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Chat log from R16 of 2017: Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs, R16 of 2017

Sixty656: Stuck with JJ for weeks now, can he possibly do something tonight?
dipstick: the only logical thing for JJ is to tag Sloane. If he doesnt the coach has no idea
jaypeee: what are the chances of wallis pulling his finger out tonight?
Umpirespet: Carn Crows we need to win this one
m0nty: IMO forward role for JJ, send Daniel or Picken to Sloane
Lestat: Picken to Sloane for me. Farewell game for Thompson?
wadaramus: Lets go Thommo you fucken legend!
frenzy: is it raining still?
m0nty: Rain has stopped reportedly.
Wends: Evening all. That shot of Wood & Ray having a laugh waiting for Tex in the circle is a meme waiting to happen.
Texwalker: Stand up and make the league take notice crows…
pcaman2003: Evening all. May the SC gods be kind this week
Lestat: JJ looking lost already.
Texwalker: I have a mill in sc bank.. might spend it soon
Lestat: That’s a soft free to Wallis.
Wends: @Wada is this the last year we’ll see yr no. 5 do you reckon?
cusch1: M0nty there is no Dahlhaus option under the watchlist function
Texwalker: @lestat non existent u mean
Texwalker: @wends def last year for thommo
Lodgy: Both No. 5s for these clubs have had stellar careers and are getting close to the end
LMartos: moist conditions
wadaramus: Definitely Wends, stoked he’s getting a game!
Wends: 🙁 Thommo
Lestat: Rain is back.
cusch1: Seems to me like most players who wear the number 5 become legends of that club
wadaramus: Word Lodgy 🙂
cusch1: Well not legends but very good players I should say
The Hawker: can you please put my boy mcrouch on the field
pcaman2003: Dahl and Macrae just the start I want. More of that please.
Raspel31: Greene out, Gablett out-why rest Greenwood? he’s young and fit. Evening all.
Lodgy: The Bench claims another victim. Rory spent last 6 mins on bench…
circle52: Evening all
LMartos: Greenwood is 26 and hasn’t played much AFL football at all
Texwalker: Mcrouch no touches… wow…
wadaramus: G’day Raspel. Greenwood as cover for Greene would have been nice.
Lodgy: @ cusch i can agree with that. Hoping Burton can follow in Smitchells footsteps
MONEY TALK: i have greenwood and greene didnt want to trade either especially greenwood traded bolton to jezza
Texwalker: Umps r obviously doggy supporters….
Raspel31: My exactly Wada thoughts
dipstick: sloanes a fucken dud LOL
cusch1: Jenkins would be half the player that he is without Betts. EB hands JJ 2 goals a game
Raspel31: My thoughts exactly Wada
Wends: Saw a few considering trading out Greenwood… evening circle
wadaramus: Kept Greene and Greenwood myself, no cover infwds but trades up sleeve if needed.
Lestat: Obviously the clubs don’t think of our SC teams. How rude of them.
runt: Greenwood out for Thompson to see if Thompson still has it
JButcher: I feel very sorry for anyone forced to keep Otten this week
The Hawker: mcrouch gets on the field, applies impact instantly, Gun
Raspel31: How enormously rude Lestat.
Texwalker: Has jj been poor ever since he got that ridiculous haircut??
wadaramus: You’re trolling runt…surely!
Sixty656: WOW JJ into dbl figures so early this week!!
Lestat: @Tex he had it last year as well.
cusch1: Betts to JJ again
Wends: Sloane already caught up and passed Bont in SC 😐
GJayBee: I’m just taking a moment to thank God that it isn’t Cricket season.
Sloaneyyyy: Sloaney everywhere!
GJayBee: Dole house lets do this.
runt: I think they want to see if Sloane is better with Thompson in instead of Greenwood Greenwood is a front runner at best
Texwalker: @lestat ur joking, pretty sure atkins realised he looked like a muppet very quick.. wats jjs excuse.. reminds me of a mo
GJayBee: Runt, good call but it could easily be Greenwood going, ‘Mate, I can hardly walk.’ Footy is tough as you know
Texwalker: Reminds me of a mop head
Lestat: Nope Tex. He got it after he saw Odell Beckham Jr had it.
