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Chat log from R15 of 2017: Essendon vs Brisbane

Chat log for Essendon vs Brisbane, R15 of 2017

JockMcPie: Big game for the pigs Zerrett and Zorko, 150 each lads
Lestat: P plate for Witherden.
Haydo: carn zork, get 150 and i’m a chance for 2600
JMC23: That multi last night ended up paying half with the cats draw. Through TAB. Was surprised
Haydo: nice jmc
Wends: Anyone watching? Is Rocky up and about?
JMC23: Too early Wends. All dons so far
StuL: Yea wow. Jmc. I thought if you dont back a draw thats it
Haydo: lets go martin 130 please
Lewysport: Hope so jock, went crazy yesterday, took C off danger and put on Zerrett!
JMC23: Had cats – danger disposals – Hawkins goals. After siren kick cost me.
Wends: Thx JMC, keen to see if he’s on the mend, like 11% other SC owners 🙂
circle52: Rocky apperas to be playing outside initially but early to tell Wends
Lestat: Hawkins for 1st goal or most goals?
Haydo: the game has started Martin you’re going to lose me my head to head against my friend 🙁
9inch: Tag Zorko thanks.
Wends: Thx @circle. Also have Merrett + Stewart & Berry on bench. Thinking they’ll stay there til finals.
Haydo: Does anyone know whether Archie Smith is primarily playing in the ruck
Wends: Oh and Witherden with Stew & Berry on bench. Went early.
Lestat: Martin 1st ruck @Haydo
JMC23: Most lestat….. just realised Patton though! My bad
Haydo: cool, thanks lestat
Wends: Gardiner shoulder.
Lestat: Gardiner hurt elbow again
GOD: GOD is with you Dayne Zorko
JockMcPie: Someone remind Zerrett to show up, thanks
JMC23: He’s on today!! Gotta shave that thing off his face though. Pretty sure he thinks it’s Tom Selleck like… ahhh NO Joe
Hooks: Sorry guys I picked up Zerret and made him C this week, wont score over 50…
Hadouken: Love bringing in zeertt this week and throwing the C on him…anyone else?
circle52: Gee I hate this rule where a player over the ball is puinged for below knees.
banta: umpires are en offing disgrace
Wends: Thx for nothing Hooks! I bought in Bont so apologies for that also.
poolboybob: Solid first quarter, Martin
circle52: and as you know I support Brisbane
JMC23: Bought him in Hado but VC on Danger last night. If Stewart is a late call up I can’t loop him though 😬
JMC23: Cousins sorry not stewart
JockMcPie: Zerrett?? Hello?
banta: well done Lester you while of sheet
circle52: Should have interchanged Witherden and Berry Have Berry subbing for Jelwood.
Hadouken: i chose zerrett over docherty this week JMC, purely cause opp had him…..bad move lol
JMC23: Settle fellas.. zerret can bang out 40-50 pts in a qtr. he’ll get up
Jackina: Yeah, does anyone know what’s happening with Merrett? I think everyone has him captain but it’s still frustrating
The Hawker: Tried to do loophole but stuffed up so I can’t take danger’s captain haha, changed captain from zerrett to titchell
PLACEBOPIE: Zerritt last 😀 loving it will get him cheap as a bench player 😀
JMC23: He and Goddard may rotate through middle qtr to qtr. they did it few weeks ago
DrSeuss: Stef – more than 1 possession per quarter would be great champ.
circle52: Noticed both Zerrett and Rocky together a couple of times so maybe they are running with each other and cancelling score
JMC23: Ha commentator just called ‘I can see mark of the year coming up’ wtf?
Haydo: zorko already the same amount of possessions as last week
sfenda1: zerrett will get to 50 by HT
Wends: Hoping Cousins doesnt get late call up, or I’ll have Danger loophole fail.
luke394: stink it up Zerrett
pcaman2003: I wonder if Zerrett and Barrett will get the ball at all.
circle52: Gee umps are getting some quick HTB this round. Yet another with no real prior.
circle52: Why I usually leave Strandica at R2 each week so I do not have issues Wends
JMC23: Me too wends
JMC23: Cheers circle… ill keep that in mind
banta: Goddard is a pathetic footballer. that lack of chase there is disgraceful
circle52: Freo have a very large number of late games as well
pcaman2003: Barrett gets a mark,kick,behind,only worth 2 pts.
