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Chat log from R15 of 2017: Melbourne vs Sydney

Chat log for Melbourne vs Sydney, R15 of 2017

casey22: bloody pop ups
Yelse: why is oliver and newman on the pine to start. hate these coaches
Donz: Micky Hibberd, big one would be nice from you big fella!
TheBoy89: Testing 123
JockMcPie: BIG game from Hibberd and my quartet of Swans, and Gawn dont go too big 🙂
th3rio: lads how are we
DrSeuss: I Understand Newman starting on the bench, if you want a strong start in the middle, why Oliver?
th3rio: Yelse feel that, Olivers TOG is terrible sometimes…
Lewysport: Buddy nice and shiny tonite!
cusch1: And just as effective as he was last week lewy
poolboybob: Nice one Crapley
Ladbrokes_: Wowww buggy
circle52: Poor Umpiring – A report and decision reversed because of apush
zadolinnyj: gents
The Hawker: well see ya bugg
TheBoy89: Bugg 2-3 weeks
casey22: 4 weeks
Yelse: Bugg is out for 6… has to be
Umpirespet: Disgraceful Umps
Lestat: 4 weeks at least
Umpirespet: Ump should get 4 weeks
Yelse: Ump should have called 50 for a report and sydney to be going for goal
9inch: Houli dooley
Grazz: Ouch where Gawn got it
sfmmp23: Onya. Tommy bugg, ya flog. Enjoy your break because I definitely will.
boo!: did see the gawn love in sc this week with 184be
th3rio: 6 mins gone and still no oliver…cheers goody
Lestat: @yelse the free was in the goal square, but because it was reversed it’s taken where Papley gave it back
Jukes82: bugg is a spud, irrevant in the game.
LMartos: Sydney commemorating Buddy’s 0.6 last week
lzaffina: wheres old stuey diver? havent seen him
dipstick: has bugg got any minority religious brothers to help get his sentence halved?
DrSeuss: Oliver not even in the game yet – WTF
Lewysport: Tom has come of age the last couple of weeks!
m0nty: Oh Horse, why the long face!
th3rio: Oliver on! Yes!
dipstick: houli pleaded not guilty he say “my religion is peaceful & doesnt allow me to hurt anybody. it was an accident”
meka100: Poor Oliver must still be feeling the effects from last week
Lewysport: Nice 1 Iza, still getting splinters oli!
meka100: Bugg cockhead
Umpirespet: Dipstick since when vis M Turdball in a minority group?
Texwalker: Would gazza or dusty start on the bench.. i dont think so.. c’mon oliver make up for it
poolboybob: Mills may be concussed
NoneyaB: how to ruin a great game of footy let bt commentate
boo!: oliver to ton up easy
dipstick: @umpires since when did turnbill say anything or even comment on it? he was quoted
Texwalker: Bt qas a bit seedy, and creepy talking about the torn jumper.. shivers down my spine..
Umpirespet: Turdball gave a character reference
Texwalker: Turnballs gave a richmond speech at some function.. they took some part of that as his ‘character reference’…
JockMcPie: Mills is done, bad for Bugg
NoneyaB: mills is goneski
casey22: Make that 5 weeks
Lestat: spot on @NoneyaB
Umpirespet: BT and Lingy….Only time ISIS would come in handy
LMartos: Bugg gone for 4+ considering Mills is out
dipstick: @umpires no he didnt. LOL!! he was QUOTED from an event days before. turnbill never gave him a reference
sfmmp23: Mills probably out for the night. Bugg should be out for 6. Dog move and deserves to cop it.
frenzy: mills cooked, put a fork in him
poolboybob: Give Bugg 6 weeks
TheBoy89: Bugg is a idiot why do that when houli just got 4 weeks now since mills is gone it’ll be 4 as well
Lewysport: Was going to trade buddy out few weeks back, but capable of going so big playing terrible.
happytimes: Has to be more than 4
th3rio: lol oliver off again
Texwalker: Syd cant kick.. or rohan cant kick.. should be 4 goals up
dipstick: same. franklin had a pretty avge year but still get decent scores. way too many point he kicks
Apachecats: Buddy’s SC forecast score is 60 ,you’re got to be kidding.
circle52: Just noticed that Apache
Apachecats: Bugg will need some really good character references.
boo!: cmon buddy cape up without a goal
Lewysport: 60 behinds apache!
