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Chat log from R19 of 2017: Western Sydney vs Fremantle

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Fremantle, R19 of 2017

pcaman2003: C’mon Keely and Fyfe. Big scores today
LMartos: Blakely done his shoulder
Haydo: carn kelly
MattyZ: are you serious LMartos?
jaxx: blakely done for the day
PowerBug: Yep dislocated shoulder. Down in the rooms. I say return is unlikely :'(
original: @MattyZ it was AWFUL to watch. They couldn’t get it back in
MattyZ: Just read old mate m0nty’s coverage, this screws up my chances of getting off the bottom of the ladder in my keeper :'(
original: Matty at least you’ll get pick #1 though right..?
pcaman2003: Between this game and the other one,travelling nicely.
MattyZ: Since he’s now out for the year can we all just take a moment to appreciate his low key breakout year
MattyZ: original haha yep but it’s so much pressure 😉
original: matty agree. trade it fo sho
MattyZ: hopefully the guy who has heeney wants both pick 1 and 2
PowerBug: Blakely back on the field!
original: cmon wardy
BestCoast: Nice one Fyfe
original: wow really?? imagine his whole left side is numb lol.
MattyZ: come on freo why attempt to destroy this young man’s career instead of icing him up
BestCoast: @MattyZ because Lyon is a dead set Flog
original: hahaha mattyz
Haydo: why does it say its half time??
Haydo: wait nm
poolboybob: Piss off Luke Ryan
original: happens all the time lol
heppelitis: heart for Blakely…appreciate those 4 points
MattyZ: @heppelitis his price will be so small next year if he stays below 10 today – had a bad first 5 rnds should be cheap
LMartos: fair to say if Ryan tons up I’m lucky that Lloyd was a late out
heppelitis: yeah no shaw next year, connor or roberton for me
poolboybob: I had JPK on the field and opponent has Luke Ryan. Ryan is about to go past JPK and it’s the second quarter.
Haydo: wow, luke ryans a gun
pcaman2003: I forgot I had the E on Ryan. He’ll cover Lloyd. Phew!
poolboybob: Blue moon for Kersten
original: blakely again
PowerBug: Now Bakely is done for the day
pcaman2003: Surprised he was sent back on after dislocation.
original: thoughts are with MattyZ
BestCoast: @pca so true am i missing something regarding Lyon as a great coach seriously the guy should get his hand off it
poolboybob: Please tag luke ryan
Thedude24: Ugh I decided to play Young over Ryan for Lloyd by moving a few dpps 🙁
pcaman2003: @poolboy. No. No and No!
DrSeuss: I trade in Blakely this week for Lloyd, my opponent has Ryan as E for Lloyd FFS.
BestCoast: Freo as a club have truck loads of coin they should pay Lyons contract out at half time and flick him
Haydo: should i loop ryan with harbrow or rance, both have been down recently but harbrow has been 60 or lower the last 3
Pokerface: please be a late out Adams. no other way to get Ryan on.
BestCoast: @Haydo Harbrow for me
original: why is ward playing on a wing ffs get the contested ball you know and love
Ash777: I like the way freo are playing but are let down by skill.
BestCoast: Nice one Fyfe and Ryan love it
Haydo: yeah, thats what i was thinking bestcoast, i will, just watch him tonight go balistic
9inch: So I suppose I should loophole Ryan on for Robberton?
BestCoast: @Haydo murphys law
LMartos: Luke Ryan playing an elite game, great CM just then
BestCoast: @9inch you will need a few more out of Ryan before i entertain that
PowerBug: Give it until as late as you can 9inch just to make sure Ryan keep it going 🙂
pcaman2003: An exorcism for Ryan. Possessed!
LMartos: should’ve made Ryan my VC
BestCoast: Freo could be half decent with a attacking coach that could get the team kicking over 10 goals a game
Haydo: make up for last week
9inch: NM just realized I can’t anyway.
original: do i start playing ryan instead of shaw next week?
Beast_Mode: cant loophole ryan 🙁 all 8 of my defenders are playing this week fml
Haydo: yeah bestcoast, still the way ryans going he will find it very hard to outscore him
StuL: Go dorkers.
Pokerface: beast if you have hurley or adams you can hope for the late out
BestCoast: @original that a big yes heater finished SC wise i think
Rush: Ryan on my reserves killing it, lloyd in my side, late scratching. Damn i hate SC sometimes.
Beast_Mode: @pokerface I have adams, lets hope so!
BestCoast: @rush no E on Ryan
BestCoast: Cheers Fyfe Ryan for picking up slack of Heater
original: @bestcoast its so sad isnt it. been an sc lock for so long
BestCoast: @original i was going to flick him last week but had carnage every where Heater can still smash a score out
