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Chat log from R20 of 2017: North Melbourne vs Collingwood

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Collingwood, R20 of 2017

frenzy: pies can thank us for playing under the roof
frenzy: go easy on us Wellsy
pcaman2003: Just stay quiet WHE
mardyb: i wonder if theboos from all 6 norf supporters will put wells off…
th3rio: great call @pcaman
Torz: Will Larkey get a touch this week?
DrSeuss: Thank God I traded in Grundy and not Gawn….
Sixty656: Get stuffed Scharenburger
lukat: Good choice DrSeuss, Grundy will score more than 160 tonight 🙂
Sixty656: Gawn is dead thanks to mumford, so thats a win…
DrSeuss: Yeah just a slow start I am sure – traded in Grundy and Beams this week. Not looking good so far
th3rio: honest question…why would you guys go grundy over gawn? lol
th3rio: gawn has been on fire last 3 weeks
Texwalker: Wat r the pies paying mayne per year??
original: Grundy ffs cmon
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Lynden Dunn looks like Guy Smiley, but he’s not smiling.
Thedude24: Need 100+ from Grundy or I’m screwed. Come on dude
StuL: Come on higgins, pls try not to suck.
Pokerface: ‘on fire’ is a bit of an exaggeration
Pokerface: except for this week obviously
DrSeuss: If you compare the last 2 weeks they had both scored pretty equally
Pokerface: gawns also been under injury clouds the last couple of weeks
th3rio: Poker, apart from today, he got 108 and 111, the 108 he was off for 15 mins of the third with an ankle.
th3rio: Grundy the same, but feels like I see him under a ton more than i do over, probably why im bias lol
DrSeuss: So he had an injury? Th3rio?
Pokerface: that’s hardly on fire
th3rio: rolled his ankle, played the next week and still tonned up, you tell me Suess?
th3rio: Still tonned up the game he rolled it, I know who I’d trade in 🙂
Pokerface: over the last 3 weeks.. you are leaving out the 57 in that too th3rio
th3rio: Yeah, he was rubbish the first 3 weeks on his return, I can appreciate that. But the trade was done prior.
9inch: Go pies smash em.
DrSeuss: He is injury prone – thats why I chose Grundy – looks like a terrible choice this week – but as you said you are bias
JButcher: Bye bye Grundy hello Gawn
th3rio: Relax guys, I wasn’t attacking. I was just wondering your rationale based on the past 3 weeks between the 2.
Pinkman: i have both Gawn and Grundy so mixed feelings about this whole conversation 😉
th3rio: Grundy can go from 50 to 100+ real fast so don’t stress too much
DrSeuss: We werent attacking either – looking at the last couple of weeks they are pretty even. This week not so much.
original: Grundy points for smother? Plz say yes
th3rio: im just happy WHE is playing shit
9inch: I like Grundy think I’ll get him again next year. Only 23 yrs old
DrSeuss: Grundy normally scores from a lot of marks in play as well but pies kicking has been terrible so far
Pinkman: enjoying the way scharenberg going about things. covering JJ nicely thx
PowerBug: Bye Bye Brodie
StuL: Grundy has to go or the AFL is a joke. Identical to dangers.
Beast_Mode: gawn in, grundy out. that
AngryRyno: free kick for Grundy, and they’ll suspend him… bizarre system!
MattyZ: Brodie suspended and one of my fabourite players hurt :'(
biggerz: that ends grundy v gawn debate…
pcaman2003: Not identical at all. Danger held on well after ball release.
Breezey: Totally different to Dangers. Have a proper look
thommoae: Goodbye Norf too. Main big man gorn.
sfmmp23: It’s not identical to Dangers, Kruezer didn’t have the ball, Brown did. i think Grundy should be ok for that tackle
Pinkman: haha Grundy Gawn
StuL: Blow it out your hawk hole pacman.
original: Grundy will get off
thommoae: Interesting point – it can win you a game, that. Take a week or two for eliminating a team’s key man.
pcaman2003: Facts are facts Stuhl. The eyes see what they see.
Pinkman: didn’t see it, but hope so @original
StuL: The motion of the tackle itself was pretty much identical.
DrSeuss: Grundy should be ok – Brown got into trouble because he was more trying to handball rather than protect his fall
thommoae: You can’t slam a guy’s head just ‘cos he has the ball sfmmp
LMartos: considerable driven force, both arms pinned, 1 week
pcaman2003: Except Brown still had the ball.
sfmmp23: He didn’t slam his head, there was no sling motion
thommoae: How can you protect yer fall with arms pinned? With yer nose?
StuL: Kreuzer had the ball at first, i dont see how you pull out of a tackle in mid air.
sfmmp23: Brown was going down in the tackle and because Grundy was behind him, Grundy went down aswell, very unfortunate
sfmmp23: I understand I don’t think Danger should have been suspended either but Grundy’s tackle was pretty different to Dangers.
thommoae: You kidding? No slam of head? Is Brown fakin’ it?
original: Will be looked at, will get off
Yelse: did treloar come back on after the tackle?
thommoae: You don’t pull out, you just have a duty of care if his arms are pinned
Beast_Mode: i was the only one lst week who said danger is gone, the rest of the muppets here didnt agree
sfmmp23: I never said he didn’t slam his head. But I’m saying that Grundy didn’t have a slinging motion, wasn’t intentional
DrSeuss: Just because he hit his head doesnt mean it was slammed
