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Chat log from R14 of 2017: Geelong vs Fremantle

Chat log for Geelong vs Fremantle, R14 of 2017

Lestat: I didn’t think S. Selwood would play.
JockMcPie: Go Danger
Lestat: Damn Darcy is a big man
LMartos: Joel Selwood knocked out already wow
King_Robbo: Fuck you Jelwood get up
LMartos: wow that is horrible to watch
LMartos: Robbo what is wrong with you
boo!: stay down duckwood
Lewysport: And of course the poor bugger had a handball so his score will count!
pcaman2003: Very nasty!
poolboybob: Selwood will be el cheapo in a few weeks if he doesn’t come back today
Pokerface: that was ugly. my opp has him, but i hope he is ok
zadolinnyj: in NZ. is selwood bad?
PowerBug: Jogged off but was down for a long time. Wouldn’t surprise me if he comes back on
Lestat: I swear Robbo is 6 stubbies short of a six pack. Dead set moron.
toddyelton: First beams now jelwood, fml
Pokerface: it was a heavy hit zad. id be surprised to see him back
poolboybob: Tuohy with a 14 point handball
LMartos: Joel Selwood is the only bloke in the comp atm who could play on after that, put it that way
pcaman2003: Need a good game from Tuohy this week.
LMartos: however I’d be very surprised if he was allowed back on
CBeezDeez: Apparently didn’t go thru interchange so cannot come back on according to SEN
Pokerface: was actually sickening watching it.. healy thinks there may be a cracked jaw involved too
zadolinnyj: ta CBeez
Lestat: He was out before he hit the ground.
Grazz: @Lewysport his score would of counted if it was zero
JockMcPie: Parsons? Calm down
Lestat: They just said on Fox he didn’t go through interchange as well.
Breezey: I’d say Selwood is done for the day.
PowerBug: Putting a jacket on is Joel
Pokerface: lol lewy i remember those days
LMartos: yeah jacket on, his game over, how tough is he though, ridiculous
pcaman2003: I nearly got him in this week too. Dodged a bullet,but hope he’ll be okay.
poolboybob: Good to see the Dockers getting games into promising young players like Nick Suban
zadolinnyj: ta Powerbug
Breezey: Just Danger left. No Wood
Grazz: @Powerbug Jelwood hurts SOO chances mate 🙁
PowerBug: Have you got him as well Grazz?
Crowls: God almaight, beams 12, now Selwood 2, will be zero by end of game. only 6 trades left I am firetrucked
Lestat: Heard Beams only has bruised collarbone
Grazz: Yeh mate 🙁
Raspel31: Just home-gob smacked it’s actually possible to KO Jelwood.
pcaman2003: @lestat. From a reliable source?
Crowls: Glad I held off on upgrading newman to lloyd. need the trades for mids, still got steele as well
Breezey: I’m in Brisbane and the report is Beams has only heavy bruising to the collarbone
Hoot: J selwood 490k rd 17
Raspel31: Cmon Neale-shake that tag.
Crowls: Tks breezey, hope so, scooter can replace him, maybe steele can replace selwood
luke394: is Selwood gone?
Breezey: @Luke. Gone
pcaman2003: Scooter will score purely on tackles.
luke394: Fark sake I was cruising until Selwood going off
9inch: Ballantyne hardly flinched.
DrSeuss: Neale, Deluca, Ryan and Tuohy – time to lift
Lestat: @pcaman only on Fox footy news
Pokerface: anything that says fox news can’t be called reliable
SilverLion: another example of the tog emercencies for fantasy being a good idea…
Torz: Selwood will have more tackles than possies again.
th3rio: glad i’ve got stewart as a handy emerg incase the rumours about docherty are true
Pokerface: i thought docherty passed his fitness test a couple of days ago
Torz: What rumours? Funny how the rumours are always about the best fantasy players. Haha. Convenient.
th3rio: there hasn’t been any indication that he won’t play apart from internet rumours, my guess hes in
PowerBug: Bolton killed off those rumours in a presser yesterday
Lestat: Doc will play.
