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Chat log from R17 of 2017: St Kilda vs Essendon

Chat log for St Kilda vs Essendon, R17 of 2017

J.Worrall: Same Olds …..Gogogo!
cusch1: Can’t wait to see the booing that flog Carlisle receives tonight #WeRemember
stew42: @cusch, I’m sure the Saints say the same about Goddard 😛
cusch1: BJ didn’t say that his club was f##ked, and then get caught snorting coke. Only former don I’d boo tbh
frenzy: what about jimmy hird grandfinal day, lol
cusch1: won the medal in 2000, like Williams, Archer, McLeod and Grant before him. Why shouldn’t he award the medal?
cusch1: He did the crime, and did his time. Now move on
m0nty: glad to see some footy, too much non-footy news around
m0nty: Looking forward to Carlisle v Daniher and Hurley v Riewoldt, if that’s how it shakes out. Good old fashioned matchups.
Snarfy: Jimmy will be presenting all the grand final winners with a commemorative syringe!
cusch1: M0nty putting his own spin on Trump’s fake news?
heppelitis: should be a cracker…who you tipping m0nty?
th3rio: lads
stew42: lol, forgot about that @cusch. Fair enough!
Lestat: Shut up BT you flog.
m0nty: Dons for mine
JRedden: oraaaazzziiiooo
Snarfy: I’m sick of the commentators jumping on and off Premiership favourites.
boo!: cmon zerrett, 200sc
Lestat: Fair leap Joe.
cusch1: Daniher sent Carlisles nose into the ground there, too bad it wasnt into the white boundary lines
Ladbrokes_: Stewart gets an remarkable 4 SC for a mark, kick and goal set-up
Lestat: Butt hurt much Cusch? Do you say the same for Ryder, Monfries, Crameri or Hibberd?
circle52: How does Greeb keep getting games for Bombers
Breezey: Have the VC on Montagna tonight. Great start
9inch: I’m excited about a Saints Bombers game. That sort of year.
dipstick: poor jobe must be exhausted being a vegan and all
dipstick: cant play AFL with salad
zadolinnyj: Mont and Heppell need a big Friday for once
stew42: Holy crap the Bombers are going to have a cracker Fantasy game.
cusch1: No, because they didn’t talk utter rubbish after leaving. Lestat
stew42: More than half the Bombers are hot, and Zerrett isn’t one of them :O
alexw: you’re clueless dipstick
m0nty: LOL 14 Bombers with fireballs but Zerrett not one of them
stew42: Beat you to it M0nt! 😛
Lestat: Bombers pressure is enormous.
circle52: and of course I have Zaha and Merrett
Beast_Mode: he’ll still ton up no biggie
stew42: How has Bird not gotten a game prior to tonight?! Anyone? Baffling
zadolinnyj: CArlisle has Kelly in SuperCoach I think
StuL: I knew Steele would suck. So I played him anyway!
Snarfy: Great footy!
boo!: didn’t buy into any
wadaramus: I looped Steele.
circle52: Agree Narfy – Great footy and great pressure from both sides,
AngryRyno: Zerrett back up top where he belongs
Texwalker: C’mon seb, do something, so glad inwent greenwood over steele
dipstick: afl footy quality has come down to its lowest in history
zadolinnyj: I also looped Steele
original: this commentary “myers is a good kick” …ok
StuL: Looping Steele meant risking Bolton gets a call up. Wasn’t worth it.
boo!: noice zerrett and roberton
Lestat: Myers is a great kick…. compared to Jayson Daniels.
heppelitis: original….he kicks long but never hits a target lol
BOMBRBLITZ: Myers is a good long kick, just doesn’t always hit a target
zadolinnyj: Myers may need some oxygen being so high up for him. 20 is a match score
9inch: Robbo and Zerrett. Go boys!
dipstick: LOL Zerrets score. LOL
runt: When Bruce asks a question he doesn’t really expect an answer, does he?
dipstick: get a hearty steak into you Jobe boy!!
th3rio: ffs loopholed strart and hes missing everything
AngryRyno: Gleeson having a picnic
Ladbrokes_: Freakish game from Carlisle so far
stew42: Thank you Zerrett :’)
feralmong: And Myers pick 6 in draft. Pick 6 is a bit of a bogey pick. Eg conca Tigers
feralmong: And danger was pick 10 that draft. Gotta love hindsight.
boo!: carlisle to finish on 70sc
heppelitis: Marty Gu
heppelitis: Marty Glueson is having a Marty Party
Texwalker: Seb ross is playing the wrong game.. its not dodgeball seb…
heppelitis: dam refresh
JRedden: roberton back to getting useless disposals across half back
Lestat: Saints should have played anyone over Hickey.
wadaramus: That’s what good Fantasy defenders do JRedden!!
