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Chat log from R16 of 2017: Collingwood vs Essendon

Chat log for Collingwood vs Essendon, R16 of 2017

AngryRyno: Treloar starting on the pine?
Costanza: fire up Hepp
boo!: retire flogard
AngryRyno: shag everywhere early
m0nty: two hands Jamie
th3rio: lets go zerrett strong one
AngryRyno: shag again #goat
poolboybob: Good start for Adams, no clangers yet
Pokerface: you are watching this game m0nty? thought you’d rather watch the other
original: gee WHE racks up the marks
Carnster: what happened to howeyboy
th3rio: lol myers with a flame…well I never
JockMcPie: Oh no I forgot I had Zerrett…bittersweet
boo!: howe went surfing
original: lol th3rio, myers disposal eff tho. damn
Costanza: Pies twice the disposals but Bombers lead contested
pcaman2003: Will Pendles turn up this week? So far,not good again.
Yelse: what is peddles doing? must be injured lately
th3rio: haha yeah i know just looks funny
anthsill03: i think i jumped the gun on j.thomas
th3rio: haha sucked in greenwood can’t tag a beast
original: yes zerrett come on
boo!: nice zerrett
Yelse: seriously pies mids lift geez trelaor peddles adams comnnn
DrSeuss: WTF Treloar and Adams? Pick it up
circle52: Traded out WHE this week so of course he is going large so far
Costanza: bye bye Bucks
SC_brAh: Pendles wtf wake up
JockMcPie: Buckley, whatever you’re doing its not working…can we get some good ballusers please?
th3rio: bellchambers is looking freshhh
pcaman2003: Pendles must’ve lost interest. Not getting near it at all.
Yelse: last few games the pies mid has really struggled. its only been the youngsters doing something
dipstick: LOL pendlebury… gone full retard this year.
CamT: Pendlebury wants a new coach.
Umpirespet: Cmon pendles don’t have enough trades to get rid of ya
DrSeuss: Could this be the game where Bucks finally gets canned?
Beast_Mode: trade pendles lmao
th3rio: god bombers do a lot of stuffing around in the half back 🙁
SC_brAh: Carn pendles 50 by half time then end up with a 110
JockMcPie: Fuck we don’t even care anymore
Lestat: Please C’wood don’t sack Buckley. The league still needs an easybeat 🙂
Drummo: treloar oh wow
boo!: tagging zerrett is working….
th3rio: hell yes, please hold this week bombers!!
Costanza: it’s it’s a bomber blitz
JockMcPie: Fuck so glad i traded treloar early on, his DE is crap
Lewysport: Ah you do have a tag Drummo.
Thedude24: Treloar’s kicking is under 16’s level. Why did I pick him for sc
StuL: Give bucks another 5 years.
Yelse: disposal is atrocious
original: when do we get a butcher icon for myers?
JockMcPie: @original what about a butcher icon for the entire Collingwood team?
circle52: agree Jock Pies a collection of butchers atm
original: lol jock i was thinking maybe for treloar at times but theres plenty with reasonable DE%
poolboybob: Gee the pies are bad
Umpirespet: Reckon Bucks will be gone this week
Thedude24: Wow Treloar. Wtf you doing mate? Those kicks are arocious.
JockMcPie: I can’t watch
Ben_Gogos: Just 6 touches for Adams… Is this a new dimension?
LMartos: That is one of the weirdest things I ever seen by Elliott
Umpirespet: Ben I bought in Adams 2 weeks ago sorry all
Beast_Mode: wtf is wrong with adams lately ffs
CBeezDeez: Can’t believe Treloar had the nerve to sledge Fitch for his disposal.
original: Ben_Gogos, im watching the other game, is Adams being played forward?
pcaman2003: When Dunn is top scorer,you know you’re flowered
SC_brAh: He’s heating up (Pendles)
CBeezDeez: *Titch when he got the 50 touch’s
Ben_Gogos: @original I’m on the Hawks game as well.
original: imo pies need to stop trying to tag zerrett if they want to win..right?? lol
JockMcPie: Bit of a thug move by Kelly there…
LMartos: @original I’ve been watching the last 10 minutes and he’s midfield atm
LMartos: He’s got long sleeves on though so that may be it
Umpirespet: Pies can’t play any worse and only 21 points down
original: @LMartos lol thanks
JockMcPie: Fucking Taylor Adams you’re shit
LMartos: Adams actually forgets how to kick when he gets close to goal
JockMcPie: I’m changing my fucking icon, this is a disgrace
circle52: $ for Shaz m0nty for those that held him
anthsill03: hard day at the office? @jock
Yelse: they just can’t kick can’t defend can’t tackle and can’t handball sums uo the season
original: hmm purple name. not gunna lie been probably 6 years since ive been on ff chat. purple name game still a thing??
dipstick: youre lying arent you @original?
CamT: THis is Myers 10th season in the AFL. He must have a brilliant manager.
