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Chat log from R15 of 2017: Fremantle vs St Kilda

Chat log for Fremantle vs St Kilda, R15 of 2017

jaypeee: Hi all
Pokerface: walters again starting in the middle..
Pokerface: fyfe full forward
Haydo: I need Fyfe to have an absolute stinker, 55 or lower
jaypeee: i need Neale to have a 150 plus
Texwalker: C’mon sainters get a big win
th3rio: wooo sando great start lad
Haydo: more likely than fyfe getting lower than 55
bernieV: 6 jacks a jake and a jade for the saints.
th3rio: wish i couldve seen into the future and fielded ryan over taylor adams lolll
Haydo: and a jaryn and josh bernie
mickelo: Same th3rio, more clangers than points
Haydo: ryan’s a half behind adams and is already ahead of him lol
th3rio: hahaha oh god
th3rio: im just glad i can relax now that sando and fyfe are playing, was expecting a late withdrawl on both
StuL: Fyfe still sucking. Hey I have Rocky too Nathan. Lift!
luke394: need about 250 between Neale and Ryan lol
jaypeee: here’s hoping Luke
Raspel31: Well timed Luke394
th3rio: fuck i spoke too soon on sandi
CamT: Sandilands done for the day
luke394: haha timing is everything @Raspel31
jaypeee: i had bank on the bench and sandi on the field so i hope sandi can get near 100
jaypeee: nank*
th3rio: sandis done, annoyin i wish i fielded nank in ruc and stewart in fwd now… there goes my percentage boost
jaypeee: bloody hell
luke394: Fuck Sandi now gotta trade him
th3rio: i was gonna wait for gawn to bottom out but i might just have to pull the trigger now
9inch: Now I lose. Fuck it.
LuvIt74: Sandiballs u r a serious wreck mate. Give it up.
jfitty: Why on earth would you still have Sandi
Haydo: he is at his bottom in sc @th3rio
CamT: Sandilands on $900,000 a year. He won’t be calling time on himself that’s for sure.
Roksta: Time for revolt to retire too
kano: How bad is sandi injury ?
SilverLion: Sandi on ground, Nank on bench. Figures.
Raspel31: Have a feeling one of these 2 are going to win today.
LuvIt74: Nank on bench WTF for?
9inch: Sandi was a worthwhile ladder to Gawn. Almost perfect timing just needed 1 more price rise.
SilverLion: @LuvIt74 Looped Greenwoo, took Greenwood’s score since Nank’s been flower the last month.
th3rio: lol
CamT: I have Nank on the bench too
LuvIt74: This year is bizarre, teams i thought would improve haven’t & teams i thought would be crap have stepped up.
th3rio: im ok apart from the % boost to go top of league, and to straight swap to gawn
PLACEBOPIE: if steele doesn’t have a tank cause of game time why play him on a big ground 😛
LuvIt74: @Silver well thats fair enough
RooBoyStu: haha Sandi soft as kleenex tissues and lol to all that have him still.
LMartos: not 100% but I think Steele’s TOG is due to him being fringe midfield and not being versatile enough to rest forward
9inch: Bit like Norf eh Rooboy?
DrSeuss: Roberton and Newnes – pick it up – its Freo!!
CamT: Haow did Nathan Brown get his 5 pts ?
Beast_Mode: will jack steven get rubbed out? didnt see it
runt: Brown got his 5 points by helping Sandilands after he did his hammy
runt: lost one for farting
CamT: Fair enough, the game needs more of that
th3rio: wtf is roberton doing… ever since i traded him in fuck
DrSeuss: So glad I chose Roberton over Docherty in round 10
th3rio: the ball is down there but hes nowhere ffs
heppelitis: saints were using him too much and losing…adjustment has been made
Gott2Win: Darcy and Witherden popular trades this week
DrSeuss: Luke Ryan doing better than Newnes and Roberton – FMAF
pcaman2003: Fyfe is rubbish for SC now.!
colin wood: Thanks roberton your going to cost me my league game.
SilverLion: @colin Could be worse, could still have Sandi.
Choke: only need 55 from Roberton to win my league SC. Didn’t think it would be an issue until I came on and saw this crap
DrSeuss: Roberton and Newnes – absolutely nothing that quarter
Donz: so glad I picked Micky Hibberd over Roberton 🙂 the last coupe weeks is justifying my logi over and over
Lestat: Glad I took Hurley over Roberton.
LuvIt74: those who need a premo forward and a POD bring in Billings he has been on fire of late.