DirtyDawn: Evening all
Texwalker: @lestat its only bellchambers, might as well play crap against crap
wadaramus: Evening DD.
boo!: sup dirty
zadolinnyj: What has happened to Heppell
happytimes: I feel like punching something when ever Essendon are winning
9inch: Cracker of a game
runt: riewoldt tackles Hurley who drops the ball. No free?
stew42: That rule has been terribly handled all year @runt
runt: Ben Long looks like a grasshopper in a chicken coop
Beast_Mode: go massive zerrett, you’re my VC
Yelse: why doesn’t anyone ever tag zerret
Lestat: @runt Hurley got ball to boot that’s why.
wadaramus: Xlnt question Yelse.
wadaramus: He just let the ball go Lestat? Didn’t see any boot.
boo!: dont tag zerrett, tag parish
Lestat: Licked it when Riewoldt swung him.
runt: @Lestat different incident. Ball went nowhere near his boot.
Growlers: Can someone please tell me, does Steele have a tagging role on Heppell or are they just running off each other?
Lestat: are you talking about the tackle 40m from goal?
wadaramus: Can’t tell Growlers, not seeing enough of them.
Growlers: I cant see or hear the game, is Steele on Heppell?
Texwalker: Hate having to watch footy on mute..
Lestat: Steele on Zaharakis
Growlers: Another Ch7 broadcast then?
Growlers: Thanks Lestat
Growlers: Can’t be tagging him, 15 touches and a goal!
Lestat: No mark to Riewoldt? Poor decision.
duckky: Geez looks like a game between two bottom 4 teams.
heppelitis: man handled by the bigger hooker lmfao
casey22: Got beaten by the big hooker?!
JRedden: the week i take the C off merret, hahaha
m0nty: my Dons tip looking good sa far
9inch: Saints will turn this around 2nd half
duckky: Saints too tired from last week.
heppelitis: blowing a gale at etihad m0nt?…scoring poor
frenzy: couple of all aust ruckmen going head 2 head
Drak: How much longer till Essendon are taken seriously?
iZander: probably when they stop losing to Brisbane unfortuantly Drak 🙁 (bomber supporter)
Lestat: Joe is the best ruck in this game by a country mile.
benzammit: The speed of that first half left some legs tied that’s why there has been so many behinds.
StuL: As if the Saints are playing finals. Dream on.
cusch1: Hopefully next season will be the year that we do make that climb up the ladder. This season was always going to betough
heppelitis: good point ben
benzammit: Bombers could still finish as high as 5th dropping 1 game, Brisbane n Carlton losses hurt though.
benzammit: Not dropping I
Lestat: Bombers won’t make finals.
poolboybob: Heppell learn to kick you bum
Screech23: @Lestat u on drugs best ruv k Joe….up there wu th forward but not closevto best ruck
StuL: Come on Steele. I should have sold you for a Twisties when I had the chance
iZander: It looks like you’re on drugs tbh @ screech
Lestat: @Screech23 so Hickey and Bellchambers are better now are they? Not a chance.
Grazz: Joey’s taken a few nice grabs tonight
BOMBRBLITZ: suck that Carlisle
Screech23: @Lestat bell is t he man there joe is the forward
circle52: What a bounce
Breezey: Absolute carve up
Lestat: Obviously you don’t know much about football. Both Bellchambers and Hickey are crap, Joe is clearly best ruck.
HawkTalker: scoring is definitely off when daniher only has 67pts
Lestat: Case in point that hitout to Merrett.