Breezey: He hit his head on the ground. He didn’t slam his head.
sfmmp23: Grundy didn’t slam his head
Beast_Mode: pinned arms and a KTFO is the only thing that matters, he’ll get a week 100%
sfmmp23: There was no second motion, no slinging motion, clearly wasn’t intentional. Should be ok.
ajconodie: It’s interesting that Grundy received a free kick but is now looking at weeks yet Ziebell slung Treloar and was penalise
ajconodie: And nobody bats an eyelid. The rule is flawed.
original: Grundy was trying to hold him upright, the energy from fighting the tackle resulted in him lunging forward
frenzy: you guys didnt learn anything from danger last week
Beast_Mode: lol that doesn’t matter
Number 8: Muppet commentators trying to excuse the inexcusable. Grundy gone.
original: Wouldn’t be surprised if ziebell got a week and grundy got off
3rdstriker: Grundy perfect tackle but will definitely get a week. Players will now have to avoid taking players to ground in tackles
Number 8: Had his arms pinned 3rd. Why did he take him to ground? Stoopid Grundy
Sloan4Pres: Grundy must get 2 weeks minium
AngryRyno: why would Grundy get two weeks if Danger got 1? Brown actually had the ball
Sloan4Pres: Grundy’s was worse than Danger’s. By far
BestCoast: Grundy Grundy Grundy Grundy
AngryRyno: why? because it looked worse? or you actually have some useful information to back up your biased claims?
Breezey: Lot of shower getting spoken about now. 2 weeks please. Danger only got one
AngryRyno: Cunnington should be suspended for 3 weeks on your logic
Sloan4Pres: maybe because Brown was actually concussed. Kruezer wasn’t, landed on his shoulder
Bulky: Worst commentary team ever! It’s Tyson Goldsack not Todd Goldstein you stupid flog Darcy.
Heizenberg: Idiot Darby said Goldstein!!!!
original: Na kreuz didn’t have the ball tho and it was a slinging motion with head first.
Heizenberg: Hahaha I just put same bulky
AngryRyno: Kreuzer was concussed, how could you mistake that? been in the press all week, wakey wakey
kano: Sloan4pres for the burger
Number 8: For those who didn’t get the memo, Danger got 2, down to 1 for early plea
9inch: If I win this week and Grundy gets one week that will be good yes. 🙂
Sloan4Pres: Carlton will say he was, but it’s BS. Why’d he play this week then?
pcaman2003: @AngryRyno. LOL!Exactly!
Apachecats: Busy week at the MRP
Bulky: Luke Darcy and Basil Zempilas, the cream of the commentary crop. Said no-one ever!
AngryRyno: some people are more easily concussed than others, maybe if you put Grundy in Brown’s place there would be no concussion
AngryRyno: concussion affects people differently, some can shake it off, others miss the rest of the season eg. Kade Kolo
blashtroko: astronaut for phillips
Apachecats: Channel 7 kept calling it as Goldstein down instead of goldsack.
J.Worrall: 2 sides on the ground tonight – on is wearing white!
JButcher: Crisp has been a brilliant draft free agent pick up
CamT: 2 weeks for Grundy. Grundy didn’t try to keep on his feet.
StuL: Wells for 3 years looking a good call.
Beast_Mode: give the red cross to greenwood, he’s not coming back
Apachecats: funny thing about the ch 7 team ,none of them was game enough to correct the wrong call so it was repeated.
BestCoast: Rooboy must be coaching the Kangas today
StuL: If you havw a “duty of care” to
StuL: If you havw a “duty of care” to tackle “gently”,
StuL: Damn auto refresh. Forget it.
Beast_Mode: looks like goldsack is coming back on
The39Steps: Good bottle of red StuL?
runt: There is no need to smash someone into the turf when you have them well wrapped up in a tackle.
Apachecats: @stul if you have a mess
Apachecats: age chopped you don
StuL: Red? Thats elite bogan juice.
Apachecats: ‘t need to repeat it.just continue with it.
pcaman2003: Worst game of the year under perfect conditions.
StuL: North suck so bad.
pcaman2003: Both sides should be rubbed out for a week for this garbage.
runt: The usual flatulance from the Pies fans causing weird conditions under the roof
Number 8: Hands down worst game of the year
blashtroko: Give phillips the astronaut… 17 pos, 0 contested
m0nty: Q2 of the Dons game today was worse than this game
Number 8: Yeah, but was the commentary this bad too?
Number 8: Nothing to recommend this match whatsoever
DrSeuss: Come on Grundy – finish strong in your 1 game for my team this year
The39Steps: Only redeeming feature of this game is JZ. All heart, guts and grit.
Breezey: Heart for Grundy. Having to play most of this game knowing what rubbish has been written on FF
thommoae: Which camp is spouting the rubbish, Breezey?
BestCoast: @Breezey they cant have the Roos heart because they dont have one
Apachecats: Who told him @Breezy?
Breezey: I rang his mum at halftime Apache
LMartos: Not sure how Taylor Adams isn’t top 10 for clangers in the comp, seems to get at least 5 each week
Apachecats: ha ha ha breeze
Pokerface: that was me that answered breezey
Breezey: Very ladylike speaking voice Poker
Pokerface: haha touche 🙂
Gotigres: Get to 100 please Thomas.
JButcher: Cmon Crisp don’t stop
original: Thomas doesn’t deserve 100
Gotigres: Not after he stubbed his toe running into an open goal @original

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