Wends: Good strategy @circle. Cameron my R3, no go this rd. Usual go to loophole Hibberd no option this week either 😐
banta: Mathieson is a ducking dog. worse than bugs or ballantyne
JMC23: Yeah he was my loop man all year but no longer have sandi. R2 is a good move tho
circle52: Looks like we (Brisbane) have lifted our intensity this quarter
The Hawker: Alex witherden looks solid
korza: Zerrett gonna hurt me
Beast_Mode: Lol the week i bring Merrett in he lays an egg..typical
Texwalker: Is mccluggage gonna butcher the ball every time he gets it…
banta: I hope someone shoots these umpires. disgraceful
JockMcPie: Is Zerrett ok?
korza: 62% game time for Merrett suggests he is being managed. This s/c Worsfold get him on the park
Beast_Mode: settle down its just a game
CamT: Rockliff has given up on tackling since his shoulder injury 🙁
Lestat: Ok Hurley time to do something.
StuL: Rock instead of doc. Big fail.
th3rio: I wonder if zerrett is actually fit/ sore… he was named tonstart on bench too
Smurfman: Lestat, hes got 10 dispoals at 80%?
Zeratul: Zerrett, Martin, Rocky and Witherdon… the 2nd gamer the current top performer haha
Wends: Same @ StuL, Rd 12 mistake of the season. Also, Bewick tagging Merrett apparently.
banta: essendons skills are pathetic. can’t believe how much these guys get paid for how bad they are
th3rio: I had zerrett c, so happy danger carved up and took vc
korza: Bris +47.5/U206.5 a lazy fitty for a collect of $175 fk my s/c team
JMC23: If merret gets tagged and bris do well today… every team will tag him from here on out
lzaffina: come on CD, heppells middle name is “patrick”, give him +10 for that clanger can you
banta: bombers are soft as. weak
korza: For me it was Rockliffe or the magnificent 1 4 or 5 weeks ago yep went the Rock (
banta: Daniher the only decent Essendon player
th3rio: Who do you go for banta keyboard warrior
DrSeuss: Come on Stef – pick it up big fella
JMC23: Haha fishing banta? 😉
RooBoyStu: Zach Merrett useless
Wends: Rocky slowly rising… riiiising….
Torz: Haven’t captained Zerrett for ages. Finally do and this. :/
Wends: Stewart will be nice n juicy for culling finals time, & that’s coming from a vego.
Lestat: Oh so negative banta
PLACEBOPIE: dont worry zerrett will be 50 by h/t next week 😀
Jackina: Magnifying glass is the perfect symbol for Merrett this game, might be tagged a bit by McCluggage but mostly unseen
Lestat: @smurfman yeah but Hurley got them in the 1st 10 mins. Quiet since.
JMC23: Stratton late out…. cousins not in for him tho thank god
pcaman2003: Nearly traded Barrett to Merrett today,but stuffed up.Maybe it was a good stuff up,rather than bad.
Elephant: sorry guys brought Zerrett in this week and put the C on this.
Gott2Win: My biggest mistake this year…trading out Watson for Rocky 3 weeks ago! Cost me that weeks game as well
man0005: You put C on Zerrett over Danger? Lol.
Wends: Thx JMC, was sweating on it. However I have to take Fyfe off & take Greenwood’s score to get Danger VC; hope no regrets.
boo!: zerrett this week as uselsss as poido123
abbarulz94: Merrett playing down back and Langford playing midfield.
Wends: Witherden seems to be exception to the ‘never bring in a 1 game rookie’ rule.
abbarulz94: How good is Withers? They’re looking to give him the ball every time. Has a beautiful kick.
morgs640: Me too Elephant
Wends: …so far atleast
SC_brAh: wtf Merret..I traded you in this week fml
Wends: Rocky up against merrett in mids at bounce, apparently
banta: Goddard should be ashamed. disposal disgusting
JMC23: Saints supporter maybe banter? Little sour still?
pcaman2003: Barrett only 4 touches for 83% TOG.Find the ball man.
Lestat: Still negative we see banta.
pcaman2003: @Lestat. He must be related to poida123
korza: Next year H.Andrews 1st pick at his current price
Lestat: @pcaman maybe it is poida123.
DrSeuss: What’s up with Stef today? Is he anywhere near it?
Wends: Was poido permabanned? Verbal diarrhea was vile.
circle52: Archie seems to be taking more centre bounces Dr. Has had the last 4
luke394: hopefully Poido never comes back what a peanut
JMC23: Why is your name pink circle? Are u admin or something or can u just change it
luke394: Archie Smith is Stef Martin’s kryptonite
Lestat: Martin needs to be the sole ruck so he can work his opponents around. Greatest strength his run.
