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Chat log from R16 of 2017: Carlton vs Melbourne

Chat log for Carlton vs Melbourne, R16 of 2017

Lestat: Good to see Hogan back.
Umpirespet: Stay low Gawny
LMartos: Gawn -6 for that free against, give me a spell
heppelitis: well welcome back to my team gawn lol
LMartos: okay, now CD are taking the piss
daniel87: minus 13 wtf
Pokerface: why do people continue to complain about scores in the first few minutes when the scaling to 3300 doesnt work
MONEY TALK: need murphy, oliver and docerty to play the game of there life
Lestat: Why do people complain about the scoring period Poker.
Pokerface: well, true Lestat
luke394: please Hannan and Docherty need some good scores
Lawls: Stay down Doch!
stew42: Took a punt on Docherty as AF captain this week, averaging 130+ in his last 5. Don’t let me down lad!
luke394: Docherty WTF
Raspel31: You don’t have Danger stew?
luke394: fuk u hannan
stew42: @Raspel, yeah, and Titch too, but Doch is in better form!
Raspel31: Than Danger stew?
heppelitis: amaziing oliver…not stuck on the bench this week
luke394: thats a bit rich Stew didnt u VC Danger?
pcaman2003: I’m loving my scores here. Great week for me so far.
luke394: good for u @pcaman2003
LMartos: Kreuzer taking Gawn deep
stew42: More consistent, yes. Danger average last 5 is 134, Doch is 136
JockMcPie: Stay very low Docherty pLEASE
stew42: And yes Luke, but it’s AF, no rolling lockout.
stew42: Besides, needed a POD
SilverLion: Just need Gawn to lift here at the moment.
Lestat: Stew said AF where you can’t loophole.
Raspel31: Yep-understand POD-tried with Titch.
luke394: ah right my bad
SilverLion: Cape for Kreuz
Raspel31: Ah-no loophole. Explains all-thanks Lestat.
Lewysport: Cape Kruezader!
pcaman2003: Just need Doc to lift.
stew42: The annoying thing is, I have Kreuz too haha
JockMcPie: ENough of that Kreuzer, share with Gawn please
MONEY TALK: so far glad i stuck with witts
thommoae: Paid top $ for the Kreuz three weeks ago; worth every cent.
luke394: Kreuzer has always threatened to be a good fantasy player if he was fit hes been ridiculous lately
stew42: Same @thommoae, so glad I went him ahead of Grundy!
AndyB17: Keep it up Oliver
thommoae: Giving Gawn a bath at present; post-tap workrate top drawer
MONEY TALK: step martin needs to get back into form
luke394: Zac Fisher doesnt have a stat lol and has scored 3
AndyB17: Martin is frustrating, up 1 week, down the next
luke394: Bryce Gibbs a lazy 660k atm haha
LMartos: hate when coward supporters provoke players
Ladbrokes_: Wake up Doc
JRedden: martin to darcy
CamT: When Fremantle’s Darcy fills out he will be totally immoveable.
luke394: go nuts Doch
stew42: It’s tempting @JRedden, but also so so risky!
luke394: cmon Hannan get going
pcaman2003: Got Kreuz,Ollie,Hibberd,Murph and Doc. Very happy.
MONEY TALK: keep going oliver, murphy and doc, hibb lift
JRedden: kreuzer is the best ruck in the game, will get AA
Lestat: Looks like coward Oliver was the 1 who abused a paying supporter.
Ben_Gogos: Harmes with the falcon goal assist!
StuL: Glad i didnt jump on gawn
Beast_Mode: he’s got tho ignore than fans, seems like a weak cunt this Oliver
thommoae: As luke394 said … as long as Kreuz doesn’t meet the Spectre of Hurt along the way
Ben_Gogos: @Lestat It appeared Clayton gave as good as he got.
BestCoast: @Lestat bit harsh mate no cowards playing AFL
Lestat: replying to LM calling supporters cowards.
