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Chat log from R16 of 2017: St Kilda vs Richmond

Chat log for St Kilda vs Richmond, R16 of 2017

J.Worrall: Dusty for a big one today!
JockMcPie: NRoo to go big in his special game, please!!
Lestat: Saints to upset toothless tigs.
AngryRyno: umps look horrendous!
JockMcPie: Rooey!! Cmon son, convert!
Lestat: Well done Nick.
AngryRyno: Cotch reported aha
blashtroko: Whats the new icon?
Lestat: 1 Week only but 2nd punch from him this year.
AngryRyno: new icon is supposed to be Liam Shiels so that’s a bit odd
poolboybob: My Saints players are on -1 and -2, off to a strong start
pies4spoon: Yep 3 blokes are matched up against Liam Shiels XD
Lestat: Have you got Butler as well poolboy?
AngryRyno: well, that’s what the icon list says aha, bit funny
chinkas: need a toilet icon next to every richmond player
Lestat: C’mon Steele. Where are those tackles.
th3rio: is dusty off having a few with jakey king or something hardly seen the bloke
poolboybob: Need Steele to have a good match since JPK was out. So I assume he will score about 40
Raspel31: Jakey King only threatened to kill-hasn’t killed yet. Lovely chap. Give Martin benefit of the doubt.
CBeezDeez: Is Dusty out being Vickery’s enforcer?
Lestat: Vickery is the bad influence on Jakey King.
CBeezDeez: True @Stat. How can U trust a bloke with a cat backpack!
poolboybob: Did the players agree to play touch footy tonight? 14 tackles total in one quarter?
jaxx: do castagna and butler avoid donuts for having negative points?
Lestat: Castagna had a HB jaxx
GOD: Long Lift! GOD commands u
jaxx: fair point lestat
DrSeuss: So glad I chose Roberton over Docherty about 7 rounds ago….
Lestat: Long is an atheist so ignores “GOD”
JockMcPie: I was THIS close to trading Roo, only changed when Greenwood was a late out. Happy with decision atm
frenzy: witches hat Rance
MattyZ: jaxx there used to be a penguin for negatives after a quarter of play
poolboybob: Bruce you muppet
MattyZ: But i guess we recognise SC scores as positive now
Raspel31: Great game Roo-but no one should have Roo. He’ll be out for another month soon.
9inch: Where was this Nick when my opp’s didn’t have you
Umpirespet: Last week Vic media said Tigers were prem contenders what are they this week?
banta: lol tigers
JockMcPie: Wowee, Brisbane more likely to win the premiership than Richmond
Lestat: @Ump toothless?
jaxx: thanks mattyz, appreciate the response
poolboybob: Richmond can still finish 9th right?
runt: Saints going a bit too well
Raspel31: Wow-why 9 picks a week simply impossible this year.
Lestat: We can hope poolboy
Umpirespet: Fun to watch means we all have a chance at Dusty end of season
pcaman2003: Just come to look at this game. Is that score true? LOL!
DrSeuss: Lift Roberton you useless long haired spud
Lestat: I took Saints by 25 and thought that was a big margin. But this is hilarious.
JockMcPie: You know you’re a crap team when David Astbury is top scoring in all categories
9inch: Disappointed I tipped Tigers but great to see em get flogged by Saints.
Raspel31: You could put a 1000 monkeys in front of a 1000 keyboards and they couldn’t write anything to make Richmond look good.
StuL: Wow. Tigers keep finding new ways to torch their fans.
original: Lol Jock
JockMcPie: Everyone together! We finished 9th again, the Richmond Tigers finished 9th again…
StuL: Nank is back to being a spud.
Texwalker: Hilarious.. never rated richmond.. never will…
original: Think it’s pretty obvious who is the best defender in the league now.. Liam jones>rance
DrSeuss: Is Roberton rubbish again or is the ball just not getting down there??
pcaman2003: Tigers bringing the game into disrepute. Huge fine coming!
Lestat: Spud icon for every Tiger Evan?
Umpirespet: Na Origina Lever is the best
pies4spoon: Ball just hasn’t been in the D50 for the Saints
Snarfy: He’s not near it Dr Seuss
banta: tigers won’t put up 4 goals
GOD: Lever
DrSeuss: Cheers @pies – still looking to be my rage trade for this week.
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers!
fonzie: pumpkins for richmond
jaxx: this is the most richmondy thing i’ve ever seen
CamT: Richmond, always one week away from being Richmond.
Texwalker: How did the richmond u/11s get on the ground???
original: @CamT lol
Umpirespet: Rooboy nice to see you on another teams game never see you on your own lol
JockMcPie: This is actually almost sad…ha no its not, suck it Richmond!!!
Lestat: The u/11’s would flog this mob Tex.
GOD: Sack Hardwick! no idea
frenzy: got any icons in ya kit Evan_ bryce
Umpirespet: Swap Bucks and Hardwick?
