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Chat log from R20 of 2017: Geelong vs Sydney

Chat log for Geelong vs Sydney, R20 of 2017

frenzy: but for the want of a couple of trades, Lol
cusch1: Touhy, Jelwood, Heeney, Franklin, Parker, Newman, Lloyd. got a few playing tonight!
BestCoast: G’Day lads
frenzy: got too many on the pine, season over
LuvIt74: @cusch what about the Dangerzone? lol
LuvIt74: Come to papa Dusty
wadaramus: Evening All, got the Cowboys on the other channel, not sure they’re much chance against the Storm!
Snarfy: Who you got out frenzy?
cusch1: he is warming my bench nicely Luvit
ballbag: dont fuck me over heeney/newman or there’ll be hell to pay you hear
boo!: cmon parsons, you gun
LMartos: brought in Jelwood last week, if he doesn’t ton up soon it will go down as one of my worst trades this year
wadaramus: Hear that ballbag!
ballbag: @wada thanks buddy. you coulda said that 10 minutes ago!!!!!
cusch1: Soft 50 that
cusch1: nope it was there nevermind
LuvIt74: Had a grand on Ried for the place to kick goal that was awesome odds $4
wadaramus: Said what 10 minutes ago?!
frenzy: Greene danger witts darcy Blicavs broadbent
Snarfy: Anyone got Tippett and Rohan?
boo!: @snarfy, no but have parfitt and tippett
wadaramus: As a Swans fan, I’m thinking you’ve got both of them Snarfy!
cusch1: Not sure if Wylie Buzza or Ben Brown
LMartos: scores inflated right now
ballbag: @wada its OK.. just an NRL SC fuck up. it said my VC was 122. but just went back to 61
ballbag: cam smith is my C so if my VC was 122 i woulda changed but you reminded me of the game after it started
wadaramus: You play NRL SC, good job man!! I was tossing up taking N.Browns 73 from last night but stuck with C.Smith C.
Raspel31: Evening all for one of the last times this year. Who kept Danger in knock outs? I did-tough call.
Yelse: why did i bench tuohy and now can’t even loophole him
cusch1: Parfitt embracing his inner Bartel. Number 3 long sleeve guernsey
ballbag: I had VC on widdop and it just said he was on 122. now its back to 61
wadaramus: I traded his arse Raspel.
StuL: Afl decifed to wreck our season. And a game of free kick Sydney ball.
boo!: danger to parsons, guaranteed points
ballbag: yeah i play NRL SC. some dude m0nty had a FF site for NRL but the slack prick stopped it yonks ago
Raspel31: Clever move wada.
pcaman2003: Hi all! Looks like Buddy in for another crap night
stew42: By only having 1 more free kick than you guys @StuL?
ballbag: it was called Fanleague. Do you know this m0nty slacker i speak of?
wadaramus: No-one used it ballbag! Come on Geelong, are you really a one man team?
wadaramus: I’ve seen his name around the place, most people shower him with praise?
JButcher: Lift Heeney & Lloyd!
pcaman2003: Heeney not about.LLyod quiet too.
cusch1: Parker you did this last week, and still finished on 90
ballbag: ballbag used it. yeah well if i saw him i’d give him an ear full for stopping it!! his got arse kissers has he?
boo!: cmon parsons, lift you gun
SilverLion: LOL of course Heeney and Lloyd
wadaramus: Parsons is on the nose…
MONEY TALK: stay low hanner and heeney, went daniher over heeney
LMartos: free wasn’t against Selwood >:(
MONEY TALK: i had to speak didn’t i
SilverLion: And to top of my oppo has Touhy. Looks like I’ll Be right back needing that double chance.
SC_brAh: That free wasn’t against Jelwood Against Stewart
Rush: Got Buddy, Lloyd and Heeney. Feels bad man.
