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Chat log from R19 of 2017: Carlton vs Geelong

Chat log for Carlton vs Geelong, R19 of 2017

frenzy: no body home for this one
MONEY TALK: gibbs -12 gee
lukat: Brought in Danger this week 😀
Pinkman: ring the bell now. happy with that
MONEY TALK: murphy, doc, jelwood and danger lets go
lukat: I feel like Kade Simpson will break every single bone in his body if he gets crunched by a tackle
boo!: i saw wylie buzza dj somewhere im sure
PLACEBOPIE: sugar shack 😀
Preston007: How does Parsons get a game?
MattyZ: Harry McKay a weird case of being better at AFL level than VFL as a second year tall
pcaman2003: @Preston007. He has a long,brown tongue.
Pinkman: so true @MattyZ
Pinkman: first year tall though
Sixty656: Menagola has been so crap for the last month :/
pcaman2003: C’mon Kreuz. Smith killing ya.
StuL: Forgot to dump parsons! Argh!
pcaman2003: @Stuhl. Can’t believe I still have him as my E.
boo!: can parsons 1/3 of a ton
JRedden: seriously jelwood? 2 FA in 2 mins
jocka: Chris Scott. Is that jacket made from Gore Tex?
LuvIt74: that a boy kruzer stink it up and score crap so i pick u up in the G/F
SC_brAh: why wouldnt geelong have cockatoo instead of parsons in top 22 (prior to this week)
penguins00: Cockys been injured
yablettt: good boy duncy!!
boo!: cockatoo sounds like a cheap porno
AngryRyno: carn jelly break the shackles
Gotigres: i fielded the wrong selwood
pcaman2003: Jelwood can’t get ducking frees anymore to score with.
sfmmp23: Great efforts from Liam Jones.
pcaman2003: Kerridge doing Jelwood’s head in.
SC_brAh: danger/ tuoy / jelwood lift
ronl: Looks to me like Geelong isn’t taking Carlton too seriously. Easy night for Danger.
The39Steps: Imagine the angst when the Filth have to decide whether to re-sign Silvagni.
man0005: Imagine the angst when the Filth miss another premiership
MONEY TALK: cmon danger got the c on u lift also jelwood mate
BestCoast: @pca Kerridge good for fu&k all else the spud
boo!: loving parsons had him from the start…f knows how he keeps getting games, good for 40sc
Pinkman: yeah easy night for the cats. Blues are cooked. Even Liam Jones getting smashed
Pinkman: stick to sundays blues. Friday/Saturday nights no good
HawkTalker: come on Curnow. Lift
PowerBug: Keen to see how Duncan manages to score in the 90s again today.
SC_brAh: jelwood stop playing like a retard
heppelitis: ban that gut..i offended n
heppelitis: dam…that went well
BestCoast: Blues need to tag a couple of more players and stifle there own attack productive flogs
BestCoast: Tomahawk turning back the clock to that day out he had 6 years ago
LMartos: great way to introduce yourself to my team Joel!!!
pcaman2003: Kerridge wearing Jelwood like a glove. He won’t do well tonight.
MONEY TALK: looks like parsons will outscore jelwood rip
Sixty656: Titch potato and now Danger also spudly.
MONEY TALK: i never doubt danger plz dont let me down
BestCoast: Every team that focuses on tagging gets cained such a outdated process
Pinkman: well geelong doin it easy. Can afford to rest Danger in the fwd line
PowerBug: Like Collingwood last week eyyyy @BestCoast?
Haydo: what was danger reported for
pcaman2003: Kreuzer down to the rooms. Oh no!
