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Chat log from R18 of 2017: Adelaide vs Geelong

Chat log for Adelaide vs Geelong, R18 of 2017

Lestat: Very surprised Sloane is playing after last week.
SC_brAh: Did I mishear, is Selwood ill?
Snarfy: Is Danger a definite starter?
Umpirespet: Which one SC_brah?
Lestat: No late changes.
Yelse: would you still VC dangerfield?
feralmong: If he kicks another 5 you would in hindsight.
ReggieOz: Danger & Sloane both out there
9inch: Still traded Sloanes ass. Expect a 50-60 from him tonight.
dipstick: would you VC danger? what a ridiculous question. nah VC the queen mother or mother tereasa
9inch: Maybe Jelwood will step up tonight for VC
ReggieOz: Danger Vc ’cause everyone has jumped off
feralmong: my opp has C on danger. There’s confidence. lol.
Yelse: calm yourselves down boys… danger in the middle!!
9inch: Danger in the middle looks fine
Heizenberg: Hi guys
Heizenberg: How are we all?
dipstick: danger has aggits the size of watermelons. his injury was total overacting. will help him win the brownlow
Apachecats: Very well thanks @Heizen ,got the vc on no 35.
pcaman2003: Traded Pendles for J Selwood just now. Hope I did the right thing.
LMartos: Brodie Smith will get rocked by Danger
Heizenberg: Okay cool apache
Apachecats: Scooter got 4 sc from the bench.
Heizenberg: I left him out of match day, just a feeling
cusch1: Traded Scott for Joel, and Pendles for Docherty.
9inch: Tex hands must be huge he handles it like a tennis ball
Heizenberg: Hi cusch 🙂
JockMcPie: Of course it’s Dangerfield. Gun.
cusch1: Hi mate
9inch: Wheres the Sloane tag?
Lestat: And how did you manage that cusch? Scott, Joel and Pendles all mids and Doc is a Def.
ReggieOz: Scooter to Sloane now 🙁
JRedden: good start sloane, go big, heaps traded you
original: gee the advantage rule is interesting. last week umpire said “no advantage there”
circle52: @lestat Cusch probably had a defender DPP to use eg Witherden.
Heizenberg: Hi lestat
original: boy lonergan i average
cusch1: Lloyd DPP to the midfield.
Yelse: lift tuohy plssss
Lestat: gday Heiz.
Heizenberg: Match day buddy?
JRedden: this is a good game of footy
Burnsy03: any news on mackie and how long hes out for?
Heizenberg: Oh yes redden
Haydo: agreed @JRedden
9inch: Thank god for Danger. Hed no idea who to capt if he failed
DrSeuss: Menegola, Laird – any chance of getting some touches?
Lestat: Yep. Laird, Smith, Danger (C), M. Crouch, Jacobs, Lynch, Menegola.
original: come on scooter …
Donz: Yay!!! Sloane! Keep it up son!
DrSeuss: Where is Keath??
Raspel31: Just home-Slaoane and, more importantly Dangeer-you’re both there-yeeeeees!
Burnsy03: danger another 140+
original: lonergan the liability
Brenno_173: Go Sloaneyyy!
circle52: Anyone at game is surface dewy at all seems to be a lot of fumbles.
9inch: Sloane tag imminent.
LMartos: Why isn’t Keath on the stat sheet??
Burnsy03: 9inch has to be coming soon
m0nty: Fumbles seem to be pressure rather than conditions
Burnsy03: martos he is for me ?
Lestat: He is there #42
SC_brAh: fml got rid of greenwood for macrae hopefully pays off
Apachecats: Greenwood out of mid air!!
original: wasnt it guthrie holding sloane not scooter unsure bout that free stat hmmm
LMartos: what a strike from Greenwood
LMartos: @burnsy, he’s been added after I said it
Burnsy03: ronaldooooo
Burnsy03: hes been there the whole time for me but might be different for me
Brenno_173: Stewart has played extremely well, lol
pcaman2003: Lift Jelwood. You owe me a good score
circle52: thanks m0nty
Haydo: emphasize the extremely @brenno_173
SC_brAh: Parsons to score 2 goals in 2Q / Joelwood to get 10 possions
Lestat: 7 disposals for Hawkins must nearly be a season high surely.
original: lol
Texwalker: Good stuff crows
Burnsy03: lestat thats his more than the rest of the year combined
jocka: 8 frees to 2?
fonzie: cats to get smashed tonight
original: thought the frees had been there though (dammit scooter)
original: scooooooter yyyyyyy
BestCoast: early days yet @fonzie
Lestat: Umpires been very good tonight (so far)
fonzie: i hope i get proven wrong
Burnsy03: fonzie its early but id just go to bed
pcaman2003: @lestat.Sshhh! Don’t moz them.