JButcher: Carn Duncan, need a big ton draft skipper
circle52: Selwood gets the free against when it should have been Stweart LOL
Texwalker: And ppl reckon no sloane, no crows.. no danger no cats im thinking
MONEY TALK: nothing worse than having 1 trade and 2 danger, witts and cameron and greene out
LMartos: will get changed soon/at QT
Trindacut: Hopefully they fix that, he’s my vice.
pcaman2003: Opponent has Tuohy. Scoring more than my Heeney,Franklin,Llyod and Newman
Arch: will be fixed at qtr time
Raspel31: Franklin yet to have a disposal and yet..-carn Cats.
boo!: parsons next year is a lock….
LMartos: they better give him 4 points, because that’s what he lost
pcaman2003: FFS Spuddy,get a touch
Texwalker: Touch the ball parker. .
Arch: will be 7 pts with the tackle
cusch1: Franklin starting to get involved
Raspel31: Agreed Tex but Selwood minor the toughest tag.
StuL: Free kick swans. Finally the AFLs fav team is back
stew42: Again, only one more free kick than your Danger-dependent mediocre team, @StuL
Texwalker: Ill take 26 clangers from parker as long as he gets 30 touches, couldnt care less about his sc score…
original: traded scooter
SC_brAh: fantastic start Tuohy keep it up POD woo
StuL: There must be a few out the fulls there.
Texwalker: Danger cats r bloody ordinary
fonzie: geelong are so poor today
pcaman2003: Flower off Reid,let Buddy goal.
Umpirespet: Haha Scott looks like he is gunna cry
MONEY TALK: not today scooter plz
wadaramus: Are the Swans kicking with the aid of a 6 goal wind?
StuL: Danger is just that good that yes he wouod make a big difference, in any team. All the more justification this is rigged
man0005: Swans kicking with the aid of a 6 goal umpire
Breezey: Free Kicks 7-6 Sydney. Geelong just an average mob really
StuL: AFL rubbing danger out to get the sydney teams up, just like they want. Its not a genuine comp.
Umpirespet: No Figjam no Geelong simples
stew42: Cats are being outplayed against the form team in the comp, is anyone really surprised?
Burnsy03: sad geelong fan stul?
StuL: Funny how the swans goaled off all thete frees tho.
cusch1: It’s times like these where I wish there was a mute button. stfu StuL, you are making a FuL out of yourself
fonzie: when geelong play there best footy they are a good side but that rearly happens
mardyb: did they fix the selwood/stewart FA mix up?
Breezey: Yeah that’s what the AFL wants. Sydney teams winnng. Ludicrous comment
StuL: We suck but its also rigged.
Burnsy03: sthen why dont geelong have 6 goals
LMartos: yes they did, Selwood will be about 28 at the start of the quarter I think
Raspel31: Hmm- gonna be knocked out tonight so I quietly creep off to EPL.
cusch1: Swans averaging a goal every 11 disposals. That isnt rigged, thats too good
Umpirespet: like how you got touhy Stul?
StuL: No it isnt. They always have. Its about the “market”.
Breezey: It is rigged. Geelong should be nowhere near as high on the ladder as they are
mardyb: cheers LM
circle52: Has been fixed @mardyb
LMartos: can I see the future??
Umpirespet: Raspel does the Championship start 2 Moro night?
fonzie: geelong will losse back to back finals
LuvIt74: Who cares what the free kick count is, even if it was 20-0 – Ya cant expect free kick stats to be equal
original: lift tuohy ffs done nothing this qtr
Raspel31: Next Friday Umpire-back to footy.
LuvIt74: Or remotely equal for that matter, I have no idea why ppl bring up free kick counts in a game of footy
mardyb: anyone else feel that parsons runs away from the ball?
LuvIt74: @Breezy why shouldn’t Geelong be as high (2nd) on the ladder?
JackRipper: CD adjusted that wrong free against Joel Selwood. Good to see.
Texwalker: The inly reason cats r losing is cos they arent good enough atm, nothing rigged
original: commentators pumping up lloyd. come on guys. hes ok
stew42: Geez, McVeigh has been great the past few weeks, might well contribute well in 2018 too
JockMcPie: No Danger, No Cats
StuL: Danger being out is rigging
fonzie: spot on tex
StuL: And why am.i listening to a piesr say
stew42: Aw schmookums @StuL. A team is more than one player. Look at the Swans and Buddy
cusch1: StuL won’t last the night. Will be banned soon lol
original: cannot believe geelong didnt challenge it. unless they wanted a good excuse for why they would lose this time to sydney?
