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Chat log from R17 of 2017: Carlton vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Carlton vs Western Bulldogs, R17 of 2017

JockMcPie: Wonder if Docherty can have a crap game so I can finally bring him in….#regrets
Lestat: Bite the bullet Jock. The longer you wait, the more points you miss.
JockMcPie: Gee great start Bont…
StuL: Bont, Pendles, Rock. Under achieving mids killing me
cusch1: Carlton trying their best to embrace their inner GWS with the orange socks or what?
stew42: It’s against family violence. Great stuff from Carlton.
AngryRyno: orange for a good cause, get around it
cusch1: Did not know that. Kudos to the Blues for that
SC_brAh: Bont lift noob
cusch1: WHy is Bont playing in the ruck when they have Redpath as a key forward.
JockMcPie: Docherty attending centre bounces, interesting to see the effect on his scores
cusch1: Redapth only marginally taller, but will at least contest in the ruck
Roksta: Same here stul was gonna have a big score but for them
luke394: been stoked staring Macrae this year hes been a star
LMartos: Dahlhaus’ disposal poor early
SC_brAh: FK off macrae …shouldn’t be outscoring bont lol
pcaman2003: You can touch the ball M Murphy,it won’t hurt.
Raspel31: Mcrae always takes 10 to get going and I think whoops-then boom!
Seb78: Bont overrated a touch
chris7399: Come on JJ. Just your breakeven will be fine mate
AT_123: Macrae going absolutely BANG!
DrSeuss: Keep going Macrae, need you to make up Yeo being out with no Emergency.
circle52: Comeon Bont already been let down by Rocky so need a ton from you.
luke394: Bottomsmelly hurting everyone
Beast_Mode: damn macrae im bringing you in this week dont go too massive pls
9inch: All these so called premos better stand up come SC finals.
SC_brAh: Bont catch Macrae you muppet – going to cost me my league win
Raspel31: Bit of work for the Bonts to do that SC_brAH
pcaman2003: Dahl playing like dog. Oh! hang on!
SC_brAh: Good boy bont 😛
Donz: nice Bont.. more of that please
Roksta: Lewis young looks ok
SC_brAh: @roskta yeah pretty good marking
Roksta: Gibbs is a star. Adelaide would be premiers with him this year
LMartos: Bont lifting nicely
dipstick: so YEO is OUT i see. awesome
Lestat: Old news Dipstick.
luke394: yep it sucks @dipstick
Raspel31: Yep Dipstick-over the moon-not!
pcaman2003: Yeo out and Dahl playing rubbish,I’m screwed over.
dipstick: @GoGos and @m0nty can you put a DONUT ICON next to my name? A chocolate one to represent how fucken SHIT IT IS TO one
Yelse: last 5 weeks premiums have been a disgrace
original: How many sc points for a throw..?
pcaman2003: @Yelse. Too right. Hardly call them premium these days.
dipstick: daisy out. we have no chance now
Apachecats: You don’t sound happy @dipstick
luke394: keep scoring Macrae
Umpirespet: she is crap anyways Dipstick
Apachecats: You could be right Bont catching MAc @Brahh
dipstick: seems my fantasy and reality teams have gone to the shizenhousen. Just call me dipenschticken again 🙁
pcaman2003: Macrae very quiet this qtr. Out of puff already.
TheOnyas: onya gibbsy
Umpirespet: On ya Bont getting a move on
SC_brAh: Good boy bont catching macrae!
Umpirespet: Dahl a worry lately tho
JMC23: Hell yeah he has. At least half the SC community is dealing with him too tho
Roksta: Horrible game for supercoach
pcaman2003: Dahl only 2 tons since rnd 7
pcaman2003: Macrae added 19pts since 1st qtr.
luke394: cmon Macrae
Roksta: Dogs prob 2 wins since rd 7 pc
Ben_Gogos: Young has been exceptional today.
SC_brAh: carn bont
Pokerface: overrated icon for bont
pcaman2003: Plying ordinary this year Rocksta,just like my team
Roksta: Prob the only positive for dogs gogos
Roksta: Hawks coming good pc dogs going the other way
Lestat: Blues missing Crippa’s grunt work.
AT_123: Where’s that Seb bloke that said Bontempelli was overrated? Blokes a gun.
SC_brAh: come on bont – goal plz
Preston007: Bont playing as a Ruck.. gotta go. Beveridge has lost the plot!
LMartos: Bont running in for the set shot, interesting technique
LMartos: Doch pls
Roksta: Bont isnt a great set shot martos
luke394: Bont might actually catch Macrae after being 46 points behind at 1/4 time
SC_brAh: I’ve got 155 + bont vs macrae and darcy
TheOnyas: onya bonty
Roksta: Muppet hunter
Roksta: Soccer ball wsllis
carlton_99: Can someone explain to me how that Kick to Hunter was 15m looked about 7 at most.
Lestat: @99 because the umpire called it far enough.
coldog: Haha who would have thought carlton99 whinging about umpiring lol
LMartos: Docherty has given away 3 frees since his last touch I think
Apachecats: SC Brah you are a genius saying Bont would catch Macrae.
Pokerface: lol coldog
StuL: Finally, doch gors backwards and this is the week i got him of course.
SC_brAh: @apachecats :D, I also called danger catching titch this week
Apachecats: Two good calls against the odds.@SC
BestCoast: Bont going ahead in leaps and bounds
pcaman2003: Giving Dahl the boot this week. Just bombs it anywhere.
heppelitis: Bailey Dale goes alright
Roksta: Bailey has come of age hepp
Snarfy: gotta watch those quick kicks pcaman2003. in the end they do cost you
Roksta: Good to see players like young coming through. Fogs may struggle in defence nect year
heppelitis: He moves a bit like Macrae..i get them mixed up lol
Roksta: Hope he can be as good.
Ben_Gogos: Muppet Alert! Casboult hits the post from 15 out, directly in front!
original: Bont gets pinged and….?
LMartos: Docherty so close to ton
Snarfy: Lewis Young has done some good things. Should be handy for the Dogs.
Donz: If Dahl is your biggest problem pcaman your doing alright
Donz: I have Sloane and Rockliff. Rockliff I traded in for Fyfe a few weeks back… Now Fyfe is killing it
LMartos: 11 consecutive tons for the boy Doch
9inch: Ok that’ll do Murph stop now.
Roksta: Gonna need him snarfy if boyd moreis and murphy retire
Donz: Macrae should be 130+ easily the B.O.G IMHO
frenzy: going down like flys

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