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Chat log from R16 of 2017: Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Sydney vs Gold Coast, R16 of 2017

AngryRyno: hopefully Hanners goes huge to account for JPK
JockMcPie: Looking for Franklin to kick 12, Hannebery with 40+ and Newman to just do his thing
AngryRyno: that’s be nice Jock
AngryRyno: there’s the first of 12
MONEY TALK: got the vc on buddy
Ben_Gogos: McVeigh with the muppet after the kick in that found Martin 25 out, directly in front of goal.
original: thoughts on mcveigh’s disposal efficiency staying at 100% though? kick in loophole
chris7399: i like to call it the leigh montagna law
CamT: Anyone who traded Watts out and Gawn in is rolling the dice.
CamT: * Witts
AngryRyno: who tf had Watts
Ben_Gogos: Champion Data assess it that way, not much to be done.
original: @Ben_Gogos, i know i know, interesting though, spose if the effective ones dont count the ineffective shouldnt
poolboybob: Stay down please Harbrow
Pokerface: well its not a disposal, so its neither effective nor ineffective. he does get a clanger though
Nuffman: @Original: a kick in, from memory, has never counted as a disposal, even before CD
Lestat: Even though Rohan kicked the goal it was poor not to give it to Newman.
Ben_Gogos: @original other issue is the way CD determine long kick effectiveness. It would positively skew most players accuracy %
MONEY TALK: went to make a sandwich buddy scores good man
original: @Ben_gogos – agree massively!!!
original: @Nuffman yeh hasn’t counted for a while, but think it might have at one point in time. interesting tho
Nuffman: @Original: Perhaps… Wouldn’t mind it sometimes… Heater would be massive hahaha
sfmmp23: Lynch v Buddy, who will kick more
Gotigres: 16% efficiency Lloyd. You Schmuck
SilverLion: Bloody Lynch ffs
MONEY TALK: the one game i need lynch to fire 🙂 now go buddy, witts, newman and lloyd
SilverLion: Need Heeney and Lloyd to at least get 90 if Lynch is going to do this.
pcaman2003: You sloth,LLoyd.
pcaman2003: Get moving Heeney! Don’t be a spud today.
daniel87: how does hanberry only have 23 sc with 7 tackles thought tackles were worth 4 points each
Pokerface: no way Swallow, not this week
MONEY TALK: can someone confirm if buddy is on saw that he has the band aid
LuvIt74: yep buddy is on
MONEY TALK: nm he just got a touch lol
LuvIt74: he just kicked a point
Ben_Gogos: @moneytalk Buddy is back out there
MONEY TALK: witts u good thing
poolboybob: McKenzie witches hat
wadaramus: Lloyd, Newman and Heeney, get in on the action!
DrSeuss: Lloyd, Newman and Heeney just chilling for this game? Get into it.
Trindacut: Heeney and Lloyd! Letting the team down!!
MONEY TALK: bulls eye for rohan ? or too early
Ben_Gogos: Too early MT
MONEY TALK: plz buddy not 6 behinds again
original: lol get the ton buddy
luke394: and my opponent has Swallow wtf
anthsill03: blessing in disguise having so many injuries and forced to keep swallow
pcaman2003: Newman Heeney and Lloyd letting me down
Lestat: Lloyd always scores more in the 2nd half. Nothing to worry about yet.
StuL: Lloyd on 15 touches tho so good signs he can junk it up
pcaman2003: Let’s hope he does boys.
LuvIt74: buddy beautiful
LuvIt74: Harbrow is struggling big time
MONEY TALK: if buddy goes big, how big is enough to take him as a c over danger
JockMcPie: Trade Newman looks like an option…
frenzy: McKenzie has a witches hat Because? Lol
original: @MONEY you’d want buddy to score 135 before taking him over danger imo
Lestat: Harbrow being tagged by Jones?
Haydo: Wow, didn’t have enough time to loop Stewart so am stuck with answorth, also have heeney and harbrow
sfmmp23: Come on Heeney, Lloyd, Hanners and Lynch. Ton up please
runt: Mills not ill at ease after being knocked out by The Buggster
original: Mills bouncing back after being called “Bugg victim” rather than “Mills” in the media all week
Raspel31: Just home-is Buddy injured?
