Chat log from R19 of 2017: North Melbourne vs Melbourne

Costanza: neither will win a flag in the next 20 years – merge!
KingPetrie: lol @ drug cheating scum
iZander: Melbourne certainly have the fire power and youth to win a flag…North probably dont i guess
th3rio: big one from gawn and olive oil im hoping
frenzy: Tankeroos
LMartos: football shouldn’t be played at a ground like Blundstone with such skill impacting conditions
Gotigres: Surely that was a contested handball by Gawn
pcaman2003: @LMartos. Missed you last night. Great win
arbel: how can they keep playing football here!! when the ball changes directions and goes backwards once kicked
LMartos: was at the game @pcaman pretty happy with the win
BestCoast: @frenzy no one can accuse Kangas of cheating never the best side but always competitive
BestCoast: What will my team of spuds produce today
JRedden: brought hibberd in for lloyd late out
pcaman2003: Chips?
BestCoast: @pcaman and @LMartos good win by your mob last night very gritty
pcaman2003: It was a great game by both sides. Hopefully this game will be good too.
Donz: great stat Higgo!
BestCoast: only have Hibberb in this one fire up son fire up
Donz: start* now if Hibbo can follow the lead
DrSeuss: Pick it up Oliver
LMartos: Melbourne doing great so far to limit North scoring with the breeze
frenzy: How bout you kick for em ump, my goodness
BestCoast: Opponent had B Brown last week and gave me grief this week he goes quiet
Ben_Gogos: That was a horrendous term by Jetta. Knock to the head and outmarked in 4 1v1s.
StuL: Higgins always does this and still ends up with 70-80.
MattyZ: I want big benny brown to win the coleman so bad
mardyb: jetta got outmarkeb by waite and brown. he is half their size!
MattyZ: Always loved writing “Big Benny Brown” when I was doing the coverage
Donz: not today StuL! he is gunna ton up. I can feel it!
SC_brAh: fk off oliver you decide to do well when my opp has you fml
pcaman2003: Go Ollie and Hibberd. Keep it up boys
Beast_Mode: is mountford out for the game?
original: @bestcoast what were you saying about Benny brown?
Haydo: what number was boomer harvey does anyone know
BestCoast: @original he was on 3 when that was posted make me look silly
pcaman2003: How was Hogan allowed to kick that?
frenzy: Mountford could be my new fav player
th3rio: keep it up mr oliver
pcaman2003: With Ollie and Hibberd,with Fyfe and Kelly,I’m smiling
Nuffman: In 2 minds here.. Want Melb to win for my tips and I hate North.. want north to win to help Bombers… argh!
th3rio: preuss gone? gawny might go nuts
LMartos: Gawn hahahahahaha worst torp of all time
LuvIt74: North are so shit
Ben_Gogos: Muppet alert! Atley misses the shot from 15 out. Could have run into the open goal square.
Ben_Gogos: These injury updates from NDS are hopeless.
original: what are everyone elses thoughts on the golliwog doll in the crowd behind north melbourne current goal…
SC_brAh: is mountford off?
Nuffman: @Original: One thing I have learnt is that, as a white man, I don’t get to have a opinion on such things…
Costanza: dis-mounted even
Nuffman: an*
BestCoast: @original totally unexceptable Norfs
th3rio: gawn on the pine : havent seen him for a while
Pokerface: life must be tough for you as a white man nuffman. woes you
SC_brAh: wtf north dont let oliver fkn rape ya
Haydo: hibberd and gawn lift
SC_brAh: @haydo yes and hibberd a cp you seagul
original: ooft unlucky hogan
dipstick: @original LOL my reply to you was censored.. thats the free world for you LOL
original: how much would you panic with majak chasing you down gee whiz
9inch: Has Hibberd touched it this qtr
pcaman2003: Ollie showing the way Hibberd. Please follow!
