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Chat log from R19 of 2017: Hawthorn vs Sydney

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Sydney, R19 of 2017

Viscount: Jake Lloyd late out SEN
Viscount: Jake Lloyd late out SEN
wadaramus: Well, my SC is just about well and truly fucked! Got three trades but with Zorko and Greene and now Lloyd…
SilverLion: Gunna cover Lloyd with Witherden so not too worried. Got the VC on mah boy Titch tonight, hoping for 130+
Donz: hopefully newman goes big with lloyd out
Gotigres: Need you to perform Newman. 80+ please
zadolinnyj: gents
JockMcPie: Lloyd out? Perfect
zadolinnyj: feel you wada. shocking year this year
cusch1: Foote trying to be the Bont with that hairstyle
Pokerface: bruce how was that a good looking kick from breust? never looked likely
dipstick: newman go big? the kid is steamed and deep fried. hes smoked!
boo!: glass looking fragile
dipstick: @boo who does he mirror his game on?
cusch1: The only way Newman can get big tonight is if he sees some playboy bunnies
Pokerface: glass getting smashed
pcaman2003: Buddy doing best to give away frees tonight.
LuvIt74: The GLASS is half empty.
boo!: take it up the glass
Chelskiman: Sorry, guys, put the C on Mitchell for the first time this season.
Costanza: with your fingerprints all over it
BestCoast: Shattered
LuvIt74: bloody Newman looking good thus far
boo!: @cheiski, no waccas, he on target for 150
LuvIt74: The C on Titch? Why not the VC?
Beast_Mode: couldn’t trade newman this week othe rpriorities, but if he tons up im still dumping him for hibberd
cusch1: How is that no genuine attempt? Clearly punching the ball?
Chelskiman: Because Dream Team.
fonzie: go newman
LuvIt74: Oh that crap
DrSeuss: Where the hell is Titch?
frenzy: lift wHeeney
th3rio: hi all hope you’re well
boo!: considered fielding parsons over spuddy…hindsight
wadaramus: Come on Heeney!!!
wadaramus: In fucking fine shape thanks th3rio πŸ™‚
original: how great is it when buddy gives away 3 frees in 9 mins, then drops a mark and misses a shot on goal
Chelskiman: Titch is there, but just getting ignored a lot.
cusch1: Sicily talks a lot of smack for a dud
wadaramus: Great if your opposition has him original!
SilverLion: In fairness if anyone was ever due for a quiet one it’d be Titch.
wadaramus: Word cusch1.
DrSeuss: Tonight I have the C on Titch (AF) and my opponent has Parker & Naismith….
JockMcPie: @Silver i
JockMcPie: @Silver i’d argue Danger is pretty due…
fonzie: its only the 1st qaurter he will come good
SilverLion: True Jock, but this bloke has had 30+ every game this year bar once.
Pinkman: nice quarter buddy
BestCoast: What was the Story on Lloyd gents ??
JockMcPie: @Silver very true, very true
pcaman2003: Buddy to score less than 40 points
cusch1: Parker’s score has snuck on me. Go my VC! Keep it up son
original: buddy still a 50/50 chance to score 110..?
BestCoast: Hoping not @pca
th3rio: dang it, i was excited when the padlock as on parker, oppt has his and buddy. Probably shouldn’t complain too much lol
colin wood: Heeney, Buddy and Titch… wow
Costanza: Mills breaking out at last lol
BestCoast: My thought exactly colin wood
SilverLion: BestCoast people saying Ill, not 100% sure though
pcaman2003: @bestcoast. Me too.I have him
wadaramus: Titch will start to accumulate shortly…
BestCoast: SilverLion cheers mate was out having dinner to late to change lions and tigers and bears oh my
cusch1: Mills sitting at the back of each centre bounce and bombing it long into forward 50
SilverLion: Already doubled his Q1 possies haha
cusch1: How is that a dangerous tackle?
crazyet23: that wa flowering soft as flower
original: gee this home town umpirig
sfmmp23: Dangerous tackle??
