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Chat log from R17 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs North Melbourne, R17 of 2017

m0nty: Just a warning, no spoilers from the other game please, discuss that match in the other chat
JockMcPie: Will do @m0nty
shrtlg: looks like a lot of interest in this one…
RooBoyStu: If Brian Lake gets a gig on Fox Footy, then Mckenna is a certainty to get one.
luke394: need a 120+ today please Ollie
JockMcPie: Ryder get a kick
dipstick: nuts out for harambe and lift ebert
JButcher: I traded out SPP and kept Mountford this week….
Nuffman: Surely North are tanking
Umpirespet: Butch what’s wrong with Robbie?
JButcher: Just letting everybody else do the work I guess @umpirespet
RGriffen: sounds like Hibberd is done for day. Shoulder injury
RGriffen: went back and landed awkwardly. Happen when Wingard kicked one of his goals
man0005: Why exactly is Brad Scott in high demand?
RGriffen: roos have confirmed he is done for the day m0nty
SilverLion: A lot of bandaids out there my word
IMAHAWKA: Is Robby Gray even playing…. 2 touches??
Apachecats: Yeah @silverl its a wonder Higgins hasn’t got one (yet)
Apachecats: If they had an award for inconsistancy it would be no contest ,RGray by a furlong.
All Reds: lel gray
BestCoast: @RooBoy Kangas fishing for early pick playing FLOG Thomas
GOD: No way Josh Kelly will go to North!
Raspel31: For once God may have spake the truth.
pies4spoon: @GOD Kelly’s dad Phil played for North
Pokerface: doesn’t his dad James play for essendon?
BestCoast: If GOD is saying Kelly isn’t going to Norfs means he will
GOD: @pies4spoon GOD know’s but forget about Kelly going to North it will not happen!
man0005: nah hes father Paul played for Sydney?
circle52: Hope I do not regret going Heeny over Wingard for last forward position.
benzammit: Who’s your C on in this match@GOD.
Pokerface: isnt he going to adelaide to join his brother jake?
SC_brAh: Good boy Wingard!
GOD: @benzammit GOD can ensure you it’s no one from North!
Sloaneyyyy: why is robbie gray not playing on the ball…. being wasted sitting in the fwd pocket
dipstick: @sloaney have you looked at the scoreboard mate? that is reality. this is fantasy and thats why hes in the pocket
Pokerface: is higgins ok?
Pokerface: looks like he is scoring so i guess that’s a yes
boofjb57: The roos must have shares in Johnson and Johnson
SilverLion: Higgins back out there?
SilverLion: Nevermind just read comments
korza: Oh Hoff, i’m man crushing all over you
luke394: cmon Ollie 120 please
poolboybob: Potato for Daw
korza: 2018 Goldy will have no relevance at all.
9inch: Be happy if Goldy finishes around 70sc.
Beast_Mode: goldy yinyang
poolboybob: 2018 North will have no relevance at all.
Torz: Goldy to Darcy was a good move this week.
BestCoast: @poolboybob we might be in the same canoe if we dont unload all the dead wood
pcaman2003: Norf worse than my Hawks. Time for Scott to go.
poolboybob: Incredible how healthy Port have been this year. Big reason why they’re contending for top 4
wadaramus: Paddy iced up ankle.
Apachecats: Bought in Ryder this k ,sorry every one.
Apachecats: *week
Lawls: Same here Apache
wadaramus: He still tonned up Apache! Not sure how bad the ankle is.
fonzie: lets hope he plays next week
Apachecats: Fingers crossed @wada
faisca7: eberts supercoach goes up every time the page refreshes
poolboybob: They’re just icing him up because he’s so important and they’re ahead by 100 goals
faisca7: Coach wont be happy with Goldy not taking a mark all day.
pcaman2003: Norf remind me of Keystone Cops comedies.
chris7399: the curse of the 2nd ruck strikes. martin last week goldy this week
poolboybob: Wingard is really tempting but he has too many 60-70 point clunkers
original: People kidding themselves when they say SPP ain’t the rising star this year
Pokerface: @original you havent seen burton then
original: @poolboybob have a mate that brought him in aaaaages ago and he is laughing. Hate the mate and the choice of player
LuvIt74: How bad was ryders injury/

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