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Chat log from R17 of 2017: Geelong vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Geelong vs Hawthorn, R17 of 2017

dipstick: LOL das scooter selwood. das ist nicht so gut.
9inch: How long after this game does the port game start?
frenzy: 25 mins
heppelitis: 25 minutes
9inch: Cheers, so not a lot to see how Parsons will score.
heppelitis: di i keep stewarts 83 or risk greenwood?
Ben_Gogos: Mitchell starts with a major and 3 touches inside the first 40 seconds.
frenzy: keep
boo!: parsons good for 50, who is your other choice
RooBoyStu: come on Tommy Mitchell vc
Beast_Mode: lol mitchell on pace 150 1/4
Number 8: Bah, would have picked Titch as captain if I knew Scooter wasn’t playing
9inch: Just for a loophole with Nank but not enough time unless he goes 40 1st qtr :p
JockMcPie: Lez go Titch and Danger, and Parsons I guess….
JockMcPie: Danger giving away 50 not ideal…
circle52: @ heppelitis would keep it bird in the hand –
boo!: @9inch, nank over parsons anyday bro
luke394: Danger went from 8 to 0 for that FA lol
boo!: moving the C to Docherty
heppelitis: thanks guys..i will keep
Apachecats: What free against @luke?
dipstick: meine name ist dippenschtick but you can call me dipschtick. now lift achtung!!
luke394: he went over the mark for a 50m penalty
Apachecats: Heas one free for no frees against
Lestat: 50m Penalty isn’t a FA, it’s a clanger only
Nuffman: 50m penalties don’t “count” as a stat, like a kick in
luke394: not sure why he definitely gave away a 50 and lost 7 points
circle52: 50mete penalty clanger
Apachecats: Big clanger eh? Wiped off 8 sc.
circle52: Also dsiposal went down as well.
luke394: my point exactly @Apachecats
Apachecats: They must have put someone on Titch after 8 pos in 4 mins.
circle52: FFS when will teams make Harry Taylro accountable – Lions did not do it last week and he does what he likes.
chinkas: fffffs cooked
frenzy: danger dead
luke394: happy I VC’d Danger that could be our season done 🙁
anthsill03: rip
th3rio: looks like 97% of SC will have the C on titch on docherty now
RooBoyStu: Danger gone, give Tommy Mitchell the Brownlow now
Pokerface: how do i get sportsbet to refund my danger brownlow bets due to cooling off change of mind?
StuL: Looks a bit like cripps. Come on danger. Be OK
poolboybob: Gee if that is a serious injury people will have a lot of unexpected cash to splash around
Lestat: Different to Cripps. Danger was kicking it and Cripps was kicked.
anthsill03: on the boundary now thank god
frenzy: danger back Lol
StuL: Cant keep him down. He’s a machine
heppelitis: haha he is superhuman
th3rio: i swear danger is the gutsiest player. Best in the comp but can take a beating
9inch: Danger coming back on
dipstick: are they pulling out then mothenball for danger
BestCoast: Danger Will Robinson
Pokerface: how do i get sportsbet to put my cooling off refund back on at the odds i had?
NoneyaB: tbf those knocks hurt like a mofo
Costanza: the Danger drama queen rolls on
BestCoast: Danger has more balls than a beanbag
luke394: That god Danger has me worried 🙂
JockMcPie: If he comes back just give him the heart straight up
StuL: Him and selwood, not only great but harder than a cats head.
Ben_Gogos: Danger also copped that knock to the ribs which left him NQR in the earlier fixture against the Hawks.
StuL: Yea ok. Should have jumped on mitchell.
heppelitis: commentators making expert diagnosis on burgoyne now lol
luke394: Tom Mitchell is an accumulator but all his possessions are dinky little possessions and he scores amazing
th3rio: yay go touhy bout time
JockMcPie: Cape up Titch, nice one
Torz: Tom Mitchell is the best in the comp at releasing his outside mids.
MattyZ: Time to break out the penguin for Roughy Mr Gogos?
SilverLion: “We won’t be letting him do as he wants” Lol bullflower
poolboybob: lazy 19 touches in the quarter
StuL: Drama Eddie more like it.
MattyZ: aww he had an extra 4 added :/
pcaman2003: Danger back in the rooms. Not a good sign.