mardyb: how good would buddy be if he could mark
boo!: rage trading buddy to parsons
BestCoast: on AFL site says Star Don in doubt reffering to Hurley surely this cant be true
wadaramus: Umps always err on the wrong side nowadays…
original: @bestcoast fingers crossed
cusch1: Hurley just had a soft training session today, hence the rumour. I think he will be fine BestCoast
Drak: He ran laps instead of full training. Was sore after last game. He will play
BestCoast: @wada true words mate
frenzy: lol, hurley the star or hurley in doubt
cusch1: Franklin takes a mark…OOTF hahahah
BestCoast: @cusch1 hope so my team is limping with two trades left yeehaa
pcaman2003: Geez Hartung you’re useless.
sfmmp23: CD looking after Titch
cusch1: Hurley is arguably the second best defender in the league minus Rance. Lever, Tarrant close 3 and 4
cusch1: Not to mention is most likely leading our B&F up to this stage of the season
wadaramus: Titch is 100% worthy!
BestCoast: @Frenzy you would think in doubt they would be stretching it with the star
Texwalker: Oops forgot to get docherty.. oh well get him next week with dusty
original: sicily is a joke
SilverLion: Sicily = Hawthorn’s Greene
JMC23: No Docherty cusch?
sfmmp23: good lift Hanners, keep going mate.
BestCoast: @cusch1 Hurley needs to string it together year in year out when going can be a beast
original: @cusch. trolling surely
cusch1: Key defenders I should say
cusch1: Otherwise Doch with daylight second JMC
cusch1: He has been stringing it together, and had he not sat out last year, would not be underrated as much
JMC23: Fair. Agreed
original: no liam jones your list loses all cred
stew42: Heath Grundy underrated as always!
stew42: Oh, and evening all πŸ™‚
cusch1: Grundy, lik Scott Thompson, has been consistently good without being great.
JMC23: Liam jones in form… not on that list tho. Take the other 4 any day
Texwalker: Ok its offically creepy when bt talks about big boy mcevoy
StuL: Come on Titch, wtf. Most consistent until tonight.
Chelskiman: Keep pushing, Titch. Get to 40+ by half time then go nuts in the second half.
stew42: Last year Grundy was only beaten once by his opp over the course of the game, and that was Griffiths. GF included
BestCoast: Buddy will be in the AFL for no more than two years
stew42: Why @BestCoast? No injury history, currently winning the Coleman.
JMC23: Burgoyne killed it v hawks last time too. Looking good for an old fella
cusch1: Has one relatively poor game and he should retire?? If you go by that logic, Titch should retire with 3 years too
BestCoast: @stew42 people that are close to him say footy is becoming a chore and he is not enjoying it
BestCoast: Has nothing to do with Buddys game tonight the guy is a one man gang has been brewing for the last two years
StuL: Cracks are showing if you went early on Glass.
Texwalker: Wow, sydney getting beaten by the yellow and black training cones
cusch1: Somehow, Heeney and Newman are within 3 points of each other
BestCoast: It doesn’t matter if the glass is half empty or half full clearly means more room for beer
wadaramus: FFs, come on TMitch, Heeney & Newman!!
BOMBRBLITZ: put the VC on Buddy they said
Pokerface: smash through that Glass ceiling
Texwalker: Langford worst kick for goal ever???
BestCoast: @Texwalker i will give that crown to Lindsay FLOG Thomas
Pokerface: you didn’t need to include for goal tex
Drak: I hate Luke Parker. Whenever I have him, hes a spud.
mardyb: buddy & heeney been awful
cusch1: Langford and Sicily are just less talented Toby Greene’s
Yelse: kennedy heeny mitch all disappointing for me! πŸ™
original: buddy increased his sc score by 1100% that quarter
DrSeuss: Heeney and Capt Titch – good times
JMC23: For some reason my SC opponent w
pcaman2003: SC can be such a frustration. Hopefully 2nd half better for all.
JMC23: Has titch as C and danger as VC
wadaramus: In a week with so many outs, thanks Heeney and Titch for not contributing πŸ™
BestCoast: @DrSeuss VC Titch, Heeney Spuddy and Newman ripping
SilverLion: Not a good night fantasy wise for anyone as of now.