Ladbrokes_: Hibberd, Gawn, Docherty wtf
luke394: @thommoae played juniors against Kreuzer and he was an absolute mountain at 18 always had the ability
dipstick: has oliver recovered from that massive blow he copped a couple weeks ago?
Texwalker: Shut up bt, kerridge 2 goals in 52 career games??
Lestat: Cripps could be spending some time on the sidelines and being kicked in the knee
Ben_Gogos: Curnow coming along very nicely now.
poolboybob: Oliver may be testy due to headaches suffered when Schofield concussed him.
BestCoast: @dipstick you mean that love tap
jaxx: If Hibberd gets 86 I lose
luke394: ur gonna lose @Jaxx
Raspel31: Not going to buy into the Oliver incident but apparently a cert for the Olympics.
Lestat: I think BT got career and season confused. But he did play for Pies and Tigers.
MONEY TALK: oliver can do what he wants just keep pumping me those points
luke394: traded fisher for witherden pretty happy with that bank 100K
pcaman2003: @Money Talk. Exactly!
Lestat: C’mon Simmo. Get in there.
pcaman2003: Current proj score is 2448 which is good for me.
Ladbrokes_: How much would you guys say Fisher will drop if he say finishes on 10 with a BE of 46?
stew42: And boom goes Doch. Keep going lad!!!
MONEY TALK: no more than 30 k
dipstick: @ladbrokes roughly half of the difference so 18K
Raspel31: Might have made a good call there stew.
MONEY TALK: and not go down by 30 k i mean under 30 k
Lestat: Spud for Kerridge.
MONEY TALK: glad my oppo doesn’t have oliver, doc or murphy
luke394: please Hanna ffs greenwood out killing me
MONEY TALK: does super coach count the sub score at the end or as soon as the player doesn’t play
Lestat: White knee injury.
luke394: if there arent playing @Moneytalk it will be counted straight away
Lestat: As soon as the player doesn’t play.
Raspel31: Straight away.
MONEY TALK: ok good oop has JPK and had has witherden as cover
carlton_99: So the Curnow one wasnt a free but that was
SilverLion: SImpson and Gawn lift please ;-;
cobrakai00: Weitering half wit
Pinkman: silly weitering.
stew42: In AF currently 1805 with Hibberd, Doch (C), Kreuz in play. Sheed, Yeo, Atley to come 😀
LMartos: will take 90 from Gawn back in my team
Raspel31: Thank you stew-much needed info.
stew42: Hey, I’ve had a crap season so far, I need to brag when I can! 😛
colin wood: Cripps finished for the game? Not watching..
Raspel31: Roger that. Good luck stew.
SilverLion: Looks like it colin, probably tore a tendon in his knee
colin wood: Yuck, oh well thats the end of my SC season. Catch you all next season lads.
stew42: Went straight down to the rooms, haven’t heard anything since
pcaman2003: Go for it Stew42. I do the same.
frenzy: Yuck’s right
Raspel31: Cripps confirmed out for game-damage unknown.
RooBoyStu: where are the Goldy bashers for Gawn? Muppets.
armalitemk: @RoyBoyStu still here mate just wondering how many of you got sucked in early on the gawn train!???
Raspel31: So Carlton 2 down on interchange. Tough.
RooBoyStu: I haven’t got Gawn, but have Goldy and happy with 129sc as no other ruckman has that this week.
Lestat: I will quote you when Kreuzer goes over 129 RooBoy.
armalitemk: @RoyBoyStu dw mate Kreuzer well on his way!
MONEY TALK: red cross for cripps soon
luke394: cripps done for the day hospital sign?
feralmong: Goldy and Witts. Stuck with em all year and fairly happy.
RooBoyStu: Kreuzer lol, one game away from injury
Ben_Gogos: Yes Cripps has not appeared since taking the knock. Just waiting on confirmation.