DrSeuss: Oliver, Lloyd, Newman and Heeney – not a great start
sfmmp23: Fucking piss poor umpiring, let’s go boys let’s ruin this game before qtr time.
Bulky: I understand that Bugg will be presenting a character reference from George Pell at his tribunal hearing.
frenzy: wonder if Weed’s a mate of Bugg’s
Lestat: Syd playing the man, Melb playing the ball.
boo!: nice sc hibberd
Lewysport: Same Dr plus buddy.
Donz: buddy taking the pi$$, imagine what his score would be if he had kicked a couple goals
frenzy: *Waheed
Yelse: i oliver on the bench again?
9inch: The fact that the lesson wasn’t leared the week after then Bugg is history. Make an example.
DrSeuss: @Lewy – at least Buddy has had a good start
Apachecats: Sydney seem to be somewhat upset with bugg ,they need to get over it and get back to the footbal
Donz: Bugg must be looking at 4+ weeks after the Houli debacle
Lewysport: It does bring the average up Dr.
sfmmp23: Shame that mills’ nights done, just because a weak bloke that has to hit off the ball. Bugg incredibly cowardly
DrSeuss: What’s Oliver’s TOG for 1 quarter?
pcaman2003: 9 shots for 1 goal. Ouch!
Umpirespet: Bugg 6 weeks ump 4 weeks I rekon
Brenno_173: yes oliver!
berniebern: you ready @tommbug …… for 6 weeks
wadaramus: Kicking this poorly usually costs you the game, can Sydney win from here?
pcaman2003: Have Oliver,Heeny in this game and they need huge second qtrs.
wadaramus: Based on Houli sentence, Bugg gets four?
Umpirespet: 4 appealed to 6 Wada
th3rio: DrSeuss its 39, wat a joke
Haydo: good Hannan, 3 more quarters of that
berniebern: what did barry get? seems similar…
th3rio: I get hes a burst player, but why have him off for the first 10 mins of the game ffs
Heizenberg: Hi guys, how is everyone?
DrSeuss: So does everyone in the AFL rate Oliver except his coach?
th3rio: barry got 7 weeks lol
Haydo: hey heiz
wadaramus: @th3rio, I heard that because there hadn’t been a goal scored he was stuck on the bench?
Heizenberg: Sup Haydo?
9inch: Looks like Tmac is back? Was going to bring him in pre game low BE.
Heizenberg: Match day anyone?
Donz: Oliver out on the drink during the week… saw him at revolver on Monday morning recovery session #fakenews
Lestat: yes @ Heiz
th3rio: I hope thats the case @wadaramus, although he spends ages on the pine in general
Haydo: not much heiz, got Henney hannan and hibberd u
Heizenberg: Cool Lestat, good luck
wadaramus: Yes he does and even with this disadvantage he scores well, not so tonight!
Lestat: u2 mate
th3rio: haha don’t jinx it mate
GOD: Heeney?
pcaman2003: Parker 40 points in last 6 mins of game time
Texwalker: Has syd got a bet on melb?? Sure seems like they are trying to lose atm…
sfmmp23: Haha, bugg’s terrible.
Yelse: newman def a keeper oliver not so.. need to trade him out
DrSeuss: Missing Oliver tackles too – which helps
casey22: Buddy is a bluddy good player
wadaramus: Rohan’s dsposal is the reason for Sydney’s current predicament.
wadaramus: FFS do something Pedersen.
sfmmp23: Put the whistle away up, let them play.
Texwalker: Gawn almost looks sick without his beard.. makes him look so skinny lol
cusch1: Test
wadaramus: Word sfmmp23.
DrSeuss: Going to hate trading out Oliver – but can’t have a guy that gets no TOG.