RooBoyStu: Tommy Mitchell needs a cape icon, doesn’t he?
pcaman2003: Mitchell 19 possies and 4 clearances. Stunning!
mark621: danger out!
th3rio: is he really @mark621?
MattyZ: danger keeps moving around – bad corq?
All Reds: pacing on bench
StuL: Danger on!
All Reds: back on field
circle52: Looks like Blicavs is now running with Titchell – Good luck
dipstick: maybe they need to bring out the mothball for danger
Raspel31: Danger on-but for how long?
Pokerface: way more than a cork Matty
Raspel31: Limping badly
JockMcPie: Parsons back to being crap, keep the cash coming son
luke394: Tom Mitchell 180 coming
dipstick: only 2 things stop you from moving- breaks/tears or pain. danger doesnt feel pain
JockMcPie: Titch <3
Raspel31: Can’t believe my op doesn’t have Danger-but doesn’t have Mitchell either-phew.
luke394: my opponent has Danger C and Mitchell lol
Apachecats: 3 more Brownlow votes coming up for Titch
pcaman2003: Swapping one Mitchell for the other not so bad now.
GOD: GOD has the C on T. Mitchell today!
Beast_Mode: pull your head in parsons at least get your break even muppet ffs
Donz: GOD is full of crap
JRedden: some season mitchell is having
circle52: Think a few of us fell for Scott saying we will not let Mitchell run free and then when scooter named went of. Bad move.
Apachecats: Very predictable (and boring) GOD.
JockMcPie: No Danger, No Cats
Pokerface: another great pick today GOD, well done.
boo!: Gimp On Drugs
Pokerface: geez just get him off geelong you’ll break him for the year
Apachecats: Big heart for Danger @BenGG
kangawalla: GOD is a Monday’s expert. If Danger was on 76 at QT like Mitchell, he’d tell us he had the C on him.
Raspel31: One leg-and still there. Amazing.
Pokerface: why would he do that when his C is on Mitchell today kanga? that doesn’t make sense.
Raspel31: God can change time and space-so I definitely believe him-or her.
kangawalla: @Poker. He tells us he has the c
benzammit: Danger vc , most would, GAJ C v pies.
Pokerface: all his weight on his left leg for that bump. horrid. get him off
SC_brAh: Danger to catch Titch if he plays 4QTRS
kangawalla: @Poker. He tells us he has the C on whoever is doing best. He/she is telling untruths.
StuL: Dirty hawks trying to hit Danger
Umpirespet: Shows how crap Gellong are if they need Danger playing on 1 leg
Pokerface: @kanga you sound jealous that you didn’t have the C on Mitchell today
luke394: Danger is such a beast what a leader love having him at the cats
sfmmp23: Even when he is injured he dishes this out. What a star.
luke394: see how Adelaide go without Sloane or Tex @Umpirespet u peanut
StuL: Danger will ton up. What a player. Take any teams star player out and it hurts ump.
All Reds: all hail danger
pcaman2003: Very stupid play Hawks.
yablettt: What an absolute Legend Danger!
Raspel31: Danger inspirational-hope he back 2nd half.
Terlob: Danger is just a machine. Unbelievable game so far.
boo!: Im sure god ha the C on danger now…..
Umpirespet: It what extra damage could he be doin to himself staying out there?
Beast_Mode: danger cape
kangawalla: No Poker, just calling bulldust on GOD. The fanfooty BS artist, not the real one (if you’re a believer 🙂
Umpirespet: We haven’t had Sloane for 4 weeks Luke u peanut been tagged u live under a rock ?
Pokerface: heart danger.
dipstick: titch almost sc ton with 61% DE… he must be killing it
Pokerface: exactly ump. the hawks are doing everything to make it worse for him too
sfmmp23: Come on Jelwood, stop losing points.
