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Chat log from R16 of 2017: Hawthorn vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Western Sydney, R16 of 2017

Stu7: TM is in for a big one today!!
yablettt: lets go shaw pick up the 100 today bud
JockMcPie: Shaw and Titch combine for 250!
SilverLion: Titch is a POD in an important match for me, would love a 110+
AngryRyno: titch vc, will need 196 or more
boo!: cmon heater 150sc
Lestat: VC on Kelly today.
Ben_Gogos: Hawks severely undersized in defence
Costanza: hope the Heater’s on full today
AngryRyno: hit targets titch thaanks
Donz: not a great stqart by Titch, 2 clangers going at 33% from 6 touches
Pokerface: muppet alert
LMartos: Taylor may actually be a decent small forward for us
Pokerface: great 7 point play duyrea
AngryRyno: better than not touching it donz, the hunger has begun
original: @Donz it don’t matter he’ll still rack it up
The Hawker: Duryea plays like a defender in the fwd, he punches the ball to his teammates instead of mark
AngryRyno: good start from the heater titch combo
fonzie: spud for isaac smith
Donz: you could chuck the magnet on him from the first bounce… bloke is a machine
Yelse: why isn’t kelly tagged
AngryRyno: titchhhhhh you gun
LMartos: Tommy Mitchell is king
pcaman2003: Go Titch and Kelly. Score mega today.
LMartos: I knew Titch was racking up the pill weekly but didn’t realise he’d only gone below 30 once
poolboybob: Maybe this is the week heater repays my faith in him
poolboybob: And by faith I mean lack of trades
dipstick: Titch is going for the record of most 30+ touches in a row ever!
Lestat: And this is the premiership favourite? Not for me.
original: keep going ward..anyone else hold him?
Ladbrokes_: He’s had a good 1st quarter a few of the last couple games, I’m not getting too excited @poolboybob
original: lol poolboybob glad i kept the faith too
SilverLion: I love you Titchell
Drak: Even with the failure of OMeara (TBC) and Vickery… Mitchell sure justifies the last trade period for the Hawks…
Pokerface: @lestat check out their injury list. theyve still been winning regularly with all the outs
Pokerface: @drak the forgotten Hendo has been good
J_Herer: Go Shaw, repay the faith!
Donz: reckon Titch will crack 50 touches today?
Donz: wishing I put the VC on him right about now
Lestat: As I said Poker, not MY fav. I have Adel and Syd in front of them.
pcaman2003: Gee! The days of manning up are long gone. Just keepings off now.
boo!: tictch vc good for 150, danger good for 200
LMartos: I love Shiels but his disposal in recent times has dropped off
daniel87: go whitefield you good pod
Lewysport: Got the VC on Whitfield dan87, go you good thing!
Costanza: only 1% ownership for Whitfield – great comeback
AngryRyno: cape for Kelly, cheers gun
daniel87: hell yeah what a gun
original: was weighing up titch or dusty this week and in the end brought in neither..
Donz: Mumford getting a raw deal in SC surely! He almost has more hit outs than points
Stu7: Check
LMartos: nice kick Heath you cabbage
GJayBee: I got rid of Ward three weeks ago god damn it
boo!: cmon heater put some more wood in
Stu7: Check
Stu7: Mitchell VC loophole – good choice I’m feeling
Drummo: Heater has more than 30 points before half time??? What is this
Carnster: #burned @drummo
Drummo: Honestly delete your account @carnster
Stu7: Mitchell only 7 in this quarter not helpful
LMartos: that was such a bad turnover, we were out there
Carnster: i need an ice pack
Drummo: Geez your a smart bloke @stu7
Drak: If you logged on now and saw Mitchell with 19 disposals and 61dt 62sc half way through the 2nd quarter… youd be pretty
Carnster: so insightful aye drum
LMartos: Honestly not sure why Stewart plays over Cousins
Drak: stoked stu7
Stu7: Drummo – what?
Lestat: @Drummo honestly delete your account. Shaw has had 2 games this year 60 SC points or less.
Carnster: keeps me awake at night martos
boo!: heater burning away nicely
DrSeuss: Callan Ward certainly rounding into firm at the right time.
Drummo: That is great chat boo
Costanza: says Drummo lol
Tommo2909: Wake up Mummy
Carnster: he’s got you there drum
Lewysport: Where’s your tag Drummond, no team want your support?
Drummo: I’ve just been absolutely smoked by Constanza
Donz: Mumford is killing me!
Lestat: Drummo is either Robbo or Poido in disguise.
poolboybob: Blue moon for Shaw 😛
AngryRyno: get hungry titch few more before the break please
Pokerface: zombie for ward
Donz: Tom ‘THE MAGNET’ Mitchell dominating
LMartos: Langford you’re kidding me
feralmong: gee what are odds for titch for brownlow. lot of 1 votes i reckon.