CBeezDeez: True @Torz. Heard Rocky Danger Doc Nank this round without looking further…
pcaman2003: Happy with my 5 guys so far. Can’t ask for much more.
th3rio: yep, exactly CBeezDeez. iIt worried me as I have 3 out of 4 of those lol
poolboybob: 3 weeks from now: Selwood out, Selwood in
Lestat: Crap I have Selwood as C in draft league
lzaffina: danger just picked up another 20 pts at the qtr time huddle
PowerBug: Scott Selwood tagging Brad Hill now
Raspel31: Well, if you win by 4 Jelwood your hero Lestat
9inch: Danger going to have a huge day
PLACEBOPIE: they said yesterday confirmed doc will play
CBeezDeez: I got those 4! Plus Gablett! So hows my blood pressure?
duckky: Drat. Too worried about Scooter and SPP and emergenciies to remember that I don’t have a non-scorer to take the C off Do
duckky: Docherty
lzaffina: does danger lose pts for a scrubby kick that goes to a freo player? just curious?
PLACEBOPIE: just remember when danger gets 200 for us as Captain luvit74 has someone else at 120 😀
PowerBug: @lzaffina wasn’t a clanger, just an ineffective kick, thus 0 points.
frenzy: Stanley being owned by first gamer
CBeezDeez: My h2h opp had JPK vc & moved his c to danger…
lzaffina: oh i see, whats a clanger then?
th3rio: and to think i was worried about my premature VC of laird, #trustdanger
PowerBug: a complete blunder. OOTF kicks, kicks intercept marked.
oh_lol: They’ll give Danger an assist instead lzaffina
Pokerface: lol placebopie
poolboybob: Stewart is really solid. Comfortable with him as my D7 the rest of the way
lzaffina: ok, i just assumed when i a kick dribbles to the opposition team it was a clanger, my bad
PLACEBOPIE: @pokerface 😀
DrSeuss: Should have put Stewart on field instead of Tuohy….lift Irishman!!
Raspel31: Good boy Neale-broken that tag.
StuL: The bye has really messrd with us. And we can never play Freo
lzaffina: @oh_lol i think he got ballantynes last goal pts as well, and possibly collecting jelwoods pts had he been still playing
PowerBug: I was going to trade Stewart this week, not sure anymore…
Pokerface: no late outs at richmond. nank is in
9inch: Stewart gets better each week.
PLACEBOPIE: until stewart stops making money then upgarde to lloyd
pcaman2003: Get the ball Tuohy. Are you still there?
PowerBug: Oh great, we all jinxed him. Stewart hurt
9inch: Stewart KOd now.
happytimes: It’s going to be a big day cats lose and the blues destroy the tigers
th3rio: im keen on stewart as D7, even though he just got knocked the fuck out
poolboybob: lol Ballantyne, what a tosser
Texwalker: Geelong getting smashed, kight have to start watching it
Raspel31: Oh no-hope you have a thick skull Stewart.
th3rio: i think he’ll be back
happytimes: What happened to sellwood
Ash777: it’s a good day to see cats getting smashed at home
Crowls: is stewart doing concussion protocol or his he ok?
Pokerface: walters is much more mid than forward
happytimes: If this keeps up there will only be 100 people left at the ground after half time
Texwalker: If geelong lose selwood or danger they cant win perhaps
pcaman2003: Geelong defence in tatters.
Breezey: It’s just showing up how reliant they are on the Dangerwood combination .
Pokerface: ‘Tucker’s a local as well.. from Horsham’.
th3rio: lift tuohy please
PowerBug: Stewart maybe not coming back as well says boundary rider
arbel: yeah stewart still in the rooms … won’t be on before half time, hopefully back after the break
Texwalker: 10+ goal win by freo would be a great effort, pity its taking ross lyon a decade to try to kick goals for a change
9inch: Stewart was out cold for a moment but got up quickly. Hope he comes back after the break.
happytimes: @poker any relation to bryan strauchan
Lestat: No late changes Rich v Carl
Pokerface: not sure happy. But Horsham is 4 hours from geelong
duckky: Many apologies for this but OK … I stuffed up on C for danger – so should I go Kruizer or Docherty?