Texwalker: @stul danger got suspended just like every other tackle like that has happened this year
Thedude24: Umps helping Sydney so much. This never never happens to the home team
Texwalker: He wzs unlucky perhaps, but at least its consistent.
Burnsy03: geelong being horrific isnt rigged stul
Gotigres: Newman being saved for 2nd half
pcaman2003: My players conspiring against me for sure.
fonzie: the fact is geelong is playing poor and the swans arent
Raspel31: There was intent from Dusty-none from Danger-not sure consistent.
original: lol geelong fans feeling hard done by the umps. the play on v mcveigh and that non 50 call or non free against hawk lel
Texwalker: Stupid freo resting darcy… cost me a donut
SC_brAh: Tuohy get back on the field man…. need 110+
original: lol lloyd’s efficiency being 100% even before that kick.
Thedude24: Wow what’s with the umps? Clearly favouring the swans
stew42: @Thedude24, nope
original: @thdude24 no one bit last time, see how you go this time lol
MONEY TALK: stop scooter plz
LuvIt74: @Tex Have you exhausted all your trades?
Texwalker: Geelong offically my most disliked team… c’mon cats, if crows can almost come back from 50 u can close up here
Texwalker: @luvit nup not yet, 5 left with 200k in bank and plenty of money on the bench
boo!: keep going scooter. and parsons……
JButcher: More disliked than Port @Tex?
pcaman2003: Franklin and Lloyd,you’re killing me.
LMartos: lift efficiency Joel
Umpirespet: Wash Tex s mouth out Butch
Raspel31: How would you possibly have scooter in your team at this stage boo. Mind you,well done.
LuvIt74: If ya got plenty trades and $200k then why don’t u trade Darcy from fro to a premo ruck?
StuL: Ridiculous comment. carlton are more disliked and they’re not even the most. Pies or Hawks
SC_brAh: Tuohey 1 disposal since quarter time..
Umpirespet: I have Raspel on bench mind you
Apachecats: Tuohy got pole-axed earlier in the 1/4 @brah
Pinkman: Lift Buddy, Lloydy, Joel, and kinda Tuohy
wadaramus: Touhy still well on track to ton up.
Raspel31: Raspel recovering from a hammy but good call.
circle52: Scooter on field for me due to Danger and JPK out.
original: reckon mackie is one of my most disliked players in the league
Apachecats: Same here @umpet ,will loop Watson off for him at this rate.
original: circle was going to do that but traded him damn
pcaman2003: Heeney 94% TOG for 5 touches. Get real Heeney
9inch: Jelwood 50sc half time cmon
cusch1: Kolodjashnij gets a week based on that tackle. Exact same as Dangerfields tackle.
circle52: But wish I vc’d him rather than his brother
original: hahaha
cusch1: Jelwood getting carried off by the trainers
LMartos: Selwood injured yay
SC_brAh: Jelwood injured
cusch1: Left leg injury
MONEY TALK: oh ffs here we go
SilverLion: Jelwood in trouble
Umpirespet: Jelwood out could bugger my w/e
biggerz: goodnight joel
Texwalker: Parker either touches it heaps or doesnt touch it at all, no in between
LMartos: sarcasm by the way
Raspel31: Jelwood gone-last hope-EPL here I come.
9inch: Oh ffs jelwood gone
boo!: cmon parker get to 80sc
Pinkman: yeah i’m screwed
cusch1: My never again list has tripled this season. Jelwood is slowly creeping his way ontoit
pcaman2003: Well,I must have walked under a ladder today. Weekend is looking very flowered now.
vamos77: Tippett is a marshmallow you watch him go to ground in every marking contest
9inch: Put him in the fwd line do a Danger kick 5
Raspel31: Love it 9inch.