Texwalker: As in mop head u wash the floor with….
Wends: Cricket Aust agrees with you GJay.
GJayBee: hahahah Wends
runt: I would put Greenwood in over Otten any day
LMartos: what a soft 50
cusch1: When does Champion Data start giving Bont points for nothing? Need a big week from him
Raspel31: One does wonder why Crows don’t better protect Sloane on the tag. Scotty Thompson-give me Greenwood.
Texwalker: @lestat well thats even worse.. smh…
GJayBee: Excuse me for talking about Cricket, but from what I can see the elite players are helping the rest. I’m all for it.
Texwalker: Redpath is one of the very best kicks for goal going around
GJayBee: Dog’s were seventh last year. It’s evident this season.
runt: Dogs tenacity is apparent as usual
GJayBee: What a month the Dog’s had. Picken was like a God.
pcaman2003: Dollhouse! Stop going backwards. From 19 to 14 pts. NGE.
Heizenberg: Hi guys, how are we all?
wadaramus: Go Macrae!
Wends: Agreed Gjay, CA exec have alot to answer for.
GJayBee: Heizenberg Dolhouse is betraying my sacred trust.
winugly: JJ was no blonde when he won the norm …
Heizenberg: Damn sorry g jay
frenzy: Clay’s turned into mud
Wends: Wow Macrae! Evening Heiz 🙂
wadaramus: Sweet as Heiz 🙂
Heizenberg: Hi wends 🙂
GJayBee: From a Pies man to a Carlton man Heizenberg, I thank you.
Wends: Dirty jokes not allowed on FF frenzy…
Heizenberg: Evening wends, that’s good waders
GJayBee: Wends on fire hahahah
Heizenberg: Hahaha np g jay
Lestat: gday Heiz. Match Day mate?
Heizenberg: Match day anyone?
frenzy: yep Heiz
Lestat: 192 for me atm Heiz.
Heizenberg: Yes letstat buddy
poolboybob: Learn the rules Stringer you dope
GJayBee: Dahlly Dahly Dal Dal Do it, DOoooooo it. I need you man!
Heizenberg: That’s pretty good
DirtyDawn: Evening all
Texwalker: So jj can run in late and grab jenkins well after he marks it… umm ok umps..
sfmmp23: Weak as piss fletcher roberts
Raspel31: Evening Dirty.
wadaramus: Evening DD.
Heizenberg: Hi dirty dawn
GJayBee: I have a lady friend who works for a paper who gives me mad goss on the AFL
Heizenberg: Yay I have Jenkins
GJayBee: The rule is, they can only publish what someone involved will confirm. So, all the best stuff goes unpublished
The Hawker: 58% tog, put the man on the dam field!!
Heizenberg: Okay I see, that’s pretty cool
Heizenberg: Wow crows in the rebound amazing
DrSeuss: Need to get Dahlhaus back in the middle
sfmmp23: Good start to the qtr Bont, keep it going mate
GJayBee: All I can say is, it’s as you imagine it is. Everything from nerd’s to maniac’s
Raspel31: Never been to bed with a Dog. But woken up with a few. Caen Doggies.
GJayBee: Crow’s look like the tide, they won’t be stopped.
Pokerface: so whose on two strikes GJB
Wends: Yep, c’mon Bonti. One of my league oppts unfortunate eater of 2 crow flavoured doughnuts.
GJayBee: Dahlhouse must be suffering from some of the wear and tear of being so fearless. Hasn’t got the extra pizazz this year.
Wends: Beer goggles are killer Raspel.
GJayBee: No idea on that stuff, more b grade stars being wankers type into
Heizenberg: Haha wends
Heizenberg: Crow flavoured doughnuts, I like you your funny
Raspel31: Lol Wends.
Pokerface: ah ok
Texwalker: Crows showing some mongrel..
Wends: They’ll be a popular item on a few menus this evening I think Heiz…
Wends: and thank you, I’m here all week!
runt: This game summarizes Dogs season thus far. Scrapping, fighting, hounding and yelping but not getting anywhere
LMartos: Bont ffs man
Heizenberg: Haha okay 🙂
wadaramus: Lift Dollhouse.
