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Chat log from R17 of 2017: Fremantle vs West Coast

Chat log for Fremantle vs West Coast, R17 of 2017

stew42: Come on Sheed, bounce back after a rubbish performance last week!
pcaman2003: I bit the bullet and put Walters in for Yeo.
dipstick: dont do this to me already neale. LIFT!! you too hill. and darcy dont let me down
Pokerface: walters tagged? nooooo
Umpirespet: Fyfe is back
stew42: @dipstick, telling a player to lift two seconds into a game. Noice.
DrSeuss: Yeo out – Sheed you need to step it up – especially after last weeks effort
shrtlg: Hopefully at quarter time all the players will hop on to fanfooty and read the live game chat
Umpirespet: Don’t they always shrtig
DrSeuss: I think the coaches will pass it on @shrtlg
luke394: Fyfe beasting but clangers and De killing his score
SilverLion: Neale + 172 vs. Simpson + Muprhy + Fyfe. Who wins?
PieCannon: i’d take murph, simp, fyfe all day long
poolboybob: Can we get an icon for Suban’s 150th? I suggest the potato or crab.
BestCoast: @poolboy i concur 150 games of mediocrity
Ladbrokes_: Now don’t drop off in the other quarters pls priddis.
PieCannon: @poolboybob Suban getting to 150 games gives me hope in life
The39Steps: lol @pie!!
Breezey: Will Freo kick a goal this half
poolboybob: Blue moon watch for Duggan
Umpirespet: Such a high skill level in this game
poolboybob: Nice of Subi oval to host a WAFL match today
BestCoast: Ross Lyon is a defensive FLOG of FLOGS
LMartos: Duggan would’ve been great odds for the medal
Breezey: West Coast have got T.Barrass. Freo getting M.Barrassed
Snarfy: How long before the start did we know Yeo was an out. Every effin week
Umpirespet: A fair while before Snarfy
LMartos: @snarly 90 minutes before as usual
original: @snarfy agree. They woulda known yesty
poolboybob: Starting to think that neither of these teams will win a premiership this year
heppelitis: I was out Snarfy and fuming when I found out…but I hd moved him to the middle and got Witherden
Snarfy: Spot on LMartos. Snarfy is Snarly!
heppelitis: happy days here by mistake
Lestat: They gave Yeo a chance to be right and made the call about 2 hours before the game.
original: @poolboy lol
Umpirespet: Free still in this even tho WC dominating
Snarfy: Unfortunately heppelitis, I’ve got stuck with Parsons 32!
Umpirespet: Freo* wish IPad didn’t auto correct
pcaman2003: Just come back in. What actually happened to Yeo?
Pokerface: gun Suban.
original: Thanks to Yeo I’m sitting at 238 v fyfe+neale …
Donz: does anyone know what was wrong with Yeo?
Donz: I got stuck with Hannan’s 26
Donz: Leg injury that he apparently sustained during last weeks port match… Would have been nice to get some more warning
Donz: could have moved him around and got Witheren’s score
9inch: Why can’t sc do a live scoring on the site? Its a head fuck trying to work out all variables with loopholes and emg etc
original: @Donz agree 🙁
Pokerface: they do 9inch think you need a subscription. just do the HS surveys gives it to you
Texwalker: Am i the only one that finds this site laggier than a commodore 64???
9inch: Ah ok look into that. Cheers
Lestat: Only you Tex.
casey22: @texwalker: new boy, not happy buuger off!
Texwalker: Ok, prob my tablet then, its just typing it gets crazy lsg
Ash777: fyfe playing like a man that just signed a new contract
m0nty: should upgrade to what I had, a 128D
casey22: @texwalker: only problem is m0nty wont swap the blue type for the red
Texwalker: Its all good, ff does wats its sposed to. And its good fun
Pokerface: is that a bra size?
Texwalker: Eagles by +40 and huge multi, go u good thing…
Pokerface: i remember what derbys used to be interesting to watch
Apachecats: If Ryder is out Darcy is going to come in handy.
original: Slow down fyfe and neale…plz
SilverLion: I’m dead level with my opponent. He has Neale and I have Fyfe. Gunna be a stressful second half.
poolboybob: Masten is useless
LMartos: Brad Hill has always been a choker in front of goal
Apachecats: Fyfe will get you home safely @silverl