Texwalker: Tippett sucks.. glad he aint at crows
SilverLion: Jelwood ain’t no Danger 9inch…
LMartos: trust my opponent in elim final cash league has Scooter not Joel
LuvIt74: Franklin you serious tossa get the ball i the 2nd half ffs
9inch: Im being optimistic since he my VC.
MONEY TALK: add insult to injurry -3 for jelwood
happytimes: How good is this, the cat getting flogged
pcaman2003: I’m in the top 1% overall,with 5 players tonight with the highest on 37. Not good!
happytimes: Your fucked now pcman
pcaman2003: I think so @happytimes
pcaman2003: At least if I lose tonight I have another chance being top of my league
cusch1: Lift Dangerfield
happytimes: Had the same thing happen last year in rdt, you just start to think your in with a chance then bang
Texwalker: Wats ur username in sc pcaman
Umpirespet: Jelwood looks fine
Texwalker: Or dt
TheOnyas: onya smithy
MattyZ: McVeigh and Scooter being godly for my first round of keeper finals <3
wadaramus: Swans win good for Crows 🙂
wadaramus: Geelong win good for my tipping 🙂
pcaman2003: Current ranking 1847 @Texwalker
SilverLion: Jelwood looks like he’ll come back on. Lucky.
LMartos: love my three premiums being on mid 30’s at HT
pcaman2003: @LLmartos. Yep! Very frustrating.
Heizenberg: Hi all
Heizenberg: How is everyone? Younhere lestat?
LMartos: was going to get Duncan over Selwood last week as well, or Beams
wadaramus: Sweet Heizen, just watching the Cowboys struggle against the Storm 🙁
pcaman2003: Good to see Jelwood running around.
Yelse: how did selwood make it back. he couldn’t put any weight on it
Umpirespet: He is challenging Danger for gold Logie Yelse
MONEY TALK: parsons 2k18 lock him in
LMartos: was probably really painful initially, can happen with ankles sometimes
Heizenberg: Hi wadaramus, awwwww okay 🙁
TehRooaarr: Go jelly woody pls crack the ton
Heizenberg: I should have put Hawkins in Instead of fuckin buddy
TehRooaarr: Need franklin to not get any more touches
Pinkman: every point gold from Joel. thought he was gone
BestCoast: @TehRooar he is on 28 hardly had a touch
StuL: Scooter!!!
pcaman2003: @TehRooaarr. Good chance as I have him. He’ll spud up for you
Umpirespet: Selwood shonky free there
LMartos: how can you pay that a free kick, as ducky as it gets
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Scott Selwood to draw a free on Parker for a shot on goal.
original: hate that being a free
MONEY TALK: thats what u get for ducking scooter
TehRooaarr: Woohoo
duckky: Dont mind a few ducks meself
Umpirespet: Selwood should get a week to stop him doing it
StuL: Scooter!! Clearly cant kick over a jam tin.
original: gee jones has shocking disposal
yablettt: On ya duncyyy!!! He has been solid all year for me in mid
biggerz: newman is taking the piss…hes not even that good and has just gone bang this term
original: henderson lolololol
LMartos: Lloyd could be feeling the hip a bit still, low TOG for him
hinsch: what does newman have to get SC to loophole with Ryan
pcaman2003: Just need Franklin,Lloyd and Heeney to go BANG!
Umpirespet: I have looped Lloyd with Ryan
biggerz: pcaman…i need exactly the same
Apachecats: Around 90-95 would do me @hinsch ,I’ve got same senario.
hinsch: loopholed Newman and Ryan last week got screwed with that move Ryan 136SC point
biggerz: and i need newman and duncan to tone it down a bit
Pokerface: surely you’d be happy with 75 against ryan
LuvIt74: Lloyd, Franklin, heeneym, Jelwood disasterous
wadaramus: Get involved Heeney!
pcaman2003: @Luvit74. Seems quite a few of us with the same dilemma
Umpirespet: Sydney keeping Geelong in this
hinsch: Got Jelwood as C, having a ball at the moment
Haydo: should i play harbrow or ryan, cant loop them cuz they play in the same game
original: honestly how ofter does parsons do something like that
SilverLion: Lloyd has really been ordinary the last month and a half.
