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Chat log from R15 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Richmond, R15 of 2017

frenzy: no houli, no tigers
Ben_Gogos: Muppet alert! Gray receives inside the goal square and hits the post.
LMartos: harsh on Gray, wasn’t in the goal square and had a man right in front of him as he kicked
standog: Apologies to anyone who has R.Gray. I bought him in this week so he’s bound to have a shocker
RooBoyStu: Houli and Bugg will be skiing together at Mt Buller for a few weeks
Umpirespet: Standog I did lol
stew42: Kicks 5 goals against rubbish opposition and doesn’t ton up. How on earth could you think he’d be a good pick?!
Umpirespet: In DT his be is low m8
Erich1036: He scored 146 last week stew…
pies13: @rooboystu whats up? where were you 4the kangas game?
Raspel31: Lol Rooboy.
PLACEBOPIE: rooboy loves Thomas 😀
Breezey: Get the cape ready for Ellis
poolboybob: Traded out Nankervis today so no surprise to see him playing better now.
Gotigres: Gray set for another sub 40 score. How did he know that i got him in this week?
PLACEBOPIE: thx poolboy 🙂
Breezey: Great qtr B.Ellis. Four more like that would be nice thanks
stew42: In DT Erich, kinda obvious? And @Pet, his BE is low for a reason!
stew42: And it’s not injury!
sfmmp23: Nice start Nank, keep it going mate. Time for a ton.
DrSeuss: Is Ellis becoming fantasy relevant for the end of the year?
Erich1036: Oh didn’t realize people actually still play DT, Stew. My bad.
Gotigres: Try to get your break even Gray by the end of the game
Haydo: So ellis is playing 5 quarters now @breezey
boo!: will pray get his BE?
LMartos: stay in your lane Wankervis, stop trying to hit up leads, you’re a ruckman
JButcher: Very ordinary skills.
LMartos: censorship ruined my joke
poolboybob: Hey Nank where was this the last 6 weeks??
Raspel31: There was a troll today Martos who got away with stuff for hours-we are now paying for his sins.
pcaman2003: @poolboybo. Who knows,but keep going.
Breezey: Yeah I was hoping no one would pick that up.
TheBoy89: Where’s Greene
Yelse: SPP tOG seriously
Breezey: Not in Adelaide Boy
Raspel31: Tell me Theboy-traded him in and late out with ankle.
TheBoy89: Fuck! I traded in Greene this week oh well I have greenwood on bench as emergency
wadaramus: Gee whiz, Gray lacks consistency!
Lestat: Wrong game TheBoy
Texwalker: C’mon tiges…
Zeratul: Wonder how many suckers traded Gray in the last 2 weeks 😀
Ben_Gogos: Gray is a stay at home forward these days. He’s dependent on opportunity, so of course he’ll have inconsistent productio
CBeezDeez: Wasn’t there talk Gray has osteopubis?
wadaramus: So what Ben Gogos, he still lacks consistency.
Raspel31: Absolutely Wada.
Ben_Gogos: @wadaramus yep. Just like any key forward. Expectations have been met.
Umpirespet: He has somethin CBD but it ain’t goals
JockMcPie: Cheers Nank and Ryder, keep working hard
Zeratul: after 2 big scores he is now owned by 12% in AF. Certinaly a few quite a few regretful trades
CBeezDeez: His aims off a bit also @Umpire. LoL
wadaramus: e’s no ey forward though? I know he’s a gun, just hot and cold this year?
boo!: whats af?
Trindacut: Rance being tagged by Trengrove
Lestat: AFL Fantasy.
Ben_Gogos: @wada playing key forward this year because of injury and Power midfield depth. Winning formula.
Umpirespet: Cmon wobbie
kano: Turn it up. He has 3 pts, he kicks straight he is target for 6. You flogs are cooked
wadaramus: Wouldn’t big Charlie be the key forward?
Umpirespet: Not a winning formula yet Ben beatin no one of note yet
JMC23: He’s kicking tewwibley
Raspel31: But In Wada’s defence Ben-fantasy players look for consistency-not the odd break out.
Lestat: Surely no one has Gray in SC. Not worth it as a mid only.
sfmmp23: Good job Nank and Dusty, keep it going.
Umpirespet: No Lestat only in DT
J.Worrall: My osteopubes have 8 legs and live in saltwater
Ben_Gogos: @wada playing like a key forward. Need more than one. Limited in his running power so not a choice.
Ben_Gogos: @Umpirespet they’re a much stronger outfit than they’ve been over the past couple of years.
wadaramus: Zacly Raspel 🙂
Raspel31: Was ignoring the Nank-yep, well done lad.
