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Chat log from R16 of 2017: North Melbourne vs Fremantle

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Fremantle, R16 of 2017

frenzy: let the tanking begin
frenzy: the Tankeroos
pcaman2003: No interest in this game by looks of it. Frenzy
Texwalker: C’mon freo bury them..
pcaman2003: Fyfe needs a big game to make up for ordinary ones.
Raspel31: Bury them is a tad rude Tex. Kick their butts I prefer.
SC_brAh: Mountford L2Kick
pcaman2003: Lol Raspel31
9inch: Just need 70 each from Ryan and Gawn today. Take the pressure off me Ryan and go for 80sc
Costanza: Fyfe ranked 79 for Mids avge score says it all
SC_brAh: Need Fyfe to Outscore Neale (for once)
Texwalker: I love u freo, already 24 points up..
Texwalker: Amazing what happens when u allow ur team to try and score isnt it ross lyon..
Raspel31: Need Neale to outscore Fyfe.
LMartos: @9inch, you’d be hoping for a ton from Gawn surely
luke394: fuck off Fyfe
9inch: Yeah ton would be nice. I was more worried about Ryan getting a 50.
duckky: Get Walters off the bench!
9inch: But great start from Ryan.
pcaman2003: Go Fyfe. 150+ would be nice.
LMartos: Ryan started really well so barring injury you’re looking pretty good
luke394: just do anything Goldstein u flog
pcaman2003: Ryan making great bench cover.
Lestat: Did Freo just get away with a deliberate rushed behind?
Texwalker: Remember when goldy was must have.. now hes tradebait and not worth much
Ladbrokes_: Sean Darcy with same hitouts as Goldy is incredible. Looking like the real deal
9inch: Lestat. I guess the pressure was there to stop the goal?
Lewysport: Your right Tex, he’s not worth the 540k asking price anymore!
Lestat: There was no one within 10 metres of him and he just grabbed the ball and ran it over. Very lucky imo.
BestCoast: Wecolme back Mr Fyfe
Ladbrokes_: Also Hibberd in his 3rd game looks more comfortable on the ball than most of the ‘experienced’ North players
9inch: Yeah but the ball was going at pace. Interesting one.
Lestat: C’mon Connor get that man bun moving.
LeFtBehinD: Get angry Goldy!!
luke394: opponent has Higgins and Fyfe lol such bullshit
Beast_Mode: goldy has 6 tons in his last 8 games, 89 the lowest. Avgs 108 in that time. NOt good today though he’s worth the price
Ladbrokes_: What a fkn goal higgins gee whiz
luke394: go goldy go
Lestat: Gun for Walters already?
Ladbrokes_: Walters is on another level atm
Lestat: I can’t see why Norf are playing Daw over Preuss.
PLACEBOPIE: go mountford 😀
Lewysport: I’d take mummy or Ryder over goldy @beast
LMartos: Fyfe absolutely beasting at the contest today
Texwalker: For gods sake pls tag fyfe so neale racks up the possies
Beast_Mode: lmao! rmummy has zero tons in 5 straight games and ryder has 2 in 6 games, laughable
pcaman2003: Welcome back Mr Fyfe.
Umpirespet: Fyfe is life is back……Nice
luke394: how is Fyfe such a spaz all year then as soon as u burn him he belts out a big one he was useless for 12 weeks
Lestat: You would take Mummy in real life footy, but not in Fantasy.
LMartos: @luke injuries
Lewysport: Was talking money @beast but always capable of going bigger in winning teams.
zadolinnyj: holly looking good to me???
zadolinnyj: *goldy
Umpirespet: You would use Mummy as a bouncer in RL
luke394: pretty sure he wouldn’t play injured for 12 weeks
Umpirespet: Luke Fyfe had a bruised sternum
Beast_Mode: fairenough, i brought goldy in once gawn was hurt. was only 487k at the time. hasny let me down another ton coming up
Raspel31: Yep umpire-had special vest designed to protect his sternum.
LMartos: that was elite from Fyfe, what a mark
Lestat: Fyfe is only playing Norf so not much to beat really.
Umpirespet: Good confidence builder for him Lestat
Pokerface: take as much time off as you need Howe if Ryan will do this in your place
Lewysport: @beast l brought Kruezer in when sandi had bye, same, been great!
Texwalker: Sean darcy is very impreesive, 2018 under sandi, he could end up a genuine gun..
pcaman2003: Fyfe nearly reached proj score.
Lestat: That is true Ump. He might get back to his best from now on.
9inch: Pitty Darcy hasn’t got Fwd-Ruc.
RooBoyStu: Where are all the Goldy knockers now? Absolute muppets
Lestat: Is Walter BE really only 21? Surely not.
Ladbrokes_: 3 rd average of 124 @Lestat
9inch: Nice to be finally making some money Hibberd after 16 weeks lol
RooBoyStu: almost a cape qtr from Goldy in sc
Pokerface: 173 last week lestat
armalitemk: @RooBoyStu bro as a fellow north supporter keep your head down he’s only on 60 vs a kid in his second game!
Pokerface: lol 9inch
BestCoast: RooBoy burring up
Texwalker: Neone know wat nak scored last nite, i traded him out for darcy?
frenzy: good to see you kept faith 9 inch
Ladbrokes_: 81 tex
Lestat: If you mean Nankervis Tex he got 81 and was flogged by Longer.
9inch: 81sc Nank
Texwalker: Yeah nank lol… maybe i shouldve traded stef out instead.. hmm
9inch: Hibberd was my Capt many times so wasn’t useless.
BestCoast: @Lestat all Tigers were comprehensively Flogged last night