Thedude24: Collingwood are horrible atm, seriously. Butchers galore
original: @dipstick defs not lying. pls help
dipstick: only a matter of time before collingwood turned Pendles toofless like the fans. Bucks Prince Flog
Drak: Dont blame Taylor Adams, I reckon Buckley has changed his role over the past 3 weeks. Coz Bucks is brilliant tactician
original: @Drak how awful was it when he was a pure small fwd that week
Drak: Have a look at McGrath disposals…. 100%… Kid is gonna be an absolute weapon
Drak: Dont argue with the genius of Buckley @original
heppelitis: Set up beautifully to have my heart broken 3 weeks in a row
Drak: Yeah totally Hepp, seems that way. Essendon look much better today though. Pies are pretty aweful though…
Drak: Think of it from a pies perspective… its almost truley set up for a flogging and Buckley being told to pack his bags
original: how good a form is hurley in lately
Drak: Hurley has always been that good. Was pushing this form before they got banned
dipstick: @original Purp name game is no longer a thing. Also, m0nty looted and laundered all our FF coins aswell one suspects.
Drak: Its his sweeping role too… used like docherty and Shaw
dipstick: so JPK is out
Umpirespet: My w/e going from bad to worse lol
Drak: seriously?
original: JPK is out. confirmed on
m0nty: your FF coins are all earning me fat interest in a Cayman Islands account
Umpirespet: Your not M Turnbull M0nty?
heppelitis: m0nty takes a long hot bath in them at the end of each weekend
m0nty: back on the game now, anyone give Pies a chance?
m0nty: couple of good defensive efforts by Maynard after an awful first half
heppelitis: of course its richmond…i mean essendon
Lewysport: Unfortunately l do m0nty, they were terribleness 1st half, can only get better?
original: sportsbet already paid me so don’t mind …but surely pies wont come back
GJayBee: monty, i figure you have made millions from this site
Raspel31: Well, given Don’s defensive effort last 2 weeks anything possible Monty
JockMcPie: Not if we gift cheap goals like that…
JButcher: How does J.Smith go from consecutive tons to this so quickly?
th3rio: merrett down fuck
heppelitis: dog act
JockMcPie: I think Merrett made that look MUCH worse than it was
meka100: Greenwood gone 3 weeks at least
mickelo: Come on Myers, you’re covering for JPK now.
Costanza: yep bump but elbow slid up
sfmmp23: Clayton Merrett
th3rio: a thick shoulder to the jaw? not sure about that @Jock
JockMcPie: Dog act, contact didnt warrant the reaction though
original: keep going grundy..
anthsill03: merrett down to the rooms
th3rio: greenwood did it because merrett sucked him into the 50 lol
Costanza: Fasolo doesnt make distance from 25
AngryRyno: treloar sucks, at least get 90
DrSeuss: Treloar and Adams taking the piss??
Ash777: I want to see pies win the spoon this year
JockMcPie: Hurley’s a flog
sfmmp23: Good play greenwood
AngryRyno: if hurley a flog what is greenwood?
heppelitis: I like flogs…he is a star
Donz: flower off Jock.. the whole magpie squad are flogs
Donz: and so are you
Donz: talentless hacks the bunch of ya
sfmmp23: Good kick hurley
JockMcPie: Nice one Hurley, you’re an absolute gun!! hahaha
th3rio: hes just sooking because he fixed up pendles
amigaman: Wouldn’t have the guts to say that to hi face hey Jock
th3rio: lol sfmmp23 keyboard warrior who do you go for
Costanza: Daniher misses so crucial
sfmmp23: Goal assist from Hurley
poolboybob: I swear Heppell is always garbage in the second half
th3rio: hahah maynard fucking dweeb
JockMcPie: Maynard can do us all a favour and get suspended please
poolboybob: Wait so Maynard gets to punch then ragdoll his opponent with no penalty? Generous umpire.
sfmmp23: Th3rio you still holding onto that time we spoke about oliver, don’t worry mate I moved on
Lestat: @poolboy he didn’t punch anyone.
th3rio: too good bombers
Costanza: Jobe magic
AngryRyno: fantasia on target with 4.0
sfmmp23: Completely forgot Myers was playing and he has 18 touches. Quiet achiever
th3rio: nah just every week you come on here and bag players, you were wrong that day and still wrong today champ
th3rio: and i ask again, who do you go for? lol
original: merrett back yet?
SC_brAh: is merret still on?
th3rio: hes come back up from the rooms but not on yet @original
JockMcPie: Jamie!!! Keep it up boys
AngryRyno: Zerrett just came back on
sfmmp23: What do you mean every week, I barely ever take part In the chat.
Lestat: Merrett just back on.
Stu7: Merry meter on
sfmmp23: I like the pies, how about you?
Raspel31: Yo-Zerrett back.
Stu7: Merry Merrey on
SilverLion: Greenwoods a thug
sfmmp23: Zerretts ok after all.
th3rio: bombers, you must be best mates with greenwood?
CBeezDeez: Expect anything different @SL? He is from kangas after all…
AngryRyno: cmon Grundy get your hands on the pill, had 8 disposals at QT
DrSeuss: Treloar carrying an injury?? Certainly has been trending down lately..
AngryRyno: Merrett going better since the knock
LMartos: Treloar hasn’t scored below 90 since round 7
Umpirespet: Isn’t it only 3 qtr time ?