Pokerface: he doesn’t have blonde hair so maybe not
happytimes: Docherty for me just with a slight concern over the tigers putting a bit more time into him after last week
duckky: Thanks Happy
King_Robbo: lets be honest, no one has Stewart anymore
happytimes: @poker I think Bryan might dye his hair so maybe a chance?
happytimes: @robbo I only traded him out this week because Lloyd was so cheap
Crowls: @KR still got stewart and he is on the field. lining up with beams.jelwood. need another bye round
King_Robbo: exactly, anyone who knows what they’re doing would have gone stewart to ryan – who cares if he comes back or not
Pokerface: lets be honest, lots of people still have stewart, slobbo is just a twit
happytimes: @crowls same boat trade in GAJ last week and captained beams this week. Bring back the byes
Raspel31: Indeed Poker
frenzy: that’s what seperates us robbo
PowerBug: Stewart has been getting better week after week. Of course I still have him!
King_Robbo: All teams in my league (ranked 11th overall) have traded him out…
Raspel31: Robbo has become the resident know all. All hail King Robbo.
poolboybob: Anyone who knows what they’re doing traded someone else to Ryan and kept Stewart as D7
happytimes: Stewart was still going to make money this week
PowerBug: Was planning on trading him this week to my final premium mid though.
happytimes: Well my league is ranked 1st and a few still have him
pies13: so is happytimes @pokerface
PowerBug: Teams are in different situations, didn’t make sense for everyone to trade him by this stage 🙂
Gotigres: 35% of coaches have Stewart
Lestat: You are full of shower Robbo. The team 11th overall HAS Stewart.
King_Robbo: 11th league idiot
PowerBug: Stewart has a 3rd average higher than Nank. I assume everyone with Nank has no clue right?
Rilian: He meant league not team, but still, Stewart going up in $$ each week, even after half a game this week. Smarter to hold
King_Robbo: some may still have him, vast majority do not – hence, doesnt matter for those competing for overall
Rilian: AVG 74 past 3, on track to get over 100 today before being knocked out.
9inch: So many variables involved cant expect things to roll in the same direction Robbo. Stop bieng a tatal flog
Pokerface: guy in 2nd overall has stewart on field. hope he knows what he is doing
Lestat: All you do is lie and complain Robbo. Why don’t you flower off
Gotigres: Keep scaling up Stewart
Pokerface: think youll find EVW was a better trade out for Ryan than Stewart was
Wends: Afternoon all… so took the C off Danger for Dusty, only way to poss win a league match. Too bad abt ranking!
Lestat: The team overall 2nd still has Stewart. So are they useless too?
King_Robbo: clearly, 52 on field… ouch
Raspel31: On your side Lestat but Robbo had enough glory-back to the game methinks
poolboybob: Gee there’s a muppet miss
PowerBug: can’t predict injuries 🙁 52 in a half!!
Apachecats: I suppose there will be some poor buggar whose got Beams and Selwood
Pokerface: fair call Raspel
Rilian: lol, using a player being KO’d to say why they shouldn’t be in team. Hope no one has J Selwood then!
Breezey: There’s ne team n my league with Selwood as captain
King_Robbo: come on freo, roll these clowns
Raspel31: Attaboy Neale-need you to step up with all my injuries-even Stewart.
fonzie: this game is freos to loose
Pokerface: unless.. you didn’t get scharenberg for evw did you knobbo? oh no
happytimes: I had beams captian
9inch: Robbo surely stirring shit just for the sake of it. Ban him M0nty.
MONEY TALK: glad i went danger over jelwoood but jelwood ruined my chance of 2550 plus
Wends: Ouch happy.
Rilian: @Apachecats – Warnie retweeted a team with these mids -Beams (5), Mitchell (69), Zorko (45), Ebert (60) and Selwood (2)
happytimes: Lost me a min of 200 points
LMartos: Ryan hasn’t been on field yet this half, 13 minutes
Lestat: @Rilian I bet they are crying at the moment.
