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Chat log from R18 of 2017: Brisbane vs Carlton

Chat log for Brisbane vs Carlton, R18 of 2017

AngryRyno: Harry McKay to kick 10
Haydo: doc to get 150
circle52: Not at the ground due to illness so no comments from ground this week.
Lestat: 10 blades of grass maybe Ryno.
pcaman2003: Need about 230 from Kreuz and Murph.
JButcher: Please score well Rocky
stew42: Kreuz, Stef, Doch, and Witherden. Wish me luck!
Apachecats: Good luck to all of them except Kreuz @stew
teachrtony: Agree Apache
circle52: Think Zorko needs to be tagged – Running free
circle52: Good game so far
PieCannon: whats the new symbol next to kerridge?
pcaman2003: Weak as Murphy. Get the damn ball
circle52: Zooooorko
Umpirespet: Rocky needs a cotton ball icon soft as
Apachecats: Carlton big guns gone missing -Doch ,Murph ,Gibbs
Lestat: Blues tanking?
Umpirespet: Star for Zorko already?
J_Herer: wont be many happy Blues fans with this effort so far
pcaman2003: @lestat. Yes. Murphy should be in the AFLW.
poolboybob: Zorko blowing up again
piro: why isnt kerridge tagging zorko?
Lestat: @piro too slow. Lamb better option
original: Why won’t we tag zorko
teachrtony: Zorks cape
poolboybob: Operation Carltank is engaged
circle52: Rockliff tagging running with Gibbs
Umpirespet: Great lynchy says Rocky tagging there goes my w/e
piro: dumb coaching not tagging zorks
heppelitis: #Lockliff
Torz: Glad I paid 700k for a tagger
Terlob: Rockliff tagging Gibbs.. fantasy nightmare!
teachrtony: Hey, Apache, think I’m playing you in the Up Their Cazaly league. That you?
MattyZ: put fisher on zorko he’s got to learn from him
teachrtony: Hey Apache, think I’m playing you in the Up There Cazaly league. That you?
Apachecats: no ones tagging Doch ,he’s playing shower all by himself
teachrtony: Sorry FF Champions league.
teachrtony: My team is RobDogs
Apachecats: don’t think so @teachertony ,my team is TerrysApacheCats
original: Zorko gives away a free and goes up 3
teachrtony: Wow, no Archie Smith makes a difference to Stefan MArtin eh!
teachrtony: lol, good thing, I’m smashing the other Apachecats
LuvIt74: Thats because he is Zorko the MAGNIFICENT
pcaman2003: @Original. That’s because he’s special.
LuvIt74: And the lues are pure crapola
circle52: Lockliff doing his job no touches for Gibbs
StuL: A soft kill at home, points galore on offer and Rocky nowhere!
J.Worrall: We all hate taggers …
brent_007: I need at least 80 from Rocky to win
Apachecats: I’ll finish on about 2350sc today @teachrtony
PLACEBOPIE: baby bolton can’t coach 😀 Muhahaha
th3rio: big stef getting the better of kruz so far
Lestat: Blues kicking 25m to 1 on 1’s. Terrible football.
pcaman2003: Rack off Beams. C’mon Murphy ya old woman.
pcaman2003: Blues playing like a bottom VFL team
Haydo: only downside is witherden and rocky sc wise, have zorko s martin and i suppose doc and muph are being crap as well
JButcher: Rocky could be priced below 300k at seasons end
MattyZ: i was on 2010 in sc with jones, murph, doc, witherden and rocky – you’d think 2400 but looking like 2200 :'(
pcaman2003: Oh dear! What an embarrassing exhibition
Haydo: if rocky was in the carlton team he would be 6th for sc points lol
Nuffman: Blues rehashing their mid 00’s recruiting strat.. tank everything
MONEY TALK: witherdan had him on bench finally use him as cover for pedles then this
wadaramus: Come on Witherden! Last week I took SPP’s 80 odd, this week I back you in!
anthsill03: on ya harry 🙂 finally
anthsill03: 3 players in a row kicking their first goal in afl
MattyZ: mckay playing about 300x better than his vfl form
pcaman2003: Kreuzer,start scoring again,I’m desperate.
Lestat: That free to Mathieson is not a free. He dropped to his knees.