Gotigres: Nice Newman
wadaramus: Tuff call Haydo, I haven’t been enticed by Ryan’s score last week myself but who knows!
Beast_Mode: obviously harbrow
Haydo: thanks wada
Umpirespet: Parsons or Nank?
original: am going to loop shaw for ryan
Umpirespet: Quack jelwood
original: gee those selwood boys. can that NOT be a free plz
biggerz: jelwood raising arm to entice before he even got tackled…smh
LMartos: why have they been calling play on when players fake hands, so bull
wadaramus: Parsons nose is on the nose, surely its the Nank?
Haydo: @beast mode, ryan’s 3 round average is 40 better tho so im not so sure
LuvIt74: If Parsons can manage to score 70 take Parson. Soldo is playing for tigers so Nank will play Forward again unfortunetly
SilverLion: Lloyd first star in 20 minutes…a high free to Jelwood. Fantastic.
Haydo: and his 5 round average is 15 better
Pokerface: in what universe does parsons not start on your field
original: quack
Texwalker: I cant stand watchi g jelwood be tackled… stand up and take like a man…
Umpirespet: Yep worried about Nanks score Luvit
SilverLion: Stat*
MONEY TALK: left to see if i might provide luck for buddy didn’t work
wadaramus: Lloyd you complete HACK.
wadaramus: Newman is toweling you up mate…
Umpirespet: Tex thought it was bend over and take it like a man?
sfmmp23: Not a good looking Sc night. Jelwood, Hanners, Buddy and Heeney, Lucky I decided to loop Lloyd
LMartos: Lloyd ruined by the bald prick McVeigh
MONEY TALK: how’s newman TOG the second least
9inch: Was tossing up between Oliver, Duncan, Neal for JPK. Went Oliver.
original: 42 point quarter from newman. sure
MONEY TALK: pretty much @lmartos
wadaramus: Well played sfmmp23.
pcaman2003: Duddy and Llyod have well and truly flowered my weekend.
yablettt: Everybody loves Mitch Duncan cause Duncan is great!!
Apachecats: I’d like to have a beer with Duncan.
MONEY TALK: supercoach wise buddy on the bottom for swans
original: lol geelong lost this game when they didnt challenge danger ban
SilverLion: Lol umps kicking goals for Sydney now
Umpirespet: Duncan out for a week?
9inch: Buddy the highest payed decoy in afl
poolboybob: Gee Papley is a knob
Thedude24: Lol pure umpire favourtism. Sydney always going to win this
original: lloyd is no good
fonzie: spud on bud
LMartos: Lloyd is good*
StuL: and ppl reckon afl don’t love the swans? He missed! Ok, have another go.
pcaman2003: @9inch.LOL! You’re not wrong there
circle52: Gee umps have got very technical in this game.
SilverLion: Jelwood moth balled
sfmmp23: No danger, no cats
Apachecats: Selwood off for good.
J.Worrall: How many frees foir DuckWood?
wadaramus: Newman spending too much time getting splinters.
original: wheres the bloke saying lloyd is good? lol
Pinkman: 40 bonus pts from Selwood. thx man but goodbye next week
LMartos: I know the game’s over but how has Lloyd only scored 12 this quarter from like 25 DT
Pinkman: sorry , 30 bonus pts
original: LMartos his handball missed the taget, then his follow up kick went directly to a leading geelong player.
Umpirespet: Stay down plz Lloyd
Gotigres: Never again Heath Shaw and Franklin
pcaman2003: Buddy all thumbs and fumbling all night.Useless 2 weeks in a row.
original: @gotigers agree. never buddy again. the no kpf rule
StuL: Lonergan always towels up Buddy. One of the few wins on the ground.
Gotigres: kpf rule @original?
original: @gotigers never pick a kpf, always the mid/fwds lol
wadaramus: Stay away from Key Position Forwards, Mid/Fwds all the way!
