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Chat log from R14 of 2017: Richmond vs Carlton

Chat log for Richmond vs Carlton, R14 of 2017

Wends: Cmon capt Dusty, wield those chopsticks!
happytimes: Cmon blues lets slaughter some tigers
happytimes: That will be your only win for the game tigers best celebrate
dipstick: % booster time
happytimes: Go krez
Umpirespet: Go Houli, Nank and Doc
King_Robbo: Go Kruz go!
happytimes: Does prior opportunity exist
Lestat: Houli flowered. Swinging arm to Lamb’s head.
Texwalker: Dirty player that houli
happytimes: Dirty fuck houli
Texwalker: So sick of commentatorz saying oh hes no the kinda player who would do that on purpose… u say that about every player.
dipstick: why didnt someone shepard lamb to protect him?
Umpirespet: Bugger Houli wanted 1 more week from ya
poolboybob: C’mon Docherty do something
happytimes: What was plow thinking
Apachecats: Tossing up to buy Houli or Howe ,thats been settled now.
LMartos: these scores seem so inflated
Texwalker: Kruezer 53 points….. surely not
JockMcPie: Kreuzer? Holy moley
Umpirespet: Apache seems i’ll have to think about Howe or Adams now to
happytimes: Kruz what was that
Umpirespet: Games unpredictable, players unpredictable what a year
happytimes: Jones is in beast
King_Robbo: Living your work Marty K keep going bud!!
Texwalker: 3 touches 1 goal 11 hit outs for 70… yesh right
LMartos: seems like a lack of disposals and tackles are causing SC points to be way higher than DT points
Pokerface: you complainers do know that there are 3300 sc points in a game, so if there aren’t many points everyone goes up?
Texwalker: Freo look like they have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.. embarrassing..
Lestat: Who is Marty K?
Lestat: Casboult very lucky
JockMcPie: I’m seeing strange things at the top of the leaderboard…
m0nty: No spoilers from the other game please.
LuvIt74: bloody hell curnow killing Dusty
Umpirespet: Karn Houli need 49 from ya
Raspel31: For every point Nank gets he drops 2-yours, slightly confused?
oh_lol: Accidentally have Shai on field, no way to get Greenwoods score lol
PLACEBOPIE: Ljones nice 😀
Torz: Looks like it was the right week to trade out Marchy.
Crowls: LJones could make a decent d7
PLACEBOPIE: yes he will 😀
poolboybob: Liam Jones becoming a good AFL player is the most shocking development of 2017
Lestat: Donuts for the bank
PLACEBOPIE: will go up 60k everyone missed the boat 😀
Raspel31: Not so sure Torz-what’s Marchbank’s BE. Joking.
dipstick: @oh_lol at least you get a strawberry donut
Crowls: boat still floating on LJ. You wont get him to trade, just cover. yes he will cost more but still realistic option
Lestat: No late changes StK v GC
happytimes: Good work lestat
frenzy: lamb cooked
Pokerface: can change that tv to a caution. afl story is that houli is already reported
oh_lol: @dipstick do they make your hands sticky like oranges? shai might be in for a big 2nd half
Lestat: Umpires already reported Houli
Ladbrokes_: Good effort marchy, stay down for me
Rebuild: good to see Bolton picking up where he left off last week
Umpirespet: Looks like Nank needs to go this week
Lestat: When will teams learn to go around Rance?
duckky: Go Docherty, Down Marchbank
Raspel31: Well, simply on fire Gibbs. Got him in draft-but with 8 guns who gonna bring him in to SC?
dipstick: Rance gets 100 DT points and 110 sc points. Rance gets 45 DT pooints and 110 sc points
Ladbrokes_: Lift Nank please
poolboybob: Brisbane got pick 33 for Docherty. Whoops
happytimes: Blues are doing well to hang on here
Raspel31: Ladbroke-thought I’d made my trades-but Gablett, Kelly, Stewart-and now the Nank does need to go.
