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Chat log from R15 of 2017: Hawthorn vs Collingwood

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Collingwood, R15 of 2017

Gott2Win: Titch to go around 150 today would be great!
mickelo: Even better if Adams can match him
Pokerface: noooo get that tag off howe!!
Yelse: cox for reid working perfectly geez
luke394: i need a large one today Pendles please
Texwalker: Thoughts on st kilda beatong freo??
Wends: OK so Grudy following on from Martin, early in game atleast.
pcaman2003: C’mon Titch. Stop the clangers mate
Beast_Mode: adams 6 clangers lmao
DrSeuss: Bucks getting the Pies up and ready for Pendles big game….
Ben_Gogos: The Grundy-Cox struggles continue.
luke394: Pendles has been terrible lately maybe carrying an injury
Lestat: Spud and donuts for Cox?
Screech23: Cox is nit a footballer …. bucks keepmplaying him and u t will be ur kast year
Yelse: put cox on the bench and play one down. thats was they doing anyway
pcaman2003: Adams and Pendles killing me already.
DrSeuss: Titch racking up possies but not fantasy points.
Lestat: Thomas could be handy pick up next week.
LuvIt74: Schoenmakers looks bloody cheap now
Ladbrokes_: What the actual flower is Pendles doing
Yelse: a few HTB not called for the pies geez
luke394: hes not effective this year @Ladbrokes his efficiency is way down on his usual output
MQuimby: how can someone be tagged and be +1 lol
Yelse: pendles having a shocker
J_Herer: Go Tich go!
Schillaci: Taylor Adams may as well be playing for Hawthorn by the looks of it.
Gott2Win: Adams lol! At least nearly everyone has him!
Yelse: that was HTB geez
Beast_Mode: adams arguably the worst half of all time
Pokerface: i’ve never seen 10 muppets before. let alone before half time
Schillaci: So glad I brought Adams in this week lol. Not scoring and a possiblity he doesn’t play next week. Didn’t see it tho.
mickelo: Was wondering who was going to stuff it up for me this week. Up steps Taylor Adams
duckky: Has Adams actually done 10 clangers?
Gott2Win: I wonder what the record is for most clangers?! Adams surely on track for it
amigaman: Burton kicks straight to a Pies defender. Still on 100% D/E. ???
Ben_Gogos: That was a horrendous decision on McEvoy.
pcaman2003: I just came back. WTF ADAMS. How can u have 10 boo boos?
Erich1036: @Gott2Win 13 is the most clangers
luke394: Pendles FF inside 50 kick results in a goal and gets 4 points?
Erich1036: Held by Fyfe, H Shaw and McPhee
Yelse: peddles trlear adams all struggling
circle52: @ducky 3/fa and I have seen 5 ineffective kicks turnovers so 10 would appear correct.
Lestat: Cleaver for Adams surely.
CBeezDeez: Sorry @Yelse but I hope they stay down as my h2h opp has all 3!
pcaman2003: Hawks will do same as last time. Get good start,then fritter it away.
Heizenberg: Hi guys, how is everyone?
Heizenberg: Who’s doing match day?
shrtlg: i left the VC on dangerfield and didn’t loophole, so great
heppelitis: afternoon hiez…and shit tbh lol
pcaman2003: C’mon Pendles,Titch,more points please.
Heizenberg: Hi hepp, yeah don’t blsme you, tough loss hey?
Breezey: Big Cox. Good man
mickelo: @circle52 did you see the hit on Breust? Much in it?
Heizenberg: What did Goddard do?
DrSeuss: Adams and Treloar – WTF
Heizenberg: Isaac smith is literally killing me!!!!
heppelitis: gonna paint my red sash yellow
Heizenberg: Cox going okay, really strong solid marks on both occasions
m0nty: 10 clangers in a fhalf for Adams, wow
Heizenberg: lol hepp #tigers
Arch: 2 frees for the half. Yet agin getting screwed. absolute joke
Lestat: Do that Hepp and you won’t see a finals win. At least Ess can win them when they make it.
