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Chat log from R19 of 2017: Western Bulldogs vs Essendon

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Essendon, R19 of 2017

frenzy: Sunday fun day, for a change
BestCoast: @frenzy top of the day to you
frenzy: Limping into fantasy finals, lol
BestCoast: @frenzy not quite there today is crucial
SilverLion: -10 for JJ wowee, what did he do?
Haydo: i can’t make final but i’ve been extemely unlucky, lost when i got 2414
PowerBug: gave away a 50m penalty
SilverLion: Ah thnx PB
JockMcPie: Lol Bullflogs
frenzy: Heap of players without a stat yet
poolboybob: Why is Young in long sleeves? Roof is closed
LMartos: Bont given a clanger for fumble on poor handpass
LMartos: @poolboybob long sleeve energies
MattyZ: @poolboy every young defender wants to be like SOS these days
frenzy: There’s not a flowered cloud in the sky
han solo: daniher is so good to watch when hes on
LMartos: nah Matty it’s because he’s a fan of yeh goodboy goodboy good footy energies
poolboybob: With that stache Daniher is never good to watch
th3rio: baguley is becomin such an important cog in bombers defense
MattyZ: @LMartos if Matty Broadbent wears long sleeves does the world implode?
AngryRyno: yes, yeh goodboy goodboy good footy energies loves matty broadbent
Texwalker: Afternoon..
LMartos: Broadbent is one with the energies
lukat: Hurley lift
Preston007: I have Bont & Merrett… look at me go
Raspel31: Zerrett-pleeeeez?
th3rio: wow stewart! now im not so pissed i had to field you because of greene
poolboybob: Hurley muppet
MattyZ: @th3rio he’s saving my finals hopes in sc
Texwalker: Bont as capt… uh oh
Stu7: Whats going on with Merret anyone?
frenzy: Looks like Phillip Is down the bottom
PowerBug: There’s been 2 ball ups this game, no round the back stoppage possies for Zerrett
amigaman: Merrett taged by Liber
th3rio: hes been super reliable of lately @MattyZ, I need him until greene stops hitting people
Stu7: @amigaman thanks mate
poolboybob: ffs make a set shot Bont
Stu7: Lovely Merret 0 and he’s my Captain… not helpful!!!
Texwalker: Hey bont, try running at the goals wen ur kicking, its not hard
cjd7769: Zach Merrett whats wrong with him anything
PowerBug: Don’t think Libba is running with Zerrett
amigaman: Same here Stu7
frenzy: Heart string
m0nty: there haven’t been enough stoppages to figure out if it’s a tag or not!
Texwalker: Libba was with heppell before. Think zerretts just off his game
cjd7769: no Injury is there
amigaman: Radio says he is!
cjd7769: cheers fellas
Texwalker: Fair chance with zerrett and libba having no scores its a tag tho
cjd7769: thx tex you want to start getting ready for your game matey
cjd7769: thx texWalker you want to start getting ready for your game matey
th3rio: merrett will come good.
Texwalker: Only the pies lol
Texwalker: Some Afl players r thick.. they run at the points and where does the ball go… thru the bloody points
MattyZ: It’s all about “natural arcs” these days Tex
Pokerface: sandy underrated as a commentator. clear, accurate and no rubbish
BestCoast: @Pokerface bloody oath
Beast_Mode: sandy is a flog
lukat: keep going Hurley you sexy son of a gun
Texwalker: @mattyz lloyd, dunstall, ablett, lockett, modra, all the greats from 80s-90s ran it straight and kicked 10 times better
MattyZ: @tex Benny Brown is the example you should be using 😉
th3rio: stewart always a solid starter then disappears 🙁 spoke to soon
Texwalker: So glad i backed u in over danger for capt bont, wow ur good.. *cough cough*
StuL: Except Sandy has succumbed to this Fox Footy fad of calling things ‘ripping’!
Ladbrokes_: Bont also loves disappearing for periods of the game. He’ll probs get a solid score but still, irritating to watch
poolboybob: C’mon Bont go for 0.10
yablettt: bont is nowhere near a superstar like dusty and danger
JRedden: never doubt the bont texwalker
MattyZ: what compelled you to back in a guy who’d gone over 100 once in the past 4 in a team out of form tex?
th3rio: bloody hell, bombers out of half back has been terrible this year
Pokerface: no pie late outs. ryan can’t deputise for adams 🙁
Ladbrokes_: @Texwalker he’ll probs get around the same score as Danger buddy, just not a great captain score
kano: You cunts are retarded, Bont is 21 years old.
Texwalker: Danger scored crap, and i didnt know who else to take as capt
Texwalker: I was tempted to go greenwood as C haha
Texwalker: Ill take 109 from bont, just outscore danger by 1 lol
MattyZ: hahaha we all would have supported the greenwood move tex
StuL: Will Sloane get a kick with Greenwood wearing him like a bad smell, Tex?
MattyZ: Yes Stewart keep having potshots pad that score boy
PowerBug: nope
th3rio: after sloanes performance last week you can bet greenwood will be sitting on his head
Texwalker: @stul the other greenwood lol, hugh not levi
th3rio: YES stewy! and YES bombers
lukat: Daniher is just a better Bont teehee
Texwalker: Sloane will score well. Crouch will smash it tho
