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Chat log from R19 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs St Kilda

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs St Kilda, R19 of 2017

LMartos: would’ve thought a 20 touch second half in the midfield for Gray would see him play midfield this week, I was wrong
wadaramus: Not many on the hill or in here.
BestCoast: Nice Ryder
Pokerface: gray seems to be mid, not forward
LMartos: got in there now, wasn’t for first 10 minutes
heppelitis: Js dominating scoreboard for Saints
SilverLion: 11/22 of the Saints’ names start with a J. Hah.
Haydo: yeah half of them silverlion, and 6 of them are jacks
LMartos: All of DBJ’s kicks have been clangers, not sure how he’s above 0
Haydo: is there a good young player with the first name jack, if so i know which club he will be drafted to
Haydo: I think st kilda got the wrong reiwolt, they meant to get jack
Disco DB: Others might as well change too: Juke, Jilly, Jeb, Jane, Jake, Jim…
heppelitis: J Kilda
frenzy: has Hartless ping a string already
Nuffman: Hombsch already at his SC ave just about..
SilverLion: Ryder is fast becming a neccessity in SC. Incredibly good last month and a half for a forward.
Pokerface: you can take that spearhead off robbie now
DrSeuss: Had to keep Roberton because of Lloyds withdrawal. Should have traded him to Ryan..
Costanza: if not, go to the Dees @Haydo – love a J there too
Haydo: jessy hogan, jack watts, james harmes, who else costanza
wadaramus: Trengove, Viney
supervery: jack viney jeff garlett josh wagner jay kennedy-harris jake melksham
Beast_Mode: who gives a shit
Pokerface: jordan lewis
LMartos: One of the worst umpiring decisions every made just then, can’t pay advantage on a mark, how can you call that wrong
Ben_Gogos: The skill level is beyond horrendous in this one.
heppelitis: ouch
Costanza: cmon Steele tackle if nothing else
GJayBee: I had cash and took Ryder over Mills, Buddy and Waters about five weeks ago. Loving it.
MONEY TALK: all of saints mids on good supercoach other than the one in my team lift steven
korza: Dunstan a S/C 2019 must, a beast in the making
Costanza: has the Pepper finally been cracked?
LMartos: Can’t believe people think SPP can win the rising star, I know it’s terrible conditions but that’s one horrible half
Costanza: gotta hate people
BestCoast: @Costanza well and truley cracked
Raspel31: You really think korza?
HawkTalker: burton has the rising star in the bag
DrSeuss: Newnes gonna touch it this quarter?
BestCoast: @Hawk agree on Burton
PLACEBOPIE: ablett out?
MONEY TALK: seb ross has been our biggest improvement
JRedden: boak shocking performance for a skipper
BestCoast: @PLACE true or dont know ??
DrSeuss: GAJ out again there goes all leagues this weekend.
Nuffman: wth is Ebert doing?
Sixty656: Ablett is out yes, posted on suns website.
yablettt: confirmed my boy yaby yablett is out
fonzie: gaz does not want to be at gc anymore
LMartos: Ryder jumped 20 points for nothing, will take it
Raspel31: Ablett out- farque!
yablettt: bring him back to geelong where he belongs
fonzie: gc wont let him
yablettt: he should just retire which ends his contract then join geelong haha
fonzie: if only
pcaman2003: Choke ,cough!Hi folks! SPP playing for the Saints tonight?
JRedden: give boak the mare
Costanza: ‘terrible conditions’? wow, not a fleck of mud on the ground
Ben_Gogos: Given the skill level of this one, perhaps the AFL should not hand out the 4 points? I’d be fine with that.
pcaman2003: SPP doesn’t even have a DE he’s so crap.7 touches 7 tackles 7 clangers= rubbish!
J.Worrall: Go Paddy, you superstar!
Pinkman: idiot umpire.
BestCoast: @pca SPP struggling today i dont know about been crap he is playing in the Big Time
GJayBee: SPP already done enough as a first year player to turn heads and rasie your expectiation
pcaman2003: @Bestcoast. Those stats with 8 clangers = crap for today.
J.Worrall: Good to see a Brown spud!
BestCoast: @pca agree with today sometimes we are a little hash i am guilty of it as well
J.Worrall: Stick a fork in SPP
9inch: Carn Saints beat this rabble
BestCoast: Ryder go forward at any time mate dont be scared
poolboybob: N Brown isn’t a bad key defender, he just doesn’t get the ball.
Pokerface: still happy to leave that spearhead on gray?
BestCoast: Port wont scare to many teams they are like pack of front runners
Pinkman: steele goin backwards. 80’s at least man
Nuffman: Port need to win.. ruining Bombers positioning!
LMartos: clanger my ass on that Robbie Gray kick, Westhoff slipped over
Pinkman: steele gets a possession… minus 2
BestCoast: @Nuffman couple more Peppies should get you through lol
colin wood: Seb Ross so underatted.
colin wood: Ollie Wines score is just dumb..
cobrakai00: the barracking on fox footy for Port by the local ring-ins
J.Worrall: Aaaaah Paddy, you beauty!
Nuffman: @Best: safer than meth 😛
J.Worrall: Just put Seb in for prndles!
Ben_Gogos: Membrey’s efficiency has been extremely important.
MONEY TALK: if dunstan scores his scores his score will be huge
BestCoast: @Nuff true that just winding you up we were the originater of taint
MONEY TALK: lol y did my friend tell me dunstan is taking a shot my bad
Beast_Mode: boak is the worst captain in the league should retire
BestCoast: where are my old sparing partners RooBoy and King_Floggo
Nuffman: @Best: All good bud, I know hehe
J.Worrall: Robbie Baby!!
Pinkman: what a beautiful piece of play
LMartos: what a hitout from Ryder
Pokerface: robbieeeeeeee
LMartos: can’t believe Port fans left
GJayBee: Ryder
9inch: Lmfao at all the supporters who left.
preki1: ryder jesus fucking christ
pcaman2003: Paddy should get 50 pts for that tap.
poolboybob: lol at everybody who left with 2 minutes to go
BestCoast: Close but no cigar Saints
sfmmp23: Wow St kinda that was insipid. How did you give that up
LMartos: surely Gray gets 110, why does it say 102, was 96 before the goal
LuvIt74: Now is the time to get R Gray if you need a midfielder his confidence is up & playing to stay in top 4
Nuffman: If Ryder had of stayed at Essendon.. golly gosh
MONEY TALK: no one to blame but our selfs how’d he run through so easily
Beast_Mode: worse choke than the tiges
LuvIt74: @Martos if he was 96 before goal he will score 115+
TyCarlisle: saints are so bad
MONEY TALK: so this is how it feels when ur team chokes

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