GJayBee: Dahlhous, let’s start the weekend off with a mad ying yang turn around son! woo woo
runt: fluff nut not helping the cause either
pcaman2003: Dollhouse is crap. Not looking like getting the ball.
LMartos: seems like Scott Thompson has played his last game
wadaramus: Thommo struggling with the speed of the game.
Lestat: Thompson is too slow nowdays. Won’t play too many more games.
akbal: Got the VC on Tex Walker, could end up being genius!
Raspel31: Thommo has to hang up the boots.
Texwalker: Get over yourself razor u muppet
wadaramus: I reckon you’r right LMartos, but carn Thommo, LIFT MAN!
tankin: looks like greenwood will be playing next week
sfmmp23: Doggies have lifted
frenzy: Showerhaus
StuL: I can remember the horrible mothers for heathen Tuggeranong cheering for little Raymond as he got smashed.
Lodgy: Thompson working his way in. he is a star but has lost a bit of pace, is adjusting back to afl lvl
Texwalker: If u want a laugh on fb guys add the tarpeena lobsters footy netball club, its a fake footy club fb page… hilarious
mark621: ahh dear, one of the biggest reasons my team sucks is i asked people their thoughts…
mark621: so many at the start of the season: “dont get bont! go for dahlaus”
sfmmp23: Massive qtr from Bont
Raspel31: Taking the ex wife for dinner at half time so see you all by 3rd quarter.
MONEY TALK: Ydidnt i get macrea instead of jezza
frenzy: teabag on the score board
Lodgy: way to take responsibility there mark….
mark621: i am. trust myself is what i learnt
Wends: Never a good idea mark621. Enjoy raspel – Frying Dutchman or Guilded Truffle?
9inch: Good week to have Bont as a pod this week. Heeee
DrSeuss: Why they don’t have Dahlhaus further up the ground is crazy.
cusch1: You are taking a woman out for dinner Raspel. You wont get home in 20 minutes. No one is that good
mark621: drseuss. pretty sure cause hes shite
Wends: Jacobs, what the?
faisca7: the ex-wife? take her to bunnings for a sausage
wadaramus: Ex Wife…Sausage…
DrSeuss: Right @mark – Dahlhaus is great at winning the ball in close and hard running, not so great as a crumbing forward
DrSeuss: Seems like McLean has taken dollhouses old role unfortunately
wadaramus: If I had more trades Dollhouse would be trade bait.
Texwalker: Why oh why did i get charlie cameron… 😟
Roksta: Hope the dogs actually tag sloan
circle52: Think we all would Wada – 50% ownership for Dahl though so a lot in same boat
Wends: This year no go for lux trades @wada
circle52: @mark always go with gut – sift advice and stick with gut.
wadaramus: YEah, his average is still acceptable circle, he’s just on the slide.
bernieV: dogs were on top as soon as sloane got tagged. feels like the same old story for the crows
circle52: @wnds may have 2 for luxury if lucky
wadaramus: Mmmmm…luxury trades…drool…
Lodgy: Lingy found someone his match analysis is appropriate for… the auskicker of the week
circle52: still deciding whether to trade this week – Can field full team but very sparse cover
circle52: *sparse*
wadaramus: Spalps?!
cusch1: the filter strikes again
circle52: swear filter changing spa*rse
Texwalker: Next fortnight ill be getting in the 4 best blokes in sc.. maybe 5 best..
Lestat: Tex Walker you dirty sod. He pushed JJ into post.
Lodgy: johan a fair whack from the goalpost….
ajconodie: Does Tex get weeks?
cusch1: It was accidental LeStat.
Texwalker: @lestat tex should be fine.. as accidental as u can get
runt: Fluff nut cant take a trick
wadaramus: Didn’t look great but zero weeks methinks.
Lestat: No way cusch. Clearly pushed JJ.
Beast_Mode: only if JJ wont get back on due to injury.
frenzy: give us a lift Dahl FFS bud
Texwalker: It’s no wonder the dogs are wasting time trying to get lever… he is already elite…
GOD: Holiday road Walker..enjoy
Beast_Mode: lol accidental? lmao
LMartos: That’s a disgrace if he cops a week for that
sfmmp23: wtf Cameron, just pass the ball
cusch1: He clearly bumped him yes. However the fact that he hit the post was not intentional
Wends: God. Omnipotent as always.