Lestat: Had him since rd 3 LuvIt. Turning into a must have.
LuvIt74: @Lestat Not quite a must have, but a nice POD. Yeo is a must have
JRedden: walters is playing quite a game
DrSeuss: Oh Shit – Newnes touched it; now your turn Roberton
Haydo: just waiting for fyfe to pass 56. He’s teasing me, Get injured please
th3rio: billings or greene guys
LuvIt74: Since Walters has been playing midfield he has killed it, those who got him around R6 for $350k done very well.
StuL: Come on Steele you gimp!
Fatbar5tad: Fyfe + Ryan + 6 vs. Neale. Could lose!
DrSeuss: Again my rookies on the bench outscoring my ‘premiums’ FFS
Roksta: Billings on target for a massive 75
LuvIt74: @Fatbar5tad highly unlikely.
StuL: This has got to be the worst year for premos. After Danger, Dusty it’s all over the place.
circle52: Tell me about it I have Witherden on bench in AF & SC
poolboybob: Okay Billings that’s a long enough rest
th3rio: robbo might actually cost me… coz of sandi
StuL: Premo mids
StuL: Sandi to Darcy by the look of it.
th3rio: good two tackles roberton now lay another 10
Strskes: Can’t believe what a spud Nathan Brown is. Absolutely pathetic.
DrSeuss: Mountford, Witherden and now Ryan looking to outscore Newnes, Roberton, Laird, Tuohy and Yeo,
Haydo: Josh Kelly is pretty consistent stul
StuL: Haydo, There had to be more. Not many I can think of.
StuL: Oliver was until his little dive and until Friday night,
Pokerface: titchell
Haydo: yeo got 99 @DrSeuss
StuL: I’m not watching because Freo are ultra boring but go Steele!
faisca7: titch has been consistent
LuvIt74: Im not going to score anywhere close to 2400 – On 2327 including Sandilands score. Bloody crap week
poolboybob: Suban blue moon
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake 12 ahead.
StuL: So we’re up to 4 consistent mids? That could be right. Pretty pitiful.
LuvIt74: I think the average will be 2450+ in top 1000
The Hawker: 2350 with titchell captain…missed danger captain.. Come on roberton
th3rio: i wouldve popped 2450 if sandi and roberton even got 70 each fml
MarchingIn: need robbo to lift
StuL: Darcy for a rookie ruck, that’s unreal
RooBoyStu: Who still has Gilbert’s camera? Kim Duthie…
DrSeuss: Just needed Roberton and Newnes to beat Luke Ryan and Koby Stevens – the joy of fantasy AFL
th3rio: roberton didnt even chase just then, wonder if hes alright
th3rio: also seems steele has learned his lesson in the 2s
MarchingIn: I need 60 out of robbo koby and nick to win $100
Lestat: @StuL Murphy, Merrett, Neale, Mitchell and Zorko been consistent.
DrSeuss: Steele killing it with tackles
th3rio: zorko got 51 last week @Lestat, but yeah otherwise he has
MarchingIn: 45 points to win a hundy
GOD: Surely this is the end for Riewoldt ? no longer up to AFL standard
poolboybob: Get back on the ground Billings
Brenno_173: Fyfe!
DrSeuss: Newnes finishing well – Roberton not so much….
Breezey: Steele 15 tackles thus far
th3rio: so much attacking and roberton is still doing fuck all
MarchingIn: need 30 points from nick koby and robbo to win hundy… come on ffs
th3rio: lol fyfe and mccarthy dopey
MarchingIn: 15 to go…. cummmmonnnn
DrSeuss: Walters is killing it – is he playing a bit of mid? or just forward today?
mickelo: Oh hello, Roberton is back on.
circle52: Blue Moon for Hughes
Gott2Win: Dog act by Roo
th3rio: freo might be dangerous in a few years with all these young guns
Lestat: You a joking Gott2Win? Smart play.
duckky: Lift Billings
RGriffen: give the star to Walters they lose he is still getting the 3
Heizenberg: Christ another thriller
Heizenberg: Go freo
pcaman2003: Steele 81% TOG. Fitness no worries then. Just needs fair game time.
Lestat: Walters deserves all 6 votes today.
Heizenberg: Saints in front
poolboybob: yessssssssss Billings
runt: in they marched
LMartos: how can Freo not have anyone down the line there, what a dumb set up
Pokerface: great work Walters, got me home by 2
pcaman2003: Wowee!
Texwalker: U suck st kilda… couldve gotten ahead a bit earlier
9inch: Terrible day all round lol.
MarchingIn: fkn lost by 5
Haydo: did u get it @marchingin
Pokerface: get that star off steele and put it on walters

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