poolboybob: never would’ve happened if you didn’t have the top knot, Hooker
th3rio: im surprised daniher doesnt have a higher ownership % especially with the year hes having
Ladbrokes_: Cmon stewie 60 before HT what do you reckon
th3rio: hope so @lad
Haydo: sadly nope ladbrokes
SilverLion: Better quarter from Merrett
Ladbrokes_: very sad indeed. ah well, long as he reaches his projected I’m not too stressed haha
Haydo: his projected is 90 is sc so that would be nice @ladbrokes
Ladbrokes_: yeah pretty bloody high for him, only made 90+ twice
Haydo: yeah, well he’s got 39 more to go
Haydo: and his 3 round average is 75
Haydo: so if he has his average half for his 3 round avearge he will finish on 88
Texwalker: Mcgrath injured?
Ladbrokes_: Just looked at his past games against WB and he’s averaged 74 in two games
Haydo: yeah i saw that earlier as well
Haydo: why is he projected so high
Pokerface: why do people still read anything into the so-called projections?
Haydo: takes into account the previous averages against the team they are playing and recent average pokerface
th3rio: its a good indicator but mostly rubbish, last week sloane was projected like 80 lol
Haydo: yeah but sometimes its mostly correct, like rocky
th3rio: mmm, except when lloyd and jelwood get injured, their projections have been 70-80 ever since
Haydo: true
pcaman2003: Time to perform Mr Dollhouse. Earn your spot
Haydo: i agree with you they are mostly wrong but sometimes…
th3rio: ive seen weeks where they have been spot on @Haydo, we can both agree they are good indicators though!
th3rio: myers is coming up milhouse lately
Haydo: yeah th3rio
th3rio: how is a fumble deliberate?
Roksta: He kicked it rio
th3rio: yeah i didnt see it till after, fumbled it and kind of ran into it / kicked it 🙁
meka100: Hooker muppet
poolboybob: Muppet for Hooker
banta: hooker what a loser. disgraceful he’s paid as much as he is. get a haircut flog
th3rio: of course a rebound goal too
preki1: do you have a moron icon for hooker, monty?
th3rio: moral of the story, give it to stewart next time
Roksta: I’d have hooker at the dogs
Eo84: lift kelly ffs
th3rio: good orazio
lukat: Dahlhaus is shower
Ladbrokes_: Good effort stewie
Ladbrokes_: Went for a dump, expected it to be worse
th3rio: that was owed from hooker
dipstick: footy is so much better when you dont play fantasy. no wonder fantasy is dying in the arse
Nuffman: Just can’t get that extra kick up Bombers
Ladbrokes_: Wowee that’s what we needed Bont, much love
pcaman2003: Lift Macrae
Texwalker: Go big last qtr bont.
Thedude24: If only Dusty didnt play the same time as Danger. Now ove gotta rely on the unreliable bont
banta: another pathetic choke from essendon
Raspel31: Zerrett-you’re going to cost me the game. Show some spirit lad.
Roksta: Libbas tagging like his old man
Roksta: Getting the job done too
SilverLion: Bont, Macrae, Dahl, Zerrett. Everyone needs to lift. Though its been a pretty poor round SC wise for everyone though.
StuL: I figure God had the C on Oliver.
StuL: Hooker wtf?
MattyZ: just keep the muppet on hooker all day montyboy
poolboybob: hahaha Hooker
BOMBRBLITZ: Daniher is a star
pcaman2003: Macrae very disappointing. Just stopped
Haydo: nah, GOD would have had the C on T.Hawkins
Nuffman: roughy blue moon?
StuL: Oh yes he would too
banta: retire already watson you spud
Nuffman: Daniher, one of the most exciting and frustrating big men in the game atm
Texwalker: So bonts had his 1 good quarter i see…
Pokerface: how good has this round been.
JockMcPie: Trash for SC @pokerface 🙁
preki1: #freekickbulldogs in full effect
Nuffman: depends on how this game goes Poker
HawkTalker: it’s all set up for a Daniher winner
Pokerface: yes, bad sc wise, i meant in afl terms
banta: disgraceful umpiring. shoot that maggot
HawkTalker: Time to retire, Jobe
m0nty: nominations for star please
Ben_Gogos: You beauty Dogs!
poolboybob: nice last couple minutes there Bont
Raspel31: Bummer.
GOD: GOD can 100% confirm the C was on T.Hawkins last night!
Haydo: bont for star monty, he stood up in the big moments
poolboybob: Johannisen should be x-factor, him or Libba
pcaman2003: Dolly another failure.
AngryRyno: Roughead for the star
Ben_Gogos: Bonty
Texwalker: Glad i took bont as C now..
JRedden: love how people talk shit about bont when he starts slow
MattyZ: did bont get 50 points in SC from 3 kicks?
BOMBRBLITZ: JJ X Factor for sure
LuvIt74: Go have a cry goddard u sook
Roksta: Goddard just smashed the pretzels there
AngryRyno: is it really a blue moon if it happens a couple of times a season?
Haydo: one of them was a goal and one set up a goal mattyz
Roksta: Haha ryno smashing pretzels too
Pokerface: godtard
Pokerface: no, he did not matty, it was more like 40 and there was the sealing goal.
LuvIt74: Well done doggies, best two games of the year the past fortnight
LuvIt74: Goddard should get looked at for that
LuvIt74: libba done well to keep Zerrett quite

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