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Chat log from R14 of 2017: St Kilda vs Gold Coast

Chat log for St Kilda vs Gold Coast, R14 of 2017

CBeezDeez: Life is good when ur not tagging Koby!
Torz: Marchbank to Newnes already paying big dividends.
mickelo: Roberton and Witts hopefully finish off strong for a good round.
poolboybob: Was hoping to go Witts to Gawn but now probably stuck with Witts given injuries and other spuds to deal with
DrSeuss: Let’s go Witts & Roberton – Newnes, keep going champ
mickelo: Not the worst to be stuck with poolboy, he’s been alot better than people thought at the start of the year.
Wends: Lynch, what the?
m0nty: Suns midfield supply is execrable, poor Lynch
fonzie: need to get rid of lynch i think
Wends: No Gaz no GC then.
poolboybob: Need a Saint to have a clunker so that Steele can get back into the side.
m0nty: nice Harbrow +18
chris7399: +18 and not a single contested possesion sighted
Pokerface: good to see Rocket’s chat with Lynch after last week had the desired effect
9inch: Wtf volt.
mickelo: Get in the game Ainsworth
poolboybob: Billings must be playing a lot of midfield, right? He’s scoring well and getting a lot of the pill
Hadouken: be a crying shame if newnes actually got a touch….jeez
Torz: Playing a high half forward role Poolboy. Often gets it on the lead from a rebound.
Crowls: so xcited with Lynch makes a great match with Selwood/Beams. what is wrong with him!!
poolboybob: Thanks. May need to consider him as my last FWD since Nank is now useless
Wends: That’s it Lynchy, I’m on the phone to Paul Connors first thing Monday morn. You’re fired.
fonzie: time to spud lynch
Pokerface: might have to upgrade lynch to wright
DrSeuss: Roberton and Newnes decided to stop this quarter??
poolboybob: Gee Billings is in some killer form recently
Apachecats: Lynch is going to win SC for me.Stay down pumpkin.
9inch: So when I was deciding on Billing or Nick a few last week I went the later.
circle52: Couple of favourable umpiring calls helped Saints late,
Wends: Lynch 6 goal last 2 quarters coming up, I can feel it in my pouch.
LuvIt74: way too close for my liking
LuvIt74: Lynch glad I got rid of him for Heeney
Wends: Was trying to stick to the ‘never trade out a premo’ addage Luvit, may need to make an exception for Lynch.
Wends: *adage
fonzie: lynch no longer a premium player
Wends: Lost so much cash on him tho, wld rather loophole the rest of season & trade up JStew or Parsons.
TheOnyas: onya brucey
LuvIt74: Wends KPP like Lynch are a huge concern. I traded him for Heeney when he had his bye. He served me well.
fonzie: any good trade options for lynch
Pokerface: @fonzie pickett
Lestat: Billings averaging 88 and 4 of last 5 100+ scores
LuvIt74: Yeah Stewart needs to be upgraded next week especially after his injury today. He was scoring well until he got injured
LuvIt74: @fonzie get Wallis
Wends: Agreed Lynch, got Heeney after his bye. @Fonzie for me it’s Yeo or Greene, unsure which.
DrSeuss: Lift Roberton – ffs
Wends: I mean agreed @ Luvit!
CamT: Who’s playing on Lynch ?
Pokerface: comms think he isnt running properly, maybe groin injury
colin wood: Roberton and Acres come on lads.
LuvIt74: Fonzie surely you have Yeo? If not get Yeo i just presume most would have him
fonzie: cheer peeps
leorosman_: Lynchy gettin involved now
Wends: Check out pic of Tom Stewart’s head in twitter feed, right of page! 😮
Raspel31: Can you trade out Stewart’s head but keep the rest of him Wends?
LuvIt74: what a wasted opportunity saints that was a soda
Wends: It’s not like I’ve never done that before, just quietly Raspel. So why not?
LuvIt74: bloody hell if the saints loose this game I’ll have a coronary
fonzie: cmon witts get least 80
Wends: Tipping comp luvit?
LuvIt74: Wends the Preymantis
Wends: Nah, Alice Cooper impersonation Luvit.
DrSeuss: Keep going Robbo and Witts
LuvIt74: Wends yup 8 from 8 need St Kilda to make a clean sweep, my first for the year
LuvIt74: Na I meant preymantis coz you said its not like You’ve never done it b4, Re: Trade stewarts head keep rest of him.
LuvIt74: Don’t the females Preymantis kill the males after mating.
Apachecats: Put Goddards head on him @luvit .Might be a bit big though.
Raspel31: That was my gag Luvit so credit where credit’s due. Carn Sainters-with heads or without.
LuvIt74: lol
Wends: Indeed they do 🙂
runners47: 40 points behind, with Billings and Lyon, versus Longer. Hoping for a big last qtr to make it happen?!
Apachecats: As you may gather still havn’t forgiven Goddard for friday night .I’ll get over it eventually.
Raspel31: Draft sometimes so much more interesting than SC.
Wends: Surely you’ll be right @runners.
