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Chat log from R18 of 2017: Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R18 of 2017

LMartos: both my rucks in this game, went well when Ryder played Nank a few weeks ago
pcaman2003: Oliver starting in the negative again.
m0nty: This game is reminding me strongly of last night.
Haydo: gawn and hibberd vs powel pepper and rydder in this game
m0nty: RGray going cold up forward like Danger last night. Chad too.
Haydo: j trengove and j trengove are both second last in suppercoach points
original: Butcher for wines? Wow those two kicks
LMartos: learn to kick Wines ffs
Lestat: Is Max back to best?
JButcher: Burning the footy like a bottom side atm
LMartos: Max has started very well yes
m0nty: Max is looking much better.
BestCoast: Agree @m0nty just hope he does quite make his BE be ripe for the picking next week
original: Lol garlett
BestCoast: Port costing me my multi why oh why do i make spud decisions
grossn: Only reason I tipped demons is because Port haven’t beaten a top 8 team this season lmao
LMartos: seriously don’t understand why they wouldn’t put Robbie Gray in the midfield, he’s an AA mid
JButcher: Dees should be 8 goals up
Lestat: Melb got some guns back and was easy to tip them.
BestCoast: I like to have a bit of fat on the bones when punting its all about the odds and dividends
pcaman2003: I need Ollie on the ground.
9inch: About time Max
Haydo: Melbourne are extraordinary
JockMcPie: Melbourne showing this is why anyone in the 8 can win it
pcaman2003: Hibberd get only 3 pts for that? Kick inside 50 to hogan who goals
Haydo: this reminds me of the richmond stk game, not too much in the 1st qr but thrashed in the 2nd
pcaman2003: Kick the ball Olliver. It’s called football,not handball.
TheOnyas: onya gawny
Lestat: Why is Dixon being booed?
Haydo: One l in oliver pcaman
runt: Oliver must be the designated handballer and Hunt the kicker
JButcher: Diabolical Port
pcaman2003: @lestat. Earlier rough play. Dees fans disliked it.
runt: Power are absolutely shit
Lestat: Thanks pcaman.
Lestat: No free to Frost? That is poor umpiring.
Torz: Robbie Gray in the midfield makes Port such a better side.
BestCoast: Dees keeping fans from going to the snow
pcaman2003: TOG for Oliver killing his score.More game time coach.
luke394: lift ollie
LMartos: Gawn and Hibbo fantastic for me so far, Ryder ok and Wines and Robbie Gray average
Haydo: @lestat, I was on holidays when Richmond played St K but I heard u wanted to roast me, who do u go for again?
Lestat: I don’t follow any of the current teams as you already know Haydo
Haydo: sure sure, u probably support brisbane or North
Lestat: Plus I never said anything about you in the Rich v StK game or any other.
Lestat: Fitzroy if you must know. I have said it many times and you know that.
Haydo: i have a photo of it, it just got sent to me
Lestat: All you are trying to do is create arguments.
Lestat: BS Haydo. Stop being a douche
Lestat: Oh look I am Haydo
Haydo: Ok ok Lestat, just trying to entertain myself during the ht break
anthsill03: do you guys need a room?
Haydo: I can change my name too Haydo.
LMartos: Gray and Wines’ clangers have been so unnecessary and triggering
Haydo: Hey thats not fair, im haydo
Haydo: I suppose everyone wants to be me so fair enough
m0nty: back on the game please
Haydo: sorry monty
Brenno_173: i dont lol
LMartos: Gawn off ground injured apparently, pls be alright :(((
Haydo: for real LMartos??? 🙁
Brenno_173: yay
LMartos: that’s what the AFL app says
poolboybob: Hibberd you beauty
Breezey: Robbie Gray is single handedly turning this game towards Port. Not over this game just yet
LMartos: hamstring according to SEN
Yelse: what injure FML
Lestat: All good Haydo.
Breezey: Saying a calf on the sidelne
pcaman2003: Hibberd,great,Ollie pull your finger out son.
LMartos: Gray should be on more SC points in my biased opinion, catalyst for Port
Breezey: Although I saying that Gawn is back on the ground
wadaramus: Gawn strapped up back on ground.
Lestat: Gray should be playing more in the middle imo
runt: I live about 20km from Pedersons house and I heard him give out a whoop of joy when Gawn went down
pcaman2003: Amazing! Oliver had a second kick
runt: In a few years Oliver just might get the hang of this FOOTball thing.
pcaman2003: @runt. He has talent,just needs to maximise it.
JButcher: Logan Austin is not AFL standard
LMartos: Robbie Gray could be on 80 if he’d been better by foot
Lestat: Did I miss something with Max getting injured? Just saw him in the ruck.
pcaman2003: SPP has dropped right off since half way through the 2nd qtr.
runt: Rick ryder has only become better as the season elongates
SC_brAh: Hibberd you beast
Hawks_13: i see an upset coming
LMartos: As long as Maxy tons up I’ll be fine, clearly struggling
pcaman2003: Ton up Ollie!
SC_brAh: is wingard out for the day? fml
luke394: get Wines in field bfs
Lestat: Yes @brAh, maybe longer.
LMartos: Wines has been off for 10 minutes, no chance to get on
Burnsy03: Boak, Gawn, Hartlett ill take it
runt: Not much pressure being put on the scoreboard
m0nty: nominations for star please
runt: Rick gets the Kevin Bartlett trophy tonight
JButcher: Jetta M0nty
Haydo: hibber
J.Worrall: Star hibbo
Burnsy03: Hibberd
damoc85: hibbo
J.Worrall: Paddy kept Gawn honest!
Lestat: Hibberd
runt: Pederson weeps
CBeezDeez: Maybe gunHibberd. Robbie Gray really gave Port a sniff for a while…
J.Worrall: Happy with recruit Atley
Nuffman: Mayev Trengove (Melb) should get the Zombie?
jfitty: Gun for Ebert
runt: Rick hands back the trophy
J.Worrall: Go Dees!
lukat: Don’t tell me ollie….

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