Yelse: oliver off again
wadaramus: It’s working cusch.
cusch1: I’ve sent through 4 comments and none have appeared Wada hahaha
cusch1: Parker deserved that goal
th3rio: Goodwin is cooked re: Oliver
wadaramus: LOL, you’re online now mate 🙂
Costanza: love the Newman
wadaramus: Sydney have deserved 13.2 not 2.13!
casey22: Go Heeney
cusch1: So Ill send through 4 more comments in the space of a minute 😉
Heizenberg: Yeah Tex true, infact fawn looks like Popeye
Heizenberg: Gawn*
Yelse: who calls the subs? haven’t they realised he hardly been on
Grazz: Oliver not liking the attention he’s brought on himself
Thedude24: Melbourne are so dirty
pcaman2003: Oliver getting the Steele treatment.
th3rio: “olivers been quiet”…. He hasn’t been on LOL
Heizenberg: Who agrees?
Texwalker: So straight to tribunal and 4,5 or 6 weeks for bugg??
Saltycox: now gawn takes a dive, must be a demons thing…
sfmmp23: Melbourne are a bunch of soft cooks, they start the bif and then flop when they get pushed.
th3rio: 4 weeks
Thedude24: If Houli got 4, Bugg must get 6
CamT: Bugg has to get 6 if Houli got 4
anthsill03: lol calm down mate @sfmmp23
cusch1: Bugg will get life based on the scrutiny that Houli got
DrSeuss: Get a touch Lloyd
Lestat: Gawn didn’t dive, he tripped over his own feet.
Lewysport: C/D love Oliver, they’ll get him to a ton.
cusch1: Then again, who knows what the MRP will dish up. Mills might get done for staging for all we know
fonzie: has to be 5 weeks at least
Rockafella: Oliver is probably getting sledged about having not ticker
Texwalker: Lol im thinking 6 if his jaw isnt broken just cos he didnt get ko’d.. 7+ if it is..
sfmmp23: Bugg’s looked worse than Houli I reckon.
Lodgy: it will be interesting to see how the mrp grade the strength of the strike….
Heizenberg: 4 for me for buff
Lodgy: lamb was out before he hit the ground
CamT: If Bugg uses Trump as a referee he’ll get 12
Costanza: that’s not a sledge, it’s a joke. tough as
frenzy: Lloyd gone awol
Heizenberg: Bugg*
Texwalker: Houlis was more accidental, bugg tried to snot him..
9inch: Remember Sydney was written off no chance off top 8. Be a good prem if they could pul it off.
sfmmp23: Looks like Mcveigh still has it.
Thedude24: It can’t only be 4. It was the definition of a coward’s punch
StuL: Australia hates Muslims. 2 for Bugg
Lestat: @Tex he didn’t try he did snot him.
wadaramus: Newman getting the job done again!
Texwalker: Im backing syd for premiership if they win tonight
Lewysport: The gates have opened!
Umpirespet: Aussies hate Buggs too tho
Apachecats: How did that get through monty.
Lewysport: Careful Stu.
Texwalker: @lestat yeah that too lol.. it was dirty, houli will be very happy, spotlights off him now
Rockafella: Oliver is Napoleon Dynamite
LuvIt74: @StuL if he don’t get banned no bugger will
StuL: Devils advocate.
th3rio: Oliver on 31, i wonder what he’d be on if his TOG was more than 51
pcaman2003: Heeney stopped!
Lestat: Bugg is a bug and needs squashing.
DrSeuss: Melbourne need contested ball – keep Oliver on the bench….good decision coach.
Lewysport: Storm going well.
LuvIt74: I brought him in this week ffs
TheBoy89: Oliver to Selwood sounds right?
LuvIt74: As much as id love to see the Dee’s make it far this year, I tipped the Swans.
GOD: Sack Goodwin!
casey22: If houli ot 4, budd has to get 6 or system is screwed
Lewysport: Did that last week Theboy89, cost me 110 points and around 50k,lol
Texwalker: Syd into 5th line of betting for the flag.. who wouldve guessed that lol
casey22: Read Bugg not budd
Heizenberg: I’m 396 half time, seems okay
LuvIt74: @casey what did buddy do to get 6, sorry i just got home not long ago
LuvIt74: @Heizenberg what are ya playing?
casey22: Typing in the dark, s/be bugg
Gotigres: Surely Mills should get sc points for free kick
Costanza: and bonus for the landing #soft
LuvIt74: @Heizenberg draftstars?
