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Chat log from R18 of 2017: Collingwood vs West Coast

Chat log for Collingwood vs West Coast, R18 of 2017

stew42: Kennedy kicks to Reid who goals. Sure this isn’t a Swans game?
teachrtony: Come on Treloar, lift, no Pendles, this is your time.
dipstick: treloar and the players are smoked. they cant hide their attitude about bucks anymore
DrSeuss: Treloar and Sidebutt – lift a little??
BestCoast: @dipstick agreed just hope Pies sign Bucks for 4
pcaman2003: Restrict Grundy you plod Vardy.
BestCoast: More
CBeezDeez: Who can they replace him with if they want experienced coach? 1.5 mill get Roos out of bed?
9inch: Deliberate O/B my ass. Terrible decision.
dipstick: DT points sidey NOT SC points.. i need DT points and lesser SC points. change your game around pls
SilverLion: Donut for Maynard
AFL Blues: Is McGovern injured? Is he on?
Lewysport: Their all off at the mo @aflblues,lol.
dipstick: thankfully no yonuts this week from yeo the slacker
Lewysport: 310 up against treloar, rocky and Murphy, thin chance??
Torz: Sidey looks to be getting tagged by Hutchings
man0005: reloar, rocky and Murphy against 130, any chance?
Costanza: the Blair Witch Will Turn Up Today project
circle52: @man005 looks safe 2lewysport slim chane but could win if Both Murph and Rocky ton up.
pcaman2003: Yeo running on his own. Will score huge today.
poolboybob: I guess Leigh Matthews hasn’t noticed that Priddis has gone way downhill
Lewysport: Cheers circle, hope rocky pops his shoulder early, just kidding.
circle52: Think I am cooked in the one SC League want to win
circle52: Him 250 plus Treloar and Witherden v Howe, Rocky, Doc and Stef
poolboybob: Great chase by Yeo
Lewysport: If doc goes big and treloar keeps this up, chances improving circle52!
AFL Blues: Is McGovern sore? Is he playing well?
Haydo: I’m not watching but sc score would say mcgovern is on and playing well @AFL Blues
Lewysport: Bloody s/c scaled up Greene 10%!!
zadolinnyj: What happened to mitchell
original: Keep going grundy..repay the faith
th3rio: soreness @zadolinnyj
teachrtony: @zad, he was rested
zadolinnyj: Thanks guys
pcaman2003: Gee Vardy. Grundy is all over your butt.
AFL Blues: Nick Graham hasn’t touched the ball yet.
teachrtony: Outstanding observation AFL Blues!
dipstick: Stef Martin OUT Kreuzer IN
SilverLion: Overdue Grundy
poolboybob: Opposing rucks must be averaging 140 against the Eagles. Vardy and Petrie are bad.
dipstick: but only in my AF team
teachrtony: @dipstick, you just scared the crap out of me re Stef out.
SilverLion: Yeo playing so well, doesn’t even have an official position
dipstick: sorry boss. just updating my squads. little heart palputation never hurt nobody 😉
Lewysport: You better not curse Kruezer dipstick,lol.
Heizenberg: Hi all
Heizenberg: Match day?
Heizenberg: OMG just got my blues tema in one sec before lockout haha
Heizenberg: Maynard and gaff killing me here
teachrtony: I’ve got 5 trades left. and have Stef, Nank and Ryder. Hope to go Nank to Kruiser during finals.
teachrtony: Otherwise Gawn, depending on his form and my warchest.
lukat: I can’t be the only trade-a-holic here, right? Only got 2 trades left and i plan on using them before finals 🙂
MONEY TALK: i have 2 trades to and am dying to trade
Lewysport: Got 5 lukat and cover on each line, late injuries are the killer.
Yelse: trelaor lift pls pls pls
teachrtony: By round 13 I was not in the hunt for the prize so held my trades. Ranked about 800 but concentrating on leagues.
stew42: Really hoping the people ranked above me all have Gaff 😛
Ladbrokes_: Yes adamssss
Nuffman: what’s happened to Yeo after HT??
original: Come on grundy
pcaman2003: That’s it Yeo and Grundy,stay down
teachrtony: Keeps giving away free kicks Nuffman
sfmmp23: Don’t stop now Grundy
Nuffman: Bah Teach!
Ladbrokes_: Priddis allergic to kicking
DrSeuss: Yeo stopped?
J.Worrall: Everything stopped?
Apachecats: Yeo has definitely slowed Seuss
Donz: Why tombstone for Yeo? You trying to give me a heart attack?
Ladbrokes_: Priddis ton is coming…get hyped
Lewysport: Needed that Elliot!
teachrtony: That’s not the tombstone icon Donz, just the notes icon
J.Worrall: Yeo answers thwe ctritics
Lewysport: I think it means news donz, what news l don’t know?
Donz: Thanks Teacher, I see the difference now. Crisis averted
pcaman2003: Flower you Yeo.
Yelse: umpires really hate the pies its official this year
Pokerface: is that Yelse complaining about umps? I am in shock.
original: Come on grundy ffs mate
J.Worrall: You don’t have to be an umpire to hate the OPies
teachrtony: Hoskin-Elliot having a good game, only 6 weeks too late!
poolboybob: Yeo you muppet
LMartos: damn Yeo, that should’ve been a goal
Yelse: kick straight ffs
MONEY TALK: was going to say bulls eye for JJK but his efficiency is crap
poolboybob: Eagles are an impressively terrible fourth quarter team
faisca7: Treloar got 2sc points for a contested possession, clearance kick and score involvement? bs
faisca7: and they both just got taken off
AngryRyno: duggan muppett
Nuffman: @Money, his only effective disps, are his goals lol
poolboybob: This might really hurt the chances of the Eagles to lose in the first round of finals
original: Where’s the pies fans complaining about umpires now?
Nuffman: If eagles lose, my tips go to crap.. but my BOMBERS stay in the 8
LMartos: that is the worst call I’ve ever seen my goodness
poolboybob: 10 more frees for the Pies, yeah Yelse they sure are getting a tough go from the umpires
PLACEBOPIE: suck eggs 😀
LMartos: also why did Treloar lose like 5 points from 2 clearances?
Breezey: Get ya Hot Pies
faisca7: treloars getting fisted by CD
PLACEBOPIE: nuckley mastermind 😀 bolton can’t coach
pcaman2003: Vardy v Grundy mismatch big time. Grundy killing me thanks Vardy.
original: Also hurn winding back the clock these last two weeks
TyCarlisle: You dont get supercoach points from clearances.
sfmmp23: Good win Pies
poolboybob: Great win for the Pies, they should reward Bucks with a 5 year contract extension.
Pokerface: points change rapidly due to rescaling when its close at the end like this
Yelse: finally the umps finally @pool boy gave us one!
LMartos: yes you do Ty lol, c’mon
Beast_Mode: pies are shit, they should be tanking games if they had brains
Breezey: Go have a meeting Poolboy.
Breezey: We might rest Pendles next week too
MattyZ: you do realise every win the pies have the closer you get to complaining about bucks for another bunch of years
Ladbrokes_: Hopefully yeo gets scaled down for that god awful miss to cost them the game
Pokerface: even tanking cant get the eagles to win in vic

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