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Chat log from R20 of 2017: Essendon vs Carlton

Chat log for Essendon vs Carlton, R20 of 2017

feralmong: rack em up zach em.
Raspel31: Ha-even considered him for cap feral
th3rio: whatd doch do to go from 3 to 1?
original: That deliberate call smh
feralmong: hehe yeah rasp. last week freaked me tho.
feralmong: playing for the week off in paid league.
dipstick: pull ya skinny little finger out simmo…its finals time!
StuL: Simpson!!
MONEY TALK: brought in joey daniher this week go son
Roksta: Wow kruzer must still be concussed hes terrible lucky they suspended danger
dipstick: gibbs you fantasy shit stain
MattyZ: jesus armfield
feralmong: had to play myers for danger. not killing me yet but sure its coming.
bongidongi: as long as gibbs can keep within distance of docherty, i’ll be happy
original: whats happened to goddard’s kicking? hes normally one of my faves to watch
Torz: What’s the record for the most number of tackles before you get a touch? Smedts on track.
feralmong: good stuff murph. keep going.
Ladbrokes_: Stewie lift big boy
pcaman2003: Go Murph,but come on Kreuz. Need big scores from both of you.
th3rio: dang green give it to stewie
MONEY TALK: stop giving away free kicks daniher i just brought u in ffs
poolboybob: Piss for Heppell
th3rio: come on stewie be a better cover for greene
vartic: Why do I keep punishing myself with watching this spud team? That was possibly the worst quarter I’ve ever seen
Beast_Mode: much in the zerrett incident? i missed it
AngryRyno: can never know for sure with MRP but i think Zerrett will get a week
mardyb: similar to zorkos i reckon
original: hurley had a 43 point quarter??!? seriously
AngryRyno: it looks worse in slow motion, but obvious comparison to Zorko – it’s on the same bloke!
th3rio: 1 week for sure 🙁
Haydo: lol ryno, noticed that
th3rio: docherty 1 touch in 7 mins poo
pcaman2003: That’s it Murph and Kreuz,keep moving along.
dipstick: destroy this rabble blue boys and lets go for % booster 🙂
AngryRyno: nice kick from the all australian ruck
dipstick: all my suspensions come vs the blues. zorko, danger and now zerret
duckky: At what score do I loophole Jones for NAnk?
LMartos: great from Doch there
th3rio: anything 80+ @duckky
th3rio: fuck i hope stewart kicks 3 last quarter goals, hes actually killing me
duckky: Thanks th3rio
Haydo: same @th3rio
th3rio: i have a perfectly good greene sitting on the pine, Stewie has been faithful till today lads
original: hows that a free for hurley smh
poolboybob: Where was this earlier in the year, Heppell?
Sloaneyyyy: lol, whats wrong with Watson today ?
th3rio: forgot to put his teeth in @sloaney
th3rio: omg, would help if stewart could take a mark.
feralmong: onya murph
original: whats witherden going to score today boys? do i take myers or go wither
feralmong: i’d bet wither 100+
JackRipper: Myers would have to hit 90 for me to take over Withers imo
Roksta: Is that a real concussion on murph or is it a kruzer concussion
LMartos: Doch lift
9inch: Doch killing me as Capt
pcaman2003: Kreuzer only 6 pts since 3rd qtr? What!
LMartos: Hooker sucks
MONEY TALK: need to chuck the c on bont since oliver was my vc and he got 111 need a risk since my oppo has a normal gawn score
Eo84: keep going doch
th3rio: stewart is useless
duckky: Star for Tippa
LMartos: how can you let AMT get goal side there
pcaman2003: How did Tippa have so mucg space Carlton. Shocking defence.
MONEY TALK: y couldnt daniher kick the winner plz
th3rio: ok stewart is less useless now lol
carlton_99: Mckenna throws it over the boundary no free push in the back on fisher no free. Every week we get screwed
th3rio: and useless again
Blaircam: Come on Doc
carlton_99: well done u pathetic flogs of an umpires. Plowman pucnhed in the stomach no free as well every week
carlton_99: We deserved this game there is no doubt but clearly the umps only had one winner in their book
heppelitis: geez Carlton_99 every week
MONEY TALK: since round 5 doc hasn’t gone below 100 wow
Pokerface: carlton lost, cue carlton_99 and his usual unhinged umpire rant
carlton_99: @HEPPELITIS u must know u had the rub of it today
carlton_99: poker i f u watched the game u would know what i am tlking about
carlton_99: Plowman pucnhed in the stomch no free essendon throws the ball all over the grund no free
th3rio: umpires didnt see the punch @carlton
Pokerface: i know what you talk about 99. the same thing every week. stop sooking all the time
yarkis: @carlton_99. 29 scoring shots to 21. You were lucky to be close enough to be a chance
yarkis: @carlton_99 you had 8 less scoring shots so lucky to even be close enough
yarkis: @carlton_99. with 8 less scoring shots you were lucky to even be in the game

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