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Chat log from R18 of 2017: Essendon vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Essendon vs North Melbourne, R18 of 2017

frenzy: Tankeroos
frenzy: Taz out, Josh Williams to debut
SilverLion: Scotty obv wantsd the no. 1 pick, all he has to do is tank rd 23 though.
m0nty: Roos lost last six with Tarrant
SilverLion: With or without m0nty?
Umpirespet: How much do Essendon win by 2day 100?
m0nty: with
m0nty: Tarrant has played last six for North, they lost all six
frenzy: Seven players with less than eight games experience today, should be 15 goal thumping
Lestat: If Essendon can’t win by 10+ goals they suck.
SilverLion: Ah righto m0nty, not sure if him being out will help though 😛
SilverLion: 90+ from Higgins would be fantastic today
lukat: Good evening Lads
duckky: -14 for big joe
Fizzy343: -14 for joe lol
m0nty: well done the boy Williams! Beautiful kick.
Lestat: What odds was Williams at for 1st goal?
m0nty: Dons reading the press too much, bit lazy
Lestat: This is why I don’t see Ess making finals.
original: Wow this start
original: It’s impossible for Myers to score More sc points than he has possessions
Beast_Mode: bomber so frustrating week to week, so up and down
Haydo: At the start of the year on my prediction ladder I had North on the bottom of the ladder
circle52: I will take the blame for Hurley brought him in this week.
lukat: Dont go too big Heppell, dont wanna feel bad for trading you out next week.
original: Come on zerrett smh
Lestat: He has had 7 disposals original.
BestCoast: How is everyones team looking this week, i was lucky enough to get of to a flyer
BestCoast: Norfs having a dig
JRedden: luke mcdonald has turned into a jet, looking at him next year
Nuffman: Essendon had a decent 6 minutes in that qtr.. the rest.. worst footy I’ve seen since Ess v Carl
runt: Baguley flying well under the radar
runt: subterranean
original: Myers I take everything back keep going for my bench lol
JockMcPie: Hurley needs to lift…
Lestat: Hurley’s DE shocking today.
circle52: As I said I broke him Hurley traded him in as a POD
Ash777: hope norf win for the lols
BestCoast: RooBoy would be getting trouser arousal
grossn: Love the commentary Mr. Riddle, keep it up
luke394: why is Goldy the whipping boy at north? he played one shit game lol
frenzy: Lmac playing well
Lestat: Hey RooBoy, where is Goldstein?
Lestat: @luke394 he has play about 12 shower games this year.
Beast_Mode: Fantasy wise yes only 1 bad game. but goldy has been shithouse for a while
Nuffman: My Kingdom for a fair run with the umps this game
MattyZ: trust garner to go massive the week i bench him in a keeper
luke394: Myers to score 60
BestCoast: Norfs look a lot better without FLOG Thomas hope he has player his last game the A-Grade worm
Nuffman: why was that not brought back?
luke394: amen to that @bestcoast
pcaman2003: Is Larkey going for a new record?
SC_brAh: z.merret touch the ball bro
Hawks_13: where has ben brown and majak daw been all year?
LMartos: @hawks_13 Brown is like 4th in the coleman lol
Hawks_13: I meant as in sc scores
Lestat: Clearly touched.
poolboybob: Not a greaat debut from Larkey
pcaman2003: Larkey 83% TOG ,no possies and now -5. Ouch!
Breezey: If you have Larkey as an emergency in the forward line, does his score still count as cover.
poolboybob: Traded out Heppell for Jelwood this week so no surprise to see Heppell finally have a good game
runt: That will teach Larkey for texting instead of old fashioned praying. I want a ton auto-corrected to I want a donut
pcaman2003: @poolboybob. Felt the same yesterday trading Tuohy for Laird
Nuffman: Umps: crap, Essendon have actually pulled ahead” *Gifts 3 goals*
sfenda1: Hoping north can win this
poolboybob: Brick wall for McGrath
runt: rest-assured, North always lose the close ones
circle52: @breezy unfortunately it does count so atm you are looking at -4 if needed.
Nuffman: Witches hats for all of Essendon
luke394: Myers on Track for a 60 still
Nuffman: One day, Eddie won’y be utterly biased… today is not that day
Haydo: 61 luke
Costanza: Colyer should hand back #32
frenzy: Lol hooker
Breezey: I realise that. I was just having a laugh at it being called “cover” with a score like that
Lestat: C’mon Hurls. Ton up please.
Haydo: how long till hooker capes up
Hawks_13: does anyone know the record for the lowest score?
Lestat: 50 DT points in a 1/4 for cape Haydo
chris7399: larkey with some stats on the board at last!
frenzy: Witches hat for Liz
Nuffman: or 3 goals Lestat
circle52: Can remember a -7 a couple years back Hawks – But that was a result of injury in first quarter
Lestat: Ahh yeah forgot about goals Nuffman.
frenzy: Make it a mare for Hurley
poolboybob: Michael Gardiner had a -19 for St Kilda like 10 years ago
Nuffman: all good 🙂
runt: Larkey still has a chance to kick a goal with his 1st kick
Lestat: Larkey going to do a Kade Simpson. Donuts 1st 6 games.
original: Junk time for Hurley hehe
luke394: do I take Myers loophole or play Witherden?
frenzy: Nice Liz
Lestat: Witherden @luke.
original: Wither
DragonLass: blue moon for garner
DragonLass: nah luke394 you want to play wither now

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