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Chat log from R18 of 2017: Richmond vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Richmond vs Western Sydney, R18 of 2017

Lestat: GWS to win by less than a goal.
teachrtony: Tipped the Tiges. Time they stepped up. Also want GWS out of the 4 so hoping lmao
teachrtony: Big games from Dusty, Tank and Heater.
Lestat: Ellis, Martin and Greene to go big for me.
frenzy: arvo peoples
teachrtony: Quiet day for big Mummy would be nice too.
BestCoast: top of the day to you @frenzy
Lestat: gday frenzy
teachrtony: Tigers only have 21 players? Bit harsh.
Haydo: whos missing teachrtony
teachrtony: Must’ve been Ellis, but sorted now.
original: How good does nank go when he is in the ruck….
Lestat: Corey Ellis was missing.
teachrtony: 14 minutes in and I have a 6, a 3 and 0. Woop woop.
frenzy: Nank pls? lift
Lestat: Nank does SFA when a 2nd ruck in team normally.
LMartos: This Soldo, Nank ruck duo is awful, bad coaching in my opinion
LMartos: Soldo doesn’t have the tank/isn’t ready, and Nank isn’t a viable forward option, and was great as a solo ruck
Lestat: Greene you muppet.
Lestat: At least 3 weeks for that.
teachrtony: Agree LMartos, same with Archie Smith for Lions.
LMartos: Toby you’re an idiot, why man
MONEY TALK: what did he do now to annoy me, i was just about to say greene looking good
LMartos: Cotchin didn’t get a week for something similar but bad record may give Greene 1
Pantsman: Damnit Greene. Need you for my draft league finals!
Raspel31: Greene most definitely gone.
GOD: Toby, GOD says no charge to answer!
teachrtony: Ward having a terrific second half to the season.
PowerBug: Only got Rance in SC from this game. Nice start!
Lestat: @Money he punched Rance on the chin. 3 weeks at least becauuse 3rd report this year.
Breezey: GOD is incorrect. Will get a week or two for having prior suspensions. No doubt.
PowerBug: This Patton fellow is really good
LMartos: Looking at Cotchin’s again it’s shocking he didn’t get a week
SilverLion: Benched Nank for Greenwood’s 103, looking good! Oppo has Rance though :/
Lestat: Donuts for Jack and Nank.
original: Just the 21 frees that qtr.
frenzy: Dizzy Greene
m0nty: it’s a pity Richmond are missing Dusty from suspension, they could really use him out there today.
MONEY TALK: and ppl say nick riewolt is done lol still looks better than his cousin on half a leg
Lestat: @PowerBug he is finally showing why he was drafted #1
MONEY TALK: if greene cops a week or more need cameron to come back, greenwood cant cover both
frenzy: penguin Jack
Pantsman: Greene 100% suspended. Question is whether it’s 1 or 2.
Raspel31: Tres amusant m0nty
Pantsman: Ah Kingy says 2 weeks as he won’t get a reduction. Sounds legit. FFS.
pies4spoon: Greene officially on report Fox is saying
MONEY TALK: did rance go down quick or was it a good hit
PowerBug: It was a proper whack. Rance didn’t go to ground
poolboybob: Greene is a great player but gee he’s a bit dumb
Pantsman: Similar in impact to Cotchin’s one I’d say. But his record + the AFL sensitivity means he’s gone.
MONEY TALK: get pendles and jezza out on injury, newman not doing great and now greene and two trades left looking sour for me
Lestat: Here comes the rain.
boo!: dusty wants his cape soon
Burkey1: @boo… geez a bit early don”t you think?
RGriffen: how does Lobb have 3 CP?
boo!: he was on 11sc 1st qtr
Pokerface: @rgriffen by getting 2 then getting another one
LMartos: was on 8 SC at QT actually
Lestat: Was on 18 DT though boo. So needs another 20 from here.
boo!: whats DT?
Lestat: @RGiffen CP are not disposals
pcaman2003: Just came home from lunch. Why is Kelly scoring so low?
Haydo: Lets go tigers!!!
Lestat: @boo Dream Team
original: Thanks nank
MONEY TALK: lol there were no tiger fans when they had no score now they appear
LMartos: Nank you’re terrible, should’ve taken Tex’s 75
Haydo: i was always here just tensely watching the game b4
boo!: @lestat, never played dt, but martin gone up over 50sc
Burkey1: @moneytalk… lol stkilda
pcaman2003: Kelly and Nank have just sunk my weekend scoring for sure.