Pokerface: langford you are horrible. what happened to you
poolboybob: Lankford should always handball off. Never shoot at goal
Hawks_13: icicle for roughead??
original: keeping ward <3
Carnster: Drummo you have been exposed
Drummo: Guess whos back in new colours lads
pcaman2003: Points diff between Shiel and Kelly minimal on stats diff
feralmong: Go Tiges
Ladbrokes_: Phenomenal half of footy from Heater, let’s hope he keeps it up.
man0005: Isaac Smith is a bit of a hack
GJayBee: I thought Langford would have come on more. He’s had a few knee injuries. It’s gotta add up.
Pinkman: Imagine if ya had Isaac smith. Oh I have him……lol
poolboybob: Just give Mitchell the Atlas now
AngryRyno: tomlinson with a handball, boo
Stu7: pinkman you should have let IS go 2 rounds ago, bummer!
LMartos: Shaw 2 points for effective kick i50, give us a spell CD, he’s given me enough pain this year
frenzy: Drummo’s a wood grub Lol
Stu7: Mitchell 26 poss for 76 points not a good return!!!
original: love tomlinson, wish carlton could have stolen him too lol such an athlete for his size
Lestat: OMG Shankford can kick straight.
Drummo: Geez you guys on this site have the best comebacks
Carnster: took the words out of my mouth frenzy
pcaman2003: @Stu7. I’m sure the Hawks will take it any day.
Gotigres: JPK out for Sydney
LMartos: Shaw back at it again trying to ruin his score
Pokerface: wow, you serious gotigres?
man0005: JPK out for Sydney
Ben_Gogos: Source @man0005?
original: JPK really out? would be perfect
AngryRyno: JPK confirmed out
Torz: Official AFL Twitter put it up.
Ladbrokes_: doctor sc @Ben_Gogos
Pokerface: yep its on afl twitter
Carnster: tomato thanks ben
LMartos: 100% out, Sydney’s twitter confirms
anthsill03: sydney twitter confirmed, thanks for the heads up. berry will fill in hopefully tons up
original: f ith the news before afl site. bravo lol
original: ward gone to sleep this qtr??
Drummo: Yeah that’s gotta be some of the worst chat @carnster
Drummo: Honestly delete your account @carnster
Costanza: the General salutes
LMartos: we have dominated most of this game, it’ll be really disappointing if we lose
Gotigres: Nice vc Titchell
Carnster: oath drumdogmillionare
poolboybob: Got Steele backing up Kennedy, hopefully he plays like he did last week
MONEY TALK: stop shaw the one week i need u to flop
pcaman2003: @Martos. Just need to convert better. Should be well in front now.
StuL: As much as I can muster no enthusiasm to go for the hawks, go hawks.
SilverLion: Titch breaks afl/vfl record for most consecutive 30+ possies games with over a qtr to go. Gun.
Lestat: #ignoreDrummo
StuL: Titch bandwagon coming.
The39Steps: Whats the number you take with Mitchell and lock it away for the weekend?
MONEY TALK: would of loved it if greene played had no cover for him or greenwood
Raspel31: Wondering the same the 39Steps
circle52: If going to Danger 39steps would want 135
StuL: I think I still Capt Danger regardless. Maybe 200
circle52: @moneytalk coping a donut with JPK out and may as well have 2 with Hibberd covering Howe
Gotigres: I’ll take 130 @39steps
original: @circle52 agree. used to say anything over 125 in years gone by but not any more
MONEY TALK: good jezza make me happy i went u over macrea
LuvIt74: Might have to take Titch’s score as my VC if he can score 120+
wadaramus: Terrible kick Heater.
AngryRyno: heater lives! a DT ton
Pokerface: bruest shows he is useful 10m from goal and noone within 20m
pcaman2003: Kelly gone quiet last 10 mins
Beast_Mode: heater zombie
original: seriously asked this earlier, have not been on ff chat for more than 6 years, how do i get into purplename game.plz help
LuvIt74: Shaw has been crap but over the last few weeks he is on the up. I’ll hold him now
The39Steps: I am thinking 150+ is a no brainer. Think seriously between 135-150 but ride your luck. Under 135 not a chance.
Stu7: Mitchell 101 wooo hooo!!
Beast_Mode: mitchell 130 plus and I might loophole him. Danger is capable of anything tho :/
Pokerface: all depends on your matchup and what your opp is doing.
The39Steps: Not helped when your opponent has Danger. Do you just go danger knowing you break even with him?
LuvIt74: Those who need a cheap defender jump on Shaw
Pokerface: @39 depends if you are ahead or behind and need the pod
pcaman2003: Hawks conversion is Shower.
Raspel31: I’m playing league leader who of course capped Danger-same prob-hoping big last qtr Mitchell
LuvIt74: So your saying 150+ a no brainer but sub 135 no way. That foolish. Your risking a lot to gain 30
LuvIt74: That logic will bite you on the arse more often then not.