Heizenberg: Gees Monty, atrocious, explains his SC
MattyZ: that’s almost fyfe levels of clangers for adams
luke394: what a half from Taylor Adams
Heizenberg: Hi lestat
heppelitis: my kid plays for tigers so i might do it after the last years….RCC
man0005: Hi lestat
m0nty: 3 FA, 14 touches, 7 non-FA clangers, 50% DE, that is some stat line
Heizenberg: Hep, what did Goddard do???
Heizenberg: People were giving him shit in other chat
heppelitis: he wa not our worst…just pisssed from the previous week i think
Lestat: gday Heiz
CamT: Does Taylor need to be breath tested ? I’ve never seen stats like that before.
Heizenberg: Okay thanks hepp
man0005: Are you Dustin Martin’s father hepp?
Heizenberg: Sup lestat? Match day?
SC_brAh: adams lel
jaypeee: hey all, Need some advice will Neale get tagged?
Heizenberg: I hate myself so much for putting smith in forward line
CamT: * Taylor Adams
jaypeee: I have docherty VC and chasing points because some people in my leagues had the C on Danger
Lestat: Yeah but have not looks with Adams as my C
PLACEBOPIE: Monty gives adams the TV …. your having a lend mate
Lestat: Gday man0005
Heizenberg: Ouch lestat
heppelitis: man0005..i seriously cut one of my kids hair like that yesterday
Heizenberg: I have him
Heizenberg: Have him too, but not captain
Lestat: It will be looked at but should be ok
Heizenberg: Haha hepp, cute lol
PLACEBOPIE: a fine at most cause the game is soft now
jaypeee: i’ve leave the C on Neale hope for a 130 plus
Heizenberg: Yeah won’t get suspended
Lestat: Not as bad as expected Heiz. 337 as Adams has 41 in match day.
Heizenberg: Okay cool
Heizenberg: I aim for 400 – 420 a half, cmon bloody smith!!!!
Texwalker: Time to start using the ball a bit better up forward hawks
Costanza: Cox always gets Greenwood and when he’s Dunn, empties his Goldsack DoGoey all over Sidebottom then wants Moore…Howe?
Heizenberg: I always have one fail
Lestat: Same here Heiz.
runt: Moore Cox and Roughead sailors like to say..
Raspel31: Well, this beats painting my girlfriend’s apartment.
Haydo: lol constanza
Heizenberg: Cox could announce himself today
Heizenberg: Yuck costanza!!!
runt: surely not another draw
runt: how long left?
luke394: Please Scott
frenzy: Cox standing up
Raspel31: runt-only 7 mins into 3rd
Haydo: Adams an effective disposal!!!
J_Herer: Cox to take over from Grundy lol
pcaman2003: What’s wrong with Pendles? he’s killing my SC
DrSeuss: Do something Treloar
DrSeuss: What’s the use of a team full of ‘premiums’ when they get outscored by rookies
runt: Anyone seen Essendon’s lead?
Strskes: Issac Smith you truly are an inconsistent irrelevant fantasy mistake…
Breezey: This game swinging one way then the other.
LuvIt74: Nice to see Adams do nothing, keep it up mate u can become Shaw in a few weeks
luke394: Pendles is so frustrating atm
Ben_Gogos: @LuvIt74 has Adams not done enough for us this season? Just one off day mate.
Haydo: Is adams going too get suspended
runt: Buckley can coach, then he cant, then he can then he ca…..all in the same game
pcaman2003: @Breezey. Anything can happen with these 2 sides. Very unpredictable.
Breezey: Yeah one week a Rooster. The next a feather duster
Heizenberg: What a game!!!
Roksta: Wtf pendles
Ben_Gogos: @Haydo its likely to be thrown out I reckon.
pcaman2003: @Breezey. Barracking for these 2 sides you need to laugh to keep sanity.