Torz: Docherty is everywhere.
JRedden: why didnt i just captain docherty
Breezey: Doc looks like he’s gong to go massive here.
Pinkman: can geelong please take smedts back
Raspel31: At great personal sacrafice-mortgaged house and split with wife-finally brought in Docherty. Worth it.
dipstick: @Jredden coz you follow the crowd. or gutless. or just go for the easy option.
Breezey: Is that really Kane Lambert with that many points
JockMcPie: Can’t Docherty get cheap for me?
JRedden: dipstick i went rocky captain, thats not following the crowd
Ladbrokes_: @Raspel31 How bad was Stewart’s injury? Looks a keeper for D7 if it’s not too bad. Saw him on 51 well into the 2nd, so
Ladbrokes_: he looks solid
dipstick: @jredden indeed not. ouch!! yeah, you shoulda C dochers
Wends: That’s some high stakes Raspel.
poolboybob: I went Newman to Doc after the byes. My only regret is not trading out Shaw instead of Newman
Lestat: Possible fractured eye socket Ladbrokes
Raspel31: Ladbrokes-straight to hospital. Fractured eye socket. Time for farewell I fear-another unneeded trade.
Wends: my #Docregret is Rd 12 trade in of Rocky instead of Doch + not starting w him.
circle52: do not remind me of that trade poolboybob
Raspel31: High stakes for an 11 year old Wends-at 93 it’s all cool.
Lewysport: Kreuzer is the real Special K!
poolboybob: More like WANKERvis
DrSeuss: Amazing that teams don’t put a forward tag on Docherty
LuvIt74: I understand the Doc is expensive but those who have Shaw should look at generating $250k and bring the Doc in.
Beast_Mode: dochs possies dont hurt thats why , all short dinky kicks
Ladbrokes_: @poolboybob Newman to Hibberd for me, even worse. Still have shaw but thankfully already have the doc
NoButYeah: SC cash league opponent has Kreuz captain. Awesome
LuvIt74: You’re loosing far to many points each week without him. I brought him in after his bye thankfully
DrSeuss: True Beast –
lukefield9: vug pls lift simmo
desmondo: Geez, thanks for your score Plowman 🙁
PLACEBOPIE: half a year of losing points if brought in after bye 😀
happytimes: King kruz
sfenda1: Kreuz is all australian ruck this year
happytimes: He must be a chance sfenda1
PLACEBOPIE: Dr.Jones Dr.Jones calling Dr.Jones.Dr.Jones where are you?
Lestat: That is a woeful free against Graham for deliberate. The ball bounced backwards.
Wends: Not sure who’s the biggest dud today, Capt. Dusty or me for picking him.
Wends: Where’s Heiz today?? Need a rev up for chopstick man.
Lestat: No chance Heiz does that today Wends.
carlton_99: First that terrible delivberate and now the disregard on the hold on Smedts. Just great
poolboybob: Nank’s poor scoring is really becoming a problem
Wends: True Lestat, unless he has Dusty.
JockMcPie: Bye Nankervis, hello Gawn
Lestat: Even if he did he won’t rev Dusty up against his Blues.
RGriffen: Ben chuck the brick wall on Marchbank
poolboybob: Both Marchbank and Petrevski-Seton deserve the wall
Wends: He’s been my DPP ruck insurance; wonder if Darcy will turn out to be an option?
JRedden: 50 from march is acceptable
Lestat: Witches hats for all Blues?
circle52: Gee Kruz – I had you on my never again list but yopu may be forcing me to reconsider,
circle52: Injury history my reasoning
Lestat: Kreuzer dominated most games this year. Surely leading All Aus ruck talks.
thommoae: Wall harsh on Marchbank. He’s averaging 78 and has one quieter game. Steady on, Monty.
happytimes: His work around the ground and he’s been kicking a few goals
Lestat: Time for Richmond to start choking.