Lestat: turn the lights on casey 🙂
Heizenberg: Fantasy match day boys
cusch1: im 319 from my 6
Heizenberg: Buff punched mills in the chin
cusch1: Bit of half time debate here: Should we have a sending off rule for incidents like tonight?
Heizenberg: Bugg*
runt: Buffy the Swan Slayer
frenzy: capt ? Heiz
runt: I should have got 4 weeks but my good character saw me only get 1. No appeal thank god
Lewysport: Agree cusch1, for blatant sh#t like that 10 min sin bin!
Costanza: nah cusch1 – umps to get it wrong a lot it seems
wadaramus: Thomas Buffenheimer, snots you and gets away with it.
frenzy: nup @ cusch
cusch1: I think incidents like tonight, send him off. Something like May v Stef Martin last season, you can stay on
cusch1: In other words, off the ball incidents, gtfo. If its in general play, then you can stay on
runt: I would not send players off but I would give them a very stern talking to.
Costanza: or full review and decision from there from 3rd ump
wadaramus: How stern runt?
runt: Maybe ban them from social media for a week too
th3rio: olive oil starting forward ? :
Costanza: 3 points for a rushed behind would solve that issue quick smart too.
wadaramus: Well, that is a severe punishment in todays world, sounds fair to me!
LuvIt74: Their not kids playing bloody hell. This game has become as soft as. Watch AFL in the 70’s & 80’s and prior
Yelse: oliver looks lost forward
runt: Bugg Harmes Mills….Gawn
blashtroko: Zak Jones is selfish as f
Umpirespet: Luvit it was more fun playing in the 80’s I can assure you
pcaman2003: Someone tell Heeney he can touch the ball.
Grazz: Well done @Runt
jwill55aus: Viney hasn’t come back out after half time.
cusch1: wtf is happening
poolboybob: There’s a muppet
DrSeuss: Get the ball Heeney and Lloyd – Oliver smack your coach in the face and stay on the ground
Umpirespet: No no Lloyd
jwill55aus: He was seen jogging in the changers. But it didn’t look right in 2nd q.
circle52: Muppett for Lloyd
pcaman2003: FFS Heeney and Oliver..get moving!
cusch1: Jack Viney is doing an impersonation of Harry Potter and put on his invisibility cloak
runt: Viney is a human wrecking ball so it wouldn’t surprise me if he dislodged something
Grazz: Viney up back on the bench
Lestat: Viney was doing a concussion test in rooms.
poolboybob: Viney had some bad Mexican for lunch
frenzy: hammy for Viney, done
Grazz: Vinay got the jacket on done for the night
jwill55aus: Viney jacket on. Done. Maybe need 3 captains next year!
Apachecats: Ch 7 reckon Viney had injection in shoulder.
DrSeuss: McVeigh taking Lloyds role / possies it seems
Heizenberg: Fuck viney!!!!
cusch1: Viney is sitting down and looks like he is letting Ron and Hermione play out the rest of the game for him
Texwalker: That will hurt, viney been awesome..
pcaman2003: Hibberd no touches this qtr yet.
Heizenberg: That’s match day done
runt: Demons hard football catching up
Apachecats: Now ch7 sa its a foot injury and out of the game.
Lestat: @Apache that’s BT being wrong again.
Texwalker: Bt 100% sure it was just a jab and back on shortly… superb commentary
th3rio: almost no midfield left and oliver prob still won’t get a run lollllll
frenzy: now saying foot injury
jwill55aus: @runt. 4 games in 18 days the big factor. They look to be managing Oliver mins (playing fwd first time eva).
Lestat: Same here Heiz. flower Viney.
pcaman2003: Surprised Dees not tagging Parker. He’s killing them.
sfmmp23: Oliver on 42, wtf he’s been woeful
DrSeuss: Thinking Oliver to Parker this week – he is warming up recently
cusch1: Parker is rucking the inside 50 stoppages?
J.Worrall: What? BT wrong? Never!