Raspel31: Was so keen to lose Sloaney but with Pendles -small mercies.
BestCoast: Both Selwwods would beat most crew grabbing the pill flower the tag and just grab the aggot Scooter
BestCoast: @Raspel same here mate Pendles and GAJ
fonzie: another goal would be nice
Burnsy03: s.selwood to slaone now
Burnsy03: s.selwood to sloane now
cusch1: Free Kick Geelong, the greatest team of all, Free kick Geelong were always on the ball
SC_brAh: pendles to sloane next week
original: blicavs was on him that bounce no?
9inch: Wtf sloane. Trade you in = crap. Trade you out- come good
Pokerface: like a glove there scooter…
Raspel31: Thought maybe no Pendles, Danger, Martin, Sloane a few days agoBestCoast-survived that one.
DrSeuss: Pick it up Laird, Menegola and Danger
BestCoast: @9inch you must have trades to burn
original: why not
Costanza: up ze notch
JRedden: sloane is killing them hahaha
Lestat: Cats have lost the plot.
StuL: Free kick Adelaide for a change.
BestCoast: @Raspel have all mentioned so glad the damage wasnt so bad apart from GAJ and Dependles
Texwalker: So crows have no midfield and r soft people say.. hmmm
JockMcPie: What a feral game
Costanza: lets see them act tough when they’re down a couple
BestCoast: @Tex crows are as good as anyone maybe a more even sped than most teams. Rate you guys big time
casey22: Crows have too many loose players, man up cats
cusch1: Why are you calling Sloane midfield TexWalker?
BestCoast: *spred
Manowar: Some people here like making up SC stories
StuL: Flower off Bruce. Sickening listening to him gushing.
boo!: i am sure geelong will come back as crows midfield is soft
Texwalker: @cusch sloane, crouches, greenwood, Atkins etc etc etc.
BestCoast: i still got it wrong flowering eggroll
JRedden: sloane needs to go 160 to make up for last week
BestCoast: The only thing that will stop the Crows winning is GOD
Texwalker: Geelong r way off atm
Burnsy03: think me saying another 140 just stopped danger a bit
cusch1: Kolodjasnij looks like Sloane in a Geelong jumper
boo!: more like 135 @burnsy
JockMcPie: Would love cats to win just to shut the crowd up…ferals
boo!: wet toast fans just as feral
Haydo: danger usually has huge first and last quarters except for last week
Costanza: incorrect disposal out the window tonight
BestCoast: @JockMcPie not like the polite pies
MONEY TALK: is danger on ?
BestCoast: @boo Eagles fans the worst
StuL: Sloane finally breaks a tag. Only took half a season.
JockMcPie: @BestCoast if i wasnt a collingwood supporter i’d want us to shut up as well, thing is our cheersquad is pathetic anyway
StuL: Special rules in SA and WA.
Costanza: only hear an Adelaide crowd when they’re winning – silent when down
poolboybob: About bloody time Sloane!
cusch1: Wouldnt say Blicavs is tagging Sloane. More like Sloane is babysitting a big dud
Raspel31: Where’s God to say he capped Sloane tonight?
happytimes: Unbelievable tackling pressure by the crows
Lestat: Pot calling the kettle black there Jock.
Bulky: Motlop = spud!
happytimes: Agree lestat
JockMcPie: Sloane’s not even really being tagged
BestCoast: @JockMcPie led by King FLOG Joffa
original: boys how good is starting scooter over greenwood
JButcher: @Costanza almost every crowd is like that
MONEY TALK: greenwood is my cover for jezza lol
circle52: Feel your pain original was loopholing Greenwood and Witherden maybe should have been Scooter and Witherden.
cusch1: Should I loophole Greenwood on for Parker or Jake Lloyd given Greeny gets 100+
Costanza: the Crow “hush” is like no other
Raspel31: Perhaps not your finest moment original.
