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Chat log from R16 of 2017: Brisbane vs Geelong

Chat log for Brisbane vs Geelong, R16 of 2017

jocka: Geelong always drop games they should win.
J.Worrall: Always?
JockMcPie: Always
runt: Expecting the Lions to win this. Cats lazing around the whole week wont be ready for the Lion avalanche
J.Worrall: Sad about Pies!
Lestat: Nothing sad about the Pies JW 🙂
frenzy: danger for back to back double tons as VC
AngryRyno: carn the Witherman
Snarfy: I’m sick of being shafted by coach’s late withdrawals. Probably explains all the illegitimate children running around!
original: when you have danger vc and opponent has him c so you have to hope he stinks
Beast_Mode: Danger good for 150 lock it in
LuvIt74: @Snarfy who was your late out JPK?
LuvIt74: Danger will score 89
pcaman2003: Go Parsons. E for Greenwood
StuL: By half time L74
Snarfy: Yep, thats the only one this week.
AngryRyno: parsons with a flame… wowee
Screech23: HT is what he is meaning
Raspel31: How can you ever doubt the Danger-hard when Mitchell on 130?
boo!: cmon danger 196sc
pcaman2003: I thought Parsons laid a good tackle?
DrSeuss: Tuohy – this might be your last week in my team
pcaman2003: It’s okay. They paid the tackle late
AngryRyno: zork what a gun
Snarfy: Parsons has definitely been gaining in confidence over the last few weeks.
pcaman2003: I’m with you DrSeuss
poolboybob: Come on, Martin
DrSeuss: Archie Smith – such a waste on this lions team
LMartos: traded Parsons to Gawn, knowing my luck Parsons will ton up and Gawn will get injured
AngryRyno: can you tell the coach please? stef is better without
runt: Who is Zac showerh?
Screech23: Danger running at 44% wow and still scoring SC ???
AngryRyno: zorkkkkooooo again
banta: can someone offing stop Zorko!!
JockMcPie: Zorko you gun, should have Captained you instead of Danger XD
frenzy: how good is zorko
banta: Zorko a freak. needs to start getting tagged
poolboybob: Solid SC score Martin
Lestat: Did Zorko bring his own ball?
runt: I just had a Zorkasm
Lestat: Oh look banta complaining still.
AngryRyno: 5 ineffective touches, 3 cps and 3 clearances, interesting stat line stef
banta: had lesso
Lestat: What happened to Walker?
DrSeuss: Tuohy and Menegola – if you could pick it up for the next 3 quarters, that would be great
AngryRyno: walker “calf knock”
GOD: GOD has the C on D. Zorko tonight!
Lestat: Thanks Ryno
armalitemk: @GOD show us upload your team to a picture sharing service! Otherwise it’s just all hot air!
Raspel31: In Chinese God means dog-and inverted God gives gives dog-there is nothing left to say.
Texwalker: Never been a fan of jelwood, this game doesnt make me feel any different.. hmm
boo!: GOD doesn’t exist
Texwalker: Haha Richmond looking down the barrel off a 100+ loss…
JockMcPie: Cmon Danger, POD captain (somehow), do your thing
jocka: texwalker – no spoilers
AngryRyno: Parsons > Danger
poolboybob: Martin raise your game you dud
Sixty656: Any chance Danger… only opposing Titch as captain ffsss..
Umpirespet: If parsons keeps this up I’ll have to loop him for Ryder
BestCoast: GOD is a punish
Ladbrokes_: Farr should’ve put the C on Parsons. No brainer when he averages 51 smh
LMartos: Danger has been that good recently that him not being on 50 yet is dissapointing
LuvIt74: What have I been saying, keeping your VC score of 120+ is the smartest way. Greed has bitten my arse far to many times.
BestCoast: Tex Jelwood is a bonified star of the highest order
LuvIt74: Glad I took Titch’s 130
LuvIt74: Although Danger can very easily score a 120+ from here
Raspel31: Long way sho. I didn’t.rt of half time-not so sure Luvit
LMartos: too many clangers Witherden, sort it out
StuL: Parsons nice $
Lestat: WTF Beams? Pull your finger out.
Raspel31: Long way short of half time Luvit-not so sure yet.
DrSeuss: Pick it up Stef, Tuohy and Menegola
jayshi: HOLY!!! Greene out, Parsons emergency Naise
pcaman2003: Loving Parsons work this week. Great E for Greenwood.