Raspel31: Phew-nail biting SilverLion-I’ve opened a gap so relaxed.
Lestat: Priddis scoring well for a change.
poolboybob: Blue moon Duggan
Ladbrokes_: Yep @Lestat. Just wish he’d kick it a bit more
Beast_Mode: give duggan the bluemoon already!
pcaman2003: Lift Walters!
Lestat: @Ladbrokes no you don’t as he racks up the clangers when kicking it.
iZander: Duggen is an up and coming player, youll be seeing this alot in the future…blue moon my ass
Ladbrokes_: My opponent’s score and mine are neck and neck, literally a battle of Priddis vs Neale. Cmon pridd
Beast_Mode: averages 62, bluemoon 100%
Breezey: He’s never done it before so that makes it a Blue Moon.
SilverLion: Lucky rasp and I can only hope so apache 😛
Beast_Mode: its not based on potential or future lmao
TheOnyas: onya nealey
iZander: all first gamers blue moon on that logic
Beast_Mode: that would be true if he didn’t play 34 previous afl games lol
LMartos: protected area rule is crap, 50m penalty way too harsh
Nuffman: Duggan has been playing for 3 years… So has a history of mediocre scores
pcaman2003: Go Walters. My weekend has been redeemed.
m0nty: Duggan heading for the star anyway so this is all moot
Beast_Mode: this is his 12th game of the year anyway
9inch: Wow Freo so many i50s for bugger all.
iZander: we will see this for the rest of the year from duggen, since he was put in defence last week.
Lestat: Hurn leading the star race surely.
malteaser: come on Lachie I need a huge quater I need 50 to get to 2500 SC
m0nty: well it’s the medal anyway so it’s out of my hands
BestCoast: Star for Ballantyne for raw Floggness
poolboybob: Wow Suban is missing targets? You don’t say.
Pokerface: cleaver suban
Nuffman: Cleaver Hill more like it…
Apachecats: Neale off!!
Pokerface: cleaver freo
The39Steps: Feel sorry (not) for ‘woods fans. Five years of negativity, playing favourites and sweet fa under Ross 2come.
Pokerface: come on micky, couple more
pcaman2003: Good boy Walters.
Apachecats: Neale back on.
poolboybob: Only teams that have lost more fourth quarters than WCE this year are Suns and Lions
StuL: Typical Fremantle game. Boring but hopefully has a close endimg.
Umpirespet: On paper PoolBoy u guys have a good team but geez they make hard work of it
Pokerface: that was horrible hill.
StuL: Terrible disposal in the fwd line freo. No wonder they dont score.
poolboybob: Eagles are average. Too old and too slow.
Lestat: Eagles need a decent ruck and some speed.
pcaman2003: And Freo needs decent kicks into the fwd line.
Breezey: The Eagles have a decent ruck. He’s injured
Texwalker: Eagles offically my most overrated team.. hopeless
Lestat: Please Breezey I said a decent ruck not a guy who takes 1 mark a game and has 7 disp
poolboybob: Zombie for Redden
Umpirespet: Lestat I’d have Nic Nat at Adelaide
Breezey: You don’t rate NicNat
Lestat: Not over Jacobs Ump
PowerBug: Yeah the Eagles best ruck in Lycett is injured right now
9inch: Lol Freo should be in front by now. Shocking inside the 50
Lestat: No Breezey. Too up and down. Goes missing for long periods.
Lestat: Powerbug is right with Lycett.
Umpirespet: Lestat Nic Nat creates play doesn’t need 25 posies a game
PowerBug: You’re agreeing with my attempted sarcasm though 😛
Umpirespet: Lestat u believe a purple power Bug?
original: How’s neale going up from 106-111 while being no where near it
Umpirespet: The magic of CD Original
iZander: What are you guys talking about, petrie is playing?
Lestat: Nic Nat would be a great Fwd/ruck but IMO Lycett is the Eagles best Ruck atm. Might wanna chase Preuss.
runt: neale plus 5 for blowing a kiss to a plumper in the front row
Pokerface: clowns still don’t understand the 3300 scaling
Lestat: Neale +5 for staying @ Freo
SilverLion: Thanks Fyfe, dug me out of a hole today mate.
Ladbrokes_: Don’t tell me….Don’t tell me!!
Ladbrokes_: Priddis stranded on 99….pleaseee scale up. This can’t be
poolboybob: Well deserved medal for Hurn. Great return to form
original: Neale to scale down. Make it happen
frenzy: darcy is getting stiffed

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