DrSeuss: Cheers @circle. No possies as well. Although that always seems to happen when Rocky is a little down
Jackina: Archie Smith might has some potential but I don’t see it today, looks pretty average
JMC23: Hipwood is still DEF in most DFS games
DrSeuss: Yeah not sure why the Archie Smith experiment continues
Wends: Grundy scores abt to get the same treatment with the Texan playing today?
Texwalker: Any danger of actually chasing brisbane… lazy players
JMC23: Perfect kick Goddard. Playing great! Making up for last week
Jackina: I guess Brisbane can afford to experiment this year, not exactly challenging for finals
pcaman2003: Barrett is a passenger today. Not interested in the ball.
circle52: Dr Schache or Close for Smith Next week and Keays for Barrett
Wends: Where is he playing @pca?
pcaman2003: Has Colyer got a foot problem? 11 HB no kicks.
DrSeuss: They are both athletic, running Ruck men though – experimenting with them both, disadvantages them both!
pcaman2003: Not sure Wends. Can’t ever find him. Always too far from the action
Yelse: just got home why is rockliff playing so bad
DrSeuss: And yes they need to develop key forwards to partner with Hipwood and their developing small forwards
circle52: WOW from boxing Horn unaimouus decision over Pacchio
Wends: @Yelse bc Heiz isn’t here to LIFT rocky!
korza: Goddard beating up on the minnows
Lestat: Surprised Jansen has not been given a chance. Played ok last year.
Jackina: You’re 100% right Seuss I doubt we’ll see it next year
Yelse: rockliff for a huge 4th quarter lifttt
StuL: Because hes no good any more.
SC_brAh: lift merret man
StuL: Rock i meant. A shadow of the old rocky
Wends: Bummer @PCA. Kept Berry over Barrett bc of DPP, in retrospect it’s worked out ok.
jddd: why is merrett playing like trash
colin wood: typical Zerrett and Stef. Sums up my SC season really..
jfitty: Hopefully Smith gets dropped soon, he offers nothing to the team
Hadouken: merrett the potato
circle52: @lestat Jansen lacks real consistency even in the NEAFL and shows why others have passed him.
RooBoyStu: Bellchambers even beating Merrett
circle52: Keays will be next one in before him and Dawson as well.
luke394: @circle52 unbelievable! would have been paying a bit
Preston007: I have both the ‘rett’s’
MarksMen: need to know if Sandi will play before pies game
circle52: @luke Will be in best 5 one week and then out for the nexr 2/3
Nephrite7: Go Hurley, been a great pick for my backline. Hope he keeps this up for the year.
Wends: Mare for Rich Monty
duckky: Junk time Monty? Me thinks you underesstimate the Bomber’s ability to snatch defeat
MarksMen: Sandi is playing… Yes
circle52: Slow down Zorks want you as my last mid trade
Breezey: Good one Healy. With Brisbane we are watching a team that’s not far away. Please
SC_brAh: need merret > rockciff
pcaman2003: Merrett will be cheaper for me in a few weeks.
RooBoyStu: Rockliff not the same player.
Wends: Good fightback Lions.
pcaman2003: OMG! Barrett,1st touch in 2 qtrs. Amazing!
Wends: Rocky out of favour with CD? Sounded like he had 3 or 4 possies just then.
circle52: Yep Wends and a tackle
luke394: CD play favourites Wendy
StuL: Wends. He dived on it and scrambled it fwd a couple of times. Not really possies.
banta: these umpires should neck themselves
Pokerface: not on banta
Lestat: And negative banta is back.
Pokerface: that’s not just negative. that’s disgraceful to even write that
RooBoyStu: banta and Merrett
Texwalker: C’mon brissy u can do it
J_Herer: not again Dons…
Wends: Hipwood!
Gott2Win: You’re mum should’ve sucked instead Banta…absolute flog!
circle52: Come on boys with a man down as well
StuL: Who said last night they would back the lions?
Burkey1: very essendony!!
Lestat: Lions surely not.
frenzy: dons rattled
pcaman2003: @Lestat. You’re right. That’s poida123 back in new identity.
RooBoyStu: lol Gott2Win
circle52: Still 7mins to go
Wends: Eeewww Gott2Win, just ignore banta, who’s obvs having a hard day.
LuvIt74: Every man & his dog will be bringing in Witherden next week. I had to bring him in this week
RooBoyStu: Gott2Win *your
Wends: Cld lions really do this???
lzaffina: does that mean every possession is worth about 200 like dangers were last night because the game is close?
GJayBee: Brisbane must have been told Horn has won, and to do it for Brisbane!