LMartos: Happy to have held onto Greenwood so far
TheOnyas: onya sloaney
circle52: @ Cusch take 100 any day of the week.
StuL: Ppl were selling Greenwood. Good on you.
Umpirespet: You a tv expert Constanza or have you been here?
boo!: great tagging scooter
Raspel31: Why would you not be LMartos.-me too.
Lestat: Happy to have Greenwood as my F6
billnats: Didn’t even put Greenwood as an emergency. Don’t know what I was thinking
happytimes: Cats will go out in straight sets in the finals
circle52: Even though have Greenwood and if he gets 100 will come on for Witherden
cusch1: Who do I take off though Circle? Jake Lloyd or Luke Parker?
Heizenberg: Match day lestat?
circle52: If Greenwood and Danger keep this up will be welcoming C Cousins onto the ground.
Umpirespet: You would think Parker would score better but have been wrong b4
Apachecats: Same here circle
DrSeuss: Great to see Greenwood smashing my ‘Premiums’ Laird & Menegola
Umpirespet: same Circle
boo!: parsons is a gun, looking forward to his second half cape
9inch: Traded out Greenwood and sloane this week lfor jelwood and laird. Ah well shit happens
circle52: I would take Lloyd off Cusch has only 1 ton from last 6 whereas Parker has 5/6
Heizenberg: Anyone doing match day?
original: lol @boo! he was just getting a feel for it this half
Umpirespet: Glad I kept scooter on the bench
Costanza: Cats led at half tie in their last 5 Crow wins
original: any cats fans here? know yuo guys love lonergan but wowee please tell me you have a replacement waiting in the wings
frenzy: what ru ranked now Heiz
StuL: It looked like Scooter was going with Sloane for a while and Scott as gone ‘hey let’s let him run amok’.
boo!: Parsons winning goal
BestCoast: @Umpirespet same he goes next week to his brother
StuL: Had Selwood loopholed and changed at the last minute ‘just in case’. Idiot.
Umpirespet: I’m going Zerrett have Joel
BestCoast: Got Zerrett already
Umpirespet: Stul I still have GC Lynch so dont worry
zadolinnyj: gents. At the game. Greenwood goal very good.
Costanza: Brad Scott should drop himself – not Goldy
Umpirespet: Bit shocked on that one Constanza but heard they want currency for Daw
Costanza: makes cents I guess
Lestat: Goldstein has been terrible for most of the year.
frenzy: Daw has 2 more years on his contract
Heizenberg: Hi Zad
Heizenberg: No it makes
zadolinnyj: all about Daw money correct
cusch1: Can’t wait to see Brad Scott at Collingwood next season. more years of mediocrity for both clubs still to come
Umpirespet: Have heard Frenzy they want to trade him
zadolinnyj: hey Heiz. how u doing mate
BestCoast: Will Danger feed us enough for Catpain Strnadica
cusch1: North have tried to offload Daw for a while now, but no suitors come knocking.
Heizenberg: Haha good bro, you?
cusch1: Pretty sure Daw was delisted and then rookied last season as well
Heizenberg: Lestat hies your match day?
boo!: my wife wants to be rucked by Daw
zadolinnyj: heard they will take 2 magic beans for him @umpires
BestCoast: Daw is a bugger version of Flog Thomas
Lestat: Not too bad Heiz. Defenders down a bit.
zadolinnyj: probably a straight swap for vickery
Donz: who should I bench for Greenwood’s score? Higgins or Nank?
Umpirespet: Wouldn’t mind some magic beans myself
Umpirespet: Nank has Mummy easy choice
StuL: Donz. Missy. Even if he scores well I’d still feel justified.
cusch1: Higgins Donz
BestCoast: @Donz he would need to score over 100 to entertain the thought
StuL: Higgins makes the never again list, so him.
cusch1: Danger only has the 4 kicks from 14 disposals. Surely isn’t 100%
LuvIt74: Sloane well done boy
Lestat: that was 2015 cusch. Was elevated 2016
Costanza: is she always slamming doors @boo!?
cusch1: Thanks for confirmation LeStat
Crowls: ok gurus, got higgins, nank, and GC Lynch, steele and can only bench mid fwd.
frenzy: they gave him 3 year extension last year, cusch
casey22: Guthrie, you are a wanker
LuvIt74: I deliberately put Greenwood on the bench as I have Darcy as my R2 right now making good cash to go to Kruzer.
casey22: “Razor struggles to get it up”!
