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Chat log from R19 of 2017: Gold Coast vs Richmond

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Richmond, R19 of 2017

DrSeuss: Are you F***ing kidding me GAJ
Pinkman: Gazza out. Pis s a lotta people off
Haydo: unlucky all gaj owners
lukat: Shame GAJ has already played his 4 games for the season
J.Worrall: The wee bald master sucks!
BestCoast: Dusty commence your engines
yablettt: crack the 200 dusty
boo!: cmon minty pedal harder
frenzy: expecting Nank to stink it up
MONEY TALK: lets go witts all i have from this game
Yelse: oh no forgot to put nark on the bench… please at least 70
GJayBee: nankety nank nank isn’t being a real friend anymore
GJayBee: I am happy to forgive him and tonight is his night to show his love
9inch: Not good from Gaj. Clearly fit to play, just look at his scores in between the did not plays. Glad I traded his ass at b
9inch: *byes
GJayBee: GOd, held Nankey like he was Heyzues
Yelse: did they miss a kick from nank?
SC_brAh: what position is nanky playing now? wtf
LuvIt74: Nank is in the car park with billy
LuvIt74: what a shit round of SC for me
9inch: Bluemoon already for Rìoli
LuvIt74: it’s reported that Dusty is playing injured
SC_brAh: nanky you’re out next week you flower
MONEY TALK: forgot i had lynch lets go mate
boo!: nank to strnadica, guaranteed more points
pcaman2003: Bye Nank. Paddy in next week for finals.
sfmmp23: of course i started Nank on field over Lynch. WTF. Happened with Ryan aswell.
Yelse: Nank is going to cost me finals in SC in both leagues need a 70 min but will take 50
standog: Jack Martin continuing his brilliant form of the last month and a bit
poolboybob: Martin is a gun. Imagine if he actually played on a team with good players.
Donz: Yelse, If you rely on one player to make or break you, your team must be showerhouse anyway!
standog: Recruiters said he was more exciting than JOM, everyone laughed at that
SC_brAh: nanky on theboard….
boo!: nank the plank
MattyZ: @standog “Cyril that actually gets numbers all game” is how i saw him described at the time
standog: Hahaha @MattyZ that’s brilliant
lukat: flower off nank stay down
GJayBee: nank, do anything you want to me
boo!: yer nank off
GJayBee: standog, i’m with you on Martin, cream rising to the top
pcaman2003: @ Yelse. Looks like Nank coming good for you.
Haydo: i knew harbrow would play well cuz i looped ryan
Yelse: comnnn its because both my opponents and I have only 7 and 8 players diff
sfmmp23: 52 point qtr from Nank
LMartos: calm down nank
Yelse: he needs another 3 goals to tone up as he doing nothing else
poolboybob: Oh piss off Nank
9inch: At half time with 3 goals this is a huge building block for Nank to go huge
HawkTalker: David swallow is killing my draft team
BestCoast: @Haydo Harbrow has truck loads of points to catch Ryan
Haydo: yeah but i could ave taken rance off
Pokerface: havent been watching this game. dusty looking likely for votes at this stage?
BestCoast: 6 of 1 half a dozen of the other
Pokerface: thanks BC
BestCoast: @Haydo benching Rance could of been a Boo Boo
Haydo: yeah, im fin with my decision now
HawkTalker: wow, nank has not touched it in Q3
HawkTalker: um, until right after I said it
PLACEBOPIE: 3 weeks is grand final 😀 you will have him ready for grand final then 😀
sfmmp23: Come on Nank, push out another 50 point qtr.
pcaman2003: Nank too inconsistent.
BestCoast: Good Boy Dusty keep going son
BestCoast: Nank is a full Blue Mooner take his first four week of his total and work out his average equals average
J.Worrall: Go Dusty, make ’em fear …
kano: nank is fine when he is playing ruck and not CHF
BestCoast: Yeah Dusty
J.Worrall: Are the Suins a bit short of bench rotations maybe? GAJ mighta been a handy inclusion!
MONEY TALK: keep going lynch u havn’t scored good in a while
StuL: Nank, wtf? One good qtr and 0 points almost for the rest.
lukat: Good job Dusty, now go and have a nice sit on the bench. Don’t need any more points from you
HawkTalker: screw you, Nank
Roksta: Hall star
MONEY TALK: come back to this chat to see lynch score good man
pcaman2003: Nank to Paddy.Had to happen!

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