dipstick: LOL as if anyone has shaw in SC after round 6
BestCoast: @original Heater been all time points pig for a defender but i think he is nearly cooked
BestCoast: @dipstick only 33% of us clowns
Rush: i chucked the e on Witherden. So it shouldn’t be too bad.
original: lol wanted to trade him but hes still capable. just putrid.
LMartos: Fyfe VC score looks like it’ll be taken
LMartos: Oh baby Fyfe <3
pcaman2003: Noice Fyfe and Ryan,but lift Kelly.
Nuffman: Wow, GWS in all sorts
original: just chcked out the coaching lineup of gws. couldnt really figure out why they arent better than they are given the list
sfmmp23: Of course I Changed the E from Ryan to Witherden.
LuvIt74: Unfortunately im not going to be able to take Ryan’s score unless Shazenburg ends up being a late out which i doubt
Ash777: too many injury prone n older players that aren’t beasts
BestCoast: Heater needs to be spanked and sent to bed with no supper FLOG
Beast_Mode: giants are cooked!
JButcher: When you bring Blakely in for Newman………flower
LuvIt74: Ryan current B/E is 9 and is projected to make $28k on his projected 72 so he will make 40k & will be a gr8 upgrade
LuvIt74: for bench cover during the finals
MattyZ: @bestcoast the ultimate punishment
BestCoast: @Beast stick a folk in them they are cooked
BestCoast: @MattyZ i am copping his punishment at the moment loving it Lloyd late out now heater and Hibberd snoozing
Torz: Is it possible to play the game of your life this early in your career? Fair case for Ryan.
LMartos: Fyfe don’t stop mate, had the vc loophole locked and loaded 10 minutes ago and you’ve lost 6 points for doing nothing
LuvIt74: WTF has happened to GWS all the top picks for so many years and looked to sow a ton of ability seems they are burn out
NoneyaB: injuries luviut74
Gotigres: seriously thinking about trading out scooter, moving witherden to mid and mcinnes to def and hoping like hell mcinnes do
BestCoast: CONGRATULATIONS Dorkers 10 goals before three quarter time
Gotigres: doesn’t play
Rockafella: Gotta love that lloyd didnt play last night and ryan is my sub
Haydo: which forward would u trade in #gotigres
gazza39: @bestcoast , in no position to rag other teams
Crowls: my season in a day. moved E off ryan to schaz, chose Higgins out of Lynch, Nank and Higgins for Bench.
BestCoast: @gazza39 produce a flag or hush
MONEY TALK: was angry lloyd was a late out and didnt have time to put witherdan in the back, but now with ryan is emergency im happ
Haydo: luke ryan to go bigger than newmans huge round
Haydo: the great west australian rivalry, wc vs freo
DirtyDawn: But he might cost me a spot in the 8 Rockafella. How ya going king-dog
Rockafella: Yeah all good dawn, I see we got Mitchell rucking for us in tomorrows game
Regis124: Surely there is a 10 year rule on premierships
BestCoast: @Regis124 any rule on flags is fine bottom line is your side is Flagless
Donz: surely cant be another draw for the GWS
Regis124: 2 freo player premierships and a drug tained one 10 + years ago. Fair enough
Rockafella: Your game is close but, I have to play him next week
Haydo: why can’t you swim at the beach in st kilda???
Raspel31: Hoping C. Blakely’s score factored up. I mean they were 2 great touches. Draft only of course.
MONEY TALK: because one flag?
Haydo: correct money talk, becasue you only have one flag
DirtyDawn: Need Dean Cox to stop eating pies and get out of the coaches box
pcaman2003: Has Kelly gone home already?
Nuffman: How can you have a clanger (not a FA) but still have 100% eff?
Haydo: i think so pcaman
MONEY TALK: keep going ryan doing better than what lloyd would of
Rockafella: yeah for sure, nic nat looks ready
MONEY TALK: cmon jezza kick some goals
BestCoast: @Regis that is why the west coast hungry jacks meal deal was best no whopper fries just coke and ice
9inch: This could be a record bench score for me. Great
Regis124: Nice one @BestCoast
BestCoast: @Regis come from a family steeped in WA footy i could name at least ten Docker player regular coke lovers
TyCarlisle: how does neale go missing the the fourth quarters so often this year
Haydo: ryan stopped
LMartos: Took Fyfe’s vc score, get 135 at least please
pcaman2003: @LMartos. Should be a safe bet there.
frenzy: that coulda got messy dirtydawn, u wanna stop cox eating
BestCoast: Carn Dockers get the V
GOD: Kelly..Yeh Mint!
pcaman2003: Thank u Mr Kelly!
frenzy: nice to see Heater stink it up

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