J_Herer: lol saints, beating Richmond is no guide obviously
casey22: Zach, get that sc score up
Screech23: Ur a spud Lestat allmi am saying is he is better forward than ruck. Dont waste hu s talents in the ruck
Lestat: You’re an idiot. Daniher is the best ruck in this game. Meaning Bellchambers and Hickey are useless. DUH. hOW THICK ARE
poolboybob: Billings is a crap kick
Screech23: Ur still a spud on game play…
Screech23: Both side suck at kic king straight..that one just went through
GOD: Riewoldt should announce he is retiring after tonight, no longer up to AFL standard
Lestat: You might want to learn the English language mate.
Screech23: Tablet is slow…ant be bothered correcting it for a spud like u….
sfmmp23: Longer should be back in next week
original: Odds of hickey being dropped?
Lestat: excuses, excuses for a poor education. Can’t expect too much from a Carlscum fan though.
9inch: Wtf Zerrett SC??
feralmong: Nah we were hopeless herer. Lions could smash us.
frenzy: Longer pinged a string, didnt he?
Texwalker: Well thisnjust proves that the gf is a race in 4 without a doubt..
MONEY TALK: ohh i really hope longer is back, hicky makes longer look good
original: @9inch zerrett needs to lift
MONEY TALK: so this is how richmond felt last week
casey22: Hurley has really developed this year, very, very good
Lestat: Longer could be back next week. Only hamstring tighness.
AngryRyno: why does Hickey not have the spud or similar negative icon already
J_Herer: Zerrett looked in a bit of pain at half time, rest him up now, TOG low
Screech23: Mate 4 hit outs for joe ur a spud on footy game play….take a hike fence sitter
circle52: Koby Stevens seem to be runniung with Zerrett atm. At last someone making him accountable
MONEY TALK: bring jason holmes, hickey is shit
StuL: Zaha two good games. Pity he’s on my ‘never pick this guy because he sucks’ list
Lestat: Oh the idiot is back.
Screech23: Bell killing the ruck….best ruck tonight
Lestat: Marshall is an option too @Money
Screech23: O the spud ….sure u would have been mashed by now
StuL: Is Pell the patron saint of StKilda?
Screech23: Bell goaling it up and killing the ruck
MONEY TALK: at this point milne is a better ruck choice
J_Herer: Glad of tonights result, it shows Richmond has nbo chance of a flag, perhaps 9th would be fitting
benzammit: Tippy gets 3 and hooker 1 every player double figures. Sweet
GOD: so what!
wadaramus: Steele just doesn’t get involved enough.
Screech23: Bombers back line is awsome
poolboybob: Can’t believe I got sucked in by Billings good 2 months
GOD: you mean awful?
BestCoast: @Screech Woosha the master of the attacking defense
StuL: Battle on for record SC rookie flop.
Screech23: Yea mate….but they have relaxed…and they do that some games and c ostbthd m
MONEY TALK: hicky read the comments
Screech23: Stu….think Battlemight get it lol
MONEY TALK: rooey with some junk time
StuL: Hurley is just about Doc 2.
BestCoast: Bombers will challenge in the next couple of years
Screech23: There only 1 Doc lol
Hooks: Had Hurley in then reversed it because Greenwood was playing… Next week it is then.
wadaramus: GEe whiz Hickey is such a spud.
casey22: Got any more icons for Kelly & Hurley?
StuL: Patron saint of saints is so because he prefers boys to men.
Screech23: Hurley only 1bsc nirth of 120…..not close to Doc
th3rio: take stewarts 75+ or wait for greenwood to play? i doubt shai bolton will get a call up
StuL: Greenwood. At worst he gets a 70 odd.
poolboybob: Going Heppell to Jelwood next week. No more patience with Heppell’s crap disposal
StuL: Id’ punt on Greenwood. Will get a min 70 anyway
th3rio: cheers
GOD: Richardson has no idea
StuL: Sorry. thought the first msg vanished
th3rio: im a guaranteed league win will prob have a gamble
Screech23: Th3rio take Stewart
StuL: I had a feeling I wanted GW over Spud Steele
th3rio: if he gets 90 ill take it lol
casey22: Tippa making Joey look ordinary
poolboybob: Bin for Tippa
Beast_Mode: give Tip the bin
frenzy: blue moon Myers
StuL: Steele Boo! Rubbish Belconnen player
original: Dunno if roberton deserves a ton
Beast_Mode: stewart cash icon, tippy bin
Beast_Mode: savage bluemoon

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