MONEY TALK: i went gawn to witts back then, bad day that was had the c on gawn at that time
m0nty: Carlton twitter has confirmed Cripps out
TheOnyas: onya frosty
Lestat: Waite, Ziebell, Cunnington and Thomas 1 game away from suspension.
MONEY TALK: goal line review to see if the goal ump touched it
Ben_Gogos: Thanks m0nty
MONEY TALK: well cripps on crutches, bad injury record against dees
Raspel31: Well, The Carlton physio ruled him out at half time-not brain science.
Ladbrokes_: Give Fisher the fire symbol, 2 touches in 5 mins
JockMcPie: Can DOcherty just stop and get cheaper pls
MONEY TALK: that has to be the weirdest ump call ive seen
Lestat: It looked like his calf bandaged, not his knee
MONEY TALK: thanks murphy pushing towards my victory (:
merto09: have krezuer, doc, murphy and oliver, cant ask for much more!
Gotigres: Gawn has 5 contested possessions but only 4 handballs
MONEY TALK: who will get the ton first
Lestat: CP are not disposals Gotigres
LMartos: Gawn pls
RooBoyStu: @lestat waiting for the quote. Kreuzer 129 lol
Lestat: Game is not over douche.
MONEY TALK: out of the top 4 scores i have 3
Umpirespet: Gawn gunna be super cheap soon
LuvIt74: Is Gawn ok?
9inch: T Mac been good lately
MONEY TALK: gawn gonna be cheap af, glad i held witts
Gotigres: Ok thanks Lestat
Raspel31: Daisy you muppet.
BestCoast: @RooBoy has good was Goldy Choked in true Kanga style
frenzy: sideways Darcy to Gawn, very nice
MONEY TALK: fire for t mac ? almost i’d say
Lestat: Well Goldstein does play for the Tankaroos BestCoast.
Gotigres: Yes, a kick for Gawn
Umpirespet: Even Hibberd has turned into a spud
MONEY TALK: now surely he has the fire
BestCoast: @Lestat you mean Spudaroos
Umpirespet: Tasmanian Kangaroos soon enough
RooBoyStu: Pumpkin for Liam Jones
CBeezDeez: Looks like Hoges will hav to go back with big Tom kicking like this…
RooBoyStu: @umpirespet Ben Buckley has ruled that out flog.
Texwalker: Kerridge, doch and murphy stop touchjng the ball, pick ur game up gibbs
stew42: Held Hogan to one goal, he’s had a pretty good game @RooBoy!
merto09: @royboystu, you’re kidding surely, he has completely blanketed hogan
CBeezDeez: I was born in Tas @Umpire & I DON’T want em!
Umpirespet: Gillian hasn’t tho RooBoy
RooBoyStu: alking fantasy pts and sc pts as been averaging 90+
CBeezDeez: And that’s both heads agreeing for once!!
Tommo2909: Gawn and Hibberd lift
Lestat: Jones has beaten Patton, Lynch, Riewoldt, Walker and now Hogan in his 5 games as a defender. 5 good scalps I think.
RooBoyStu: are extending our facilities at Arden st so going nowhere soon.
stew42: If you’re expecting ANY Key Position defender to be a consistently good Fantasy scorer, you’ve got another thing coming.
BestCoast: @RooBoy so have they moved out of the tin shed and got some hot water
RooBoyStu: Kreuzer needs a 31 pt qtr lol
CBeezDeez: Compliments of the Tas Govt @Roo
MONEY TALK: he will get it
RooBoyStu: @bestcoast been improved for years, come to melb and i will give you a tour
Hawks_13: best defender in supercoach by a long way in my opinion. tom mcdonald. very versitile
MONEY TALK: gawn looks tired
RooBoyStu: Gawn needs another 2 months on the couch playing playstation and sucking on vb cans
Ben_Gogos: Tremendous goal from SPS
BestCoast: @RooBoy just firing you up love to go and check it out
Raspel31: Twas indeed Ben.
runt: 4th possie at stake here
frenzy: jack silva
MONEY TALK: my boi Murphy, for super coach and a better spot on the ladder for us
Beast_Mode: blues showing some ticker with 2 men down
Raspel31: Go Carlton!!!!