Sunday2810: Dangers Brownlow is gone
Pinkman: not reported, but could be under scrutiny
BestCoast: couldn’t give a rats about the Eagles Ladybug we are average Boo Hoo
PowerBug: wasn’t reported. They might look at his tackle but didn’t seem like much in it
Sunday2810: Lingering tackle – they have Ban him. Watch these vics try and get him off
circle52: An ongoping tackle on Kreuzer drove him into groundm
Haydo: will he get weeks
Ladbrokes_: @Sunday2810 Kreuzer’s head was safe, a fine would suffice
sfmmp23: wow, Jelwood is Cats lowest scorer.
circle52: Based on previous decisions should be a ban but the MRP seems to have Brownlow favourites as protected species.
Sunday2810: @powerbug neither did McCarthys and he got 2 weeks – he should be gone
pcaman2003: Damn Danger. Injuring my other man.
LuvIt74: hope danger gets a week from mrp got money on Dusty & Titch
J.Worrall: Yeah sfmmp, and guess who brung him in this week …
pcaman2003: Jelwood 2 quick possies with no tag.
MONEY TALK: oh wow jelwood got a touch
PowerBug: Never saw McCarthy’s. If Kreuzer can’t return tonight then Danger has to get done. Rules are rules
Sunday2810: Danger better hope he come back on the ground haha. Otherwise the mrp willl come under intense scrutiny when he gets of
Sixty656: Danger better hope he gets some fucking SCORE…
LuvIt74: Oh my dream come true, Kreuzer welcome in my team in 3 weeks
MattyZ: @sunday the mrp is under scrutiny almost every week for some stupid call, there’s not going to be any reprimands for em
Pinkman: crap game for me. Carlton gettin smashed, Tuohy, Jelwood, Danger (C), Murphy, Docherty.
PLACEBOPIE: people still trying to get bargains when you should be full premo by now 😀
preki1: tomahawk eating all the sc points… the fat cunt
AngryRyno: not paying selwood a tackle for that?
JackRipper: Where is the Joel Selwood tackle on Doc ?
LuvIt74: @Bopie its not about being full premo as i have been full premo since R14 but to improve players come finals
PowerBug: If the player gets an effective disposal then no tackle as awarded. Doch got the HB to a teammate @ryno
HawkTalker: keep going, Curnow. Need you to tonne up
Ladbrokes_: He got rid of it thus it isn’t classified a tackle
pcaman2003: No sign of Kreuzer. Not good!
frenzy: the kreuzer camp must be upset
BestCoast: @PLACE at full premium but mine are not playing like premiums
AngryRyno: same thing happened with Docherty in first term @PB and tackle was paid
happytimes: Surely MRP will look at that danger tackle
PLACEBOPIE: 3 weeks is grand final 😀 you will have him ready for grand final then 😀
fonzie: Mare for Sellwood
Beast_Mode: if danger is cleared of that…the system is clearly rigged
imageof007: any news on kreuz?
yablettt: he will get a fine because of prior good behaviour
PowerBug: I’m onyl going off what CD guys say the definition of a tackle is. Maybe the 1Q one wasn’t given a HB and thus a tackle
Beast_Mode: is krus is out of the game, certain suspension
MONEY TALK: never thought id see the day where parsons is higher than jelwood
Beast_Mode: lol clean record garbage, did it help houli?
BestCoast: Any sign of Kreuz
BestCoast: Houli’s was nothing short of a dogs act
LMartos: can’t liken Danger’s to Houli’s
LuvIt74: I Personally hope Danger gets rubbed out as i have money on Martin & Titch & a few smokey’s
LuvIt74: However watching the incident several times there is NO WAY danger will get rubbed out for that
frenzy: cocky done another hammy
HawkTalker: of course he wont get rubbed out. He’s AFL protected species
Costanza: umps dont know what a tackle is and neither do Champ Data
StuL: We might as well take tackling out of the game if thats a suspension.
Pokerface: lol costanza
BestCoast: @LuvIt will all come down to what the betting agencies want
LuvIt74: @BestCoast he will NOT get suspended for that, you heard it here.