Apachecats: and CO
Lewysport: Oli has has 2 scores under a ton, both 91, and you want to trade him DrSuess?
th3rio: sfmmp23, have you been watching from the start? his TOG is woeful
LuvIt74: @DrSeuss fair call, I think he is a great pick up
casey22: Swans playing to their potential this week
Lestat: obviously not th3rio
runt: Oliver still groggy from his jaw being jack hammered
RooBoyStu: September booked out at Ski Resorts, Dee supporters booking their holidays.
poolboybob: umpire muppet
Costanza: another ump who’s never played a game
anthsill03: Thats terrible umps
CamT: Did Hawthorn make the right call on Mitchell & Lewis
Lestat: How is that a free for “deliberate”?
cusch1: Costanze, that was Leigh Fisher, who has played the game
pcaman2003: Ollie useless as TOAB tonight
Lewysport: You’re a funny runt,lol
sfmmp23: low TOG who cares, when hes been on hes been shocking.
th3rio: bit hard to get into the game when you spend the first 12 mins on the pine champ
J_Herer: Lets go 120 Buddy!
Ash777: oliver suffering from embarressment
Apachecats: Anyone got a C or VC on the ground tonight.?
poolboybob: Zombie for Kieren Jack
LuvIt74: Although i don’t understand why anyone would get rid of Oliver after one average game
Lewysport: Manowar has C on Tom Mac,lol.
th3rio: nah thank fuck, i cant toss up whether to go doch into danger or danger into zerret. Thoughts?
sfmmp23: He would have started on the bench for a reason. Shouldnt be an excuse for why he has been shit.
Lestat: GOD has the C on Mills
Costanza: cheers cusch1 – useless Sainter
Apachecats: I’ve got Doch VC and Zerritt C
franklyfun: Why doe BT think 4 games in 18 day is relevant? If you played every game on Saturday it would= 4 in 22
LuvIt74: Olivers lowest score on SC has been 91 give the guy a break. His TOG tonight has been quite low
Manowar: Manowa has the C on T. McDonald tonight!
th3rio: no Danger?
th3rio: Hes a burst player sfmmp23, bring him on for short stints, and his lowest is 91, yet his shit? lol youre dreaming
Lestat: @frank 4 days less IS a huge difference.
TheBoy89: Oli to ton up?
anthsill03: 4 days of recovery is a massive difference. Plus last week they travelled to WA
boo!: oliver to parsons
th3rio: hes got the lowest TOG apart from viney due to injury and is still up there for the demons, youre cooked lol
Lestat: I went Laird VC into Adams C for something different.
Apachecats: yes I’ve got him @thrio but I just think Zerrit vs brisbane with no beams and Rocky not right might be best option.
CamT: Ablett VC Danger C
sfmmp23: I didn’t say he was a shit player, I’m saying tonight he has been shit which he has
Apachecats: Danger in Syd vs GWS with probably no Selwoods is another factor.
LuvIt74: If I ad Zerrett, I’d go Danger VC & Zerrett C that will be awesome coz Zerrett could go massive this week
th3rio: if you say so, he hasn’t had a chance to do much with his shit TOG. but whatever
Pokerface: he is still recovering after schofield knocked him out
Lestat: Another useless BT comment.
th3rio: thats what im doing Luvit74 🙂
sfmmp23: Just having a poor game. That’s probably why he has been on the bench so often.
cusch1: Fluke by Melksham
Apachecats: lol @poker
Rush: That’s what i’m doing as well. Danger VC, Merrett C
Donz: I am all over that @LuvIt
Donz: not alone either it seems
th3rio: he started on the bench…for 12 mins…thats what we’ve been trying to tell you..
LuvIt74: I see i gave everyone a great idea. Welcome peoples. lol
runt: Demons up against it but still battling it out
LuvIt74: Those who have Oliver dont trade him out ffs
th3rio: I feel bad leaving Doch without a VC but i feel more comfy with Danger VC Merret C
sfmmp23: Nic Newman has been great this year.
Donz: You weren’t clever enough to get Zerrett in yourself though @LuvIt. That great idea must’ve escaped you
anthsill03: State the obvious lol
chinkas: hunt needs a spell in the reserves, for the rest of his career
The Hawker: oh buddy
Lodgy: bow down to buddy!