CBeezDeez: Dont worry @Runt we dont want 4th! Still got the old mindset i think…
Ladbrokes_: Cmon fisher not too far from your BE now. You can go all the way buddy!
merto09: wtf is wrong with hibberd
RooBoyStu: Kreuzer looking good for 129 lol
BestCoast: @CBeez wouldnt be to concered you are doing well this year and missing some cattle
stew42: As a Swans fan, go Blues! Bring it home!!!
CBeezDeez: True @BC Am very proud of what we’ve ticked off this yr despite what I say here.
Donz: flowering hell hannan got robbed twice in a minute… have not seen him do anything ineffective, he goes from 90 to 76%
Donz: rubbish
LuvIt74: no way did he run to far
Donz: 5 points for 2 effective kicks and a tackles
LuvIt74: Dee’s getting robbed here and i hate blaming umpires
Lestat: He ran about 25 metres.
Donz: that tackle resulted in a free kick
MONEY TALK: keep pushing oliver, murphy and doc, hibb lift
Texwalker: Kerridge u arent this good, stop pretending..
Ben_Gogos: Lamb is hopeless.
MONEY TALK: Murphy 86 projected lol
RooBoyStu: Ben_Gogos don’t let Sam Kekovich hear you say that
StuL: Doc discount is never coming. Doc BE 143 and eats it uo
Raspel31: That’s harsh Ben. My draft killing my SC-go Gibbs, Murph and Doch.
MONEY TALK: @roo kruz went backwards lol
LMartos: Hibberd has been useful this whole half
LMartos: that spurred him a bit I guess
Donz: Now Hannan losing points…
runt: Blues wastefulness will be the Demons joy
RooBoyStu: @lestat how’s Kreuzers 129 looking, how is quoting me looking? you yap and you yap cr*p
Lewysport: Come on kruezer couple of late goals!
Lestat: How are the Tankaroos going? You mouth off and mouth off but can’t back it up. Chokers always flog.
BestCoast: 2 points the differance Dees 2 player over 80 blues 10
stew42: How long left roughly?
RooBoyStu: lol big man how old 14?
runt: A fights broken out …
wadaramus: 2 minutes 48 seconds.
m0nty: Doch needed the Jackie Chan move there
JockMcPie: Hibberd…done nothing since I brought him in
frenzy: what were you thinking Jock
RooBoyStu: let me hear it Kreuzer clap clap clap 129 fail clap clap clap
MONEY TALK: gg carlton
runt: Blues stat padding makes me sick because I don’t have any of them
JockMcPie: I’m thinking Docherty is the difference between a crap SC season and a good one
LuvIt74: Well done Dee’s
Raspel31: Bummer-enormous bravery Carlton-2 players down.
RooBoyStu: well done Kreuzer
SilverLion: Murph, Doch, SImpson, Oliver, Gawn… Can’t complain 😀
runt: Demons very well played
Lestat: How did Goldstein perform against Kreuzer RooBoy? Oh that’s right he had his arse handed to him, just like Gawn today.
poolboybob: Always sad to see Melbourne win, but at least Carlton lost
CBeezDeez: God we luv making hard work of it all! Phew!
RooBoyStu: till waiting for lestat to quote me
Ben_Gogos: The two injuries perhaps proved decisive in this one. Fantastic contest!
Lawls: Goldstein is a shit ruck option this year mate
Ladbrokes_: Flower yeah fisher
carlton_99: 100% would have won this game if it wasnt for the two injuries.
stew42: Ladies and gents, Doch is a perma-captain option. I’m a happy chappy.
RooBoyStu: @lawls 129 i will take it over Kreuz
SilverLion: Wheres Oliver’s Atlas?
merto09: @royboystu, hows the rest of your team going?

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