MONEY TALK: this is what i have been missing martin welcome back
MONEY TALK: if i had more trades id bring zorko in but need to save some
StuL: Please Rocky. Please don’t suck so much.
carlton_99: thes eumpires are so dumb get sucked in to everything
Lestat: Rocky is tagging Gibbs StuL. Doing his job.
Lestat: Are you seriously blaming the umpires @carlton_99?
StuL: Zorko will get 50 Next Week But maybe you do need him for these weeks
StuL: Lestst, he can’t think of supercoach?
stew42: Yeah, Rocky is actually doing a brilliant job. Easier to say when I don’t have him 😛
carlton_99: No. All i am saying is that they have been getting sucked in. Never said thats the reason we are losing.
pcaman2003: Murphy is soft ,looking for easy touches.Doesn’t want to ruin the nail polish.
carlton_99: Maybe read my msg b4 u comment on it.
BestCoast: LeFLOG prowling for umpire comments wombat
casey22: Waste of Rocky’s talent but then again, they are winning
SilverLion: Entire Carlton side needs to lift. Hopefully murphs ok.
SilverLion: Strange feeling having Beams in my side as bench coverage hah
9inch: Wow!! what was the odds on this game?
th3rio: lions were around 2.40 on friday night
LuvIt74: @SilverLion Having beams as bench cover isn’t a bad idea are the other 8 mids Elite Premos?
carlton_99: No free kick for a punch in the stomach.. ok?
LuvIt74: Bloody hell Dochertys score is woeful
Pokerface: carlton must be playing. carlton_99 is talking about umpires
Lestat: How did Wet Toast go today Muppet? Oh that’s right they choked.
th3rio: wow if greenes getting 2 weeks for that chin jab surely a stomach punch gets 1
MattyZ: calr 1.84 bris 1.97 were the prices at least where i work
LuvIt74: @carlton does it really matter about the free kicks now that your 50 points down with a quarter to go
carlton_99: Pokerface im talking about Plowman being punched in the gut and no free kick being paid. I think thats reasonable.
pcaman2003: Now Murphy injured.Sums up this week perfectly.
Donz: why complain about Doch? He will still ton up and everyone who is decent has him anyway
th3rio: that wouldve been late last night or this morning though @MattyZ, Lions were up to like 2.70 at one stage.
Pokerface: sounds like you work for a bunch of thieves matty with that house margin
LuvIt74: @Matty yeah same here, in fact all 3 games today were quite even
SilverLion: Murph not out there?
Haydo: what happened to murph
Pokerface: yes i know what you are talking about. carlton and umpires. in fact i knew without even reading it.
lukat: Having Zorko is an emotional rollercoaster. Have an easy league win and he knocks up 400 (with C)
lukat: When i do need him to go big he struggles
BestCoast: Didn’t choke we are just shower you would know about choking and gagging though wouldn’t you LeFLOG
LuvIt74: @Donz umm I don’t see Docherty tonning up mate he will be lucky to score 75
pcaman2003: Murphy hurt his hip before half time. The baby is still sore.
casey22: Come on Lions. I could tag Gibbs, why waste Rocky?
teachrtony: LuvIt, agree with Donz, Doch regularly smashes out a big second half.
MattyZ: @luvit which bunch of thieves are you with?
Lestat: Your mum says hi from my bedroom WetToast.
BestCoast: It would be one of the seasons biggest embarrassments if the Eagles make the finals
SilverLion: All good Murphs ok. Thank the lord. Now back to the floggin hah
Pokerface: lol matty
BestCoast: She would suck you in and spit out the bones half inch
BestCoast: Buy the way ass clown my Mum died earlier this year
LuvIt74: @Matty I am with ALL the corporate bookies and also Betfair
LMartos: Put Docherty back, they literally have no structure when he’s not there
J.Worrall: Go follow gibbs – see what he’s doing and find some form for next week, Rocky!
LuvIt74: @BestCoast Sorry to hear that mate
MattyZ: thought you meant you worked for one haha
SwaggyP: wow this chat got heavy, poor form lestat.
th3rio: @Lestat, theres a line in the sand when it comes to mothers mate. You’re always picking fights with people.
Pokerface: luvit quite clearly he was talking about where he works
BestCoast: Cheers Luvit all good though she cracked 80 and had a kick ass
Pokerface: and you implied you were the same?
heppelitis: fuk this..pick rocky hoping to get 35 touches…sitting on 6
Pokerface: can i ask which one you are at matty?