BestCoast: @ 9inch Freo trying to find form before we flog them again in the West
frenzy: yep i use Balic the same 9inch
luke394: How Majak continues to get a game is astounding
CamT: That’s right, 9inch. Hibberd got me Newman’s 151 and a few other descent scores as well.
LMartos: Fyfe ton yay
duckky: bother – I ran witherden instead of Ryan.
LMartos: same @duckky
poolboybob: Shocking to see Fyfe with 24 disposals and 0 kermits
9inch: Blakely showing a lot.
duckky: Walters half a donut
BestCoast: @poolboy you confident today
DrSeuss: Mountford run out of gas this quarter?
Willymack1: Lyons game style never puts a team away
Lestat: Keep going Connor.
Raspel31: Hmm-Neale has dropped 6 points this qtr-step up lad.
dipstick: anyone remember the good old days seeing A Mullet on I Maric?
feralmong: nope dipstick but here come the cox jokes.
9inch: Moved Witherden down to cover JPK and Ryan on in def. Looking good 🙂
Lewysport: I remember Danny southerns dipstick!
BestCoast: Carn Kagas
Hawks_13: good to see fyfe finally having a good game
9inch: Wanger, Swallow, Mountford. Nope no Cox jokes there.
Raspel31: Iremember Cowboy Neal when you could be fat- and smoke. Those were the days
feralmong: hehe raspel and pensioners could play. KB29.
Umpirespet: Certainly we’re Raspel and havin a beer behind the behind post
pcaman2003: Ryan looking good keeper.
frenzy: Time to tank
duckky: Whale Roberts – smoke, drink and almost pinch a Brownlow
heppelitis: funny9inch
LMartos: Fyfe please kick this one
LMartos: yes Nat
daniel87: of course fyfe would go big this week finally trade him out after weeks of sub par scores
LMartos: that was a clear push haha
luke394: fuck off fyfe
luke394: supercoach is 90% luck and 10% skill these days so unpredictable
Texwalker: Freos chokin a bit.. had em cold..
Lewysport: Bit like tipping this year luke394!
9inch: Crack the SC ton Ryan.
poolboybob: Kersten needs to make his kicks at goal because he offers absolutely nothing else as a footy player
pcaman2003: @9inch. Ryan come to a halt this qtr.
MONEY TALK: fyfe is summing up my week on supercoach players that i owned and traded off r coming back to give me the L
chris7399: goldy has to go now surely. almost losing to a 2nd gamer here
MONEY TALK: now i need higgins to get as much as possible for me
poolboybob: I traded in Billings 2 weeks ago, he rewarded me with an 88 and 57
luke394: billings is a small fwd @poolboybob they are up and down u got sucked into his previous scores
Raspel31: I traded in Greene 2 weeks ago and he hasn’t played yet.
MONEY TALK: also needed greene to play
Texwalker: Us3less and inept freo…
MONEY TALK: lol i said i needed greene b4 u said that coincidence
feralmong: here ya raspel. mounty on the ground to cover greene via dpp. not ideal.
LMartos: always wait until final teams are named to trade in someone
poolboybob: Billings was averaging 27 touches a game in the 2 months before I added him. He plays a lot on the wing
Raspel31: Teams were named LMartos-late withdrawal.
poolboybob: There aren’t enough mids up forward to pack your forward line with guys like Macrae and Yeo
circle52: @ martos does not allow for late outs though. JPK late out.
MONEY TALK: was going to say y does higgins keep going down for each touch
circle52: have Parsons on bench and could have used DPP to get it but Greenwood had played Friday night,
feralmong: another draw possible.
MONEY TALK: wish there was some way i can take witherdan or ryan’s score for greene
colmullet: wake up Neale
MONEY TALK: yes higgins push get as close as possible to fyfe
poolboybob: Ballantyne should play for Peel next weekend
luke394: Neale has had some terrible last quarters lately
circle52: Fyfe going backwards as well
LMartos: what a goal from Nyhuis
pcaman2003: Fyfe still out there?
circle52: Nyhuisearned his place next week.
LMartos: surely not another draw
Texwalker: Touch the bloody ball neale…
luke394: cmon Goldy kick the winner
cusch1: Time left?
LMartos: Nyhuis going clutch in his debut wow
Raspel31: Mr Neale-last time I spoke to you you got 15 in 2 minutes. I’m speaking to you again.
LMartos: defender kicks 4 goals on debut hahahaha
9inch: Xfactor Nyhuis
frenzy: Tankeroos
feralmong: Ny who no longer.
luke394: Neale is pathetic
Lewysport: You tell him Raspel, lost 9 points doin nothing!
MONEY TALK: how long left
Texwalker: Cant even get 30 touches neale… pfft…
LMartos: minute left
zadolinnyj: godly for the winner. missed
Raspel31: Yep-losing a point a minute Lewy.
duckky: Ouch … Goldy
wadaramus: Goldy shanks it!
LMartos: suck eggs Todd
Lawls: ffs goldy
Eaglesuk: Walters – 3 Votes
LMartos: lose my tip but meh, hate Goldy’s pill
StuL: Choke! How shower are nth in the close ones?
luke394: that would have been a nicd 140 if he kicked it 🙁 🙁
frenzy: Tell me that’s not tanking
MONEY TALK: surely nyhuis gets a game next week
Lewysport: Over to watch the blu boys beat up the dees.
Rilian: Muppet icon for Goldstein surely?
wadaramus: Winning goal would have been nice but happy with his 124.
LMartos: Fyfe 3 votes, Walters 2, Nyhuis 1

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