TheBoy89: If franklin doesn’t ton up for ol delete my sc account
Donz: I would really like it if Newman outscores Heeney… If Jake Lloyd get pull out a few more points that’d be great also
Texwalker: C’mon tom mcdonald, 1 more goal
Apachecats: Agree luvit ,he’s not right tonight ,being nsed throughout with long spell on the bench
The Hawker: Brings back memories of 2012, hawks vs collingwood prelim
Pokerface: wakey wakey hanners
pcaman2003: Give Buddy 50 pts for that one.
Torz: What is wrong with Hanners tonight?
Lestat: I don’t see you saying anything about Hanners sfmmp23.
Apachecats: *nursed
LuvIt74: @Donz nope I cant have em all, but Heppell may turn into Zrrett this week or next week for sure at a higher price
sfmmp23: nice Bugg
th3rio: I’m gonna lol if oliver tons up, or even gets close to.
TheBoy89: Oli 80+ will do mate same with you Lloyd and heeney also hibberd ton up
Donz: you have Heppell though haha… I made the same mistake, got rid of him weeks ago though
circle52: Only 9 SC points to Hanners since HT
MONEY TALK: cheeers
MONEY TALK: cheers buddy, now push lloyd, newman and oliver
LuvIt74: @Donz are you ranked top 1000?
Texwalker: Heppell will scpre 110 this round
sfmmp23: Need 90’s from Heeney and Lloyd
LuvIt74: Keep it up Buddy
cusch1: Lloyd having a big last quarter
Donz: you are with Heppell? Congrats to you the rest of your side must be brilliant
Donz: I am ranked 3530 this week
cusch1: Jones 1 week
sfmmp23: Zak jones might get rubbed out as soon as he has come back
jfitty: I forgot Hanners was playing
Lestat: Heppell average all but 100 @Donz. Not exactly a spud.
LuvIt74: @Donz 876 mate, my big plus was having a full midfield by round 5 or 6
Roksta: Hammers a little leg up from CD
LuvIt74: My defence was where I started very weak and still wasn’t premo until R13
sfmmp23: get to 130 buddy
MONEY TALK: i love it buddy
casey22: Parker the star, buddy the gun
Raspel31: Hello Buddy!
LuvIt74: Bloody hell Bugg get ready for a very long holiday mate. First time i seen that indecent on Mills
Costanza: Newman!
LuvIt74: Buddy beautiful.
Apachecats: Oliver will ton up at this rate.
Costanza: ladder even more congested now
frenzy: Hanners? garbage buddy
casey22: Bugg a bit flat tonight
Heizenberg: Unbelievable resurgence Sydney!!!!
th3rio: whats your thoughts on ollie now sfmmp23, even with his shit TOG
TheBoy89: Oliver go mate!
cusch1: And suddenly, I am a little bit happier about last friday night
cusch1: I said a little bit. not much. A very little bit
Heizenberg: Hahahahha cusch
Heizenberg: Those ones really hurt mate
sfmmp23: He has had a better second, in junk time.
Grazz: Gawn can wait another week or two maybe.
Heizenberg: Poor cusch 🙁
sfmmp23: Will gawn get down to 510k?
cusch1: I’ll evoke the optimist in me and say that we will be better from it. Can’t wait until we play them next time though
DrSeuss: Finish strong Lloyd & Heeney
Heizenberg: Okay cool cusch, good luck
TheBoy89: Parker back to his best
Jukes82: gives Hannes the down icon!
daniel87: when you own hanberry and hes to good to show up at the supercoach party sob
fonzie: respectable score from oliver
Manowar: Manowar has the C on L. Parker tonight!
sfmmp23: Last game for a few weeks for Buggy
th3rio: happy iwith ollie given the circumstances
jfitty: 30 cheap touches for Hibberd
Costanza: Swans refusing to shake Buggs hand?
Lestat: WTF is Bugg smiling for? Had a shocker and gone for 4+ weeks.
chinkas: was hannerby sitting next to longmire was he
cusch1: manowar had the captain on TMac at 3 qtr time?????
LuvIt74: Happy with Hibberd, Buddy, Newman, Lloyd & Heeney
Manowar: Happy with L. Parker, K. Jack, L. Franklin, Z. Jones & T. McDonald big scores for Manowar!
Lestat: My opponent had the C on Mills. Ouch.

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