Umpirespet: U should see a DR Worrall
CBeezDeez: Are they soft shells @JWorrall?
boo!: DJ Stengle and DJ Buzza
J.Worrall: Nah – “soft centres” – gravel edges
Umpirespet: Dont agree Ben they won’t go far but you can correct me if I am wrong
CBeezDeez: Penicillin jab in the buttocks & stay off alcohol for a week should clear em up.
Ben_Gogos: Beauty of the opinion game mate. Interesting to see what eventuates.
Umpirespet: Ben I don’t rate us either without another decent mid
Hadouken: robbie gray back to his best i see…..
Breezey: Come on Ollie. What ya doin
wadaramus: Yeah, go the Cowboys!
wadaramus: Glad I resisted the lure of Matt White!
sfmmp23: Come on Nank and Dusty, dont stop.
PLACEBOPIE: white went to 51 after that 😀
J.Worrall: No problems houston
wadaramus: LOL, White owners should be happy with the gee up!
LMartos: Wines doesn’t play 4 quarters
Breezey: Dusty lifting and so is Richmond. No coincidence there
LMartos: and I swear his last 3 touches have been clangers
Ben_Gogos: That was something else from Dusty
Breezey: I traded Nank twice this week and reversed trades twice. Glad I did that
wadaramus: Tipped Port, but go Richmond!
TheBoy89: Nank thank you finally!! Keep it up big boy
feralmong: Looped greenwood with Bolton. Forgot to swap Greene for butler. Damn.
TheBoy89: I also nearly traded him out but luckily I chose Greene which also was a spud trade
McRooster: Boak has less impact on a game than a nerf bullet in Syria
JButcher: Hinkley better schedule some goalkicking training
McRooster: @jbutcher – didn’t work much for you aye?
Gotigres: maybe i will keep you afterall Nank
JButcher: Are you kidding @McRooster, I’m the future remember
wadaramus: Go Tigers!
McRooster: @JB, you’re right but just like MJ Fox from Back to the Future, the power is looking very very shaky…
McRooster: @JB – happy birthday for Monday too bruh!
Breezey: Seriously 3 Votes D.Martin
pcaman2003: Nank -1 this qtr. Ton up Nank.
JButcher: We deserve this, can’t kick 6.15 and expect to win
Ben_Gogos: Dusty new record for most fend offs in a game (8).
weca: no one deserves the gun this game, I always doubt wingard for huge points. 3rd tonne this year
Yelse: SPP hall a game shocking coaching
feralmong: Port can still kick 20 behinds and we lose lol.
pcaman2003: FFS Nank. At least score something this qtr.
Ben_Gogos: Yeah fair call @weca
sfmmp23: Port can’t beat a top 8 team
pcaman2003: Thanks for listening
Fizzy343: port still havent beaten a top 8 side, im shocked
TheBoy89: Spollier alert Hawkins missed on the siren
PLACEBOPIE: white going ok
Texwalker: C’mon tigers.. u can do it
TheBoy89: Nank get at least 105
BestCoast: Go Tigers
PLACEBOPIE: everyone thank poolboy for nanks score 😀
Raspel31: People won’t like that TheBoy.
StuL: Its tiger time.
TheBoy89: Also danger got double ton and it’s a draw
wadaramus: Yeah baby, Go the tigers!
LuvIt74: great to see Nank didn’t stink it up. Those who traded the Tank for Green will be crying
Texwalker: Well played tigers
feralmong: Don’t spoil theboy ya flog
BestCoast: @TheBoy89 did the Cats choke ??
Pokerface: don’t be a knob TheBoy. no spoilers
Fizzy343: @LuvIt74 i am in fact crying
GOD: R. Gray moving witches hat tonight
Lestat: Don’t tell lies TheBoy
sfmmp23: good job nank and dusty
LuvIt74: @Fizzy ouch u poor bastard
Texwalker: Brissy win tomorrow and my multi will look very nice…
JButcher: Witches hat for port fwd line m0nty
Costanza: the hush
LuvIt74: Tex your multi is gone coz cats drew mate.
BestCoast: @Texwalker if the lions win you would retire on your multi wouldn’t you
Texwalker: Nah im live on sportsbet
Texwalker: Must give half the odds, or something cos the draw wasnt an option to bet on
LuvIt74: What do u mean your live on SB?
LuvIt74: They always have a draw line ya fool. Shave off your stash
Texwalker: My mulltis stil going, gave me geelongs win
Texwalker: No draw option in h2h
JMC23: Halves it boys!!! Just paid my multi in half
JMC23: That’s with TAB

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