LMartos: traded out Parsons
DrSeuss: How many turnovers for Archie Smith? Get him out of the team
AngryRyno: many did LMartos, myself included
Texwalker: Get some ball selwood, dont be scared of it..
th3rio: wow just saw martins score, wtf?
poolboybob: Looks like I might have to dump Martin for Gawn
runt: We’ve got the close one
Ladbrokes_: Jimmy Parsons you star
pcaman2003: Parsons you champ.Luv ya!
JRedden: zorko is the king of tackles
Gott2Win: Had a trade to make before tonights game…
PLACEBOPIE: nice danger over 130 now 😀
Gott2Win: Was tossing up between Zorko and Dusty, opp has both…
LMartos: Parsons piss off mate stop rubbing it in
Raspel31: This game is anyone’s-except for Brisbane.
Gott2Win: You bet your last $$ that I went Dusty!
runt: Lions working their way into the game
GOD: Martin +4 20 to 22 GOD does not understand
Snarfy: Should have put the ‘C’ on Parsons!
AngryRyno: GOD you are an absolute potato that is DT scoring you
JockMcPie: Zorko already reached his predicted…
CBeezDeez: @God Champion Data was created by Lucifer himself!
9inch: Carn Witho. Your my JPK and my op has no cover.
chinkas: half time?
Screech23: @runt ur kidding ur self
Lestat: Ummm 3 Qtr Time?
Umpirespet: Good to see Rocky getting a bit of the footy
runt: When Walker went down you could see the Lions deflate
Umpirespet: Too many VB’s for M0nty today
Gotigres: You guys have the close game.
Lestat: must be celebrating the draw hard.
J.Worrall: Cats always lose games they should win
Raspel31: And J Worrall-can you put that comment in context?
Lestat: Won’t lose this 1 though.
J.Worrall: First 5 posts in this chat
Texwalker: Selwood, rocky 30 touches, danger 30 and most disposals pls..
Lestat: Anyone else lose the colours on the stats?
Pokerface: how many captain points is luvit missing out this week from not taking danger?
anthsill03: Luvit is in top 1000 we should listen to him
Ladbrokes_: Witherden why’d you have to slow down 🙁
Raspel31: Luvit massages my great aunt’ thighs on FrIday nights. He knows what he’s doing.
LMartos: very high scoring game this one
pcaman2003: Where are you Tuohy? Hiding again?
DrSeuss: McLuggage playing run with / tag on Tuohy it seems at the moment.
Umpirespet: Stuff to Gawn next week
Umpirespet: Steff *
DrSeuss: Can we please drop Archie this week – how is he holding his spot??
StuL: No comeback will be happening tonight
Gott2Win: Zorko getting a double ton tonight just to rub it in!
pcaman2003: @DrSeuss. Thanks
wadaramus: Come on Dangerpants, 150 please mate.
JockMcPie: Love you Dorko
GOD: GOD is pleased he traded in Zorko and put the C on him tonight.
Heizenberg: Hi all, atlas for Zorko already!!!
DrSeuss: Zorko going for 200…
JRedden: is zorko human?
AngryRyno: can we get rid of this @GOD flog already? i, amongst others, are sick of his constant crap
StuL: Zorko got to be BOG in a losing side
wadaramus: Gee whiz GOD, you always nail the captain picks?!
Roksta: God is full of crap
man0005: I’m Christian and I take offense to that Ryno
RooBoyStu: To quote Danny Frawley ‘Richmond’s defence has more holes than Swiss Cheese”
Screech23: Agree drop GOD …show him where hell is
boo!: gods mummy will tell him go to bed soon
Roksta: With you ryno
LMartos: just realised Parsons has only had 6 touches
Pinkman: hi all. Horrible SC round for me. Steele, Tuohy, Treloar, and I don’t have Zorko
StuL: God gets two captains
supervery: zorko trying to 1 up walters from a few weeks ago
fonzie: listen to the people monty ban god
poolboybob: If anyone ever deserved the Atlas, it is Zorko in this one.
runt: Another cape for the Magnificent Zorko
Texwalker: Time to rest zorko for rest of the game fagan, let rocky get some ball
Lestat: Zorko failed.
Raspel31: God is a pain in the derriere-but no banning unless abusive.
BestCoast: 2000 comedians out of work and GOD is trying to be one
Lestat: At getting 200 before 3/4 time that is 🙂
Screech23: @runt ur kidding ur self
runt: @Screech23 what about this time?
Screech23: Sorry ,ate tablet froze and it reposted it.
Raspel31: Not sure why I stick with Danger? anyone else have him? lazy 3rd quarter.