Torz: Merrett starts with a BANG.
JockMcPie: I’m buying an Essendon jumper with #7 on it
CBeezDeez: I bet Bombers were wishing Match Status WAS Full Time
DrSeuss: My bad @LM – just seemed that he was slowing a little. Maybe perception more than reality!
Donz: #13 is just as good jock, you jumping ship as well bud?
Donz: Orazzzziiiiooooo THE G.O.A.T. absolutely magical
meka100: Maynard fucken spastic
JockMcPie: Fuck @Donz jumped ship after we lost to PA, wouldn’t be touching the Dons ship anytime soon though
Umpirespet: Don’t you carried on like this when ESS played Sydney be careful son lol
Umpirespet: Donz*
Donz: would be a time to get on board Jock… We’re going to be unstoppable in a couple years time
th3rio: maynard flog
Donz: hahaha pipe down Pet 😛 just because Crows got a win you’re getting all lippy
Donz: but you are right… I got excited early in that swans game… Let’s not talk about that one
Umpirespet: All good fun Donz
Donz: I know mate, I’ll cop my whack haha…. Especially when THE DONZ are up and about against the pies.
pcaman2003: Wow! Treloar and Adams smell bad.
Stu7: Treloar is injured
Donz: It’s going to be a big night 😀
JockMcPie: Alright boys, I need a second team to follow into the finals, who do I follow?
SilverLion: Heart for Zerrett
AngryRyno: Brisbane
man0005: North
Lestat: In all seriousness this has to be Buckley’s last season as Pies coach.
Donz: Essendon Jock. No argument. No stories. No other option… We’re going all the way :p
sfmmp23: Come on Grundy and Pendles ton up and make up for Treloar and Adams
Lestat: @Jock Swans or Crows are my picks.
Umpirespet: Jock serious question who would you want as a new coach?
Donz: they are obvious lestat… boring… Dons all the way back in a roughie
th3rio: zerrett off for 10 mins and stil gonna ton up
original: zerrett the real mvp
JockMcPie: @Umpire who can we get? I’d take anyone who can help us use the ball well
Donz: In all seriousness everyone needs to realise that the magician Orazio Fantasia is the GOAT
Stu7: Merrets a gun!
MONEY TALK: i looked away for a second and adams goes up thats it ton up
Lestat: @Donz. Ess won’t make the 8.
Donz: God himself could not save the pies 😛
boges11: Paul Roos
Stu7: Treloar is injured
StuL: Mick Malthouse.
Lestat: @Jock Ratten or Voss would be great picks IMO.
Umpirespet: That’s why I asked not many good ones about except Roos
Donz: We’ll talk in round 23 Lestat. I see things a little differently
original: ton up grundy cmon.
Drak: A consistent Essendon can beat any team. They are their own worst enemy
Lewysport: What about the chick who coached the Adelaide women’s team, she’d fit in well @jock!
zadolinnyj: malthouse goes alright @Jock
StuL: Bucks will stay on
zadolinnyj: malcolm blight
MONEY TALK: first shaw now WHE stop playing good against me
zadolinnyj: leigh matthews
JockMcPie: Fantasia could be better than Betts in a few years, or he could turn out like Lecras. hope its the former
Umpirespet: Na levy she has no tats
JRedden: shocking 2nd half grundy, done nothing
Drak: This is why Essendon fail, they take their foot off the accellerator far too often
Stu7: Merret tonned up!
StuL: May need to punt on an assistant. Ill coach them. :p
boges11: Cameron Ling
JockMcPie: TBH we’ll take Clarkson if hawks dont want him 🙂
StuL: Chopper Read.
Lestat: Maybe Pendles wants to captain/coach next year. Might be why he is playing bad.
original: @JRedden how frustrating . dons towelled him up last time, had every chance to ton up
Beast_Mode: surely Zerrett gets the clock icon!
jaxx: heart zerrett
zadolinnyj: what about John Candy? Coach the jamaican bob sled team to glory
StuL: Sack icon for Bucks
Nuffman: heart, clock and glock for Merrett
Donz: there should be a BEAST icon… Zerrett owns the beast icon
JockMcPie: I think Melbourne will be my second team, go Dees!
zadolinnyj: Swan could coach them
Donz: rubbish icon for Conor McKenna.. has stunk it up for the last few weeks. Bring back McNiece
StuL: Ted whitten to put some mongrel in them.
Donz: Faith poorly placed Jock… When Essendon win the flag remember my words
CBeezDeez: Oh flower me @Jock! Now we’re really screwed! LoL
StuL: They need Lou Richards back.
JockMcPie: @Donz dont think my memory will last that long mate
zadolinnyj: james hird could coach collingwood
Umpirespet: David King thinks he’s an expert at footy
zadolinnyj: Chubs peterson from Happy Gilmore was a good coach
MONEY TALK: lol myers
Lestat: Ess winning the flag??? HAHAHAHA. No way Ess win 5 of last 7 games.
Drak: Look at the spread Lestat. Hating Essendon doesnt change the fact they have very even spread. Great looking list.

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