BestCoast: @pca SC can be such a frustration ?? Absolute torment for me this years
cusch1: Except me SilverLion #VCParker
DrSeuss: Not a good night so far @bestcoast.
BestCoast: Does anyone else get weekends where one day your team fires and one day they all spud
frenzy: the week turned to shower when Lloyd pulled out
wadaramus: Every Sunday BestCoast!!!
cusch1: BestCoast, for me its one game my players fire, and the rest of the 8 games, my players forget to play
Bulky: Stinking it up again I see Z. Jones.
BestCoast: @DrSeuss got of to a bad start losing Lloyd without realising
th3rio: fanfooty stats looks weird when titch is down that far
BestCoast: @wada on average it would be Sunday just slaps ya back to earth
wadaramus: It always seems like sunday fucks the weekend up!
BestCoast: @cusch if i start of with three or four scores around 130-150 then i am in trouble
BestCoast: @wada my Sundays would be worst than yourse at least you follow a team that can string wins together
frenzy: players like Hooker scoring 170 do my head in
wadaramus: LOL, I unerstand your pain though, most Sunday twilight games come from Perth!
pcaman2003: I’m at the top 1% overall and I don’t know how. I feel like I’ve done worse.
BestCoast: True dont think we have won at home since last year farewell Pridda thaks for the service
wadaramus: Priddis retiring?
BestCoast: @frenzy my opposition have one every week a spud that scores like a premo showers me to tears
pcaman2003: @wadaramus. Mitchell and Priddis going
BestCoast: @wada seasons end pulled the plug on one year extension
wadaramus: Knew SMItch was pullng up stumps but surprised at Priddis,
BestCoast: @pca Bitchell may be persuaded from what i am hearing
Hannibal: hello all, first time chatter, long time FF user
wadaramus: Get involved Hannibal πŸ™‚
BestCoast: Top of the day to you Hannibal
SilverLion: Sicily is 100% Hawks’ Greene
SilverLion: Welcome Hannibal πŸ™‚
Hannibal: sorry i’m a bit late…i had an old friend over for dinner.
original: gee that non free to hannes
Pokerface: hey Hanners
original: lol
BestCoast: @Hannibal you didnt eat his brains with fava beans and a nice chianti
SilverLion: Franklin doing nothing so umps gotta give him a cheapie
DirtyDawn: Evening all
THESKUNK: with a nice bottle of chianti I assume
original: sicily really has issues
BestCoast: Evening DirtyDawn
original: not paying delib for that is a joke
Hannibal: @bestCoast delicious…ffffttt ffft fffttttt!!!
pcaman2003: FFS Scicilly.Shut up.
THESKUNK: hawks will throw this lead away
Pokerface: sinclair looks like adam gilchrist
pcaman2003: Someone teach Langford to kick,please!
BestCoast: Plum Island Animal Disease Research Facility. Sounds charming.
DrSeuss: Do something Heeney
BestCoast: Well, Buddy – have the lambs stopped screaming?
sfmmp23: that was stupid jones.
fonzie: spuddy franklin is in the house
Chelskiman: Tommy is warming up, boys!
Pokerface: you can probably remove that magnifying glass now m0nty
THESKUNK: loving kennedys score, sorry!
SilverLion: Amazingly, Titch could still get 30. What a freak
JRedden: jpk such a spud
GOD: Heeney shit pick!
cusch1: JPK hammy issues. been off the ground for 7 minutes
Pokerface: JRedden such a spud
JRedden: shh pokerface, too low ranked to talk
cusch1: 9 minutes now
th3rio: hehe keep going backwards parker
wadaramus: Lift Heeney and Newman!!
BestCoast: GOD says every player is a shower pick
THESKUNK: titch is a footy freak
Texwalker: Catch ya later syd, maybe next year u will make finals
wadaramus: Did GOD really say that BestCoast?!