JockMcPie: Hannebery and Newman, cmon…
bernieV: dumbest move all year for me was bringing in touk miller and have not been able to get rid of him. finally he scores wel
GOD: Good Bye Newman
Ben_Gogos: @bernieV you’ve been unlucky. Touk has been playing injured but has also been thrown into odd roles.
GOD: yep Franklin is cooked!
CamT: Rohan’s no-handballing policy working a treat.
wadaramus: Yep, might be time to ash in on Newman.
Lestat: GOD going to rage trade Newman 🙂
wadaramus: *cash
original: made u all a stack of cash – biggest regret this year 🙁
Ben_Gogos: @Lestat one average score? Thats very harsh given what NN has provided.
bernieV: newman will probably still score 75+, ill always take that for D6
bernieV: i lie, D5, still take, definitely not as happy though
wadaramus: Surely at this point of the season we want 90 from D6?
Ladbrokes_: Lift lloydy
fonzie: want buddy and witts to ton up
BestCoast: i know its only the Suns but Swans are a smokie for the flag
wadaramus: LOL, he’s averaging 91:)
bernieV: @Wad I am talking DT, and usually yeah I agree but this year not as easy to make cash
Lestat: @Ben there is no way I am trading NN. GOD is.
Raspel31: Well, I just stuffed up. Tried the loop on Mitchell-back to Danger-but put bench on wrong player. Idiot moi. 100 gone.
wadaramus: Sorry bernie, me talking SC 🙂
bernieV: No worries. I have been on the DT band wagon for too long to change. Agree SC makes more sense
GOD: 100% GOD is trading Newman would do it now if possible
wadaramus: Funny thing is he’s averaging 93 in DT too!
wadaramus: GOD must have unlimited trades?
bernieV: yeah, and he’s start to piss me off now too
Raspel31: God is an abstraction-not a reality. So how the hell is he on here?
Lestat: Not bad for a guy who has played less than 15 games.
runt: Newman stays in my team to the bitter end Talk about biting the hand that keeps feeding!!GOD you ass
StuL: God can make unlimited moves with no trades.
wadaramus: Excellent challenge Raspel.
bernieV: he’s a gun footballer. penetrating left foot
banta: two missed tackles for tour there wtf
bernieV: ironic that GOD has lost faith
Umpirespet: God can’t be real no God would barrack for Carlton
StuL: God isn’t giving Lloyd a kick. Come on God. Lift!
wadaramus: Agree bernie.
coldog: Bring in Yeo or Neale
fonzie: @bernie lol
wadaramus: LOL, touche bernie 🙂
wadaramus: Junk time Heeney, Lloyd and Newman!
Ben_Gogos: Newman up to 80 DT now lol
boo!: yeo, dpp and no FURL
Lestat: Oh look at that Newman over 70.
Raspel31: Exactly Ben- Newman is an atheist.
frenzy: nice trash time newman
runt: Newman got wind of GOD bagging him.
poolboybob: Newman hitting the bin hard
Umpirespet: Where’s God now?
Gotigres: Newman worth keeping
Lestat: GOD has left the building.
wadaramus: Still time for plenty more junk, may GOD be with him!
Gotigres: Newman more than Hanners
Raspel31: 12 all Lions-Allblacks-gripping stuff. Back to footy.
GOD: 78 SC points is pathetic, if you do not trade Newman delete your SC team you have no idea!
luke394: swallow scoring very well for a team getting thrashed
Ladbrokes_: Lloyd cmon unleash your inner garbage man
Lestat: What’s that rubbish Raspel?
JockMcPie: Tough on McKenzie for the mare…there’s been worse
AngryRyno: @GOD is a flog, where are you ranked ya spud?
wadaramus: Excellent question Angry.
luke394: Hannebery and Lloyd killing me as POD’s
Lestat: @GOD you are a muppet. It’s 1 game and 79 is better than Treloar, Watson, Whitfield and Cameron.
runt: If everyone deleted their team because they have no idea very few people would actually be lft
LuvIt74: Lloyd a POD – I dont think so

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