Wends: Would it have been legal for tigers def in goal sq to punch Grimey’s OOTF kick thru goals just then?
Gotigres: Blue moon for Lambert.
LuvIt74: kreuzer looks too good to ignore & his projection is 131 so he will go up between $20k to $25k if he scores around 130 t
LuvIt74: considering his B/E is only 80
LuvIt74: @happy I said 44 points didn’t i?
LuvIt74: or was it 24?
Hadouken: murphy gone missing lol ?
Wends: Good recovery dusty but keep on lifting!
9inch: This is perfectly set for a Tigers 1 point loss. Go blues.
Ben_Gogos: @Gotigres Lambert has two tons this year.
Ben_Gogos: Make it three after today.
LuvIt74: can u imagine if it happened again id laugh although i need Tigers to win to keep my perfect tipping this week.
poolboybob: Pumpkin or down arrow for the Nank
Lestat: Spud for Pickett. He is useless.
Roksta: Martin is overrated might get the ball a bit but often misses targets
fonzie: pumpkink for nak
duckky: Jones done nothing since 1/2 time
LuvIt74: Happy where are you? Not so happy m8?
LuvIt74: Once a spud always a spud. Jones is a spud with 6 eyes, there was hype but he wont deliver long term
JButcher: Nank out Darcy in
Lestat: Reiwoldt zero goals on Jones LuvIt.
Wends: Oooh, not again, surely…
Roksta: Would say cripps is worth more than chopsticks
JButcher: @wends it wouldn’t be richmond round without a richmond choke
LuvIt74: @Lester he will always be from Idaho to me mate. Spud capital.
Lestat: Who is Lester?
LuvIt74: Riewoldt has kicked 3 goals
Lestat: And all 3 while playing on Smedts
LuvIt74: Lestat / Lester same, it still got your intrest
Ben_Gogos: Who is everyones bog?
frenzy: Houli
Apachecats: I’ll go Dusty @Ben
carlton_99: these umps are horrendous they want tigers to win
poolboybob: Pickett
Lestat: Cripps by a mile.
LuvIt74: M0nty we are talking about this game mate Jack Riewoldt
Pokerface: rance
carlton_99: In these last five minutes tigers have had about 4 contentious free kicks. Just shows
duckky: Lambert
LuvIt74: @Carlton and they will win mate. Sorry
Lestat: m0nty Nick Roo doesn’t have 3 goals btw
Wends: They may have it @JButcher? That’ll do toiges…
carlton_99: I know but thats like 6 in the last four mins
LuvIt74: Carlton was he holding him?
LuvIt74: Carn the Nank bout time
Wends: What abt Lambert @Ben?
carlton_99: No they were holding eachother even the commentators said
Pokerface: wrong roo lestat
Lestat: Nank had Kreuzer’s arm and Kreuzer had Nank’s jumper. Play on.
Growlers: Got to love sooky Carlton supporters!
carlton_99: No
frenzy: Lol Nank 1 SC for the goal
Crowls: need a prem i dont have to get knocked out next week. Doc for example
carlton_99: Exactly @Lestat
poolboybob: Blues must be losing, carlton_99 is whinging about the umpires again
LuvIt74: @Happy 25 points, told ya the Blues had ZERO chance mate. I said 24 points. 🙂
Tigger5: up the tigs!
carlton_99: @Growlers I would argue with you but you being a Richmond supporter would be torment enough.
Wends: 2278 in RDT with Jelwood, happy w that. Lynch still in play, will hopefully make 2280 😐
carlton_99: @poolboy watch the game or dont say anything
LuvIt74: Carlton yes he was holding him mate, holding his arm.
Pokerface: nail on the head there poolboy
carlton_99: Yes but nank was holding as well. Thus play on!!
LuvIt74: I just need the Saints to win now to tip all 9
LuvIt74: Sick of hearing people every single game going on about the umps, its really getting old.
lukefield9: had money on carlton +24.5, fucking hell

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