RooBoyStu: called going To Th game @Umpirespet
9inch: Rooboy takes every opportunity to bag a worst team than his own . Rich, Norf. ? Same same.
Texwalker: I hope dustys got some good offers, dunno if id stay here lol
Umpirespet: Call bs roo
Raspel31: The Tiggers are a proud team with a lot of history-of being losers. Let us not chortle in public-let us laugh in private
duckky: Cactuses for every richmond player except Astbury
pcaman2003: Someone kick me please. Traded Martin in before the game
sfmmp23: With all the shit scores ive had this week, nank and Dusty may as well join the club. Need a big second half
Umpirespet: 9inch Norf should be relocated to Tassy
Lestat: think long term pcaman
CBeezDeez: Tigers getting flogged and Cotchin suspended… There really is a God!
m0nty: five Saints have scored more than Richmond
banta: insipid tigs
frenzy: they like cows in tassie
Lestat: @Ump if Norf moved to Tas they would fold within 5 years. Not enough $$$ to survive.
LuvIt74: I think the Saints might just beat the tigers tonight. lol
poolboybob: TV for Membrey
Umpirespet: Membrey 3weeks?
Lestat: Membrey in trouble.
Raspel31: Fascinating statistic monty-really?
Texwalker: Richmond payjng 150 bucks… get on em…
DrSeuss: F U Roberton- this is your last week in my team
9inch: Lol some great Tigers bashing here tonight.
Ash777: lol
JRedden: wtf is roberton doing? everyone else doing something
Umpirespet: Frenzy only place Norf can win now is Tassie
Texwalker: No tigers supporters in here.. dont blame em, id be looking at other memberships as well lol
RooBoyStu: Richmond to finish 9th lol
Ash777: tigers the new 1.7.13?
JButcher: The week I trade out Steven………
GOD: Cotchin must think this game is a final
Ash777: spike in the power grid from countless microwaves tonight
pcaman2003: Is Hardwick reduced to tears yet?
Raspel31: But DrSeuss- you have Roberton rather than Docherty. Show some lovew and patience.
fonzie: nightmare for tigers
frenzy: nah, they can’t win in the JLT, expecting spoon this year hopefully
standog: Last week I bought Zerrett and he spudded up, this week I bought Dusty..sorry everyone
DrSeuss: Thanks for the advice Raspel – will keep that in mind
Umpirespet: Raspel AllBlacks win?
Raspel31: Thought’s about who’s going to win this one. Intrigued?
Lestat: Where is Haydo tonight?
Umpirespet: He was on on the earlier game lestat
Raspel31: 15 all Umpire-tied series.
boo!: probably with poido or drippo
JockMcPie: feralmong? Gotigres? Drummo? he was talking shit earlier, wonder where he’s gone
Umpirespet: Wow didn’t think the poms had a chance
Umpirespet: Boo or with god, manowar,king knobbo
Raspel31: They should have won-bloody great game-Umpire.
boo!: lol umpires pet, forgot those knob jockeys
pcaman2003: Martin $620k. 6 disp with 3 clangers. Money well spent.
Umpirespet: Raspel I’ll find a replay and watch it
Lestat: 4 countries v 1. Lions should beat NZ.
Raspel31: Tell that to a Kiwi Lestat.
Umpirespet: Lestat name me 1 Pom side without imports in the last 20 years…Poms don’t produce athletes
Lestat: Only way any of those 4 countries have a chance of beating NZ.
Lestat: Yeah you are right Ump.
Raspel31: Me Umpire-I’m an amazing athlete.
Lestat: OMG GoTigres is on the other game.
Umpirespet: You know what Raspel I Believe you
9inch: Tigers will come out hard hopefully more points for Nank Martin.
J.Worrall: Tiges abysmal – does Maddy Foundation have $$ on Saints?
Gotigres: I’m here Lestat. Don’t know what to say as far as this game is concerned.
Umpirespet: Agree 9inch Tiges aren’t this bad
Lestat: Nice to see a Tiger here 🙂
CBeezDeez: Kudos to you @Gotigres. Seriously
TheOnyas: onya griggy
JockMcPie: Good onya Gotigres, representing the team
GOD: Chopsticks another turn over
Gotigres: JockMcPie i’m here. Just speechless.
Lestat: Here come Rich.
Umpirespet: Here come the Tiges
Raspel31: Hmm, this game going to come down to the wire.
Lestat: Grimes done and Membrey will be come Monday.
GOD: The office girls will not be happy with the Billings this week!
9inch: Here comes the Tigers with a big meow.
Gotigres: At least we won’t lose by less than a goal.
frenzy: no mercy saints
J.Worrall: Is the wire in sight yet?
Lestat: That’s funny Gotigres.
H A MM E R: What is going on at TigerLand? They look like a pack of Hyenas
RooBoyStu: Come to Arden Street Dusty
Umpirespet: Last place he goes RooBoyStu
Lestat: Why would Martin go to Norf who will be down the bottom for a few years?
