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Chat log from R16 of 2017: West Coast vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for West Coast vs Port Adelaide, R16 of 2017

SilverLion: 100+ from Yo-yo lets go
mickelo: I hope he gets 200 @SilverLion. Opp has Zorko
stew42: Hope Atley has a Barlow-like debut! 😛
thommoae: Polec gets the tag? Is he the Port lynchpin?
luke394: low clangers today please Ollie
Ladbrokes_: Priddis…always gotta frustrate the shower out of me…hasn’t got a ton since rd 10
Ladbrokes_: Wait no rd 8*
m0nty: Ebert 4 clearances, WCE two.
Raspel31: Whoops-here goes tipping again.
stew42: Technically WCE are sitting ninth aren’t they? Therefore Port can beat them 😛
poolboybob: Shocking that the eagles look off the pace after bringing in a bunch of slow old players
BestCoast: @stew42 we are lucky to be there
Raspel31: Hello LeCras-might have spoken too soon.
MONEY TALK: need wines as low as possible
heppelitis: crap 20 minutes yeo…lift
luke394: cmon Ollie
Ladbrokes_: Please accept my apology Lord Priddis. You are a certified g u n
Torz: Huge quarter by Houston
SC_brAh: Wingard LIFT
LMartos: WA umpires
runt: Big McGovern not doing much
runt: Ryder has hit some great form
Umpirespet: Bye Bye Port
runt: Yeo playing in fits and spurts
Raspel31: Fagfeoy-come on you two!
DrSeuss: Why did i trade in Sheed this week….grr
LMartos: it’s crap that a kick can be a clanger when your team mate slips
Raspel31: I don’t know DrSeuss-why did you trade in Sheed this week?
LMartos: Ryder should be on about 70 SC, dominating
stew42: Thought having Yeo, Sheed and Atley would nab me about 200 points. Definitely doesn’t look like that now 🙁
Beast_Mode: is SPP done? been on the bench a long time
LMartos: Port clearly haven’t learnt, can’t deliver going i50
Donz: Martos, Reckon he would be on more if CD were not giving R.Gray points for sneezing
Ladbrokes_: Ok Priddis. I see what you’re trying to do here
runt: Does Gray have a cold?
SilverLion: 100 from Yeo would push me close to 2500 SC, cmon Yo-yo
runt: Im ryding Paddy to victory. Anyone see what I did there?
RooBoyStu: Come on Ryder!
RooBoyStu: @runt your comedy as good as having a vegetarian with the tongs at a BBQ
poolboybob: Sheed is having a clunker
RooBoyStu: Matt White will be dropped this week.
DrSeuss: Pool boy is Sheed just having a mare? Nowhere near it?
jfitty: Let’s go Ebert!
duckky: Yikes … thanks to Cripps for me to win, Wines has to sccore 126 more than white. Any chance… 🙂
Costanza: Wine and Cripps with a little cheese – lovely
poolboybob: How much will Port win by? 30 or 40?
heppelitis: ok time for us to lift yo again…move your ass son
Umpirespet: Nope ur stuffed Dukky
MONEY TALK: for me to lose wines needs to score 227, i even have the donut
JButcher: I definitely wouldn’t count WCE out against us poolboy
poolboybob: Gee Wellingham is a crab
duckky: Thought so … karma
DrSeuss: For me to win I needed Yeo and Sheed to combine for more than Ryder. Going great so far
Umpirespet: Houston looks decent
sfmmp23: Need an 87 from Yeo. Come on mate
JButcher: I want an unbiased view, can Paddy Ryder make the All-Aus team?
JRedden: kreuzer is the number 1 ruck this year
Donz: He would have to be in consideration Butcher
Umpirespet: Dunno Butch Kruz has been good this year
frenzy: Kruzer will get AA
Donz: Only person in my mind challenging him for the ruck spot would be Kreuzer
heppelitis: For sure Butch…Ryder and Kreuzer
Umpirespet: Stef b4 Archie was a beast
RooBoyStu: Goldy and Ryder for me and happy
JRedden: goldy is nowhere near AA
aces-high: Get rid of the magnifying glass on gray. His role isn’t to get big numbers anymore. He’s a pure small forward.
Umpirespet: Ha ha RooBoy ur funny
RooBoyStu: @jredden and T.Boyd is? lol Goldy 129 today
Donz: Now that is a biased view rooboy
Ladbrokes_: Earth to priddis
aces-high: Kreuzer by far is the all Australian ruck. He’s a step above this year
aces-high: Next tier for the second ruck spot will come from Jacobs, grundy, Ryder and mummy
RooBoyStu: Kreuzer as useful as a muslim at a pig market.
daniel87: cmon port lets win this game
Ladbrokes_: Rooboy is cooked. Plain and simple
Umpirespet: RooBoy will have to log into his King Knobbo acc after thar comment
Costanza: Kreuz has 50 more tackles than Ryder for the year
heppelitis: lol umpirespet
RooBoyStu: Pumpkin for Petrie been god last few weeks but back to normal
Donz: rooboy as racist as he is stupid
frenzy: robbie gray my weakest link, hmmm what to do ?