SilverLion: 3 votes Duncan I’d’ve thought.
original: wadaramus knows the score
Umpirespet: Next year R Gray should be Mid/For
LMartos: Gray more likely to be Fwd only
Gotigres: Oh yes thanks @original and @wada. Only have Heeney and Buddy as non-mids/fwds.
SilverLion: Jelwood getting points from the bench. Still could get 100 at this rate
cusch1: TV for Duncan but not Hawkins? Has made 3 jumper punches tonight ahahaha
original: why did i keep rockliff and trade scooter
wadaramus: Interchangeable and more consistent 🙂
StuL: Shut up Lingy. Sick of his always supporting the opp.
LMartos: only played mid the last 2 weeks
Gotigres: Yes, he should be a fwd Umpirespet
StuL: Shut up Bruce.
wadaramus: LIngfish the pragmatist. It’s OK StuL, the Cats will play finals that’s where the business is taken care of!
MONEY TALK: hoping daniher does good for me got him for cameron
Apachecats: Any one with Buddy can wipe 60 off their SC forecast score.
cusch1: thats the worst call ever
SC_brAh: Tuohy ton up ffs
original: cmon tuohy ffs
Beast_Mode: gametime for newman is terrible.
StuL: Awrsome
wadaramus: Isn’t there some sort of gone missing icon for Buddy?
original: wait for longmuire to drop newman for finals
wadaramus: Bite your tongue original!
Umpirespet: Don’t say that Original
Apachecats: J&S have 10 free kicks between them
SilverLion: Still climbing Jelwood. Up from 77 to 81 without doing a thing. But no CD doesn’t have favourites…
StuL: Never kick at menegola. Pls give it off.
wadaramus: Touhy scores a century.
Texwalker: Please sack lingy channel 7
original: jelwood score slowly going up? 4th qtr scaling
StuL: Menegola should have 4.0. Bad kicking is costly.
J.Worrall: Jelwood ducking on the bench?
StuL: Lingy and Bruce both suck, massive balls.
Pokerface: learn how it works SL. you say the same stupid thing every week without learning
wadaramus: Lloyd SC is deplorable.
Umpirespet: Looks like Ryan for Lloyd
biggerz: thank fuck duncan went to sleep
Texwalker: Cats may not wina game to finish the season, maybe beat the pies
pcaman2003: How depressing! God hates me.
TheHawk: didnt see the incident? a week for Duncan? Just brought him in!
StuL: Wtf are you on about poker flower? No one understands anything you say.
David: If you looked at the fantasy scores without looking at the game scores you would think that Geelong was way in front.
MONEY TALK: buddy a touch no way
wadaramus: Punch to the gut, will probably get a week with the current MRP Panel.
Beast_Mode: no better start to the weekend than seeing a Cats smacking
wadaramus: His mudder was a ducker J.Worrall…
Umpirespet: Thehawk mrp could fine him or suspend him for stomache punch
Texwalker: Danger cats have been flogged, that will make the top 4 interesting… thought it was almost set in stone
original: touhy must be on the bench/
SilverLion: Up to 83. Thought SC was done on influence? He ain’t doing jack squat. Should be going backwards by that logic…
Pokerface: stu you haven’t learnt how scaling works either yet? you’ve had all year champ. not just selwood going up
poolboybob: MRP should take into account that Papley is a hobbit
original: geelong really should have gone after mayne and wells.
wadaramus: Duckwood is a SC favourite.
StuL: Nice work, Scott/AFL/McAveney you flogs.
Gotigres: Should i bench Heppell, Gray or Witherden for SSelwood
TehRooaarr: Grrr lloyd getting some last minute points making it tough to field ryan over him
wadaramus: So a height reduction penalty poolboy?!
Pokerface: lol at the clowns who think just jelwood increased. it was everyone.
wadaramus: Surely Ryan can smoke the 59 from pretty boy Floyd?
wadaramus: YEah but some injured players go backwards Pokerfafce?
original: gee surprised lloyd broke 50 hehe
StuL: Gray

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