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Chat log from R18 of 2017: Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast, R18 of 2017

Ben_Gogos: Only one key tall for the Suns today.
Lestat: Lynch and Wright Ben?
Ben_Gogos: @Lestat key tall defender*
Ben_Gogos: Wood gone forward to exacerbate the issue
Lestat: Ahhh. Didn’t see Thompson was out.
circle52: Some of the ball treatment for JJ so far
circle52: Wind will be a factor Suns will need 5 goals up. at qtr time.
poolboybob: Hey Bont, match has started.
jgilf: Macrae on track for 300
Haydo: GO macrae
runt: Sean sucks……
lukat: Why do the Suns always play in the more exotic locations?
Haydo: where is it lukat
Roksta: Bont is awakening
Roksta: Shitless 50 to the dogs there
Lestat: in Cairns Haydo but Dogs home game.
OllieC: Shh @roksta you’ll curse him
Haydo: hmmm that’s strange thanks
Lestat: All about the $$$. Would be a small crowd in Melbourne.
Roksta: Superpicken
LMartos: Macrae loves Cairns, 170 3 years ago
circle52: Mellee $ to afl – Redpath may be in strife though hit to head will be looked at,
SilverLion: 100% efficiency from Macrae, rarely ever see him waste it.
lukat: Rodney Eade and Buckley both gone next season?
circle52: would say so lukat although Bucks may get reprieved if they keep winning.
Breezey: Harsh against Hanley there
circle52: Agree Breezy –
Lestat: #freekickBulldogs?
Smurfman: How’s Lynch on 51? Hasn’t he butchered it?
lukat: Macrae disappointing 2nd qtr
leorosman_: smurfman 81% effieciency
poolboybob: 7 touches? Cmon Bont.
LMartos: lot of intercept possessions for Lynch
Smurfman: Yeah I just seen 1 play where he made about 7 mistakes
Lewysport: Double up Lynchy!
poolboybob: Can probably chuck the tombstone on Morris. Hope it’s not his last game.
TheOnyas: have a crack bonty
lukat: Greenwood a viable option to keep? Or upgrade to Lynch or the likes of Franklin
PowerBug: On the field I would rather Buddy @lukat
Hawks_13: the only consistant forward in my eyes is macrae
Lewysport: Quite enjoyed Yeo’s output Hawks13?
Ben_Gogos: Muppet alert! Bontempelli misses a gilt edge chance, missing everything from 20 out on the slight angle!
Pokerface: micky walters since his move to the midfield
Hawks_13: yes i forgot about him. hes been great. but id take macrae over yeo.
lukat: All the top teams would have the same forward line, or extremely similar anyway
PowerBug: It’s like the Bont gets scared of the footy when I put the VC on him. Very annoying 🙁
StuL: I’m keeping greenwood. Quality bench cover or starter if there’s injuries.
poolboybob: Tonne up Witts
Haydo: macrae has only scored 10 points since qtr time 🙁
Burnsy03: powerbug no vc on danger?
Lestat: Ainsworth having a good 5 mins.
Yelse: seriously Macrea wake up….
Donz: Would be nice if Bont andMacrae could wake the eff up… But good to see Dalhaus return to form
Haydo: agree donz
PowerBug: Nah I doubted him this week. Thankfully didn’t go too big
J.Worrall: Redpath has won the TV!
Burnsy03: 140 is still big, who is your capt on?
Haydo: there we go macrae
teachrtony: Now Bont’s turn Donz/Haydo
PLACEBOPIE: The Bont wants out…….he wants a mill or he can’t be half assed
sfmmp23: Great qtr Bont and Lynch.
Hawks_13: anyone give the suns a chance?
Roksta: No idea placebo bont long term contract and next captain
Burnsy03: hawks 5 goal wind no chance
TheOnyas: onya macraey
Ben_Gogos: Damn good quarter by Ainsworth. 2 majors and 4 tackles.
Lestat: I see you’re fishing again Placebopie 😛
Haydo: he started teachrtony
Hawks_13: i agree @ burnsy but id love to see a close game
PLACEBOPIE: could be a half truth 😛
Roksta: Dahlhaus looking for targets instead of just bombing it looks a lot better.
poolboybob: Should I take Greenwood’s 103 or leave JP Kennedy on the field?
Roksta: Jpk poolboy
teachrtony: Needs a big last quarter Haydo.
Hawks_13: id go the safety @ poolboybob.100 is a good score in my eyes
Roksta: Moz broke both bones in his arm
Lestat: Bont will get 100+ as CD loves him.
Lestat: Could be career over Roksta.
heppelitis: Dr Brereton thinks he will be back this year lol
Trindacut: Brereton is a flog
Roksta: Hope not lestat love moz
Lestat: Great player, dud person.
Lestat: Brereton that is, not Morris.
casty46: Love derm
TheOnyas: pull your finger out bonty
Trindacut: The only thing I like about games he commentates is when he shuts the flower up
poolboybob: The best part about Brereton’s commentating is when he doesn’t talk.
Trindacut: Kept an eye on Wiits, could loophole Nankervis if he scored low
Trindacut: ha ha Bont, shaker’s POD for this game. Talk about a fall from grace.
9inch: Whats with Ablett playing every second game? Not good for footy if you ask me
Lestat: Couple of late goals for Bont will get him 40 points.
Pokerface: @9inch what’s with macaffer stuffing up his shoulder for good
MattyZ: “Not good for footy” alright mark robinson
Nuffman: Awkward moment when you offload wallis after putting up for 3 weeks with his declining scores…
poolboybob: Wallis is on 108 SC and has kicked the ball 3 times.
Trindacut: @MattyZ hahaha
Trindacut: @Nuffman Could of been worse, you could have offloaded Sloane this week.
Lestat: And your point is @poolboy?
Nuffman: True Trinda!
poolboybob: Witts is super consistent. Only below 80 3 times and only above 110 twice.
frenzy: bout time Dahl, bluemoon
9inch: Says hammy tightness for Ablett not shoulder. Bullcrap
Trindacut: Witts might let my ton streak down. 4/5 tons with Dahl, Macrae and Witts playing
Hawks_13: give johannisen the bin
Breezey: Would Geelong really get Gazza back to play here and there.
Viscount: I did offload sloane friday arvo! @Trindacut
Ben_Gogos: Been a long time since the Bulldogs notched up a triple digit score.
teachrtony: Trinda, will be big scores this week. I’m om 8 tons with Bont and Laird the only that haven’t so far.
lukat: Witts best pick up at 200 something K this year
Trindacut: Agreed lukat
frenzy: agreed lukat
stew42: Macrae stuck on 99 for what felt like half a quarter :/
Trindacut: Nank not a bad pickup either.
Trindacut: Picked up Kruezer after the bye, reckon that was my best pickup this year
lukat: i grabbed ollie and murphy around low 400k too this year
Lestat: Newman my best selection.

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