Raspel31: kanga-I think we all know God a troll.
luke394: umpires no idea wtf
Umpirespet: So they should Poker if he wants to be out there
Pokerface: jelwood muppets. thats 2 50s in a couple of minutes
dipstick: tradedsloane out for zorko. sloane is cooked. worse than zaha with a tag
Pokerface: @ump yes agree, but all the more reason to get him off. theyll stuff his season
sfmmp23: Some soft frees going around
pcaman2003: Learn to kick again Breust.
dipstick: someone crack jelwoods head open so he starts playing well. thanks in advance
kangawalla: Yeah Rasp, probably right mate.
man0005: Are Geelong fans booing a former cancer patient? Dirty
Donz: Titch to ton up before halftime?
luke394: pretty sure he isn’t injured sitting at full forward, and team takes their best player out and there just about done
Raspel31: Titch pathetic. Only 8 touches this qtr.
AngryRyno: Jelwood you galah, killing the score
Pokerface: lol man
luke394: @Umpirespet yeah Geelong are shit cos there best player is injured good summation by you
pcaman2003: FFS Heatherly. Not again!
SilverLion: Danger and Titch, absolute freaks
poolboybob: Solid half by Parsons
kangawalla: I’d take 99 at HT if I had the C on him. Had it on Zerret instead.
BestCoast: Great fight back Danger
Pokerface: blicavs calling mitchell lightning quick
BestCoast: Parsons Nose
Zeratul: 78 at HT for C is pretty good… but im kidna bummed coz i switched C from titch to danger :/
pcaman2003: @Pokerface. His handballs are like lightning.
Apachecats: Danger would still get kicks in a moon boot
man0005: Heatherly is awful. Is he one of the younger brigade? RIP Hawthorn’s future
Pokerface: 63% efficiency. terrible danger, lift
JockMcPie: Not only is Heatherley useless, he’s a flog too
pies4spoon: @man0005, he’s completely mismatched against danger, he’s good against talls. He’d be 22
circle52: Doc Larkins: “Dangerfield has soreness in the foot. I think it’s a mid-foot ligament twist injury. Hopefully not more se
circle52: serious than a sprain
original: How ridiculous is danger playing as just a forward? Even with an injury Wowee
JockMcPie: Danger + Titch = Love
SC_brAh: DANGER YOU BEAST – I may have been right danger to outscore titch
NoneyaB: danger always does well after a knock i reckon it seems to kick him into gear
StuL: Joel going to be cheap at this rate.
Umpirespet: Hope so Stul
Beast_Mode: lol you muppets danger gonna beat mitchells score lmao
StuL: Danger actually moving alright now
Lestat: Guthrie not out. He is back on.
man0005: Maybe Danger has been foxing the whole time to get plaudits?
Pokerface: langford’s skills are horrible
Apachecats: I reckon he’ll be a bargain at about $440k after today @Stul
circle52: Danger probably had the foot heavily strapped at half time to hold.
RooBoyStu: Want to see the next player with 69% and only 13 disposla for 3 goals to see if he gets 9sc i doubt it. Only 5 cp
armalitemk: @Apachecats why would you get him next week he will be sub 320 in 2 weeks time!
Umpirespet: Scooter straight swap to Joel
JockMcPie: If Danger didn’t give away that 50 he’d be on 97…let that sink in
RooBoyStu: *90 sc and disposals typos
armalitemk: @RoyBoyStu can you piss off and stop giving north supporters a salty reputaiton!
Pokerface: rooboy you aren’t even watching. Danger is the reason geelong are in this match. you have nfi
Nuffman: @Roo: you’re forgetting his impact on a tight game here, Danger has been massive in keeping Geelong in
armalitemk: @Umpirespet Parsons straight swap more like it!
Pokerface: switch over from other game, look at stats and say oh its favouritsm. idiot
JockMcPie: Danger DPP next year? I think so
Torz: Cam Guthrie is back out there.
Apachecats: Your right @arma probably ripe in 2 to 3 weeks.
MarksMen: Monty Guthrie is back on. Take away Cross
man0005: Is Monty asleep?
RooBoyStu: @poker i’m watching it as refuse to attend or watch another north game until Scott is gone, get your facts right idiot
Umpirespet: RooBoy your on the wrong game your side getting flooged again?