Screech23: Wow can’t type after these beers lol
runt: don’t eat your ipad
fonzie: i think god has left the building
colin wood: 27 hit outs, 8 contested and 8 clearances. Amazing Stef Martin.. oh wait 44sc pts..
AngryRyno: thank god for that ahaha
runt: Zorko has no idea how outrageous his effort is tonight
wadaramus: Stef a shocker.
fonzie: stef martin dispos eff bad tonight
Roksta: Danger just the 2 votes this week v Dusty 0
poolboybob: Martin’s disposal has been poor but you’d think that 8 clearances and 9 CPs would be worth more
Roksta: Wow berry good
colin wood: agree poolboy.
AngryRyno: martin has a number of sharked taps bringing down the score
Screech23: Zorko got is BE there goes my jump on him next week
pcaman2003: Ton up Parsons,so close
Raspel31: Should I take the cap off Danger and go Docherty?
PLACEBOPIE: danger 130 16th week in a row we have had a better captain than luvit74 😀
fonzie: take dangers score
9inch: Spewing my op didn’t take Tmich 130 VC. Whats wrong with that? .
Raspel31: Was kind of joking-but Zorko-wow. But no one will have capped him.
AngryRyno: if Danger gets the 3 votes in this game it’ll be pure robbery
wadaramus: Apparently GOD traded the Zork in and put the big C on him?!?!
StuL: Danger! Perma captain.
MONEY TALK: good thing we aren’t playing the parsons drinking game or we would ll be flowered
wadaramus: In hindsight, glad I VC’d Patty D and not T.Mitch!
fonzie: god is a liar
Raspel31: Wada-God spoke to me in my dreams and he did indeed. God is omnipresent.
wadaramus: Blasphemy fonzie!!!
Pokerface: no placebo if you dont take mitchells score its just being greedy and will bite you!
MONEY TALK: ton up parsons u can do it
runt: Im glad Zorko doesn’t have a brother playing AFL. Dorko would be very inappropriate
m0nty: nominations for star please
wadaramus: Indeed Raspel, GOD is omnipotent
AngryRyno: parsons +6 DT that’ll do the SC ton
PLACEBOPIE: @pokerface 😀
fonzie: zorko
Beast_Mode: i can only loophole parsons for yeo, should i?
pcaman2003: You’re a lost cause Tuohy. Trading u to Laird this week
Lestat: Zorko 6 brownlow votes
Pokerface: you need nominations? really?
AngryRyno: Zorko double star
runt: The star of the show is that guy on the Lions
sfmmp23: That was Selfish from motlop, no point in the advantage
Gott2Win: Duncan star easy!
wadaramus: Platinum star for the Zork.
fonzie: gold star zorko silver star danger
pcaman2003: Only 3 more pts Parsons. Do it now.
boo!: danger permastar
m0nty: yeah I am breaking a very strong habit here but I guess it has to be Zorko
poolboybob: Zorko gets star, gun, atlas and cape
runt: Good effort from dangerfield so soon after giving birth
MONEY TALK: double ton for zork incoming, all aboard the zork bandwagon
Raspel31: Zorko-no doubt
sfmmp23: Time to trade Tuohy
runt: breaking habits is like breaking wind, you’ve got to do what youve got to do
RooBoyStu: Lachie Henderson blue moon lol
poolboybob: Everyone will be jumpming on Jelwood in 2 weeks
Roksta: With gaz out had withdrawn v Dusty… I won lol
StuL: Trust danger dog
wadaramus: What habit to break to give the star to the star m0nty?!
9inch: More Witho.
m0nty: normally I give it to the best on the winning team
frenzy: $ Witherden
wadaramus: Well, late surge from Patty D, possibly starworthy!!
sfmmp23: Very good Danger, you’re a legend mate
Pokerface: still, luvit’s mitchell vc is servicable
Rebuild: oh danger
wadaramus: Roger that m0nty, switch it to the magnificent Patty D!
fonzie: could u star zorko and danger
ScootD: Danger junking it up
JockMcPie: It’s like, I’m not even mad, this game is amazing
LMartos: Danger genuine junk time points here
frenzy: yes Danger
runt: Danger seems pissed off he’s not the star
LMartos: wait, he just went down 12!?!? 🙁
runt: Lions unfortunately lost their way
Thedude24: Danger was 147 now 155 after 2 goals and 2 contested marks??
JockMcPie: Beams was useful…
MONEY TALK: parsons fell just short of the ton
Pokerface: that was around 15 years ago runt

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