Ash777: quack quack
StuL: Should have sold Scooter for beans when I had the chance. Idiot.
Heizenberg: Haha noticed that Casey
BestCoast: @casey22 Razor needs to squat when goes to the dunny
Heizenberg: Kruezer luv it
LuvIt74: Now I put NANK as R2 this week and will get Greenwoods points to cover Strnidica who will end up my captain
original: how untouchable is rory sloane wow
DrSeuss: Menegola and Laird do something FFS
boo!: not watching game, but has parsons done enough to cape up?
Lestat: Stop complaining Seuss. As if they can see your chat.
LuvIt74: Scooter was very enticing to get when he was on the bubble but a huge risk, a risk im glad I ignored as he wasn’t worth.
JRedden: sorry about laird guys, traded him in this week
original: @boo! has to be close
Heizenberg: Cmon Selwood
LuvIt74: The trade
Lestat: @Crowls. Steele looks the 1 to bench.
Apachecats: Red Riding hood cape ,not superman cape @boo
LuvIt74: @JRedden he will score ok he should score 80ish
original: as a carlton fan gee i coulda sworn henderson used to be better
Raspel31: original-Henderson was always very ordinary.
Lestat: Henderson was ok in a bad side original.
JRedden: sloane is the king of tackles
DrSeuss: Thanks for your feedback @Lestat – it is duly noted. Can you please give me some other helpful online advice?
LuvIt74: Sloane dog is killing it kiddy up son
Heizenberg: Omg Sloane been amzing
Pinkman: one out of the box hey sloaney. Can he do it for the remainder of the yr. Decisions, decisions
Burnsy03: sloane hs3 free’s for
Lestat: Star for Sloane already m0nty
Raspel31: Get concussed again Sloaney.
Burkey1: penguin for S Selwood?
circle52: For those that do not want my kiss of death trdaed Goldy to Darcy and Newman to Hurley
zadolinnyj: absolute rubbish. Joke
Umpirespet: Danger the Actress
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Patrick Dangerfield to suck the umps in for a free to set up a Taylor goal.
happytimes: Danger needs a diving board
BestCoast: now now @Raspel31 don’t be like that
circle52: @Raspel someone needs to puch him in the head before each game.
Heizenberg: Danger that’s a disgusting dive
Lestat: Now that was soft. Danger reported for staging surely.
Raspel31: Lol circle.
casey22: Cats are looking very soft
LMartos: no one getting done for staging i.e. Rance with Buddy, he got contact so he’s fine
Apachecats: any guess Danger SC tonight?.I’ll go 165.
JButcher: Danger’s flop has proven Kane Cornes’ argument
SC_brAh: Parsons lift you b!tch
Heizenberg: Hate when champs do that shit, dice etc
painkilla: what do you expect from umpires pet, fkn girl number 35
happytimes: A lot of soft passengers at the cats
Heizenberg: lol flower girl
Heizenberg: Damn swear filter lol
casey22: Crap, deliberately ran into Danger.
BestCoast: @JButch Kane should hush as he had the heart the size of a carraway seed
painkilla: deliberately saying your fkn blind casey
pcaman2003: Is Laird on the field? Not scoring?
original: how good is motlop going
Lestat: Muppet for Motlop?
Ash777: battle of the feral supporters
JButcher: I will definitely admit he’s soft @BestCoast but he is still spot on the money with Danger’s theatrics
Texwalker: And the fat lady starts singing..
Apachecats: Went Crows by 27 .Not going to be enough.
casey22: Any of you people ever played the game? I reckon not!
BestCoast: @JButch agree Dangers acting would get him a Role in Revenge of the Nerds at best
runt: The fat lady has actually lost a lot of weight recently
Umpirespet: Champagne football guys
Texwalker: I cant atand lingys commentary
Raspel31: Has there been a better late pick up rookie than Greenwood?
Lestat: You played AFL casy22? I reckon not!