Haydo: thrown out@
Haydo: ben gogos???
Haydo: sorry acciedently entred twice
Breezey: Ya not wrong.
sfmmp23: Theres 2 sides ump.
Heizenberg: This could go to the wire, what a fortnight we’ve been tested to
Heizenberg: Treated*
Heizenberg: lol breezy good analogy
Raspel31: I’m picking either Hawthorn or Collingwood Heiz.
Heizenberg: 561 three quarter time
Heizenberg: Lol
Heizenberg: Okay raspel
Ben_Gogos: @Raspel ingenious!
pcaman2003: Hawks need to get unsociable.
Costanza: 30 mins left @runt πŸ˜‰
runt: plenty of time left for a draw
DrSeuss: What is Treloar doing today? Is he near the ball or just having an off day?
pcaman2003: @DrSeuss. Same as Pendles. SFA
Hadouken: lol treloar cancels out zerrett for me today, sweet !
Lestat: Kicking a goal Dr.
circle52: Gee I Hate SC – When you replace a player with an emergency the e does not stay on the player replaced.
poolboybob: Howe you muppet
circle52: Brought Strandica on last night to take Dangers score and just checked for first time today and no e on Martin
Rush: yes it does circle
frenzy: brutal circle
Haydo: u mustn’t have had e on strandica
circle52: Like Rush thought it did so lesson learned to double check.
pcaman2003: Go Titch. Score big my friend.
LMartos: Taylor Adams stinks
frenzy: page update gives me the showers
DrSeuss: Treloar finishing strong – Taylor Adams TOG is very low
Haydo: lol adams 6th in dt and 8th last in sc
Heizenberg: Hard from
Gott2Win: How’s that for damaging Bucks?!
Heizenberg: Here
Lestat: Look at the clangers Haydo. DT doesn’t use them.
Heizenberg: I had Mitchell calf and changed to pendles
Heizenberg: So painful
Haydo: yeah, I know lestat, i wasn’t complaining, I know why
runt: Buckley cant coach again…for a few minutes
frenzy: I got the wrong Howe, bugger
Heizenberg: Capt*
kano: Lol fasolo you selfish trash cunt
mickelo: Adams running out of time to break clanger record.
Donz: 11 clangers from adams must be challenging for a record… one you do not want t have.
Donz: dead set there are blokes on the field who have not even had 11 touches. adams has 11 clangers. got to be a record!?
Lestat: I think 13 is the record Donz
runt: Pendles basketball background will help him bounce back after this disappointment
Raspel31: Going ou this one.t on a limb and picking Hawks for
Breezey: I suppose with Adams at least he’s getting it 28 times
Donz: who did that lestat? do you know who it was?
Lestat: And the Saints fans all go nooooo, Hawks won .
Donz: okmagpie supporter back our chrger.. we all love adams bloke is a gun but he is having a mare!
Erich1036: @Donz Fyfe, H Shaw and McPhee
pcaman2003: See ya later Bucks. Gonsky!
Donz: @Ben_Gogos chuck the mare on adams now!
Donz: Adam Mcphee? when he was a Don?
Lestat: Fyfe and Heath Shaw I think Donz
Donz: 13 clangers is a shower load of f ups
Lestat: Agreed pcaman.
Donz: if that is correct @ Erich cheers for the info
Donz: Titch should get scaled up to 150+ bloke is by far the best on ground
Erich1036: Yeah when he was a don. 2008 against Eagles. And all good!
Lestat: Adams only just made top 10 for clangers
Lestat: Looks like Bucks been crying πŸ˜›
Donz: Is adams in trouble MRP wise as well??
Donz: he has had a howler to end all howlers…
Donz: he will rename the phrase to having a tay adams
Donz: @Gogos mare on adams please… bloke is done! I’ll e looking at trading him out this week probably
Lestat: Game is done Donz.

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