Pokerface: then you are more of an idiot than i thought if you are watching and still say danger’s points aren’t deserved
RooBoyStu: know me and comment about me poker, you don’t so shut the hell up mate
luke394: 50m FA should just be a FA not a clanger so stupid
Pokerface: stop making idiotic comments then rooboy
Ben_Gogos: Guthrie is back!
armalitemk: @RoyBoyStu do you think that this goal is undeserved? Maybe take some points off him!
circle52: @Rooybo compare Dangers Stats to Wingards stat and there is little difference so score would be correct.
th3rio: lol anyone watching this game would know dangers SC score is accurate….look at that
SC_brAh: carn danger boi
All Reds: danger is massive in this game, anybody thinking otherwise is silly
SC_brAh: called it danger > titch
Apachecats: Hey GOD you better move the C to Danger ,he’s walking on water.
armalitemk: how was that good by McEvoy took out two players and got lucky!
dipstick: RooBoyStu-Pid
th3rio: you can get the 100+ just from adding up his kicks, marks and goals lol retarded.
luke394: Danger is a beast.
sfmmp23: Danger dominating off one leg
Raspel31: Can’t believe looking good to leave cap on Danger. What a champ.
man0005: spud for RooBoyStu
Tonche: Give Danger the Brownlow now
JockMcPie: can we introduce chat icons? that’d be cool
SC_brAh: Danger needs a new icon made just for him…
Apachecats: Nearly cut my wrists for not taking Zerritts 120 from last night.Very happy now.
chris7399: Titch having an incredible first season. 3rd inside mid for the Swans last year and now 3rd best in the league
Umpirespet: Or ignore buttons lol
luke394: Jesus Christ Joel stop with the clangers bfs
pcaman2003: Danger will beat the Hawks,you’ll see. Our Def. sucks.
wadaramus: Wowee, Dangerpants is on fire!
carlton_99: This has to be one of the best individual performaces over the last decade.
chris7399: Should have a symbol like the report symbol and change the colour. Can be our Danger logo when he getse hot
batt: this is one of the more ridiculous games I’e seen
Apachecats: I’ll second that @Carlton
feralmong: straighter kicking and danger would be 200sc already.
fonzie: blue superman logo fro danger
duckky: Lol – Ive just loopholed Danger as Capt. LOL
Nuffman: Same @Ducky
Apachecats: Doc Larkins has made more runs than Bradman
kangawalla: Danger’s game today will be remembered for
th3rio: come on tuohy just get ur BE at least
kangawalla: Danger’s game today will be remembered for posterity
sfmmp23: 3 votes for Danger again
man0005: Danger’s game today will be remembered for posterity
Death: Dangerfield could be the greatest person ever born
circle52: Welcome C Strnadica
Fizzy343: Where is GOD, his titch captaincy isn’t looking so hot now
Apachecats: Dangerfield is a magician.
AngryRyno: interesting choice Doug, I’m going for Bayok C
kangawalla: @Fizzy. GOD is on the Port v Norf game page. Talkin bulldust as usual
BestCoast: @circle52 Strnadica agreed
pcaman2003: Hawks need their backline back in badly.
Nuffman: Wonder where RooBoyStu is now?
BestCoast: @Nuffman drinking with King_Robbo
shrtlg: how many icons can you give danger? S, heart, gun, star
BestCoast: Carn Danger just a couple more
AngryRyno: wrong icon selwood, needs lock not tag
Tonche: Mitchell vs. Danger. Predictions for who ends up on higher DT?
Tonche: I say Mitchell
BestCoast: @Tonche Titch
Apachecats: The script for this is that Danger kicks the winning goal in the last minute.
pcaman2003: C’mon Tuohy and get the damn ball
DrSeuss: Glad I got ready of Tuohy finally – Menegola time to lift!!
grossn: Hodge is basically giving the win to the cats. Free after free after free
luke394: Tom Mitchell slow second half thank god
luke394: Danger could have 180 if he’s kicked straight all on one leg lol
BestCoast: Ton up Jelwood
JockMcPie: they couldnt could they?
BestCoast: Game on
wadaramus: What a game!
chinkas: Smith – poor
JockMcPie: Smitthyy
Number 8: Oh my. What a finish!
pcaman2003: Twice now Smith has lost a game on the last kick.
Nuffman: why did he play on??
9inch: Wow what a miss
AngryRyno: choked
BestCoast: Hail Dangerman
Nuffman: Danger should have the cleaver icon.. butchered it hard
9inch: Danger should scale up to 150 and Tich down to 130 hopefully

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