BestCoast: @LuvIt it would be dismissive to think other wise with that much cash on Charlie
LuvIt74: @BestCoast if thats the case then Danger is 100% certain to be suspended coz betting agencies will want him out to make
LuvIt74: a killing
BestCoast: @LuvIt personally i think he is fine and should play
MONEY TALK: 150 plus for danger they said
Costanza: how’s ur team/s going @Pokerface?
BestCoast: Correct
LuvIt74: @Best Coast What a stupid comment that was. How often have charlie favourites been reported or MRP over the years
Stu7: Dangerfield still in the 90’2 in the 4th quarter… GOLD!!!!!
BestCoast: @Stu7 no Danger for you ??
HawkTalker: come on curnow. 6 points for the Q is rubbish
Stu7: yep, Danger free zone
BestCoast: Chris Grant, Cory McKernan get your head out of the sand
LuvIt74: @bestcoast but u said its up to the betting agencies whether he gets done or not.
HawkTalker: stay down, danger. stay down.
LuvIt74: ALL betting agencies will want him to get suspended so they clean up.
Pinkman: Jelwood equal with Parsons….how sad is that
pcaman2003: Ton up Murphy! Speed it up mate
BestCoast: @LuvIt True cash can change hands with anyone everything we do in life we are getting reamed
Pinkman: he kickd a goal just for you @hawktalker
MONEY TALK: theres danger
LMartos: Danger’s first <140 since round 8 finally
LuvIt74: @bestcoast so going by your method – That means Danger is 100% suspended coz betting agencies will want him out
BestCoast: @LuvIt you got it Betting agencies flick 25% to the AFL game over
LMartos: why’d my last comment get shortened?
frenzy: jelwood doing okay, just not scoring
MONEY TALK: keep comparing jelwood to parsons everytime someone does he gets a touch
LuvIt74: That is the silliest thing I have heard in ages
BestCoast: @Pinkman what is sad is that Jelwood is outscoring half of Carlton
LuvIt74: @BestCoast you contradicted yourself
BestCoast: @LuvIt i hope it doesn’t happen but its a big bad world out there
pcaman2003: Go Kreuz! Gone from 69 to 75 now and still scoring. I like it!
MONEY TALK: gee hawkins
SC_brAh: kreuzer was on 6x now 75 and has not played..sick scaling
Stu7: pcaman2003 – murphy has tonned up for you mate~
Pinkman: well thats a fact @bestcoast. totally sad
MONEY TALK: betting has nothing to do with MRP lol
LMartos: surely Doch tons up
LuvIt74: @Bestcoast make up your mind. First u said its what ever the betting agencies want.
BestCoast: @LuvIt no contradictions only possabilities may happen may not
pcaman2003: @Stu7. Hope he keeps going though.
LuvIt74: Then soon after u said u doubt he will get suspended. Make up your mind
BestCoast: @LuvIt it betting crew rocked up with 5-10 mill you dont think people would listen
MONEY TALK: get ur ton doc i know u will
LuvIt74: @BestCoast well dont go making absurd comments such as its up to what “betting agencies want”
Costanza: Blues saving their annual best for the Bombers – again
BestCoast: @Luvit Nostradamus i ain’t Danger will be ok champ
pcaman2003: Parsons back to his home at the bottom of the pile
lukat: not often i have to cast my eyes down to see danger’s score
LuvIt74: @BestCoast are u that crazy, if Danger was suspended betting agencies would make more then $5-10 Million m8
MONEY TALK: raise that bat doc
BestCoast: @LuvIt sorry champ for toying with your emotion we all hope Dangerman will be ok and i dont get Black suits knocking
LuvIt74: @BestCoast i hope he does get suspended as I have money on Martin & Titch and other smokies. your missing the point
Pokerface: im cooking chicken roast tomorrow.out of tin foil. can i borrow your hat BC?
pcaman2003: Well done Kreuz. Missed half a game and still 75.
Stu7: Danger 107 woooo hoooo!!!!!
BestCoast: @Pokerface the Red green or Blue one
MONEY TALK: surprised god isn’t here saying he has the c on hawkins

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