BestCoast: @Umpires I was wondering why King_Floggo was
RooBoyStu: *good
Lawls: Goldy averaging 15 or so less than Kreuzer mate
BestCoast: Quite
RooBoyStu: worst thing is, when people don’t know the meaning of things.
Umpirespet: I have him to frenzy
poolboybob: Dixon would win the Coleman if he could play the Eagles every week
Donz: Rooboy you’re just a different type of an extremist…
frenzy: he’s a bigger yo-yo than Yeo
Donz: extremely ignorant and stupid
RooBoyStu: my vegetarian comment before wasn’t offensive as no vegans here….
Umpirespet: I love Lamb
faisca7: last time i looked, wines was on 80sc and yeo was 54. dafuq
Costanza: I’m vagitarian
SC_brAh: 341 + Wingard vs Ryder / Houston / Ollie and White :O
Donz: it’s ok rooboy. I know you can count the level of your I.Q with your fingers
Umpirespet: Frenzy Ken has made Robbie irrelevant SC wise now
RooBoyStu: Go Ryder
BestCoast: What was the vegan comment Rooboy how Goldy loves eating cucumber
RooBoyStu: @Bestcoast I would be more worried about this game. West Coast are showe
poolboybob: Star for Ryder
J.Worrall: Sam Kekavich wouold be proud!
BestCoast: @Rooboy finally you speak the truth we are average at best
poolboybob: Eagles should play more old players and talls next week, that’s probably the answer
BestCoast: West Coast squat pissing again
CBeezDeez: Will the new ground be a better fortress? Can’t seem to win at this one anymore
JButcher: well that was piss poor
Umpirespet: Mitchell for gold Logie?
BestCoast: poolboy we need to clean out heaps starting with Wellingham the certified lemon
SC_brAh: Carn Wingard 110+
LMartos: Wines choking the ton hard, was on 80 with time left in the 3rd, c’mon mate, don’t dog me again
Umpirespet: Caen Robbie
Umpirespet: Carn *
poolboybob: Gray now 4th in SC with a magnifying glass. lol
BestCoast: CBeez the reason why we can’t win at Subi is we are 100% shower
JButcher: Might wanna get rid of the magnifying glass m0nty
Donz: R. Gray going ham in the last qtr… Bloke is a superstar
Costanza: Port can junk it up now
aces-high: Gray 13 3 goals get rid of the glass anytime he gets around 15 he’s done his role the 30 possie days are finished
LMartos: Picked Gray over Cripps, very lucky
JButcher: Jonas you ripper
frenzy: gob smacked with Gray Lol
Ladbrokes_: West Coast had one job, now swans will stay in the 8, flower sake.
frenzy: remove the mag glass m0nty
runt: Robbie Gray gets the rice bubble of the week award, snap crackle and pop but nothing of real nutritious value
BestCoast: Replace magnifying glass with star m0nty
Donz: yeah ok runt… literally been the difference in the last qtr
frenzy: yin yang is good
JButcher: Wingard X Factor, Ryder Star
Ladbrokes_: Don’t think he’ll get 3 votes though Besty
runt: Donz In the last qtr, you said it
poolboybob: Wellingham potato please
BestCoast: @runt when the game was up for grabs flog
frenzy: wet toast seagulls beaten on their own ski slope
RooBoyStu: Thank you Ryder you beat Kreuzer
Donz: Runt. When it mattered most. When the game is lost or won. Pops up kicks a couple and sets up a couple more
Donz: Just what you would like your foward pocket to do
Donz: No nutritional value? He virtually has won Port the game off his own boot
Umpirespet: On ya Peppa pig got ya BE
sfmmp23: Come on Yeo need you to get to 87
runt: The Eagles lost the plot. Not masterminded by Gray
frenzy: welldone puffs
RooBoyStu: where’s lestat? crying into his pillow re kreuzer 129
Donz: lol
Donz: runt by name, runt by nature… either way that is a very simplistic view
runt: Donz Where is the lead? You go the man you lose
RooBoyStu: Ryder Bang
runt: Fuck you Donz
Donz: That made no sense
runt: If Gray could play a whole game….
Donz: not very nice runt
runt: 27 point lead
daniel87: carn the power
runt: Im not nice
Donz: Still don’t know what you’re getting at runt
BestCoast: Put the c in runt
J.Worrall: generally being a pain, runt – bannable offence, metinks
LMartos: who needed Yeo to get 87 to win??? just got there
Donz: West Coast have generally been poor this year. Quick fixes don’t work.
sfmmp23: Please stay there Yeo
J.Worrall: Hush Donz
CBeezDeez: Crunt? Sounds like a Kev Bloody Wilson song. LoL

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