Heizenberg: I went 13 apache
painkilla: woteva makes you happy casey u flog
bjones38: Greenwood Beast
Texwalker: Ok crows, now just get the margin under 40 at the final siren please
Apachecats: I played for Avenel 2nds @casey ,so cop that.
original: @texw bt+ling yuck
SC_brAh: Why did I fkn trade out greenwood FUCK
Pokerface: tom lynch could play one of the nerds
poolboybob: I might need to put Greenwood on for Treloar or the Bont
Texwalker: Tex, jenkins, lynch 1 goal each, mcgovern and eddie none… thats a scary thought
BestCoast: big call poolboy
happytimes: @tex my two year old just about got me divorced. All he said for 2 days was ” shut up ling “
Lestat: @Tex 7 between Sloane and Douglas won’t happen again.
Apachecats: Bont will go big this week @poolboy
StuL: As much as we’re not good enough. Never going to win in this ridiculously one sided environment.
poolboybob: Those are my worst mids, them or JPK. Have to take Greenwood if he goes 120+
Texwalker: @happytimes haha, u wouldve had to change ur name to sadtimes lol
runt: Cats needed to silence the crowd but instead they sent them into a bombastic frenzy
Apachecats: Yeah its a bit like Kardinia Park eh Stul.
Raspel31: Being a Pom and new to this-but doing well-why would you trade out Greenwood?
The Hawker: fuaarr i traded greenwood to Westhoff for pod
zadolinnyj: was that high????
happytimes: @stul I don’t understand cats have got most of the soft free kicks
original: lol cats fans blaming umpires?
JButcher: @Stul Kardinia Park is the most one-sided venue in the comp
pcaman2003: My other trade Tuohy to laird this week. Numbskull!
StuL: KP has nothing on SA and WA.
runt: I traded in Laird this week too so I will share the blame
BestCoast: @JButch Domain stadium for me
pcaman2003: Thanks Runt.
Costanza: 1:1 handball to kick will never win too many pressure games
3rdstriker: I reckon ive seen the umpires get the cats home 20 times over the last 10 years at kp, cats fans cant complain
JRedden: this is why i started doch over laird, but needed laird to finish my defence
Lestat: Melb and Haw won here StuL.
luke394: KP can’t be the most one sided venue we don’t have anywhere near the crown capacity of SA/WA we do our best though 😉
Umpirespet: Cmon Stul KP is like Antarctica shocking place to play football
circle52: Umpires in my oponion have been conisitent – no incorrect disposals, No in the back either way.
happytimes: I have been to KP as a netual and it’s one of the reasons I’m not a big fan of the cats
frenzy: Blic is done m0nty, big red +
BestCoast: Go nuts Danger Captain Strnadica is super keen
luke394: Paddy likes it better @Umpirespet 😉
Umpirespet: Lol Circle you missed 2 that Danger did in 1st qtr
Manowar: so what!
batt: umpiring has been good for a game so insanely hot
cusch1: Did you all hear about the new stands down at KP? Apparently there is a see-through roof in the rooms!
Umpirespet: For Patrick Cusch? To see his reflection?
pcaman2003: Motlop and Parsons need dropping. Not good enough at this level.
cusch1: The pretty boy has to fix his hair somewhere doesnt he?
cusch1: Geelongs small forward stocks are incredibly thin. Parsons wouldnt get a game at any other club, including Brisbane
BestCoast: @cusch his hair maybe Danger has a head like a robbers dog
runt: Parsons is an integral part of the Cats plans in a parallel universe. Just nobody has realized he’s the dud one.
Heizenberg: About Motlop, can’t believe he still gets a game in a feeling jumper
original: surely must be traded
cusch1: Motlop at least adds pace, and does some, not much, but almost enough, to warrant his selection
SC_brAh: Tuohy you spud
cusch1: He has a lot of talent, and really should be a better player than he is
Raspel31: Any one who knocks Danger obviously doesn’t have him. Played with broken ribs. But now cheap at Big W.
cusch1: Once Cocaktoo, McCarthy, and Gregson recover from injury though, Motlop/Parsons are out
The Hawker: nothing is happening this quarter….
Costanza: keep going Jelly boy
TheLegend6: C’mon Laird junk up
BestCoast: @Raspel anyone with out Danger should be tea-bagged
Heizenberg: Motlop will never be dropped I feel, shoydi ne traded seasons end or even last year
SC_brAh: pay adv to parsons ffs
pcaman2003: Brought in Laird. Now I have buyers remorse.
Raspel31: These people exist BestCoast.