LMartos: Hodge got two weeks for putting some blokes head directly into the post on purpose
Texwalker: Players dont get suspended for pushing a player into another, y would tex get any weeks for that,
Raspel31: Evening all.
Lestat: Accident or not, he still pushed him into the post. Was no need to touch JJ
DrSeuss: Is Dahl on the bench? Haven’t even sighted him this quarter
cusch1: LMartos they were completely different
GOD: @Wends very wise words!
Roksta: Jenkins softer than a soccer player there
Texwalker: @lestat if u were in his position u wouldve shepherded, would look stupid if he happened to touch it
circle52: Remember Rich got 3 weeks for pushing someone into the fence.
Beast_Mode: JJ seems fine, so he’s got nothing to worry about
cusch1: Was shepherding the ball through so JJ couldn’t get a hand to it. May have been a little late, but actions were warrante
Lestat: Hodge and Walker 2 completely different acts.
Heizenberg: Yes Jenkins!!!
wadaramus: How was dinner Raspel?
runt: The doctors report on the post will decide if Walker will get weeks.
LMartos: sorry @cusch1 I forgot to contrast it saying it’s not bad at all
Wends: Raspel, just the bread roll and Allowrie butter wrapped in foil then?
AngryRyno: GOD captained Toby McLean this week
Texwalker: Tex wasnt late, wasnt agressive, im sure i will be playing next week 😂
Roksta: All clear tex but should Be been a free
Raspel31: Exactly Wends-and spoiled at that.
cusch1: I dont think it was a free either, fair bump imo
Texwalker: Yeah prob shoulda been a free, but umps havent been great
Roksta: Umps been shit both ways
frenzy: ya can’t look at a fwd without given them a freebie, but sheppard a goal is open house
LMartos: if the ball already crossed the goal line can a free still be paid?
runt: Dogs looked tired
Heizenberg: Yes you will tex
Heizenberg: A free for sure
Lestat: Dogs look very flat.
sfmmp23: Come on Bont, get back into it
Lodgy: @monty i dont see how u can say Johan had concussion, he came on again like 5 minutes after the incident
Wends: Ah well look on the brightside, that’s 2 food groups at least Raspel. Meanwhile, Bont, Dahl, Jacobs – lift!
Lodgy: i believe they need to be off for 20 mins for the concussion test?
StuL: Dogs are the Leicester of the AFL. Will be another 160 years before their next flag.
Pokerface: he should have been red carded
runt: Whatever Bevo said at half time it took the wind right out of the Dogs
Raspel31: Dogs a bit like the movie ‘ How to make an American Quilt”-simply forgotten how to knit.
Heizenberg: Hahaha allowrie butter
Heizenberg: @wends haven’t had that since grade 7 camp haha
9inch: Doing a Dockers. But at least dogs won a flag
MONEY TALK: gooo laird, lift dalh and bont
Heizenberg: It’s nice butter though
Stu7: Dogs & St Kilda should join forces and call themsleves DogGoners
cusch1: Hopefully theyre not doing a Hawks 2008
DrSeuss: Time to get rid of Dahl- he is in a horrible role as a small forward with no mid time
cusch1: Don’t think I could stand people yelling out fourtscray in 5 years time
Roksta: Haha stu7 when was saints last premiership
jaxx: Thanks for everything Scott Thompson, and farewell
MrGmax: So frustrating to watch.
poolboybob: star for walker
Heizenberg: Hawks were top 4 when they won it though not 7th
Roksta: Dogs a shadow of the pressure and composure of last year
sfmmp23: Dogs not looking good
Lestat: How good is Jake Lever?
Pokerface: Dogs is to a flag is like Woewodin is to a brownlow
runt: Lions going for back to back this week
cusch1: Hawks didnt make finals in 09. Ominous signs
poolboybob: Lever having a blinder this quarter
pcaman2003: Dahl stinks more than Blue cheese.
Heizenberg: He’s great lestat
frenzy: lion won’t finish spoon, we got that covered
cusch1: Why do people think that Rance is the best FB to play the game. Lever is already better than Rance and is only 21
Heizenberg: Dance is Better ATM Cusch
wadaramus: Lever is pure skills possessed…love it!