DrSeuss: Don’t stop now JKelly
LuvIt74: I’ll be taking Titches score as my VC I can tell ya right now coz he will score 120+
AngryRyno: tomlinson blue moon nasty, he’s just a tank
pcaman2003: C’mon Kelly,you died that qtr. Big last qtr please.
Lewysport: You would only gain 15 really luvit.
MONEY TALK: u couldn’t do this two weeks ago or the whole season when i owned u shaw, u deciede to do it when my oppo has him
circle52: Filter strikes again luvit
original: well to gain 15..not 30
The39Steps: Only because luvit, Danger will 85% of the time get to 135. So the odds suggest you don’t back against him at a sub 135.
original: @Lewy is on the money
frenzy: 800SC to come still
circle52: I got caught last week Luvit took Franklins 123 and Danger 196 so big difference which is why I say 135
The39Steps: Anyway, reckon Titch will resolve it anyway.
circle52: Dangers last 4 have all been 140+
original: mummy woof
dipstick: @circle exactly. so danger is NOT gauranteed a 135 but if Titch gets it then you are.
AngryRyno: titch keep going
Raspel31: Agree dipstick.
Stu7: Burton flat battery!!!
MONEY TALK: wish i had vc on titch, mines on buddy could go docerty
original: SPP to be rising star favourite now…as he always should have been..?
pcaman2003: @Stu7 Same with Kelly. No charge left.
LuvIt74: @circles I hear ya m8 but that happens, I take everything into consideration, i used to play greedy & it bit me many tim
LuvIt74: What if Danger or whoever ur C is gets injured early I mean it happes quite a bit where your VC will outscore your C
original: keep going ward..and heater
LMartos: are disposal has turned to crap, their pressure has lifted, very worrying
Viscount: Sorry guys why has Josh P kennedy withdrawn?
LuvIt74: @Money high risk with Buddy but he has the potential to score 150+ so as a VC its good then C Danger
SilverLion: Ton up Heater cmon mate you deserve it
Stu7: Cmon Mitch 150 please
pcaman2003: Hawks will find a way to blow this game.
original: i mean looking at heatrs stats you’d say thats a 100 points right? lol
Costanza: rock solid with Hurley/Hooker both back
Ladbrokes_: Quad tightness apparently @Viscount
Costanza: apologies..
original: surely ward to scale up..
LMartos: we’re gonna lose yay
AngryRyno: carn titchy finish it off lad
frenzy: Lol custanza
Viscount: thanks very much SPP on fro me @Ladbrokes
original: perryman nearly 70 from 10 touches??? 100%
Costanza: had my own lil frenzy
Lestat: @originals SC use more than disposals unlike DT
pcaman2003: We are the Hawks,the hapless Hawks.
original: @lestat i know pal but thank you
Stu7: Damn Mitch is going backwards
circle52: Titchell gong backwards stop giving away free kicks
wadaramus: T.Mitchell going backwards.
wadaramus: Needs a couple of disposals to gt things going forward again!
Pokerface: he hasn’t touched it in clutch time
AngryRyno: no FAs just no involvement means backwards score
pcaman2003: Free against Smith. Umpire Please!
Lestat: Do I need to say Mitchell SC going backwards?
AngryRyno: please get to 130SC have to decide before sydney game
Stu7: I think Mitch knows I’ve chosen him as my VC 🙂
original: shocking holding the ball call on smith wow inlucky
frenzy: Mummy mare
Lestat: Yep I will loophole Kelly. Thanks VC.
Stu7: I think mitchell is going backwards
wadaramus: It’s gone forward since it went backwards Lestat!
AngryRyno: how long on the clock?
Stu7: 3 minutes
Lestat: 2 mins now
AngryRyno: Titch is on the bench…
original: would have been phil davis’ fault that goal
Stu7: Crap
AngryRyno: +8 from the specimen, keep going
original: how many frees can the hawks play for in a minute
Pokerface: draw as good as a win for hawks given %
original: no way
MONEY TALK: went to shower and titch went backwar
Lestat: What a bounce
JockMcPie: Double draw wowee
m0nty: that was insane!
JockMcPie: Oh no
original: wow
MattyZ: jesus
original: poor gws, beaten by a ridiculous bounce
pcaman2003: Bloody useless Hawks. Next game!
original: dunno how saw doesnt get 100
wadaramus: Heartstopper!
Umpirespet: Wow Weee
LMartos: I actually can’t believe that
Drak: imagine the odds for 2 draws in a row for gws
LMartos: how did Shaw not ton up after his spoil on Breust
Lewysport: I reckon the bounce is the beauty is what makes the game great @original, wicked game!
LMartos: Langford has scored two incredible bounce goals in his career

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