Heizenberg: Parsons still young at least, there’s time
cusch1: Nobody wanted Motlop Heiz. They shopped him around, but to no avail.
Costanza: Motflop’s worst stats year since 2012
BestCoast: Lots would of waited for Danger to drop that was never going to happen Raspel
runt: The Crouch brothers have finally hit their straps this year
Lestat: Cats wanted a can of coke and a bag of twisties for Motlop, but that was asking for too much.
BestCoast: 150 Danger please
Costanza: standing up even @runt #notcrouching
cusch1: Not even Richmond, the home of recycled players, didn’t want him
runt: Motlop is Geelong in a nut shell. Look great when up and running but like a busted arse when not
BestCoast: Cats depth is the question for any tilt at the flag
pcaman2003: From the comments,there’s no love for Motlop. Time for him to go.
cusch1: If Geelong win this, Harry Taylor will take Billy’s title as the King of Geelong
Lestat: Surely they can’t lose this.
Pokerface: that star should be on Harry
Heizenberg: Man Taylor is a bloody gun
Pokerface: x factor sorry
BestCoast: Motlop will be a Kangaroo next year
Zeratul: Umps lifting their game now. Go Patty’s Catty’s!
frenzy: if wet toast take Daw
Lestat: Isn’t Billy the mayor of Geelong?
Apachecats: There goes the loop on Danger with about 130 000 super coaches.
Raspel31: Well, from complete disaster-no Danger, no Sloane-and Greenwood for cream-quite happy.
BestCoast: @Frenzy we just need to get the big Fijian up and running
cusch1: Hence the reason I said that if Geelong win this, Harry takes his title LeStat
pcaman2003: Bloody hell! Laird got some points. Yeehaa!
Pokerface: be the first time in about 10 weeks luvit gets dangers score?
Costanza: how is that not a throw – wow
frenzy: twin towers best coast
Lestat: You said king not mayor.
runt: Jelwood 6 frees for 0 against.
BestCoast: Has mayor Billy banned Gazza Lyon
BestCoast: @frenzy we will take Daw if you take Masten
Costanza: look fwd to these to in a final at the G
cusch1: I thought he was called a king in that grand final commentary? I may be wrong, im not sure
Pokerface: danger a chance for votes tonight?
Apachecats: Big chance PF ,but not the 3 votes.
Raspel31: Maybe one Poker-Sloane 3, Jelwood 2 ?
boo!: cmon parsons kick a bag
frenzy: would take Redden, BCoast
pcaman2003: Hoping Greenwood tons up.
Pokerface: hope so raspel!
Lestat: 3-Sloane, 2 Jacobs, 1 Crouch.
BestCoast: Frenz have the both and i will throw in Spuddingham
Pokerface: though id have crouch at 2
cusch1: Touhy has saved his score
Costanza: if Kicks/HB’s were reversed then no doubt @Poker. If only his shoulder, ribs and foot were ok
BestCoast: Carn Danger just a few more thanks
fonzie: pathetic game form cats
boo!: take dangers 135 or do zerrett/titch/doch
Raspel31: Yep, perhaps Poker.
Lestat: 1 more goal pease Cats.
9inch: Bloody Sloane what a wanker.
Lestat: please*
cusch1: Take Danger
Raspel31: Sloaney-whom we all wanted to drop?
Donz: dangers 135 all day and night
Costanza: Bews highest DT score of 75 was in his debut game
Breezey: I’m taking Crouch’s 136
runt: Laird must have had a mini 2 qtr concussion
circle52: Yep Take Danger
Pokerface: ‘Gun. Was there ever any doubt that this player would rack up huge fantasy points? ‘
LuvIt74: I’m quite happy with Sloane, Jelwood, Danger, Greenwood & Laird
MONEY TALK: got all that luvit other than sloane
Haydo: first under 140 for danger since rd 9
LMartos: Danger’s first score under 140 since round 8, what a spud
The Hawker: might go C on doch or zorko i reckon
seeker11: Looks like Dangerfield got to 140+ after all
boo!: spuds!!!!danger got 142 noobs
BOMBRBLITZ: over 140 fellas
Haydo: sorry didn’t check just a rough guess
frenzy: shame he’s 142
seeker11: Dangerfield gets to 140+ after all
Haydo: and it’s not even under 140 any more so never mind

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