Raspel31: No one is defined by their choice of football team. Loser, small penis-Richmond fan-there are answers
GOD: No one want’s to go to Arden St
9inch: Haha Gotiges. Gotta laugh.
frenzy: nice, Dusty and a couple of numb 1 picks
Gotigres: That’s right 9inch.
Umpirespet: Frenzy don’t you think it will cost you numb1 pick to get him?
H A MM E R: Richmond to kick 100 points in the last quarter…NOT!
RooBoyStu: add Kelly @frenzy
frenzy: nah, chicken twistees
pcaman2003: C’mon Nank. Longer flogging your butt man.
Umpirespet: Cheese flavoured are better
frenzy: nobody wants chicken
Lestat: Martin, Kelly, Fyfe, Lever, Rockliff and Motlop all going to Norf
DrSeuss: Roberton doubled his score this quarter – still doing nothing…
Umpirespet: Does someone want Motlop?
Lestat: Anyone else lose the colours on the stats?
JRedden: roberton doesnt wanna mark or tackle..
Lestat: Pies might Ump.
frenzy: we might give up a Caddy type, but not without a fight, Lol
Raspel31: And in my draft I benched J.Steven and Heater-sigh. But not Super Coach.
Umpirespet: You have to be over 28 to go to either Norf or collywood
9inch: Well done Nick one for the the girls.
anthsill03: Hopefully dusty doesnt score over 70
frenzy: isn’t dusty a restricted free agent
poolboybob: Sorry to all Billings owners, I broke him by adding him last week
Raspel31: Call me outrageous but I still have a sneaky feeling the Sainters are going to steal this one.
Umpirespet: Frenzy afl site just says free agent so not sure
Umpirespet: But think you are right
frenzy: either way he he’ll only cost an insane amount of cash
Texwalker: Rance=poor mans lever??
CamT: I got sucked into picking Billings too, poolboybob.
Umpirespet: Yup and if a RFA draft picks as well
wadaramus: What the fuck is with Steele’s SC?
RooBoyStu: St.kilda make the purple look good unlike Freo
Ladbrokes_: Junkin Martin for brownlow
AngryRyno: we dubbed him dustbin for a reason
Lestat: @wada clangers, DE and FA hurt him.
RooBoyStu: Tommy Mitchell for Brownlow and he will dedicate it to Longmire
wadaramus: I don’t like it Lestat 🙁
Pinkman: agree@wadaramus
Lestat: Me either mate. He has been good.
Lestat: Wouldn’t think so RooBoy. Not enough 3 or 2 vote games.
Umpirespet: Plus Tmitch not on ch7 or fox footy
wadaramus: The Nank powering home nicely 🙂
DrSeuss: Finish off strong Newnes and Robbo – Junk is fine at this stage
RooBoyStu: @Lestat he will get more 2s than 1s
Raspel31: Let us not abuse or feel anger against any Richmond player. Let us embrace them, hug them, encourage them and then drop
poolboybob: Get stuffed Billings.
Lestat: C’mon Saints. Finish it off and jump Rich on the ladder.
Umpirespet: Preacher Raspel
RooBoyStu: Basil with champagne comedy “Thanks for the Membreys”
CBeezDeez: Each goal either way is changing the live ladder
RooBoyStu: if Richmond miss the 8 Hardwick can go on a fishing trip with Buckley.
runt: The live ladder is quite frankly a piece of shit
DrSeuss: Newnes and Roberton do something this quarter FFS
runt: Always shows the Lions on the bottom…Fix it!!
poolboybob: Star for Seb Ross
runt: Should be a live ladder of premierships won this century..much more relevant
Lestat: Gun for J. Steven
DrSeuss: Newnes gone to sleep for the 4th
RooBoyStu: Not one Richmond player raising the bat in sc.
poolboybob: Billings decided to take a goose egg in the fourth quarter. Dud
CBeezDeez: Would U be 2nd or 3rd on that @Runt?
LuvIt74: Makes ya wonder if all this was a set up s in staged for Saints to win
poolboybob: Prestia has been a massive disappointment this year
cusch1: Lever > Rance
Lestat: @RooBoy David Astbury?
CBeezDeez: I know where we’d be!
RGriffen: can you give the cross to Newnes? Hasn’t been on the field this quarter
RooBoyStu: @lestat yes just went over 100 after i typed it
GOD: Jones > Rance
Umpirespet: CBD with us lol
Lestat: Ahhh always the way.
MONEY TALK: good steven win me my game
DrSeuss: Is that legit RGriffen? Whats up with Newnes?
jfitty: Down arrow should be on Billings
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers!
jaxx: steele loves a 99
RGriffen: no time on ground in the last quarter for Newnes isn’t normal
RooBoyStu: 9thmond
poolboybob: Roberton managed a decent score for a defender whose team dominated. Billings was just a lazy crab.
MONEY TALK: now to see what danger gets me as C
CamT: Billings … pathetic
DMS774: not our biggest loss of the season and we won the second half by 15 points

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