Haydo: yes 9inch, but he kicked it out on the full
Donz: Hogan as had a nightmare of a year
original: hibberd got a touch. turnover
Donz: Higgo is a constant disappointment and Hibbo needs to lift
Nuffman: @Poker: it’s called an observation. But it’s not too bad, although i woulda loved to get government funded one
th3rio: come on maxxy storm home
Nuffman: one on one help in the classroom… but that’s not available to “white” people unless you have an intellectual disabilit
sfmmp23: Hibberd and Gawn stopped
Nuffman: Hibbo’s DT -> SC ratio is killing me here
Haydo: get to 65 b4 3qrt time hibbo
th3rio: lad gawn
pcaman2003: Hibberd gained 4 pts for the qtr so far.
th3rio: hibberd is getting touches but using it ineffective hence shit SC points
Haydo: yeah, so sad pca
BestCoast: Lets drop the racial overtones white Black we are all Human
Pokerface: yeah you have it tough nuffman. woes you
original: plz gawn and hibberd
Nuffman: Seems like you have a chip on your shoulder Poker. Here’s a hug for you *hug*
MarksMen: Hogan guys ??
Pokerface: no no i was sympathising with you nuffman. you have it real tough
Nuffman: *hug*
BestCoast: @Ben_Gogos do we need to keep hearing about lifes equality or lack of it not the place im thinking
Nuffman: It’s ok Best. I’m just offering hugs now, he needs it
MattyZ: oi nuff stop being a nuff nobody wants it
th3rio: gawny is coming up
BestCoast: in all fairness guys we are all on computers and styling none of us are doing to bad just look at the childrens hospital
Nuffman: I see.. make an observation = bad, have a go at someone = good. I think I need a hug now
Nuffman: @Best: or head to some of the schools in the western suburbs of Melb.
MattyZ: get back to footy
Haydo: If you need a hug nuffman *hug* now get back to the game pls
th3rio: whats the hit out record? gawn killing it
Costanza: yep merge – they’d be 19 goals now
TyCarlisle: gawns isn’t even close to the record
LMartos: Record like 80 so won’t get close
jfitty: Hit out record? He’s only just over half way there mate…
HawkTalker: dont screw this up, dees
LMartos: 80 is the record for Goldy when he solo rucked against Lobb all game a few years ago
th3rio: i didnt say he’d get the record, was just asking what it was
TyCarlisle: little defensive there mate
th3rio: not at all champ
cusch1: Come on Norf
mardyb: would take 75 from mountford
fonzie: star for oliver
JButcher: Should I trade out Kruezer or Grundy to get Gawn and some extra cash
pcaman2003: Did Hibberd go out for afternoon tea and forget to come back?
9inch: How did hibberd manage this? Injured?
original: How’s isn’t that a melbourne free wow
Costanza: Swallow gags again
cusch1: Hibberd the only player on the field to not have a contested possession
GOD: GOD has the C on C. Oliver today!
Crowls: initially traded Nank to Gawn and reversed.
MONEY TALK: cheers for the service oliver good higgins and hibb plz push mate
pcaman2003: Hibberd is tanking. I get it now.
original: Melbourne kidding themselves if they lose to north
MONEY TALK: @pacman i see he doesn’t want ppl to trade him in
PLACEBOPIE: how many mins left?
MONEY TALK: need melbourne to lose to give shit to my friend
9inch: Ha Hibberd just went up 15 odd
Nuffman: Oliver 4 CP off of games record
Costanza: that’s a cunnington of a kick
pcaman2003: @Money Talk. Too late for me. I already have him.
MONEY TALK: y is his scaling like that tho 104 to 83 if he had alot of handballs id understand
LMartos: How did Melbourne choke that
Costanza: one team has a few Demons to deal with
GOD: Your a Flog Lewis – Suffer Loser
Donz: Go Bombers!!!
frenzy: Tankeroos
MONEY TALK: give oliver that atlas
Nuffman: Bombers to take 7th tomorrow
MONEY TALK: wish i vc oliver
original: Woweeeee pretenders
frenzy: ben gogos don’t like the Roos

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