Lestat: @boo sc doesn’t count for cape.
original: Umpiring been woeful the last 10m
boo!: @lestat thank you for correcting me, i apologise profusely
MONEY TALK: @burkey1 yes about 2 weeks ago hmmm
original: @pcaman Nank for me too ffs
Lestat: All good boo.
original: These Richmond umpires..
LMartos: how can you let Edwards take that what a disgrace
Pokerface: cape, gun etc are based on dt scores, though most are here for the sc
lukat: Might look at Martin over Titchell
MONEY TALK: mark robinson my oppo has martin, nank and kelly oh and lord bolton
original: Wonder if Giants will think about tagging martin. PLZ for my supercoach
SilverLion: ffs Martin…
Haydo: got dusty rance, kelly and nank
circle52: If Nank does not lift will npt be able to do Nank to Ryder in one trade.
Beast_Mode: hopefully soldo is out next week
circle52: Should have been easyt with 200k
Yelse: where is Nav playing? why so little whiteouts and no possessions
SilverLion: Give the Nank his donut
PLACEBOPIE: Martin got the cape 😛
circle52: Have Rance and Nank here
Burkey1: @money talk 1 game does not define your season, how did they back it up?
MONEY TALK: @burkey we r basically like Richmond we aren’t even consistent
Burkey1: @money talk… but with no media scrutiny 🙂
Haydo: the people on the radio said take away the two blowouts richmond are the most consistent team in the comp @money
teachrtony: Haydo, Lions most consistent lol
MONEY TALK: @burkey yea Richmond have big expectations from media especially the way u guys started
Burkey1: @Haydo I agree, apart from 4 qtrs.. very consistant.
MONEY TALK: if it weren’t for all those last minute losses probs would be first
MONEY TALK: richmond supporters i know are way better than the melbourne supporters i know irl every loss has a excuse
Burkey1: @boo!…Dusty huuuuuge!!!! where’s the cape!!!
lukat: Shiel has been everywhere today
original: Flower off dusty
Lewysport: Whitfield gone missing!
Pokerface: @lewy check lamberts house
Lewysport: Ha ha poker, that’s what his missus said!
LMartos: McIntosh hahahahahahah
Yelse: cmon nank lift.. both opponents don’t have you
Costanza: carn Nank
original: Come on least beat the 25 point head start my opponent has
Burkey1: carn Nank
teachrtony: Greenes report has really shut him down. Don’t think he’s scored since.
original: Lol @teachetony it’s because gws have been woeful
BestCoast: Soldo and Wankervis solid duo not
Fatbar5tad: Nank has been Archied by Soldo.
Burkey1: @bestcoast. the 90s called… they want there catch phrase back 🙂
Lestat: How was that HTB against Patton? He didn’t play on.
Apachecats: One of my last two trades will be to get rid of nankervis.
DrSeuss: The one week where none of my opponents have Josh Kelly…step up GWS
original: Home time umpires much wow
original: Hope ground*
Fatbar5tad: Me too Apache. But I Holiday Greene as well.
HawkTalker: wtf nankervis… 1 touch? ONE?!
original: I’ll just give up lol
BestCoast: @original you are loving the Umps this week Blues supporters talking about umps should be banned
Fatbar5tad: GWS like to play pretty football. It’s not the go today.
Apachecats: Nank just dropped a chest mark then fmbled he reboun
Lestat: That’s rich coming from an Eagles fan BestCoast.
StuL: Go nank. What’s star,!
BestCoast: @ Burkey the wonk was corrected by mOnty
PLACEBOPIE: goal nank 😀
Costanza: Nank yanks the chain
Lewysport: What do reckon Whitfield has to get to not loophole witherden guys?
Apachecats: I take it all back Nank
lukat: Good Nank
BestCoast: @Lestat I haven’t been going on about umps all weekend Flog
Apachecats: Tiges are home ,calling it now.
MONEY TALK: martin went from oh im going to play bad today to im coming for the top score this week
StuL: It’s a nank surge.
Apachecats: Yeah @money ,he was on 15sc at 1/4 time.
Lestat: @BestCoast that’s because your mob have not played yet. Muppet.