StuL: So much for jpk as an upgrade. So much for spuddy.
runt: Heeneys glandular fever must be back
th3rio: not yet @Texwalker, have a feeling theyll grab a couple of quick ones
th3rio: every radio show kept saying today that ‘buddy is a 4th quarter specialist’ i bloody hope not.
Pokerface: yin yang titch
SilverLion: Torch sore oh no ;(
Chelskiman: Mitchell could be in trouble. Injured ankle.
SilverLion: *Titch
Texwalker: Hope titch cant play out rest of game but its good for next week
BestCoast: @wada GOD was saying Heeney is shower every week he will call everyone shower
Chelskiman: How do you not have Titch at this stage of the season?
th3rio: buddy would still be on 16 if he didnt get that gimme goal
Chelskiman: Mitchell seems to be moving ok by the looks of it.
SilverLion: Titch ok, in the scuffle at 3/4 time. @Chelskiproud to say I’ve had him since day dot πŸ™‚
pcaman2003: I stick by earlier prediction. Buddy less than 40pts.
runt: Titch will be fine, bustling around the huddle
Pokerface: need to have a punchline before building that crescendo BT
BestCoast: @pca Buddy 70
runt: Franklin will go prove his doubters wrong and kick an astonishing 5 goals in the last qtr
runt: or my name isnt aristotle Polinskipew
pcaman2003: Hartung needs replacing. His disposal and decision making are substandard.
TheBoy89: Good titch and hello I’m back from my ban
Pokerface: what did u do boy?
runt: A ban does you good every now and again. I get one evry 6 weeks or so
BestCoast: @TheBoy89 this will be my first year in about 4 that i havent received weeks
BestCoast: @m0nty is a harsh man but fair
th3rio: speaking of bans wheres Lestat
runt: I think even the Pope would be lucky to not get a ban here
BestCoast: @th3io last seen with RooBoy and King_Robbo
BestCoast: @runt the orginisation he runs would be in line for life ban
th3rio: figured he got weeks otherwise he’d be on here talking smack like always
Haydo: what did you get weeks for the boy89
pcaman2003: WTF Hawks? Very sloppy.
runt: The Swans are honking
BestCoast: sorry @pca carn Swanies only for Betting purposes
Chelskiman: Fuck off Sydney!
runt: The Pap
m0nty: back on the game please
cusch1: Hawks playing like my mates at the club. Going forward, getting in, but just cant get that final score
th3rio: siciliy yesss
Raspel31: Attaboys Swans-that tram trip home seemed to work.
Pokerface: lingy ‘he might kick it from here’ haha
pcaman2003: @cusch. Hawks are choking!
th3rio: hawks sloppy just get it forward
Raspel31: No Lloyd-glad I benched him. Late out?
Yelse: direction of ball its fisted through
pcaman2003: Fist behind the leg.
th3rio: hahahha yessss not this time buddy
cusch1: Franklin mare. do it m0nty. its due
th3rio: roughhead!
th3rio: more like roughlad
pcaman2003: C’mon Hawks! Keep it going.
BestCoast: Roughy loves turning up when the game gets tough
cusch1: 16 points so far this half for parker #flog
Torz: Mitchell in danger of breaking his perfect record of all 100+
JMC23: He had an 80 odd earlier in the season
Torz: Not in Fantasy
JMC23: Oh yeah sorry I was talking SC
sfmmp23: wow hanners, great last qtr
JockMcPie: draw’s on
pcaman2003: Heart in mouth!
cusch1: surely not another
frenzy: how long left
JockMcPie: Hannebery, JPK, Franklin. Pathetic. This round is gonna be terrible.
MONEY TALK: glad i didn’t take newman out close call
Chelskiman: Nice win, Hawks. Even better that I picked them in the tipping.
pcaman2003: Great win Hawks! You Bewdy!
original: buddy lucky not to be on 45 imo
LuvIt74: got rid of Newman this week but got Adams for him
SilverLion: Par scores tonight Titch and Heaney. Titch’s 30+ record is over ;(
Gotigres: Glad i kept you Newman
cusch1: fk you parker
sfmmp23: the youngsters have been the swans best players this year.The top dogs have dropped off from their previous years

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