Texwalker: Come on dogs… do something
Heizenberg: Done it for longer, way till leaver gets more attention
circle52: Not really a mark to Jenkins though – Ball did come out
Lestat: @cusch I would take Lever and Talia before Rance
Heizenberg: dare I say that may pull lever into line
cusch1: Lever could be the best player under 22 in the comp
Heizenberg: Dance was in a average side most of his career
sfmmp23: That was shithouse Dogs.
wadaramus: Dahl score is deplorable!
Roksta: Playing the top team on their home turf never easy
Heizenberg: Rance has been*
Umpirespet: How old is Cripps not a bad kid?
Raspel31: Not prepared to go out on a limb but have a sneaky feeling this might go The Crows way.
runt: A strange malaise came over the Dogs that qtr
Heizenberg: Rance has been*
sfmmp23: At h/t the game was looking promising. After this qtr its gone to rubbish.
Roksta: Raspel the crows had it covered before the game started
Pokerface: where is robbo
Texwalker: Im going for doggies now.. abcking them in to have a good quarter, plenty of goals, narrowly lose
cusch1: I’m going the early crow (get it) and saying that Lever could be better than Fletcher/Silvani/Scarlett
Heizenberg: I’m 574 now lestat
cusch1: I hope im wrong, because that would be terrifying. But he is a class player
poolboybob: Down arrow for Dahlhaus
Pokerface: Lever probably the best footballer this country has produced.
circle52: Double arrow poolboybob
Lestat: @Heiz 614 now with Jacobs my lowest.
ScootD: Haha I was thinking the same thing….king robbo very quiet tonight
HappyDEZ: Dahl needs to lose the shovel. 0% mid time.
Lodgy: Lever cant be compared to the old style defender… they were stoppers…
Lestat: @Poker banned I believe.
winugly: Lever was talked of as the next Bradman…
Lodgy: now its more about intercept marking and leaving ur man to influence, rather than stopping
Pokerface: @lestat yeah? about time
cusch1: Kelly may have marked that, but boy how good is Lever 😉
Beast_Mode: dahl been forward most of the game
Lestat: WTF is Bruce on about? Thompson done enough? Ummm nope.
Heizenberg: Okay cool lestat
Pokerface: is it true Usain came out to this game to watch Lever?
Heizenberg: Good luck man
Heizenberg: Omg Cusch is in love With leaver
Torz: Will Lever ever be as good as Parsons?
Heizenberg: Lol lestat hahahab
Lestat: TY Heiz, but won’t be enough I feel.
Lodgy: I think alot of what thompson can give this side doesnt equate to stats. his vocal leadership in the mid for example…
cusch1: Heiz please lever me alone. Thats harrassment 🙁
Texwalker: Bt should give up commentary, become a goalkicking coach, hes obviously got talent with it… seriously
cusch1: This love is no jake
Heizenberg: Yeah probably not bud
Texwalker: @heiz every crows supporter is in love with lever lol
Umpirespet: Cant wait for the Ommpa Lummpas press conference after this effort
Heizenberg: My god betts goal assists are amazing
Lodgy: got some tackles been effective in disposal. always given fks away. gives something immeasurable to this midfield
Heizenberg: Hahaha but Cusxh is bomber
Lestat: Don’t tag Sloane, Crows dominate.
9inch: Lift ya game Bont 20 points since ht
Lestat: Nice goal Brad 🙂
Wends: Laird recovering this week atleast. And yes Heiz, Allowrie fan here, Lurpack better tho…
Texwalker: We look better with mcgovern i , bcrouch is getting better every week, knight is unbelievable
runt: Betts skill was sublime
BestCoast: Bulldogs getting stick danced
winugly: geez it sucks when our 1st and 2nd teams are giving you nightmares… GWS for my 3rd side?
Wends: Argh, my tipping strategies this year are spudly.
Lestat: McGovern been a little quiet, but he hasn’t been needed.
sfmmp23: Poor coaching tonight from Bevo. No sloane tag
Sloaneyyyy: WTF is wrong with Dahlhaus
Texwalker: @lestat seems to straighten them up, hes quick, can mark..
