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Chat log from R19 of 2017: West Coast vs Brisbane

Chat log for West Coast vs Brisbane, R19 of 2017

lukat: Interested to see if this JJK hype can be fulfilled
Gotigres: Please please please don’t be a late inclusion McInnes
Haydo: everyone’s talking about Ben Brown Franklin and Daniher but if JJK has a big enough game which he is capable of he will
Haydo: be back in the chase for the coleman medal despite missing 4 weeks
Pokerface: please don’t be a tagger rocky
Gotigres: Apologies to all the Yeo owners. I just got him in this week.
pharace: This game earns the worst umpire in the league in Curtis Deboy – look out Lions Eages
JockMcPie: Every Richmond fan watching this game or something? Icons everywhere
Pokerface: yeah chuck the tagging icon on rocky 🙁
Haydo: just 2 people, lots of chats between us @jock
pharace: lol Jock, alot were at Metricon, easily outnumbered MOld Coast
Haydo: were you there pharace
Gotigres: Yes Richmond fans everywhere here @Jock lol
pharace: Yes Haydo
Haydo: nice pharace
Haydo: up the tiges, top 4
pharace: Just gotta stay there now
Gotigres: Why did i get you in Yeo
Thedude24: Too many Richmond boys
JButcher: Sorry everyone, i brought in Yeo this week
Gotigres: Well done McInnes on not playing. Now i get Ryan’s 136 🙂
poolboybob: Is Martin just not being awarded SC points?
pharace: A good sign for Round23 then @TheDude
Pokerface: well he isnt getting possessions or hit outs to advantage so why would he be awarded sc points?
DMS774: #gotiges
SC_brAh: that week i pull in yeo…lmao
DrSeuss: Come on Stef, youre rucking against Drew effing Petrie
Pokerface: mcgovern beat martin all ends up there!
Rockafella: get mcgovern out the ruck, hes too important simpson
GOD: Yeo shit pick!
Thedude24: Relax. He’ll find his way to a 90-100. Always does
All Reds: sam skinner is a spectre on this comp
PieCannon: needed 120 from hurn and yeo to win draft….and of course they both plan on having shockers today
poolboybob: LeCras is way past it
JButcher: 5 tackles excites me Rocky
Thedude24: Why’s Rocky only on 21? Did he give away frees?
Pokerface: wasnt that 50 at the end against him?
poolboybob: Does anybody actually enjoy Dermott Brereton calling a game? What a tosser.
Torz: Time to roll out the old Lecras downhill skiing icon.
All Reds: unreal umps
All Reds: dermott
DrSeuss: Lift Sheed
banta: umps been disgraceful this round
J.Worrall: Lets go Rocky – you only have to beat Sloane’s score!
Haydo: he already has JWorrall
J.Worrall: Huzzahs!
Haydo: 8 tackles add up to 32 points for rocky so 8 possies only add up to 5 points???
LMartos: 8 tackles isn’t 32 points, the stuff on the website is a rough guide, so many factors and extra scoring methods
JButcher: I believe Haydo is talking about AF @LMartos not sc
JockMcPie: Rocky gave away 50m penalty, plus 62% DE
Haydo: I was talking about sc, so must have been mistaken, sorry
JButcher: Ah sorry mate in AF tackles are always 4 points so I thought you were talking about that
Haydo: yeah fair enough, how do they score tackles in sc LMartos
poolboybob: This is an awful game
Pokerface: 9 tackles. rocky’s shoulder has returned!
All Reds: so many bad decisions by umps, really a tainting
All Reds: sam akinner again
DrSeuss: Where the hell is Sheed? Havent sighted him since HT
All Reds: numba 4 bra
DrSeuss: Haha thanks hadnt seen the number 4 bra till he just got a handball in the middle
feralmong: wow witherden. keep for finals methinks.
poolboybob: From now on I’m putting Witherden on the ground and Heater on the pine
All Reds: blokes a gun
Torz: I brought Withers in this week, when Lloyd was a late out, to free up some cash. He’s as good as my premos.
DrSeuss: Now I see Sheed, doing nothing and giving away Frees
LMartos: Need Witherden to score below 120
Haydo: wouldn’t count on it LMartos
feralmong: so many things to fix pre finals. Goldy, Greene and heater.
All Reds: we’re getting frees dr seuss?
LMartos: Goldy best on for Werribee today, should play next week I’d say
feralmong: yeah still have 6 trades so wait and see
J.Worrall: You’n me both, poolboy!
BestCoast: @Lmartos RooBoy will wet himself if Goldy is back
poolboybob: How is Josh Walker only 24? He looks like he’s about 45
Haydo: hes 39 poolboy
Beast_Mode: give poolboy the muppet
J.Worrall: 2 much coke?
Hawks_13: @ L martos. i heard goldy wont play for a while. he has issues
All Reds: anybody see rich’s hand get booted in a kicking in danger?
J.Worrall: “Son, it says here you’re twenty-seven, But that’s impossible Cocaine… you look like you could be forty-five”
Chelskiman: Carn’, Rocky. Just hit the triple figures and you’ll get the taste for it again ready for finals.
J.Worrall: Thx to Jackson Browne
BestCoast: Nick Robbo 5 frees against liability
LMartos: Yeo gone down from 64 to 59 for no reason, no clanger, ruins my chance of 2300 I’d say
poolboybob: Tag Beams in the fourth quarter please
Apachecats: 2300 will win anyway wont it @martos?
TheOnyas: onya richy
The39Steps: Gee, it’s hard to get six good scoring, consistent players in your forward line.
GJayBee: do tell hawkes !!!!
circle52: If Rocky, Martyin and Yeo get 92 points between them in 3rd qtr will hit 2300
merto09: want you to get within 23 of witherden, not looking good
frenzy: sums up my weekend, withers on the pine
circle52: I have Withers and Cox on pine,
Apachecats: Who would name a kid Cedric?
Stu7: Nothing like a withering pine 🙂
Thedude24: What’s the matter with Rocky ffs? I got him at 590k
StuL: When i heard the word school and the word explosion, i immediately thought of the word Skinner.
All Reds: rocky in a slump, injured, will come good.. next year
frenzy: lol stu
heppelitis: Yes All Reds…until he gets injured next year
J.Worrall: Use that shoulder Rocky!
The39Steps: My first car was a Cedric. A Nissan Cedric.
J.Worrall: Cox witheringz/
Chelskiman: Cracking 4 point quarter for Rocky. Really bringing it home!
heppelitis: classic movie that The39steps
Thedude24: Should I just play Withers over Rocky throughout the finals?
StuL: Absolutely dude. I did last week.
The39Steps: Brilliant @heppelitis.
Stu7: definately go with withers for form consistancy
JRedden: beams is unbelivable
GJayBee: thank god footy goes for a few more weeks, coming into the best part of the year
GJayBee: beams, shaw, we miss you
boo!: 6 goals 4 for 97sc, bull shiiiitt
frenzy: jjk 6 goals no sc ton

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