Hadouken: im ok atm. if steven equal or beats newnes, i lose. if newes is 2 or more higher than steven, i win haha
lukefield9: @runners who the HELL has billy longer???
Apachecats: Need Lynch under 40.He’s taking forever to get there so still hoping.
SC_brAh: FML witts needs under 85 for me to win league
Raspel31: Oh Apache-lost it for us twice in a minute. Disaster-never forgive Goddard.
frenzy: you were always going to do this Harbrow
Apachecats: Harbrow paying them back for being naughty.
DrSeuss: Need Witts to get 100 and I win all my leagues with Kelly and Ablett on the bench – come on big fella
Lestat: C’mon Suns. Need you to win for my tipping.
Wends: Team of dance party bustiers and bike shorts this round… 90, 90, 90….
Wends: Wld like to say I feel yr pain Raspel and Apache, but that wld be fake news.
Apachecats: @wends reckon we’ll both end up bottom half of the eight ,so we’ll get another crack at you.
Raspel31: Surprised your 93 year old ticker survived the thrill Wends.
Wends: Hey, no gloating from me Apache, just no empathy 🙂
Lestat: @Apache I don’t see Essendon making the 8.
Apachecats: So far so good with Lynch ,hasn’t gone near it this 1/4
SC_brAh: f u witts you runt
Wends: Those were the days Raspel, my 60s spritely were very spritely.
fonzie: you would have to think lynch will be dropped next week
SilverLion: am 250 ahead, oppo has Swallow, Witts and Stevens vs. my nothing. Who wins?
Apachecats: We’ll be there @Lestat ,you should put your colours up.Proud Bomber here.
Viscount: Lynch, please keep within 32 of Riewoldt!
Lestat: I can’t mate. The Roys not there and I just follow footy now. Refuse to follow anyone else
Wends: Ahh, I thought you meant survived dance party days Raspel. Friday night had to turn the sound down, too nerveracking.
Crowls: at least one happy person with lynch Apache. Not me, 37 last week and this trash today
frenzy: Lol, silverlion, you got troubles
Lestat: @fonzie zero chance the Suns drop their Captain next week.
Crowls: won’t be too many happy to play the bombers in the finals. Capable of anything
DrSeuss: Do something Roberton you joke
Raspel31: Let me remind you that despite ex wives I’m only 11 Wends so those days are yet to come.
Apachecats: Fair enough @lestat .good to stay loyal to your old team.Do you remember them being the Gorillas.?
Torz: Newnes hasn’t had a touch for ages.
Lestat: I know the Gorilla’s name but was not around then. 12 years before my time.
Sloaneyyyy: need Witts or Roberton to scores about 10 more points between them
LuvIt74: All over well done Saints
Apachecats: I can remember seeing an old Golden Fleece car sticker of the Fitzroy Gorillas.
leorosman_: Cmon Lynchy slot this
Viscount: Cmon Lynch
leorosman_: Lynch you flog wowww
Wends: Geez Raspel, hope you had prenups 😐 The lego is mine, the board games are yrs. Back to game, Lynch finally! Except not.
Lestat: Yep I have 1 of them in my collection @Apache
LuvIt74: Get rid of Lynch he looks injured
King_Robbo: Lynch, what a piss poor captaincy effort
frenzy: ton up Witts
Sloaneyyyy: come on Roberton
Maltburger: Need 28 from Harbrow/Witts to win Whirlpool Div 4 league match!
Sloaneyyyy: junk it up now Roberton and Witts plz
Lestat: I am happy with Billings as my only player in this 1
LuvIt74: I’d like kick GCS just to kick 2 more goals.
All Reds: i’m on harbrow
Breezey: I believe it’s a mark.
The39Steps: 15 Tackles from K Stevens – impressive.
LuvIt74: bloody hell that made a ton of sense
Seb78: Swallow you are rubbish
Apachecats: Lynch suddenly wakes up and starts scoring.I’ll go down by 1 point,story of my weekend.
Haydo: brought Harbrow in the week before he got suspended good to see him repaying me
LuvIt74: I’d like GCS to kick 2 more goals but not looking likely
The39Steps: This will obviously be Rocket’s last season as a coach.
Wends: He hasn’t hit 40 yet Apache?
Apachecats: yeah I’m 2 points up still.
Wends: 2318 with Jelwood – it coulda been so good….
Apachecats: Ring the bloody siren
Haydo: unlucky wends
Wends: He’ll prob get scaled down, don’t forget Apache.
Maltburger: Jelwood cost me the win gunna lose by 15 points or so 🙁
Raspel31: Gonna beat ya Wends-maybe by 70-80.
Lestat: Scaling will put you 1 point down just to annoy you Apache
Maltburger: 2310 with Jelwood 🙁 Benched Nank to get Greenwoods score = good call!
Raspel31: Funny Lestat
Viscount: Lynch, you cost me a league win, should have benched you for Hannan!
Wends: Sob stories for many this weekend, Haydo. @Raspel good for u! Good for u!
Apachecats: Your’e a pal Lestat.
Haydo: yeah, i had ainsworth on cause josh kelly was out, got 2280 or so

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