Raspel31: Wends-anyone who has picked 9 this year is a moron or the messiah.
Lestat: This could end 100+ point win. Dogs have given up.
runt: Bevo has clearly lost the players. May be better to step down
Roksta: I find it funny everyone loved the dogs now they all hate them after we are a premiership
Lestat: Oh don’t get me wrong Tex, he is a gun.
DrSeuss: Dahl has been second highest forward most of the night. Another horrible move from Bevo tonight
sfmmp23: Pls ton up bont
Umpirespet: Nope Rocksta always thought Bevo was a flog
runt: Nobody hates the Dogs.
Texwalker: Y doesnt anyone mention mcrouch., Sloane this sloane that mcrouch is every bit as good..
poolboybob: Dogs have quit
cusch1: Using Bont in the ruck is another silly decision by Bevo
Texwalker: I hate the dogs, they screwed my multis.. even brissy last week helped me out…
pcaman2003: Dogs embarrassing now!
Lestat: Sloane’s disposal is a lot better than Matt’s.
Wends: Agreed raspel, kiss of death wld be winning most comps.
BestCoast: Everyone loves King_Robbo
frenzy: bont in the ruck, clearly can’t ruck, needs a hitout or three
cusch1: We also miss rooboystu
runt: If I was to point the finger at any Dog it would be Stringer. He should be doing much more with what he has
winugly: Bevo won the cup with a side of batters not superstars…he deserves credit for that
Wends: Dahl!
Texwalker: @lestat except mcrouchs disposal efficiency is higher this season than sloane
sfmmp23: Finally Dahl, now it’s your turn Bont
poolboybob: Dahl going for the rubbish bin
Pokerface: ‘speaking of the weapon – well, the Package’ – great segue bruce
circle52: Dogs first goal of 2nd half compared to Crows 10 shows you the crows dominance
pcaman2003: Dahl! Too little too late buddy.
The Hawker: I say this every year, MCrouch…the most underrated player!
Lestat: That happens when being tagged though Tex.
LMartos: Dahlhaus input this late is basically useless
The Hawker: 1% selection on SC… best pick up 🙂
Heizenberg: Score now lestat?
MONEY TALK: cmon dalh do something to fix that scaling
Heizenberg: Jacobs capt pretty bad mistake
The Hawker: 1% selection start of this year*
Lestat: I took M. Crouch as C
poolboybob: Bont has done zilch in the second half
sfmmp23: In Bont’s last 7 games he has had 1 ton, looks to be continuing that trend
Lestat: 748 atm Heiz
Raspel31: Well, as I wend my weary way to bed there is one happy constant-McRae.
Umpirespet: How much is dogs JJ worth now ? He wants 800k
Texwalker: Betts is without a doubt greatest ever small forward
Roksta: Dogs should go for lever. Need a back
BestCoast: Big call Tex
cusch1: My boy Jakey Lever with 21 disposals as a key defender #GOAT
Texwalker: @bestcoast shows better??
Roksta: No way Tex. Talented but Bit of a down hill skier
Texwalker: @roksta 2 mill for 10 years u might get lever… just give up i reckon… get rance maybe lol
JButcher: Daicos was decent @Tex
frenzy: a shower 63 Dahl
Lestat: @Tex KB, Matthews and Daicos?
Roksta: Will get to dogs adelaide cant afford him and jenkins
Wends: No sleep til Nuits-Saint-Georges!
Heizenberg: Finished on 780 lestat
BestCoast: True Tex had some steller performaces with the Blues not
Pokerface: @Tex Cyril
JockMcPie: Lots of passengers in the Dogs team, they don’t believe anymore
Heizenberg: Imagine I had laird captain
StuL: Daicos easily over Betts
Wends: Nice one laird.
Pokerface: when eddie gets to 432 games he can enter the discussion
Lestat: @Heiz 837. Bont let me down.
Ladbrokes_: Betts only stars when the team is playing well, when they are struggling he’s nowhere to be seen.
Ladbrokes_: Saw nothing like this against Hawks, Geelong or Melbourne
darrenvt: Phil Matera wasn’t bad either.

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