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Chat log from R23 of 2017: Collingwood vs Melbourne

Chat log for Collingwood vs Melbourne, R23 of 2017

mardyb: RIP drew
Jukes82: hey lads need your opinion, i need to start 2 of Ryan, Scharenberg and Newman. Who should I chose?
leorosman_: Scharenberg and Newman imo
Jukes82: thats what i was thinking, cheers bud
leorosman_: no worries mate
Apachecats: I agree with @leoros
Apachecats: I need one out of newman ,wither and ryan.
Jukes82: has to be ryan
Apachecats: thought you had newman ahead of ryan a minute ago @jukes
snake_p: I’ve gone Newman playing for finals spot and high ceiling
Apachecats: good logic @snake
Jukes82: sorry i miss read it, i would play withers first
snake_p: first time anyone ever said that to me Apachecats
Apachecats: Thanks both of you I went Wither and then Newman reserve.
snake_p: no probs apachecats
LMartos: I hate Adelaide, have taken Tex and Greenwood out has given me a donut, both rested as well, joke
Haydo: it’s because theyre playing in perth lmartos
Apachecats: Melbourne trying to be 8th so they don’t get sydney ist week.
LMartos: this game has been trash so far
Haydo: apache that depends on wheteh
LMartos: @Haydo, I know, but they have a rest next week, just annoys me
Haydo: *on whether sydney win by more than port and theyre playing carlton, so Melb will probably still have to verse sydney if
Haydo: they finish 8th
Haydo: yeah, that’s what I thought, and its not that far from adelaide to perth I think @Lmartos
SC_brAh: treleor lift man
leorosman_: howe another massive mark
M0rgs: Can Ben doing the live blog refrain from using shit metaphors like at the coal face, runs the full measure ect.
Apachecats: Hoping Bombers get Port ,Sydney a finals grave yard for us.
Apachecats: Leave Ben alone @Morgs ,doing a good job.
amigaman: 1 week at a time apachecats 🙂
SC_brAh: fkn treleor you scrub
Apachecats: True amiga
MattyZ: Bernie Vince why are you making my keeper league grand final an even worse game? I already have 4 out :'(
Pinkman: Treloar thinks he has pace. He don’t!
mardyb: treloar is junk smh
pcaman2003: Game turning into a rout already.
mardyb: if someone could sit on the cat sidebottom that would be great
TheOnyas: onya howey
SC_brAh: treleor if you dont outscore J. Howe you’re cut 4eva
pcaman2003: Grundy sneaks 2 pts,hasn’t touched it for 5 mins.
jwill55aus: Treloar lucky to be on 19, abt 3 handballs in row looked like clangers.
Apachecats: Wither going beserk in the other game ,tg i played him.
Apachecats: T Adams v quiet ,concussion/blurred vision last week???
Apachecats: All by myself ..don’t wanna be all by myself…
Apachecats: …any more
Haydo: hey apache im here 🙂
m0nty: Dees fans currently without fingernails
Haydo: just ducked over to have a look at witho
Apachecats: Thanks Haydo just humming a song by Eric carmen
Haydo: no problem, unless richmond loose and have to verse essendon, then there is a problem…
dipstick: 24 fucken points??? is that ALL brown you useless facker. Its a GF so lift drip
Pinkman: SC opponents will be avin a laugh. Was never happy with my side and its being found out in the big dance
AngryRyno: why are you in a grand final if you are relying on a first year rookie?
Fizzy343: must be an average league
dipstick: @fizzy yep average where everyone score 2600+ last week and still the journo scored 2750.
Pinkman: Time to trade in Josh Kelly to save the day
m0nty: Hogan confirmed out with a hammy
TheOnyas: onya browny
m0nty: Pedersen heading for a pumpkin icon at this rate
ReggieOz: No way , Pederson has been good all year
pcaman2003: Geez! C’mon Hibberd,fire up man.
AngryRyno: Hogan warming up on the ground towards the end of the break
Damo07: Give him the pumpkin!
snake_p: give all the dees the pumpkin!
Damo07: Halloween has come early for the Dees, it’s a pumpkin fest!
JButcher: A win here might just keep bucks in the job
mardyb: start kicking the bloody thing treloar
StuL: FFS Hib! Is he even on
Apachecats: Melb % just went below WCE
Apachecats: Dee’s are Gaawn
crusherop: VC on Hibberd, thought he was going to go big lol
JButcher: I’m looking forward to playing Melbourne or WCE in the elim final
pcaman2003: Hibberd killing a few of us.Needs massive last qtr.
Apachecats: Can I delete that last post of mine?
Apachecats: Few regulars missing in the chatroom today ,mustn’t have made finals
Apachecats: Greenwood out forced me to play Petracca .It’s an ill wind.that blows nobody any good.
AngryRyno: need Treloar and Grundy to finish off the season well, tons please
Pinkman: hate to be a pessimist Angry, but Treloar? Have him as well but i think we’re dreamin
AngryRyno: agree we’re in a bit of strife, but a good start to the quarter with a HTB free, 26+ from here definitely possible
Pinkman: yeah just thinkin that, nice start
pcaman2003: Move it Hibberd FFS
wadaramus: Top game of footy this one.
Pinkman: proverbial comedy of errors
ReggieOz: Muppet of the year!
LMartos: wow what was that, why let McDonald take the kick in?
Apachecats: Muppett of the year contender there @Ben Gogos
LMartos: what is going on here
Ben_Gogos: Double muppet after McDonald’s kick in and Cox’s miss from directly in front.
pcaman2003: I nned a miracle now. Thanks Hibberd
Apachecats: It’s time to play the music ,Its time to light the lights..
LMartos: Garlett you are weak as piss
pcaman2003: Shocking defence Dees.
spudaroos: WHE was a great recruit. Good player.
original: That was bad from garlett
Costanza: cheers Pies. Carn the Bombers
pcaman2003: Geez. Hibberd ripped off left right and centre this qtr
AngryRyno: 95 from each pre-scale @Pink, i’ll take it

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