Screech23: Wow a tena on lions at HT lol
AT_123: Cmon Zorko, kick the winning goal for a massive score!
StuL: What a rabble. How did they beat us?
benzammit: Oh dear
banta: umpires need to get fired or they have been paid off
JMC23: Rose tulip daffodil
pcaman2003: Bartlett to Witherden this week for me.
Wends: Me too Luvit, to bring in Bont, who Withers may well beat.
Screech23: @wends same ll l
LuvIt74: Zerrett disappointing glad i stuck fat with Heppell this week
Wends: Lol Rooboy.
Pokerface: Izaffina the only comments you ever write are complaining about sc scoring
Screech23: What call u have in mind@JMC
RooBoyStu: Essendon as useful as a muslim at a Pig Market
Wends: Cmon Rocky, winning goal… Oh and lol for grammar correction, not the last ‘joke’.
StuL: Witho looking lloyd or doc like.
anthsill03: @luvit you must not take FF seriously if you own heppell
Lestat: I brought Witherden last week. Needed cheapie so I could get Parker
lzaffina: are they? im sure i said something positive a few weeks ago? you must of missed it
LuvIt74: Berry doing well also.
JMC23: ? Screech
Pokerface: is it Withers or Witho?
frenzy: draw
GJayBee: McCluggage is young colt but still I have lost patience
JMC23: Cmon boys!!!
Beast_Mode: another draw please
anthsill03: Merret is going to outscore heppell and has a higher ceiling too
LuvIt74: @anthsill03 I have had a ordinary season, yet im still ranked in the top 1000 mate
Lestat: Maybe it’s Wit?
GJayBee: kick the winner to give us soe cash McGlugg
Beast_Mode: merrett yingyang!!
Screech23: Witch call r u most peed about@ Jmc?
Wends: Wow Merrett abt to tonne up
GJayBee: Mcgluggs score is like a hour glass, it drains
banta: pathetic essendon pathetic
RooBoyStu: Merrett bullshower score
Wends: How long left?
Yelse: how did zerret get to 97 such bull
Texwalker: Go brissy u legends…
luke394: Merrett’s scoer is garbage hes done stuff all
Wends: Goddard pointy finger: activated.
JMC23: Oh sorry mate… nah just this qtr… after last week, please no
frenzy: stef martin about to ton up, BS
poolboybob: Yin yang for Stef Martin
LuvIt74: BJ is a bloody idiot
GJayBee: Goddard is just such a wonderful person
Gott2Win: 1 min
Breezey: Am I making $$$$ or what on young Witherden
Lestat: Bris home.
LuvIt74: I’m glad i got rid of Barrett for Witherden
Pokerface: not good rocky
banta: those umps are disgraceful. paid off
LuvIt74: Dons are crap, so inconsistent.
duckky: Star to McStay
Lestat: No way they get 2 goals in 30 secs
LuvIt74: #Breezey stupid question, but yes
benzammit: Absolutely shot the selves poor choices
Lestat: Violin for banta.
pcaman2003: Bye Bye Bombers. You’ve bombed!
Costanza: Heppell must do more. soft loss
frenzy: the rooboys a huge chance at spoon now
LuvIt74: Next week you will make cash not this week
Wends: Hipwood star monty.
banta: soft and weak Essendon. gutless
drumfoot: how many games this year have been lost by bad kicking for goal
Breezey: DT smartasses. $ this week
Wends: Well done, lions supporters gotta be happy with that.
duckky: How did Martin jump from mid 70’s to 97 in the last minute?
circle52: Great win – Buiding for the future – All for one
Beast_Mode: weak as piss
Texwalker: Haha, brissy @ 8 bucks, love it…
benzammit: Forget finals based on that their shot.
GOD: GOD is very pleased that Essendon chocked again!!!!!
luke394: Rocky 27 toucher and 8 clangers 55% killed him
Wends: Goddamn it rocky, why didn’t I take you off for cousins 😐 I need a spud icon.
LuvIt74: Heppell as a captain really needs to start doing more for the future of the club coz the kids aren’t getting good exampl
Ladbrokes_: Witherden you freak of nature
frenzy: bummas ran outta juice
LuvIt74: Well done Lions, great to see them put a few good games together
circle52: had 2 marks and a effective kick didposals ducky
benzammit: Gotta drop Hartley he is garbage.
JMC23: Agreed luvit
JMC23: With Heppell comment that is 😉
Lestat: GOD should know how to spell choked. 😛
Ladbrokes_: 29 disposals in your second AFL game is incredible
Pokerface: i’m sure GOD knows what he is saying

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