Pokerface: with those odds i would guess the hill
BestCoast: Life her only regret was not seeing the Dorkers snag a flag
LuvIt74: @teachrtony im afraide to state the obvious but Docherty won’t be scoring remotely close to a ton.
wadaramus: Carn Zorko, keep going mate!
Apachecats: I’ll back in a ton from Doch
LuvIt74: I do my tipping through Sportsbet but seldom do I bet with them.
lukat: Zorko been off for a while
Donz: Alright LuvIt know it all.. We’ll see who goes quiet at the end of the game when he does in fact score the ton
piro: first gamer top score for carlton…lol
lukat: K back on zorko
BestCoast: @th3rio all good champ LeFLOG is just LeFLOG
th3rio: big stef has stopped keep going champ
LuvIt74: He’s on 59 ffs with 8 minutes left
teachrtony: No faith LuvIt. I’m predicting 127
poolboybob: Gee Beams is cheap as chips
teachrtony: LivIt, 8 minutes = the last quarter.
teachrtony: oops, meant +
Donz: LuvIt you flog its the 3rd qtr
Apachecats: Theres 4 quarters in the game today @luvit
LuvIt74: @teachtony lol I was hoping he would score that b4 the game started
LuvIt74: Shit my apologies I thought this was the last
Donz: only 11 from your bold “he’ll be lucky to score 75” prediction
Sloaneyyyy: Can someone take rockliff or the back and shoot him please
teachrtony: lol
J.Worrall: P-S wins the logie, Zorko wins the telly
wadaramus: Tagging and antagonizing in AFL is getting ridiculous, and the instigator always gets rewarded.
LuvIt74: No kidding and here i am thinking you guys were taking the pi$$
LMartos: Zorko so lucky there, could’ve got 2+ with connection
Donz: backing away from your suggestion he wont ton up LuvIt?
Raspel31: Totally agree wada
Apachecats: At least we know you are fallable @luvit
LuvIt74: @Donz lol nah mate I had a blonde moment the 127 is plausible
Yelse: rocky doesn’t care about the footy. not even looking. eyes only on gibbs
Haydo: suspension @lmartos
BestCoast: Agree wada be so good if that crap didn’t have to happen
oc16: what has happened to the PIG? this is a sad day
StuL: Will sell Rocky for pants.
pcaman2003: Horrid turnovers in the blues forward 50
LuvIt74: and i was a little concerned about hitting at least 2400
LMartos: -7 for a 50m, so harsh
J.Worrall: Rocky to Beams?
frenzy: c’mon rocky ffs get amongst it
JButcher: Witherden with a 40 point AF quarter
teachrtony: Well, McKay might be very handy in a couple of weeks.
aces-high: 2504 team is called safe with whatever Zorko and docherty score last qtr hopefully jump up
original: Gee that non play on call
pcaman2003: After 2 kicks to the forward 50 Murphy score stays the same. BS
StuL: There was still some doubt about selling Rocky last week. None Now.
pcaman2003: Great qtr by Witherden. Good come back
frenzy: rocky the floweren tagger, just great
lukat: Come on zorko don’t stop now
Haydo: 60 would be good from rocky atm
original: @stut why didn’t you tell me that
BestCoast: Lions might need a goal to steady the ship
pcaman2003: Did a new team step on the field?
teachrtony: FMSC, looks like Docherty might not ton up.
wadaramus: Lift Brisbane!!
LuvIt74: 2232 with Martin & Docherty although certain par this week will be around 2350 to 2400
J.Worrall: Kruze rewarding the trade from Goldy
Raspel31: Serves Lions right if Lions win for wasting Rocky in taking Gibbs out.
LMartos: was hoping for 2400 before today but will take 2300, just need Doch to get 84
Raspel31: Carlton win-whoops.
J.Worrall: Is that really what you meant to say, Raspel?
teachrtony: 2448 with Doch, Stef and Zorks
LuvIt74: Come on spud blues, i tipped all 6 winners until today looks like I’ll be stuck on 6
Apachecats: Doch -1 for the first 10 mins
man0005: 2600 with murphy, zorko, kreuzer and beams
LuvIt74: @teachrtony your on 2448 does that include Doch, Stef & Zorks current scores?
pcaman2003: I wonder if Murphy will ever hit a target inside 50. 5 fails so far.
teachrtony: Yeah LuvIt, current score.
