ryan 100sc pls
runt: Hoping Ablett doesn’t do his hamstring. Seems to be the night for it
9inch: Ryans better than half my Def. Kids got a future.
duckky: Ever had a game where every player your opponent has – suddenly turned to gold? They even VC’d Neale
SC_brAh: come on fyfe go 170+ xD
Beast_Mode: damn i have schrenberg and ryan on the bench both looking for tons! fml
zadolinnyj: Feeling the same @ducky
AngryRyno: lynch cape
Apachecats: you’re definitely not playing me @LMartos
Apachecats: sorry that was for @Duckky
Apachecats: Have you got another gun for LRyan Ben Gogos -12 marks (so far)
DrSeuss: Amazing score from Neale – his TOG is still down compared to others
9inch: Ryan 7 intercept marks at 85%de. Give him more points CD you flogs
AngryRyno: can only hand out one gun
Apachecats: Go Captain Fyfe!
KoopK: how are you going this week @apachecats?
Apachecats: Looking at about 2250 @KoopK ,going to be enough in most of my leagues.
AngryRyno: anyone game to pick Ryan next season? looks a lock for 10 years
Apachecats: and got the double chance in 2 I am losing in.
KoopK: DT or SC GM? Got you in DT elxam finals so just curious :p
LMartos: not getting any reward for points already, bit early I’d say, still close enough to be a contest
Apachecats: I reckon he’ll be pretty popular at around $420K @AngryR
Apachecats: I am only in SC Koop
9inch: Ryan should be 120 on those stats
Tommo2909: Is there a symbol for a great player in the future. Luke Ryan would get that for sure
LMartos: Ryan positions well, racks up the intercepts, bit like Shaw in his prime
AngryRyno: you could give Ryan gun, heart, up arrow and cash and all would be appropriate
BestCoast: @LMartos funny you mentioned Heater i benched him for Ryan
poolboybob: Oh piss off Ryan
SC_brAh: next weak heater out, ryan in
SC_brAh: well i’ve them both already … just need to loophole
BestCoast: Heater out forever now was a great now just a Flog
LMartos: I miss out on Scharenberg’s ton for Shaw’s 79 and Lloyd’s 59
CamT: 16 marks for Ryan.
LMartos: 9 intercept marks, 1 below the record
MONEY TALK: another one of my opponents POD going over 150 great, wish i took ryan over lloyd
Team Flog: usty??
Team Flog: Take Fyfe VC or go with Dusty?

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