HawkTalker: He did that last week too, MT
Haydo: yeah
BestCoast: Never mentioned umps and Eagles once in 5 years ya knob jockey
StuL: There’s still plenty of time for the Tigers to choke
Costanza: seacrh Nank in Wikipedia all played AFL – almost strange
Haydo: it was like this last time we played them ARGGGHHH
Lestat: Yeah right. Only every 2nd week. Douchebag.
SilverLion: 25 possies, 3 FA, 68% efficiency, 135 SC? Titchell’s game last night was ten fold better…
Fatbar5tad: @Lewy. I reckon 90
BestCoast: @Lestat the receiver of swallow goods
th3rio: martyyy
BestCoast: @LeKnob not once in 5 years clown
th3rio: Calm down @Lestat, no need for that.
Beast_Mode: 3 votes dusty
dipstick: blow it your arse kelly you lazy bastard
MONEY TALK: @silverlion i think because of his contested possies and clearances
Lewysport: Thanks Fat, get in my belly!,
SilverLion: Yeah maybe MONEY, and I spose no-one else for them is playing that well se hes gettin all the SC for them.
Lestat: No need for what th3rio?
th3rio: good call on Greene shutting down after the strike, he was on 38 after qtr time, poor since 🙁
Haydo: @silverlion it’s also metres gained and he already has 9 clearences
LMartos: Greene is clutch though, could easily still ton up
th3rio: hope so @LMartos, traded him in this week. Was nice having him for one match.
Lewysport: 4 tk, 4 mk, and 9 inside 50s to silverlion, someone has to get the points like you said.
LMartos: scored like 60 in the last quarter a couple times so we’ll see if he lifts here
th3rio: just boosted to 69 pretty quick, I think you might be right
th3rio: Good boy Kelly!
Costanza: cue StevieJ
lukat: Here they come.
pcaman2003: Thanks Kelly. Lift some more.Good goal.
Haydo: come on jack
th3rio: Is dusty playing forward? Would definitely love a 10 minute stint in the mid from him to boost up even more.
Costanza: over-turning point?
Lewysport: Same th3rio, a Rory number be nice!
th3rio: I thought I was toast after my oppt banked sloanes score, Dusty is keeping me in this @Lewysport
original: Dusty packed up shop. No cherries plz
pcaman2003: C’mon Dusty.Find the ball again
Haydo: dusty back in the mid and we will win
Lewysport: Similar boat th3rio, need Whitfield to towel up Greene too!🤞
th3rio: good luck! hoping Greene bags a couple of cheeky goals to ton up!
LMartos: Greene not given contested handball, blasphemy!
MONEY TALK: alright greene ur gonna cop weeks so ton up to make up for it
Lewysport: Only if Martin goes 170 th3rio.
th3rio: Need to take them greene 🙁
LMartos: how is that drop mark a clanger, have they seen the conditions, what a joke, no one has taken a mark for 10 minutes
Lewysport: Love Martins little dinky kicks in the pack, point city!
th3rio: I was confident he would hit 170ish but hes spending too long forward
Burkey1: giants cooked!!! injuries and suspensions
Lewysport: Back in you box Greene…
th3rio: come on Greene! paid 514k to get 1 game out of you
circle52: Possible big scalings to come in SC only 3102 so far with 8 mins to go
Lewysport: Toby tonless today, terrific!
Costanza: firing Green up will always leave you a bit down and hungry
Lewysport: Quick maths circle!
Haydo: almost nank
pcaman2003: Is Rance on his own? Getting easy possies.
StuL: It’s Tiger time at last. Surely got to win a final this year.
MONEY TALK: @circle what is it meant to scale up too
th3rio: oh my god greene
dipstick: its actually on 3292 sc total so downscaling most likely
MattyZ: If richmond make the 4 they go down to adelaide then face a melbourne team in melbourne or sydney so dont bet on it Stul
man0005: Actually its 3182, so upscaling still to come
AngryRyno: misleading comment, time for a snooze ringo
ronl: Congratulations Toby, you’re now officially on my ‘never again list’!
pcaman2003: Kelly’s last 2 touches and behinds should’ve put him over the ton.
Pokerface: man005 i think you left out nankervis. easy to do, but he did play.
dipstick: no it clearly says its 3290+ 🙂
circle52: It was 3157 when I posted 9 minutes ago so 200 points allocated in last 9 mins. 3300 magic number
Burkey1: Go Tiges.

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