JRedden: bloody rockliff
Apachecats: then gets 18 in 2 minutes after Iposted
LMartos: Actually just checked again and I’m on 37938 with Docherty to go
thommoae: Doc’s score looks a tad different when the Blues are playing catch-up. Can’t chip the ball around the backline.
teachrtony: Apache, post again lol
Raspel31: Yep LMartos-reckon a tad of exaggeration going on tonight.
lukat: Zork doesn’t feel like touching the footy this half
wadaramus: Doch looking like tonning up 🙂
carlton_99: 4 times today bloody umpire open your eyes.
mardyb: do something rock FFS. lay a tackle get a cheapy!!
LMartos: he’s also played midfield a lot of the game @thommoae
J.Worrall: I will exceed that, @LMartos
carlton_99: Thats it well done umpires u FLOGS
LMartos: technically my score’s correct, it’s just my total score
Apachecats: Murph ha done a lot better since the hip injury.
LuvIt74: My current score is 2420 with Doch & Stef – Shit maybe the average in top 1000 is over 2400
Raspel31: Lol LMartos-beating me by 2.
LuvIt74: Can ya believe Zorko has only scored 29 points in 1 and half quarters
thommoae: Involved Doc – but not as free with the plus 6s
lukat: Come on Zork get 150
Raspel31: Barret’s head is so unfortunate I sometimes mistake him for Rocky.
pcaman2003: Apachecats. Murphy stopped again.
original: How many of those bs frees have been paid
carlton_99: Biggest robbery i have ever seen in this last qtr. Absoloutely pathetic umpiring
LMartos: how does Rich keep getting so many shots, he’s the designated outside 50 pass off
Donz: Zorko getting points for warming the pine… Rockliff is the worst trade in I have made all year
J.Worrall: Get a flamin’ move on, Smurf!
MattyZ: oi carlton we have more scoring shots, umpiring not the reason we’re down, many others
Haydo: hit the ton witherden
carlton_99: Yes but in this last qtr when we came back to within 12 they have wreckewd us
pcaman2003: Looks like I might miraculously win a tight one.
circle52: Could say the same about some Brisbane frees not being paid either
carlton_99: 10 frees for the whole game is a joke
Donz: I should be playing Witherden over Rocky at this stage
Haydo: 3 more points Luvit
LMartos: c’mon Doch, ton up and extend the streak
pcaman2003: Flower off Beams.Don’t score any more.
AngryRyno: ringo the biggest umpire whinger around
Donz: thanks rockliff with that high tackle you lose points but get doch over the ton
CBeezDeez: To all the statistical geniuses that said hold Rocky! Far queue
Donz: agree cbdz
carlton_99: Circle you must not be watching the game
circle52: 29 Frees for the game a bit different from the 2 50+ we have had this weekend
LMartos: Hail Docherty and his constant tonning up ability
carlton_99: you have had double the frees plus about 4 50m for ur guys playing on on the mark and the ump not calling it quickly en
carlton_99: ough
lukat: That Post, smh
pcaman2003: Murphy,where the hell are you?
lukat: Woulda got zorko over the 150
Apachecats: Gotta make your own call@cbd
carlton_99: What are u on about u still had double our frees plus 4 50m penalties that each werent 50’s as the ump didnt call playon
teachrtony: 2500 atm. Best game all year. BTW, no exaggeration Rascall
AngryRyno: cheeky star change
carlton_99: Biggest robbery i have ever seen in this last qtr. Absoloutely pathetic umpiring
frenzy: thank for the X factor m0nty, but its not helping
MattyZ: oi carlton stop embarrassing us, we’re a skeleton crew that wasted opportunity and played bad barring 10 minutes
circle52: You had 2 50m in first half and kicked behinds – Umpires did not cost 27 scoring shots each so there is your answer.
Haydo: rocky x factor??? Didn’t do much
Donz: 99 you are a flog.. Carlton lost the game in the first half
Donz: He shut down Gibbs Haydo..
lukat: Rocky did well
circle52: @Haydo had job on Gibbs and keeping him to 9 possessions would say did job.
Haydo: yeah ok thanks circle, didn’t have a good game sc wise tho, hopefully he doesn’t have to tag next week and is backtoform
J.Worrall: Go huckleberry!

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