Raspel31: Not to mention Gablett and Kelly late withdrawals Rilian
Pokerface: poor Lang. he can hardly walk
Crowls: ugly scores, got beams, selwood, stewart, all i need now is steele a late in so I miss greenwood.
Raspel31: And Fyfe.
poolboybob: Danger has slowed down a lot
Wends: Yep I have Jelwood in RDT, almost captained him with Danger rumours. Shld still win 2 v 1 in league; oppts’ PODs spudded
Breezey: Seriously I matter of time before Freo break this game open.
poolboybob: Steele had a blinder in the VFL yesterday, he’s not coming in
Wends: If this was an over 18’s site we cld have drinking game for each spud/late out/KO this round…
pcaman2003: Get moving Touhy,Selwood. You’re lagging again.
Raspel31: I’m 11 and open to it Wends. How old are you?
Crowls: tks ppolboy, good news on both fronts. need him back next week. more TOG is what he needs
King_Robbo: Oh Freo give ‘em the old heave ho We are the Freo Dockers!
Pokerface: he doesn’t have the tank for more TOG. its why he can’t get a game now
Wends: 93 Raspel, but I often feel alot younger…
dipstick: thought scooter would stretch his string so left him on the bench for barret. ohh and thanks jelwood
Wends: Just saw Stewart’s cross. Hold my shandy.
Raspel31: Lol Wends
Gotigres: i also have Heppell with 54 points
Crowls: @poker hope keeps building over summer
DrSeuss: Come on Deluca a solid 70 would be nice
fonzie: geelong are so poor today
NoneyaB: glad i benched him i wanted greenwoods score more so i also put Fisher on the field
Breezey: Cracking goal by the Dockers
poolboybob: Wow, even crabs like Suban are kicking goals from outside 50
Pokerface: fonzie to be fair they are 2 rotations down
Pokerface: and lang on one leg
dipstick: i was talking about AF & RDT. traded scooter for neale in SC. can you believe how cheap he is and his scoring?
pcaman2003: Cats are flowered!
fonzie: that is true pokerface
Lestat: People still play RDT?
Breezey: Lang seems to be done too. Bad day for Cattery
Gotigres: $ for Ryan
faisca7: Whats everyone done with Fyfe?
Wends: Good buy Dipstick, have Neale in RDT – tossing up betw him & bont for last upgrade next wk.
faisca7: I was $200 off swapping fyfe to neale
Raspel31: Neale a cracker dipstick-might yet win this for me.
dipstick: @lestat Fantasy sports are dying in Australia. Less people play every year but all 3 formats are different so i play em
Wends: Yes lestat – it’s all about self-discipline. Craps all over AF.
pcaman2003: Needed that Zach. C’mon Scooter.your turn.
Lestat: I only registered an AF team so I could play match day.
m0nty: actually numbers are up 10-15% the last two years… but back on the game please
Rilian: All 3 formats have serious flaws on their site/game designs &/or apps. That’s the biggest issue.
Raspel31: I never actually look at Danger as everyone has him-but come on lad.
Wends: mOnty with the 1-2 KO
Pokerface: letting that ball roll through for a point was disgraceful freo
coldog: Anyone think Pickett can score atleast 50 for the blues today?
Crowls: what odds Cats can win…. some dude dropped 30k on essendon at 4m to go to win 900. not smart
King_Robbo: DT and AF are bogus games, you can be a turn over king like Treloar and still get rewarded…
Apachecats: Buy of the week LRyan is only fair.
King_Robbo: SC has its irregularities but is overall more accurate than DT
Crowls: with you KR SC a more enjoyable game as well.
TyCarlisle: Robbo has no idea what he is talking about
Raspel31: The burgers are better at Hungry Jacks.
oh_lol: Nothing wrong with DT. You play the game knowing they ignore efficiency.
Umpirespet: No SC no Crouching One stories so SC is better
Rilian: (For those not watching Fox) – Stewart gone to hospital with an eye socket issue.
