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Chat log from R20 of 2017: Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs, R20 of 2017

lukat: Zorko went big last game, gonna cop a 55sc today
MONEY TALK: jj out when did that happen
TehRooaarr: johan out or is the site glitched
Pokerface: he was a late late out Rooaarr. bob in for him
original: agree what happened with JJ as afl site has no late changes. dont care but more out of interest
9inch: Murphy late in by the looks
Gotigres: You might be right lukat
JButcher: Dahlhaus wtf??
original: lift dahlhaus
original: hehe i told him to lift and he did
Breezey: Seriously I’m thinking the Bont is going to go massive
Haydo: can u tell macrae, bont witherden, stef martin, rockliff and zorko to lift carlton
Haydo: i mean original whoops
original: lift macrae and witherden and rocky
MONEY TALK: i have the c on bont last second call, opponent has zork plz zork stay low
Haydo: thanks and zorko and martin plz
Haydo: and bont
MONEY TALK: if stef can do what gawn did today that would be amazing
Breezey: This game is going to be a bath.
original: haydo nah man, oppo has zorko and i dont have the others so…….
lukat: Anyone wishing Zorko stays low is cruel. You know he does shower every second game 🙁
original: zorko low plz
GJayBee: dontgive up on zorko boys
Roksta: Hoping zorko gets tagged by libba
LMartos: Witherden’s kicking is immense
circle52: umpiring is one way so far. 4 goals to digs thanks umps
original: kept the fait hwith rocky.. how much of a lock is he next year? less than 400k
Breezey: Agree@Martos. Elite kicking skills
MONEY TALK: what a surprise dalh on barely any touches
leorosman_: macrae is an incredible ball user, one of the best kicks in the comp
TheOnyas: onya richy
AngryRyno: whinging ringo into it early this week
Beast_Mode: tempted to VC loophole bont but went with vc fyfe instead
LuvIt74: @Leo agree whole hardheartedly although I think the Bont is better
LuvIt74: I think many ppl with 4+ traded went Danger to Zorko which iisn’t looking crash hot
leorosman_: @luvit agreed there, absolute jet
LuvIt74: then again Zorko will most likely score 120+ all the same
Roksta: F u zorko
MONEY TALK: injuries and under preforming players costed me too many trades was left with 1 trade and 4 players out this week
Breezey: Trademark 🦆 from Mathieson
LuvIt74: I think to many ppl use trades far to easily though, if a players out for 2 weeks early and is a premo the vast majority
LuvIt74: Trade without thinking and later in the year they have no trades left
MONEY TALK: had no choice on gawn early on, pendels, cameron
LMartos: Witherden must be the best SC rookie ever in terms of his role, gets easy points like Docherty
Number 8: A bollocking stoppage, Ben? Sounds painful
MattyZ: he showed up to the stoppage, said “bollocks to this” and cleared it
MONEY TALK: whats new someone who has been doing bad is going to score big against me thanks rocky
pcaman2003: After a shocker last night,today has made up for it big time. Phew!
wrenie3: how much do the dogs pay the umps? unbelievable.
JButcher: Come on Macrae pull your head in
Ben_Gogos: Allison has been fantastic today. Uses the ball very well.
original: Go away zorko
All Reds: yeah should have cemented his place Ben
bongidongi: reallllly need stef martin to lift to match witherden
yablettt: lets go beams get to 120+
Lewysport: Agree Ben, if Allison keeps going Sloane mite find himself benched!
circle52: Keep it up lions. Another 2 quarters like that one will be great
barra17: Lets go Captain Beams and you little magician!
lukat: Brisbane and their rookies, huh. Barrett was great, Witherden now Allison
brent_007: things may FINALLY be looking up for Brisbane….
LMartos: lift Macrae and Dahl
StuL: Rocky BE of 106 and they recken he was a 0.1% chance to get it.
original: Lift macrae and dahl and witherden..keep it going rocky
lukat: Trust Dahlhaus to go missing
LMartos: to be fair Dahlhaus has been off for 5 minutes
PowerBug: Hasn’t got it yet @StuL
LMartos: it works on an algorithm, “they” don’t give the probabilities themselves
StuL: Hopefully. He’s tracking ok.
LMartos: Macrae certainly has lifted
DrSeuss: Beams, Martin, Dahl – going to do anything?
TheOnyas: onya richy
LMartos: Rich gets way too many of those shots, not sure why people don’t shut him down there
Crowls: wtf bont. did he go home?
circle52: Allison will be most traded in for those with trades left
boo!: stay down bottompelli
Pokerface: who on earth would be trading down at this stage of the season?
Texwalker: Inwill be
LMartos: Bont 3 posters, never seen that before
PowerBug: I might do it as Cousins is doing nothing for me and he’ll give me extra fwd cover through his DPP. Will think about it
yablettt: bont is no where near a superstar that everyone makes him out to be..
TheOnyas: onya bonty
Yelse: how did bont jump to 101 just like that
LMartos: kicked a goal Yelse!?
Sloaneyyyy: wake up Stef
Breezey: Dogs finishing all over them
PowerBug: Macrae destroying his previous high SC score of the year
JButcher: come on Rocky
Yelse: beams rocky lift and i can loophole u in 🙂
feralmong: oh yeah macrae. the gawn neutraliser.
lukat: zorko lift
PowerBug: Witherden gone off with either cramp or an ankle, can’t quite tell 😛
boo!: the 0.17% owning bastinac will be happy
Breezey: Cramp
SC_brAh: when you vice macrae then take it off him last second fml
Pokerface: they testing hamstring for witherden
Sixty656: Cloke raises the bat…. jebus krist!!
Ash777: see dogs dont need umps to win games
Breezey: 3 points J.Macrae.
duckky: MAgnifying glass for Zorko
mardyb: gee schache hasnt shown much in his career so far
Texwalker: Bont is an awful kick for goal
Xephyrise: bont x factor jmacrae star surely Ben_Gogos?!?
blashtroko: Macrae was better than Bont. Didn’t see a single mistake
sfmmp23: Thank you MacBontHaus
PowerBug: Redpath X Factor imo. Been a big prescence up front
Breezey: McLean X Factor
frenzy: imagine if Bont got 40 disposals
circle52: Think you do ash. Umps gifted dogs 3 goals.

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