Texwalker: Freo cant possibly lose now
JButcher: I play AF because all my mates play it and its good to know exactly where the points come from
Raspel31: Hmm-not good Rilian-cheers.
happytimes: I’m old school still prefer dt lock out at the start of the round set number of trades
arbel: stewart taken to hospital with possible fractured eye socket
pcaman2003: FFS Tuohy.Kick straight.
Texwalker: Theres an echo in here…
feralmong: my opp has fyfe, hall, matera, Stewart and Kelly.
JRedden: SC scoring is based on arbitrary subjective judgements
Umpirespet: So allthat talk about Stewart now you all will have to trade him
LMartos: The week I don’t need Parsons
Raspel31: Aint that the sad truth umpire
Zeratul: Suban still trying to tag Joel? 😛
Wends: Parsons SC!
dipstick: @umpireset ant hang from cotton thread while g/hopper face down sweaty sex spa
pcaman2003: Parsons on fire.
Umpirespet: Learn how to spell Dipstick?
Pokerface: nothing arbitrary about them JRedden. And multiple scorers take stats and discrepancies are reviewed.
Pokerface: all afl is subjective with the rules in place – ie is it HTB or high tackle.
pcaman2003: Any chance Scooter will get a touch?
Texwalker: Looks like richmond might not be the only team banned from being their dogs to training each..
Raspel31: Where’s Heizenberg when you need him-step up Neale.
Rilian: Any points from Scooter are a bonus. Deserved the heart logo just for playing today..
Crowls: Go cats.
poolboybob: Kersten potato or crab, your choice
valkorum: great bump walters
Hadouken: wow walters you filthy dog
LMartos: great bump, dog act to knee him after though
Hadouken: nice knee into dangers back. to$$er
pcaman2003: Kreuzer flying in other game.
JButcher: Lift Duncan
Rilian: MRP icon for walters. At least a fine for that knee on ground, as blatant as they get.
Pokerface: no spoilers pcaman
pcaman2003: @pokerface. Okay.Won’t mention anymore.
LuvIt74: need cats to win too tip 7 from 7
LuvIt74: gr8 comeback
Pokerface: turn it up luvit. you tipped hawks?
pcaman2003: @pokerface. I lied. Kreuzer smashing it now.
Umpirespet: lol luvit the new GOD
LuvIt74: @poker sure did m8, hawks have won up their
Hadouken: dont think it was in the thigh mont, looked to be knee into kidney area
Pokerface: where is GOD? im curious who he has the C on today
frenzy: scotty selwood will need a tv
fonzie: cats need a goal bad
luke394: seems like no-one is scoring points
King_Robbo: That’s it, stay down Danger
Raspel31: Where you be gone Mr Neale?
luke394: Neale hasn’t scored this quarter
LMartos: would’ve been elite if Ryan marked and goaled there
LuvIt74: Those who have fyfe look to upgrade to Jelwood in a couple of weeks
faisca7: Keep up the commentary in the blog Monty!
Raspel31: He’s actually dropped 8 SC points Luvit-aargh.
fonzie: star for danger
Crowls: go danger
Raspel31: Sorry-meant luke 394
LuvIt74: that should have been advantage
shrtlg: dangerfield spraying them everywhere but still racking up the points
JockMcPie: Cheers Danger,
lzaffina: lol danger got 10 for that Out on the full
LMartos: holy moly
LuvIt74: danger won that game
PLACEBOPIE: nice danger feel sad for people taking the 120 safety option 😀
frenzy: haha walters
TyCarlisle: Danger just saved them the game… Clear to tell who is watching and who isn’t.
King_Robbo: hahaha walters
Apachecats: Geelong will be stuffed for 3 weeks after that.
Rilian: Karma’s a b*tch sometimes..
luke394: Neale -9 for the quarter thanks u little rat
m0nty: No spoilers from the other game please.
Rilian: Heart for each Geelong player? 😉
LuvIt74: Well done cats
Crowls: swap 120 c for having selwood 12, beams 5
shrtlg: took 141 from my VC over danger… not the worst
Pokerface: 24 contested danger. wow

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